Chapter 59 - Chapter 9: Exception

Chapter 59 - Chapter 9: Exception

After returning from the watchtower, the days passed by in a busy flow.

Felicia and Daphne investigated and studied the small temple. Meanwhile, Ferocious Eyes and the warriors of the other four tribes prepared to go back to the north. They were going to defeat the remaining casios on the Enger Plains, which hadn’t returned beyond the Northern Limit Line after Balkarova was defeated.

It could be considered the beginning of the casios clearing task.

In-gong headed north with Ferocious Eyes. It was a real opportunity, so there was no reason for him to waste it.

Thus, a fortnight passed like this. In-gong returned to the small temple after sweeping the casios away. This was where Felicia greeted him.

"It hasn’t been that long, but... you’ve become stronger. Your growth rate is scary.”

Felicia said with a slightly bitter smile. She had felt it during the battle against the skeleton king Balkarova, but In-gong was much stronger compared to when he was fighting the Red Lightning tribe. The growth couldn’t be explained just because of White Eagle.

In-gong replied somewhat painfully.

“I am growing up.”

In fact, that truly was the case. There were those who grew rapidly after reaching the teens. There were other children of the demon king who showed explosive growth in the teens.

Additionally, In-gong had reached level 20 while taking care of the casios and Protagonist Correction reached level three. After investing some skill points, the levels of Aura, Beast Authority and Divine Beast Authority increased by one or two.

Some magic also rose as a result of repeated training. He had repeatedly used Fire Arrow on the casios as well as Heal.

'Isn’t it worth fighting Caitlin now?'

In-gong hadn’t seen Chris or Caitlin’s skills properly yet. Until now, In-gong’s power had been weak compared to both of them. He wasn’t sure about Chris, but he thought he was capable of a proper duel with Caitlin.

In-gong calmed down the excitement in his heart and started to look around the temple.

"How did your investigation of the temple go?”

There was a joyful look on Felicia’s face. She told In-gong in an excited voice,

"I have been productive. Moreover, I discovered an incredible fact. Do you know what it is? Huh?”

“What is it?”

Felicia was so excited that In-gong was also interested. Felicia nodded with satisfaction at In-gong’s response and came closer to him. It seemed like she was going to whisper a secret.

"The magic in the temple is that of Ainkel’s, one of the six elder dragons. Ainkel!”

The whisper ended with a loud cry.

Felicia’s eyes were shining and it was the same for Daphne and Delia behind her.

For the three of them, this fact was really amazing. The three people didn’t know that the origin of Green Wind was a piece of Ainkel and that her power was in White Eagle.

In-gong wanted to say that it was great, but he could barely open his mouth. The three people were looking at him with bright smiles and expectant expressions.

“Wah! Really great!”

‘Master, it is awkward.’

After Green Wind’s words, he spoke in a more natural tone.

"Then that means it’s similar to the Thunder Light Anvil?”

"That's right, it’s similar. It is a remnant of an elder dragon."

Fortunately, Felicia was too excited and was convinced by his fake surprise and admiration.

She spoke quickly,

"I don’t know the relationship between Green Wind and Ainkel. However, it seems like it is Ainkel’s magic that summoned the treants. She had been analyzing the magic for a few days with Daphne and this is the result. I think it should be possible to control the treants and have them defend the temple and Enger Plains."

"That is really great, Felicia noona.”

“Hum hum. Well, that's right."

Felicia raised her chin and enjoyed In-gong’s praise. In some ways, Felicia was similar to Green Wind.

Carack, who was watching Felicia and In-gong quietly, asked then,

"Uh, then will Prince and Princess leave the Enger Plains now that the work is done?”

In-gong had completed the counterattack against the casios and Felicia finished the temple investigation.

Felicia nodded.

"That is right. There is still a lot more to study, but I will postpone it for now. I have to go back and report to the Demon King’s Palace.”

This year’s suppression of the casios had been different from the previous years. Moreover, the ruins of an elder dragon had been found, so it was amazing.

"People will be quite surprised this time. It will show everyone that it isn’t a coincidence that Abamama called your name.”

Felicia knocked against In-gong’s shoulders just like Chris always did. It was an act of fondness.

And the next morning...

After finishing the preparations to return to the Demon King’s Palace, In-gong faced Ferocious Eyes and the other centaurs.

Ferocious Eyes stared straight at In-gong and said,

"9th Prince, you are the representative of Green Wind and the successor of the Great Warrior. When you need it, we will be your hands and feet.”

His eyes were still fierce, but In-gong was able to read his heart now. Seated on the draco, In-gong held out a hand to Ferocious Eyes’ and said,

"It is the same for me as well. Thank you for everything, Ferocious Eyes.”

Ferocious Eyes shook In-gong’s hand. In Knight Saga, he had always been an enemy but now, In-gong was a reliable ally.

After receiving the enthusiastic send-off of the centaurs, In-gong left Mighty Fire’s base and headed to the transfer formation. He was accompanied by Felicia, Delia, Daphne, Carack, Karma and Green Wind.

