Chapter 58 - Chapter 8: Excavation #7

Chapter 58 - Chapter 8: Excavation #7

'Hmm, I am prepared. Now is the time for praise, Master.’

"Sorry, just wait a little longer.”

He wondered what Green Wind’s expression would be at his answer. In-gong imagined that she was quite disappointed but now wasn’t a situation where they could easily talk.

In-gong searched the mini-map. Just like the battle at the small temple, the monsters who lost the purple aura started scattering. They hadn’t headed their way due to Felicia’s fire barrier but that wasn’t enough. It was weak but there were still hundreds of monsters in the area.

In-gong closed his eyes. His stamina was restored due to the level up, but not his mental power. He used Below the King’s Flag twice, used White Eagle and exhausted his concentration in order to avoid Balkarova’s attacks. Right now, he felt like laying down on a bed and sleeping for 12 hours.

In-gong started thinking. Now, what should he do? Was it possible to break through the monsters with his troops?

Felicia was too weak to maintain the fire barrier. The flames had been maintained thanks to the fire spirit, but Felicia who maintained the spirit was weak so the power of the spirit weakened.

In-gong made a decision.

"Karma! Grab Daphne! Carack, can you stand up?”

Karma quickly lifted Daphne onto her back while Carack stood up. In-gong then looked at Ferocious Eyes and Felicia.

"Ferocious Eyes, run. We are going back to the watchtower.”

“Under… stood.”

Ferocious Eyes responded briefly and raised his body. Felicia was using recovery magic on Ferocious Eyes’ wounds, but they soon understood what In-gong’s meant.

It was hard to think of breaking through with their current exhausted power. It was obvious that there would a big sacrifice if they tried to get away.

Then he would rather go to the watchtower. It would be easy to defend while resting there, instead of crossing the grasslands.

There were now only nine elite centaurs left. Ferocious Eyes and the centaurs protected In-gong’s companions as they ran towards the watchtower.

Fortunately, the monsters lost their controller and didn’t think of attacking In-gong’s party. The monsters were actually more wary of In-gong’s party.

Although the watchtower was half collapsed, there were several floors with safe walls and ceilings. In-gong used various miscellaneous scattered items to block the entrance.

Carack helped In-gong with the entrance and gazed out a small opening.

"I don’t think they will come here to attack. Rather, they seem to be busy fighting among themselves.”

Felicia sighed with relief at Carack’s words. Delia whispered to Felicia and approached In-gong.

"9th Prince, I will climb up and keep watch on the north.”

When Balkarova was first discovered, more than 200 monsters had the purple aura around them. Thanks to the stone mountain, they couldn’t attack In-gong’s party but they might use a different path. Watching the north was the right choice.

“Okay, please do so.”

"I am pleased to do it for Her Highness.”

Delia smiled and headed upstairs. In-gong sat down and looked at everyone.

The centaurs were a mess. Some of them were quite severely injured.

Ferocious Eyes maintained his strong gaze, but his face also didn’t look good.

Karma sighed with relief as Daphne lay on her thighs. She had been running on her two legs instead of riding a draco like In-gong, so it was natural for her stamina to be exhausted.

Instead of sitting or lying down, Felicia stood up and wandered around the centaurs. She was using recovery magic.

"Noona should rest.”

Felicia was a mess. He could see all the bruises on her body due to the unique clothes of the dark elves.

But Felicia shook her head and responded with a mischievous voice.

"After I’ve finished the recovery magic. I am a princess.”

She winked slightly in the end but seemed to be doing too much. Sweat was flowing down her forehead and her voice was full of exhaustion.

'Felicia is like this.’

She was a princess.

Despite that, she prioritized healing the centaurs rather than saving her magic power.

In-gong respected Felicia’s will so he lay his body down in a more comfortable position. Carack sat at a window seat and stared out the window.

"Prince should close your eyes. I will watch the south.”

"We’ll do it in shifts so wake me up.”

Carack was also tired. He coughed up blood a few times.

But Carack laughed and pointed to the centaurs.

“There are many people who can take over for me. We lived thanks to the royal family so shouldn’t you enjoy it?”

Although it was a cheap luxury, they received the highest level of treatment in this situation. It was foolish to be stubborn so In-gong decided to rest. Green Wind was beside In-gong.

‘Master, rest easy.’

