Chapter 6 - Chapter 1: Entry #5

Chapter 6 - Chapter 1: Entry #5

In-gong knew almost all the characters of Knight Saga. So, he knew how Chris and Caitlin looked like.

Nevertheless, he still lost his spirit for a moment.

‘Really pretty.’

Caitlin was the first to come in. She was older than Shutra at 15 years old.

Her small face between dark blue hair was very white and her two golden eyes were like moonlight in the night sky. She wore leather armour that clung to her body as well as a blue cloak. 

She stared at In-gong with a cold smile on her face.

They stared at each other for a few seconds.

In-gong was trying to think of something to say when he heard the voice of salvation.

"Go in quickly. Don’t block the way.”

Chris appeared behind Caitlin and carefully pushed her aside.

Caitlin looked at Chris before sitting down and he just laughed.

Just like Caitlin was pretty, Chris was handsome.

He had golden hair that looked like a lion’s mane, while his blue eyes were both playful and wild.

‘Incredibly unbalanced.’

The body below the handsome face was really huge. Looking at the body, he would guess that Chris was 30 years old not 17. The tiger leather that wrapped like a cloak around him made him seem like a bandit.

Once Chris was sitting down, a few people came in and stood behind Chris and Caitlin. The two people seemed to be their escort knights.

‘I already knew but the gap is too big.’

Shutra didn’t have a proper escort knight. Carack was behind him but he was a local warrior, not sworn to Shutra.

‘I used to have lots of subordinates.’

Beautiful succubi escort knights, ogre warriors, the strongest evil necromancer Sektum and so on.

In-gong gritted his teeth as he visualized it. He would think of them all as enemies now.

'No, I will somehow take them away. I will make those kids listen to me!’

Of course, the trivial fact that he raised them in a game was ignored.

‘Where are those kids now?’


Carack’s low voice interrupted his thoughts. In-gong recovered his spirit and immediately sat straight.

“It has been a while.”

Caitlin spoke first. Her voice was a little hard and distant.

Chris laughed again.

"It has been a long time but isn’t this the first time we are talking face to face? We have never spoken separately to him.”

Was this actually the first time? He hadn’t talked to them?

‘Oh, nice!’

As expected, Shutra didn’t have a lot of interactions with Chris and Caitlin. It was as In-gong thought.

Maybe he didn’t need to use a fever as an excuse.

"Please feel comfortable. I am your hyung, your hyung. This is not the Demon King’s Palace. Speak comfortably, call me hyung.”

Chris winked slightly. In-gong was grateful but slightly distracted by the attractive face.

'That Chris, he is a good person.’

The problem of honorifics was solved instantly.

“I understand, Hyung.”

Chris laughed at In-gong’s words and then pointed to Caitlin.

Chris was hyung. Then what should he called Caitlin?


At In-gong’s shy (?) words, Caitlin lowered her eyes and pouted slightly. On closer inspection, the corners of her lips were twitching.

'Wait a minute, what is this reaction?'

Surely it was a good thing? Why were her ears turning a little bit red?

Chris laughed again.

“Ya, who is a noona? There is only a few months difference between the both of you.”

Caitlin was embarrassed while In-gong was taken aback.

'Are they really Chris and Caitlin? Aren’t they mad beasts?’

"I will talk about the operation.”

Caitlin interrupted In-gong’s thoughts. She stood up and pointed to the map of the battlefield spread out the table with her long fingers.

"Currently, I have identified the location of the Red Lightning tribe. I will be here while Chris oppa will hit here.”

The blue models were allies while the red models were enemies.

As he listened to Caitlin’s explanations and watched the map, he heard the clear voice of a woman in his head.

[Map Reading Lv1 has been learnt.]

It was like with swordsmanship. It was the same map as before but In-gong could read more things.

‘Can I learn other skills this way?’

He had swung the sword and learnt swordsmanship, and he learnt how to read the map after seeing it.

Even though it was only Lv1, he still learnt it. Anyway, the level could be increased by investing skill points.

