Chapter 63 - Chapter 10: Breakthrough

Chapter 63 - Chapter 10: Breakthrough

When talking about the strongest species in the Demon World, the first one to be mentioned were the dragons.

The dragons, king of all beasts and flying animals, were different from other species since the time of their birth. The dragon’s skin and leather were the finest armour and the intimidation and power that came from the dragon’s gigantic body were stronger than any other monster’s.

Just based on their body, they were the best species, but dragons also had powerful magic. Unlike other species that had to learn magic, a dragon learnt magic as naturally as breathing. It was said that dragons themselves were magic as they were born in magic and life.

Therefore, the dragon species was the strongest species. When talking about the average strength of a dragon, there was no species in the Demon World that surpassed it.

However, it was the sura, not dragons, who were called the strongest combat species in the Demon World.

The sura had fewer numbers.

They were born like the dragons and were no different from the other species.

However, among them, there were monsters that destroyed the limits.

Demon King Mitra.

Undeniably, he was the strongest presence in the Demon World.

Additionally, there was the elder sura who brought him up.

Before the demon king, Mitra, there was Ishgard who represented the previous era.

Not all sura were strong, unlike the dragons.

However, there were those among them who truly transcended the limits and that was why they were called the strongest combat species.


After finishing his order, In-gong left the smithy and sighed as soon as he reached his carriage. It was due to the excitement of the two people with him.

“Please calm down.”

Carack’s eyes were shining and it was the first time he had seen the usually calm orc like this. Meanwhile, the excited Karma was almost breathless.

Karma took deep breaths after In-gong’s words, but her face was still red. Panting slightly, she asked,

"Does the Sword Duke feel some favor toward Prince?”

Sword Duke Ishgard.

The walking legend who had many stories about him. He was one of the demon king’s teachers and the strongest of the sura until the demon king came along.

The fact that he was called the ‘Sword Duke’ explained what he was:

The Demon World’s best swordsman. In the Demon World, there was a legend that there was nothing he couldn’t cut with his sword.

It had been more than 20 years since he entered retirement, yet there were still many who remembered his name and legends, just like Carack and Karma in front of him.

The Sword Duke Ishgard had sent a gift to In-gong. Additionally, it was dragon leather and scales.

They weren’t things that could be sent easily, even for the Sword Duke. Dragon leather and scales were the finest materials that were hard to find in the Demon World.

"It is really reassuring if the Sword Duke is behind Prince.”

Carack said with a laugh while Karma nodded enthusiastically.

"Well, I hope so.”

It wouldn’t be too bad to have outside support. In this situation, if the sura were behind him, he wouldn’t be jealous of the others who had the support of their mother’s side.

However, he wondered why it had happened so suddenly. It was virtually impossible to receive the support of the sura in Knight Saga. In-gong wouldn’t have been surprised if it was from his mother’s family.

This was uncommon, so doubts were raised in the midst of his joy.

‘Is it just because the demon king showed interest?’

That was the simplest reason and, at the same time, it was also a good reason. It was true that the demon king was showing an unprecedented interest in In-gong.

It shouldn’t be surprising that Ishgard, the demon king’s master, showed interest in In-gong too.

Additionally, in retrospect, it wasn’t the same as receiving the sura’s whole support. Sword Duke Ishgard was just expressing a private interest. If so, anything could happen.

‘Ah, I don’t know. Anyway, it is good.’

Although it was confusing because it hadn’t happened in Knight Saga, it wasn’t strange if he looked at the reasons. So, it was good.

Moreover, this gift had been sent privately, so he wouldn’t receive any unnecessary attention from the other royal children.

"Shouldn’t you go and say thank you?”

"I’ll have to prepare.”

The problem was that no one knew where the Sword Duke lived. There were rumours after his retirement but no specific residence was ever revealed. The gift was sent to the smithy, so he didn’t have a way to say thank you or to give him a note.

‘If he is really interested, he will contact me again.’

In-gong organized his thoughts and turned his attention to something else.


He wondered what they were doing.

‘I have to investigate.’

He couldn’t ask Felicia, but he could use Carack in many ways. If Carack asked Daphne or Delia while saying it was his personal interest, In-gong could get some answers.

After reviewing all these considerations, In-gong took a deep breath and relaxed his posture. He wanted to soothe his weary mind and body.

‘I’m really looking forward to it.’

Greaves made of dragon leather and scales... they would turn out better than he had first imagined.

‘Won’t it be at least a B rank?’

No, it might be A rank.

In-gong smiled widely, followed by Carack and Karma. Green Wind felt isolated from the three people and thought of the praise she would receive after they returned. Naturally, all three of them would join in.


After returning to the mansion by carriage, In-gong headed immediately to the drawing room. He heard from Flora that Felicia had arrived.

He opened the door of the drawing room to see Felicia and Delia elegantly drinking tea.