Only In-gong could hear her but there wasn’t much reaction. Green Wind stroked In-gong’s forehead and he naturally closed his eyes. He fell into a deep sleep.


"So, this is White Eagle?”

Deep in the night.

Everyone was gathered around a small campfire. There were leftover meat, bones and leather from the casios in the corner. While In-gong was sleeping, the centaurs had gathered them from the battlefield.

In-gong lightly touched his belly and answered Felicia’s question.

"Yes, it is one of the reasons why Green Wind wanted me to go north.”

Everyone’s gaze turned towards the White Eagle placed next to In-gong. The gauntlet and metal plates that made up the wings returned to their original positions, and it now looked like an ordinary kite shield.

But everyone had seen White Eagle in action. Ferocious Eyes stared at it.

"I never thought the legend of White Eagle was true.”

The story of the brave warrior who fought monsters across the Northern Limit Line a thousand years ago.

That was the history that Green Wind told In-gong, but it was different for the centaurs. It was one of the legends they’ve heard since their childhood.

The eyes of the centaurs and Karma starting shining like lanterns. Felicia laughed.

"The guardian of Enger Plains really likes you. Can I see it just once?”

In-gong hadn’t found White Eagle. White Eagle had flown to him.

Felicia didn’t know the precise cause but she thought it was due to Green Wind.

Daphne also spoke.

"I feel a strong life force from White Eagle. Moreover, that... This is just my feeling, but I don’t think all its power is revealed in this state.”

In-gong immediately understood. It was the same with Earth Quaker. Both of them were restricting their strength to match In-gong.

‘I need to become stronger.’

As soon as he became a dragon humanoid, Earth Quaker transformed one step higher.

Felicia stretched and said with a warm smile.

"Anyway, it is your Shutra. If you want I won’t report it to the Demon King’s Palace. Even if it is reported, it will be yours.”

The Demon King’s Palace generally didn’t take away the royal children’s achievements. While the Thunder Light Anvil was a historical relic, White Eagle was recognized as belonging to In-gong.

Ferocious Eyes looked at In-gong and said.

"Green Wind has stipulated that Prince is White Eagle’s master. The centaurs of Enger Plains recognize 9th Prince as the successor of White Eagle. Whenever Prince wants, we will be with Prince.”

He was the successor of the Great Warrior, who was an agent of Green Wind and led the centaur clan a thousand years ago. For the centaurs, In-gong was no longer the same as the other children of the demon king. He was a much more special presence.

Felicia stared at Ferocious Eyes but he didn’t seem to be joking. In-gong thanked Ferocious Eyes and asked Felicia.

"Can I go to the tomb of White Eagle for a while? It is a sacred place so I think I should go once.”

It was natural after receiving White Eagle. Felicia blinked and asked.

“You alone?”

"No, Carack as well. I don’t want to stay here for a long time so I should go now.”

They had to leave the watchtower and head south tomorrow morning. It was the middle of the night but he had the mini-map, so he was confident about going with just Carack.

Felicia sighed and nodded.

"I want to follow but it can’t be helped. Be careful."

Felicia had severe body aches due to treating the others. She could talk, but it wasn’t possible to run or walk like usual.

In-gong smiled and turned towards Ferocious Eyes.

"Ferocious Eyes, please look over Felicia noona.”

"Leave it to me."

Ferocious Eyes replied heavily. In-gong didn’t need to wait anymore so he instantly stood up.

“Let’s go, Carack.”


In-gong got on the draco.


The tomb of the White Eagle wasn’t far away.

Instead of rushing, In-gong looked at the mini-map and adjusted his movement speed.

‘My skill points are pretty good.’

It was natural since he gained two levels at once. In Knight Saga, he could get more skill points as his level went up.

‘In retrospect, it is a very fast speed.’

In ordinary RPGs, bosses and normal mobs were used to level up. In-gong couldn’t remember leveling up so quickly in recent years.

In fact, the gap between bosses was too short.

As soon as he found the Thunder Light anvil and raised his level, he had gone to the Demon King’s Palace. Of course, there was no fighting there.

After arriving at Enger plains, he had faced the casios and leveled up after obtaining Ainkel’s power.

Soon after that, he fought Mustafa and gained another level.

‘Including the small temple and the fight in the north, isn’t it five levels?’

If his level was still in the single digits then it would be a shame. But it was quite good since it was in the double digits. He just needed a bit more to reach level 20.

