Chapter 60 - Chapter 9: Exception #2

Chapter 60 - Chapter 9: Exception #2

Zephyr Ragnaros:

The protagonist of the Demon World in Knight Saga;

The son of the demon king Mitra and 1st Queen Aishar Ragnaros.

He was the most powerful of all the royal children and had the innate power of a demon king. He was cold and ruthless. He was the one who uncovered the 4th Queen Elaine Moonlight’s secret about Caitlin’s birth, causing the subjugation of the lycanthropes which was called the worst civil war in Knight Saga.

As a result of the lycanthrope subjugation, Chris, Caitlin, the 4th Queen and Caitlin’s father Gallehed were killed and the lycanthropes were erased from the Demon World.

Then there were the other children of the demon king.

The children of the demon king had expended a lot of power in the lycanthrope subjugation while Zephyr held back and didn’t suffer as much despite inciting it.

Zephyr had called Felicia and took the Tears of a Dark Elf. He then killed Felicia’s older brother who had been the strongest protector of the dark elves.

The fates of the 3rd Prince Victor and the 4th Princess Anastasia hadn’t differed greatly.

He hadn’t shown any courtesy even to his older brother, 1st Prince Baikal Ragnaros, and he had murdered his half-siblings without any signs of emotion.

All the children of the concubines, even the ones who followed Zephyr, had been killed. No one with the blood the demon king had survived. Even Shutra, who was hiding from the Demon King’s Palace, hadn’t been spared.

The damage caused on the Day of Massacre had led the demon king Mitra to becoming exhausted.

After murdering all those with Mitra’s blood, he had become the world’s only successor to the demon king.

He had risen to the throne on the blood of those he had slayed and became the new demon king, mercilessly killing all those who opposed him. As soon as that was over, he had naturally launched an invasion.

Zephyr Ragnaros.

That was the story of the strongest and the worst demon king.

That was why In-gong had decided to become stronger. It was why In-gong was building up his influence using his merits.

In order for In-gong, Caitlin, Chris and Felicia to survive, he had to stop the Day of the Massacre.


At the thought of meeting with him and standing with him at the court gathering...

It felt like he was suffocating. Despite the fact that he hadn’t met Zephyr yet, he was filled with tension.


He heard a voice, but he didn’t answer.

"Shutra, are you okay?”

Felicia’s face appeared in front of him. Green Wind’s voice then buzzed in his ears,

‘Master, are you okay? You are sweating a lot.’

“Uh, yes. I just suddenly felt dizzy.”

In-gong replied to both Felicia and Green Wind. Felicia looked at In-gong anxiously before saying with a bright smile,

"Tomorrow is the court gathering. Isn’t it sudden just like last time?”

It was like that. He hadn’t even had time to rest the last time.

‘Surely, they aren’t going to tell me to leave as soon as the court gathering is over?’

In-gong laughed bitterly at the thought. Felicia interpreted the meaning of In-gong’s laugh differently and patted his shoulder.

“Go back and rest for today. I’ll come around in the evening. Shouldn’t you be well prepared this time as well?”

Felicia winked after her words. In-gong nodded.

“Yes, Noona should sleep well also.”


Felicia knocked against In-gong’s shoulders and turned around. Then Anne Rose smiled and said,

"Unni is friendly.”

Anne Rose, Beiring and Karapapa were all making similar expressions. The three people turned their warm gazes toward Felicia. As always, her ears turned red.

‘I think I know the nature of this family.’

It was clearly a non-political social gathering for the purpose of friendship in the Demon King’s Palace.

In-gong watched Felicia, her family and Daphne leave, then boarded a carriage. It was a dark elf carriage drawn by dracos, not horses.

Carack informed the dark elf driver of their destination and sat down next to In-gong.

“Prince, are you okay?”

"Uh, just wait a little bit.”

Carack looked In-gong up and down with uncertain eyes, but it wasn’t because of injuries.

It was because Carack was worried about himself instead of In-gong.

"Ugh, do I have to wear clothes to the court gathering like last time?”

He recalled Carack dressed in a tight suit. In-gong smiled involuntarily. His worry about Zephyr was diluted as he watched Carack.

"If you are uncomfortable, then concede the court gathering to Karma.”

He was conflicted between his desire to give the role to Karma and his duty, so he just sat quietly.

"W-what are you saying?”

'Master, can I go as well? I will go wherever you go.’

In-gong laughed as he heard Green Wind’s voice. Nayatra and Sektum from Knight Saga weren’t by his side but he didn’t feel lacking.


Then at the next moment...

"Too nervous."

"Is that so? I’m also nervous.”

"Time, just a little bit more time...”