Felicia nodded to In-gong and asked him,

"Did something good happen?”

“No, it is nothing.”

In-gong erased the wide smile from his face and sat down on the opposite side of Felicia, while Carack took a seat next to In-gong. Karma was about to stand but took courage from the fact that both Carack and Delia were sitting down and sat down in a corner.

Once everyone was seated, Felicia put down her cup and said,

“Delia has been doing research, but there isn’t much more information than what you should have heard from the Merits Department. It is best to just be thoroughly prepared before entering.”

The intermediate general, Kashubal, had been poisoned by toxic gases that leaked from underground and died.

It was hard to find out much more information from the Demon King’s Palace. In-gong nodded and Felicia leaned closer to him.

"Shutra, how much do you know about the Thunderdoom Fortress?”

It was a quiet voice. In-gong quickly realized why Felicia was acting like this. He had pretended not to know about ruins while finding the Thunder Light Anvil. She was curious if he was once again an expert on these ruins.

‘Having the same hobby is always valuable.’

In-gong gave a short laugh as he shrugged and replied,

“Aren't they the dwarves that fought dragons?”

“Huh? What does that mean? Fight a dragon? Didn’t the dwarves guard Enkidu’s treasures?”

Carack asked with wide eyes. Previously, Delia would have thought Carack was rude. However, now, Delia and Felicia just stared at Carack curiously.

"There are many dwarves. The Dwarf Kingdom, where Thunderdoom Fortress is, fought to defend their cities and treasures from dragons. In fact, they even knocked down a few dragons.”

Carack’s eyes widened even further at In-gong’s answer and declared with astonishment,

“K-killed dragons?”

He couldn’t believe it. In-gong was confused but Felicia instantly knew why Carack was reacting like this. She laughed and said,

"Carack, dragons are different from elder dragons. You can even call them different species altogether. It isn’t easy but dragons can be killed.”

Carack had seen the illusion of the Great Enkidu given by the Thunder Light Anvil. It was natural to be surprised if he thought that a dragon was the same as an elder dragon.

"Oh... Then Princess is also able to catch a dragon?”

Carack’s eyes shone as Felicia turned her gaze elsewhere. She covered her mouth with her fan and said in a low voice,

"Well, given enough time and budget...”

"She can’t catch it.”

"Shutra, I hate you.”

Felicia complained cutely while Delia and Karma both laughed.

After crushing Felicia’s pride, In-gong explained to Carack.

"It isn’t common to fight dragons. They aren’t elder dragons, but they are huge and excellent at magic. The Dwarf Kingdom, including Thunderdoom Fortress, was eventually destroyed fighting the dragons.”

"Huh, still, they are a manly race. I’ll have to see the dwarves again.”

He was burning with a strong fighting spirit.

Like Carack said, they were indeed a manly species.

'Thus, they were destroyed.’

In-gong swallowed the bittersweet tea that Flora served him.

Likewise, Felicia drank the tea before speaking again.

"Among the fortresses in the Dwarf Kingdom, the Thunderdoom Fortress is quite powerful. The name has been mentioned several times in Dwarf Kingdom-related artifacts. If we can excavate it properly, it will be a really big jackpot.”

Felicia’s eyes burned ambitiously and it was the same for In-gong.

‘Yes, it definitely is a big jackpot.’

Thunderdoom Fortress, one of the so-called honey pot dungeons of Knight Saga...

The fortress’ location hadn’t been known for a long time because the battle with the dragons had buried all the walls, including the entrance.

The dwarves hadn’t been prepared for migration, so many high quality items, gold and silver were piled up inside the fortress.

It was a difficult dungeon but the rewards were high.

Moreover, it had more value to In-gong now than it had in Knight Saga.

'The dragon slayer series of weapons.’

The dwarves of Thunderdoom Fortress had been experts in fighting dragons. They fought against the dragons until the end, so many in the army specialized in killing dragons.

Among them, the dragon slayers were special. They used special weapons that were deadly to dragons.

Zephyr had the blood of a dragon and a dragon humanoid. Assuming that he would face Zephyr one day, Thunderdoom Fortress was a place that he absolutely had to conquer.

‘I might also have to fight with Locke.’

Locke, the brave warrior who had the soul of a dragon... Similarly, the dragon slayer weapons were like a special drug.

It was a little bit strange, but it was also to protect himself. In-gong himself was a dragon humanoid. He would collect all weapons that could harm him in advance. In fact, he had done so when he played Zephyr.

'If I can’t get into Thunderdoom Fortress, Chris and Silvan will end up carrying dragon slayer weapons.’

In-gong nodded as he kept his thoughts to himself and Felicia smiled brightly.

The following afternoon:

After collecting the Dragon Scale Greaves from the smithy, In-gong’s party left the Demon King’s Palace.

Their destination was Thunderdoom Fortress.

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