Karma, who was his second subordinate after Carack, was leading the way.

Green Wind started annoying him in a different way.

'Master, I keep getting nervous.’

'Master, I am having chest palpitations.’

'Master, are we leaving Enger Plains like this?’

‘Master, answer me.’

Green Wind was born on Enger Plains, so it was the first time she was leaving it. She felt nervous, insecure, anxious and irritated at the thought of going to a new place for the first time.

It took two days to move while handling Green Wind. Once they arrived at the stone tower, the next stage of the trip was quick. He climbed onto the transfer formation, closed his eyes, then opened them in another place.


“6th Princess.”

“Felicia unni!”

A situation similar to the last time was unfolding in front of him. Felicia’s people had been waiting and rushed to welcome her.

Felicia smiled elegantly and welcomed the children of the concubines and subordinates that flocked to her.

Up until this point, it was very similar to last time. Then something different happened.

“It is great to see 9th Prince.”

“I’m here to greet 9th Prince.”

"I heard that you gained some great merits this time.”

Last time, In-gong had been treated as nothing.


He could feel that things had changed. Whether they were sincere or reluctant, they could no longer ignore In-gong.

Felicia winked at In-gong.

Daphne was also there. Originally, she would have been a follower of Zephyr, but she now joined the children of the other concubines. Toward In-gong, the attitude of Felicia’s people had become more polite and friendly.


Carack whispered and glanced at another place. In-gong was able to see what Carack was referring to in seconds.

Not everyone was welcoming In-gong. There were some who were looking at In-gong with discomfort and anxiety.

It was the reason why Felicia had volunteered to go to Enger Plains; it was the effect of the demon king, Mitra, calling In-gong’s name.

‘Aren’t they mostly people on Anastasia’s side?’

The 4th Princess Anastasia Nekrion - in Knight Saga, she had been known as the female Zephyr and had the largest of the three factions.

In-gong wanted to form a friendly relationship with the demon king’s children who were not on Zephyr’s side, but the world wasn’t always that nice.

So far, there hadn’t been much meaning in the other demon king’s children being friendly with In-gong. Felicia and Caitlin had no intention of becoming the demon king. Although Chris was ambitious, he was only moving for the comfort of himself, Caitlin and the lycanthropes because he was king of the lycanthropes.

Therefore, the three of them were happy, rather than jealous of In-gong.

However, Anastasia was different. She led one of the three factions. For her, In-gong was a sudden stone rolling in her path. Children of the demon king who started to shine independently were merely targets.

'At least Felicia isn’t Anastasia’s person yet.’

On the Day of Massacre, Felicia and her brother had belonged to Anastasia’s faction. However, he didn’t know the exact time they had joined.

It was currently Year 512. It was obvious that Felicia wasn’t Anastasia’s person at present.

Felicia hadn’t talked about Anastasia that much and seemed to be closer to In-gong than Anastasia. If Felicia was Anastasia’s person, Anastasia wouldn’t have let that happen.

In-gong turned his attention back to Felicia. There were over a dozen concubine children and subordinates who had come to meet Felicia. It felt more like a social organization centred on Felicia, rather than a faction.

'They aren’t much help, but can they be raised to help me?’

Three children of the concubines belonged to Felicia’s family(?).

Felicia was older, but he couldn’t remember their exact ages except for the fallen angel, Beiring.

There was Karapapa, a hulking yaksha, who appeared to be in his twenties, but was only in his mid-teens.

Anne Rose was the daughter of the fairy queen and in her early teens.

Beiring was a fallen angel with pale skin and black wings. He liked music and fine arts, so he wasn’t very helpful in battle, but he was treated well in Knight Saga.

As a yaksha, Karapapa had muscles similar to Carack, but his red skin gave off a more intense expression. Karapapa’s advantage was that he was stronger than he appeared. However, the downside was that he had no magical abilities.

The youngest, Anne Rose, had good potential, but the problem was that she was too young. She was only approximately 11 years old, so it was hard for her to be helpful right now.

‘It is better than nothing. There is also Daphne.’

In-gong looked at Felicia’s family with generous eyes. Felicia’s family started gossiping about what had happened in the Demon King’s Palace while she was gone.

“Felicia unni, did you hear? There will be a court gathering again this time.”

Anne Rose, who had colourful hair and butterfly wings, said excitedly. Felicia’s eyes widened.

“Huh? This time as well?”

Although In-gong’s merits were so big that it couldn’t be compared to a general casios subjugation, that wasn’t enough for a court gathering.

Were the rumours about the demon king’s favouritism toward In-gong true?

Beiring laughed and explained,

"The court gathering will celebrate 6th Princess and 9th Prince’s merits in conjunction with someone else’s. It is said that this court gathering is for three people.”

That made more sense. Another royal child must have earned a big merit.

Felicia asked again,

"Who is the other person that you are talking about?”

That was the exact question that In-gong had wanted to ask. Beiring replied with a smile,

"2nd Prince has come back.”

2nd Prince Zephyr Ragnaros.

In-gong swallowed his saliva inadvertently.

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