They were the same words as the first court gathering.

Carack couldn’t even sit down for fear of his clothes being wrinkled.

"However, didn’t Prince say there was one more person?”

This time, there were three children of the demon king participating in the court gathering. They had been in the waiting room for a while but only In-gong and Felicia were present.

Delia had already adapted to Carack’s rude method of speaking, just like Seira, and replied in a calm tone,

"I heard that 2nd Prince will enter the court gathering without going through the waiting room.“

"Well, Zephyr oppa is special in many ways.”

Felicia muttered with a slight frown. Although she called him oppa, he seemed to be a formidable person to Felicia.

Felicia, who was dressed in a backless red dress, looked at the clock in the waiting room and turned to In-gong. There was only one minute left until they had to enter.

Felicia took a deep breath before putting both hands on In-gong’s shoulders.

"Even though Zephyr oppa is there, it will be nothing compared to your merits. Let’s show everyone how cool you are."

He had heard almost the exact same words at his first court gathering. In-gong laughed.

"Are you trying to be Chris hyung?”

"Well, Chris isn’t here today.”

Felicia winked playfully and neatened his clothes. Then a palace employee opened the door of the waiting room.

"6th Princess and 9th Prince, please enter.”

It was time. Felicia gazed at In-gong and he nodded, taking a step forward.


Once again, there were many people present at the court gathering. However, unlike the last time, the nature of their looks was different.

There were many people paying attention to In-gong. Not all the looks were pleasant, but it was a fact that they were paying attention to him.

There was a heavy silence as they all looked at one person. In-gong took a step forward. Like Felicia, he didn’t smile, but he could afford to look around.


The 4th Princess, a woman who led one of the three factions within the Demon King’s Palace.

He looked at her. With light grey hair that looked silver, she had a different type of beauty from Felicia.

She was quiet and serene, yet bewitching.

In-gong didn’t look at Anastasia for a long time. He stopped moving and knelt down.

After In-gong and Felicia, a voice was heard behind them.

“2nd Prince Zephyr Ragnaros, entering.”

The door opened and footsteps were heard. In-gong couldn’t look back, but In-gong could clearly feel it with every step Zephyr took forward. The intensity of the gazes had changed once again.

Then the footsteps stopped and In-gong heard a small noise as Zephyr went down on one knee.

If he turned his head and reached out, he could touch Zephyr.

"I will report the merits of the princes and the princess.”

Isabella from the Merits Department spoke in a clear voice.

“2nd Prince Zephyr Ragnaros.”

Zephyr stood up as his name was called. In-gong still didn’t turn his head sideways. Despite standing next to In-gong, he was still out of sight.

Isabella read out his merits.

His merits were also very impressive. Just Zephyr’s merits alone would be worthy of a court gathering.

Isabella then called Felicia and In-gong’s names in succession. This time, only a small number of people were surprised since the information about In-gong’s merits were widespread.

However, that didn’t mean that they took In-gong’s merits lightly. In-gong’s merits were in a special corner. Moreover, the story about the Northern Limit Line attracted everyone’s attention.

Isabella finished reading the merits and at that moment, Isabella and many other people were nervous. All of them were waiting for someone’s voice with a strange anticipation and anxiety.


A silent shock struck once again. The name of the 9th Prince emerged from the demon king’s mouth once again.

Everyone concentrated on the next words of the demon king and there was a bigger impact than before.

"You have a mission.”

The demon king didn’t speak any further. He just looked at Isabella once and she understood his meaning. She swallowed her saliva and said in a soft voice,

"The 27th expedition led by General Kashubal has failed in securing the fortified city of Thunderdoom in the Dwarf Kingdom. 9th Prince Shutra, take the local troops and remove any troublesome elements. Secure Thunderdoom.”

There was a silent scream. No, it was very small, but it leaked everywhere. The silence, which had been kept even when the demon king called In-gong’s name, was broken.

It was due to the contents of the mission.

General Kashubal was a draconian and the fortified city, Thunderdoom, was an important facility of considerable value in the ruins of the recently discovered Dwarf Kingdom.

It was a mission that a draconian general had failed. It was a mission natural for a prince with the blood of a draconian to undertake. There were rumours that Zephyr had rushed back in order to get the mission.

Yet the task was given to the 9th Prince. Furthermore, it was a direct appointment by the demon king.

Felicia had a pale expression as she covered her mouth and Anastasia’s eyes widened. Most of the people in audience were looking at the demon king.

However, the demon king just stared silently at In-gong. His gaze wasn’t as overbearing as last time, but it was still heavy.

Then In-gong felt another gaze on him...

Zephyr Ragnaros.

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