And the fight with Balkarova.

Thanks to the short interval between bosses, he leveled up quickly. But every single battle was hard fought.

"Prince, I see it.”

Carack’s voice broke through his thoughts. He turned in the direction that Carack pointed and saw a pile of stones.

"It is completely smashed.”

When he came up close, it was a mess. Most of the stone pillars were broken as White Eagle came out.

Green Wind whispered to In-gong.

‘Don't worry, Master. The brave warrior won’t be angry. Rather, he would want to Master to have it. A warrior’s equipment is only worthwhile when dealing with the enemy on the battlefield.’

Then there was no reason to resist. In-gong took on the attitude of an RPG warrior breaking into a house and told Carack.

"Let’s go.”

This grave was a sacred place, but the main reason he came here was to collect the rest of the possessions.

Apart from White Eagle, there were several other magic artifacts. They were all used by the brave warrior when he was alive.

'The power of the White Eagle seems to have preserved the others.’

If not, it would have been hard to endure for thousands of years even with magic.

After a moment of silence, In-gong started to remove the stones. Carack moved a stone to the side and asked.

“Should I keep this a secret this time as well?”

"A secret. Ah, an axe. This is for Carack.”

The first thing they found was a big battle axe. Carack felt the magic power of the battle axe and said with a grin.

"This is a secret that must be kept from the world.”

In the tomb, there was a spear, a sword, and a ring. Although they were equipment worn by the brave warrior, their state wasn’t as good as before.

Just like the axe earlier, the spear, sword, and ring had magic but each type was different.

‘The axe has simple strength magic, the spear has limited recovery abilities once a day... even the spear?’

The sword had an enchantment to maintain the sharpness while the bow enhanced the wearer’s eyesight. Even though the centaurs already had good eyes,with the bow, it was like having a telescope attached.

The basic performance of all four equipment was excellent. He didn’t know what they were made of, but the material itself seemed to be special.

'One day I will be able to use it all.’

Even if he couldn’t use them, he would still take them. In-gong even kept the giant sword that Balkarova used.

Once the excavation was complete, In-gong silently bowed towards the grave and started to rebuild the stones. It was the very least he could do for the brave warrior.

'Then it is time for the final thing.’

In-gong looked at White Eagle, and a green light emitted from the shield like it had been waiting.

Green Wind emerged from White Eagle. Carack was astonished by Green Wind suddenly appearing out of White Eagle while In-gong smiled at her.

“Well done. Good job. The best.”

In-gong stroked Green Wind’s head who was sitting on White Eagle.. Green Wind blinked with a completely childish attitude.

"I feel bad but also good. Continue Master.”

In-gong refrained from laughing as he kept praising Green Wind, while Carack’s expression changed as he looked at the two people.

Green Wind disappeared with a satisfied face after being praised for nearly 10 minutes. Rather than the piece of wood hanging at In-gong’s waist, her home was now White Eagle.

After placing all the equipment of the brave warrior in his inventory, In-gong gazed at the Northern Limit Line.

The purple aura had controlled the monsters in the north.

Was it all over now? Was Balkarova the cause of the purple aura?

Yet some doubts remained. Why did Balkarova attack the south? How did he know the secret of the small temple?

Beyond the Northern Limit Line. Things were happening beyond it.

"Prince, we should go back. Don’t dwell on it any longer.”

Carack said, causing In-gong to smile and nod.

"Yes, your words are true.”

In-gong didn’t linger. He had completed the mission by defeating Balkarova. The work beyond the Northern Limit Line would be left to the Demon King’s Palace.

"Let's go, Maybach."

The draco started running towards the watchtower after In-gong spoke.

The moon was shining brightly in the sky.


It was dark and deep.

The Great Enkidu lifted his head to the sky.

He was an elder dragon born in lava, so he enjoyed looking down at the ground rather than up at the sky. But today, he faced the moon and stars in the dark blue sky. He heard a call from far away.



One of the six elder dragons supporting this world. The first elder dragon to be killed.

Her death was a thing of the past and it had already been 1,000 years. But a part of her will still remained in the world.

The wind blew her whispers into Enkidu’s ears.

Enkidu didn’t say anything. He just gave a low roar and gazed up at the sky.

Conquest, war, famine, and death.

The Four Knights of the Apocalypse.

The time was approaching.

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