‘Can this be done with magic? If I can use both physical and magical skills at the same time...’

The ultimate multi-class. Indeed, it was the birth of a fraudulent character.

Of course, skill points were limited so he could end up with a mediocre character if he misjudged his choices. However, the possibility of that was low. It was because In-gong was a master of Knight Saga. There were a few synergistic combinations in his head.

"Shutra, you will scout this place.”

Caitlin’s words interrupted his thoughts. In-gong quickly looked in the direction Caitlin pointed to. It was an area without any red models representing the Red Lightning tribe.


"Yes, a reconnaissance mission. This is the area where the Red Lightning tribe lived before. When looking at their recent movements, it is unlikely that they would have many troops here. You don’t have to be worried.”

Caitlin licked her lips and looked at In-gong again.

"I'm sorry for the one-sided notice. Do you have another opinion?”


Sorry? Another opinion?

What was she saying now?

"It is difficult to say. Hey, Shutra.”

Chris called out to In-gong from where he was relaxing in his seat.

"I'm sorry but aren’t your troops a little bit weaker than ours? It could be dangerous if you go to the wrong area.”

It made a lot of sense. He was the weak Shutra.

"But if you don’t do anything, won’t it be difficult when we return? Our actions need to be reported. You weren’t able to do anything - I don’t want to report that.”

This also made a lot of sense.

'Wait a minute, perhaps?’

"I wish we could split the troops but then it would be our merit, not yours.”

Shutra came here for practical experience. Still, he was a prince, so he was given some troops.

Yet, what would happen if he didn’t get any results?

All external activities of the children of the Demon King were scored. Their treatments would differ depending on the results, so it was important to work hard when going somewhere. Shutra’s status wasn’t that good.

Whether looking at it objectively or subjectively, Shutra was weak. He didn’t have any of his own soldiers and was supported by the local orc troop.

Putting him on the front lines would naturally be dangerous.

But he couldn’t borrow any troops from Chris and Caitlin. The two of them can let him borrow the lycan troops but the merits were likely to go back to Chris and Caitlin.

It wasn’t impossible for him to fight in the front lines. Yet, he would need to pay the cost. He would just have to use his own troops.

"Caitlin has thought hard about this.”

Chris grinned happily at Caitlin who was once again tight-lipped.

In-gong alternated looking between them.

‘Perhaps...aren’t they pretty nice?’

In-gong knew that Chris and Caitlin were monsters. They were blood-crazed monsters.

But was that due to Zephyr?

Moreover, the place where Zephyr mainly encountered Chris and Caitlin was the battlefield. They weren’t allies but enemies.

"Then Shutra, what will you do? I’m sure you will do some good work once you start. This isn’t a battle that will end with one fight anyway.”

In-gong looked at Caitlin after Chris’s question. She looked like a shy 15 year old girl rather than a commander. However, she wasn’t just cute.

“I understand, I will do as Noona said. Thank you for your consideration.”

After In-gong finished talking, Caitlin didn’t show any obvious expression but her eyes were half smiling. Even the corners of her mouth went up slightly.

"Tsutsu, I’m sorry I was so honest towards you.”

Caitlin ignored Chris’ laughs and pointed to the map of the battlefield.

"Since it is like this, I will now explain the details.”

Chris and Caitlin explained what would happen in the battle tomorrow. In-gong’s expression was a little complicated after hearing the two of the speak.

Assuming that they went against Zephyr, Chris and Caitlin could be good companions. However, it was difficult to say that they would be unconditionally good companions.

Chris and Caitlin died a year before the Day of Massacre, due to a surprise attack led by Zephyr along with other children of the Demon King.

The reason was simple as to why the children of the Demon King, who were busy fighting each other, united to remove both of them.

The 8th princess, Caitlin Moonlight.

She wasn’t the child of the Demon King.

Author’s Note:

There are many species in the Demon World.

All five of the Demon King’s queens are different species, so the princes and princess would have different species characteristics.

The species of the different princes and princesses will soon be explained.

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