Chapter 57 - Chapter 8: Excavation #6

Chapter 57 - Chapter 8: Excavation #6

The piece of Ainkel, which had been kept in the small temple, had transformed In-gong’s body into a dragon humanoid.

Now, more of Ainkel’s magic power was added to the dragon humanoid body formed from Ainkel’s magic.

It was the power contained in White Eagle... Ainkel’s magic power which had been kept for a thousand years!

Dragon Blood, which had already been in play, became even more powerful. A brilliant green light shone from White Eagle, where it rested on In-gong’s left arm, and there was a roar from Earth Quaker on his right arm.

Life and destruction...

The power of Watcher Ainkel and the Great Enkidu!

Balkarova felt an instinctive fear. He was surprised at the unexpected power of life and moved backwards. Then he regained his mentality, looked at In-gong and suddenly pulled up the purple aura.

Breath weapon.

In-gong knew what Balkarova was doing. Instead of avoiding it, In-gong swung his left arm the moment the purple pillar poured out from Balkarova’s mouth.


Carack shouted and Felicia also gave a short scream. Ferocious Eyes tried to raise his body while coughing up blood.

White Eagle flashed.


There was a roar and the purple aura spread everywhere. White Eagle left In-gong’s left arm and blocked the violet pillar. The white metal pieces spread out like wings and emitted a green light. After colliding with White Eagle, the purple aura was broken and scattered.

However, Balkarova didn’t back off. Once again, he poured out an overwhelming amount of purple aura. In the midst of breaking and scattering, the purple pillar had become thicker and more intense.

In-gong didn’t wait. He moved to the side.

White Eagle was still confronting the purple aura, so Balkarovan was confused by In-gong moving and leaving White Eagle by itself.

When he thought about it, he realised it was natural as In-gong wasn’t holding onto White Eagle. White Eagle floated to the side and blocked the purple pillar. There was no reason for In-gong to stand behind White Eagle.

Balkarova couldn’t conceal his agitation and hurriedly chased In-gong’s movements with the purple pillar.

However, In-gong’s movements were too fast to chase using that method. In-gong moved and circled behind Balkarova.


Balkarova gathered the purple aura hurriedly. It was painful because he was gathering it too hastily, but he didn’t stop. He turned and aimed his left hand at In-gong. Fireballs poured out from Balkarova’s five fingers.

Kwang! Kwang! Kwang!

The fireballs exploded, causing a deafening roar, but In-gong wasn’t there anymore. In-gong had merely appeared at Balkarova’s back before moving away while continuing to watch him. Meanwhile, a white aura was gathering on In-gong’s right arm in preparation for Gigantic Piston.

Balkarova was very angry. He raised his sword and rushed toward In-gong with a momentum akin to a crashing car.

In-gong breathed in deeply. He was sweating, but he stood there and concentrated on Balkarova’s movements. It was meaningless to move too early. Just as In-gong was looking at Balkarova, Balkarova was also looking at In-gong. It was like a bullfighter dealing with a raging bull at the appropriate moment.

The black sword Balkarova swung poured out lightning bolts. At that moment, In-gong moved. He ran to the front without fleeing backwards or sideways. He took a few steps to the side to avoid Balkarova’s attacks and passed by Balkarova. In-gong focused patiently on Balkarova’s movements until the end. He was capable of this due to the explosive speed of Beast Authority.

In-gong counted inwardly. Not only did he gather his aura on Earth Quaker, he also used the remaining powers he had left within him.

There was the spirit of life that Daphne’s blessing had allowed to dwell inside him.

There was also Ainkel’s magic power which contained the power of life.

He used both of them. Rather than pushing them onto Earth Quaker, which had the power of destruction, he circled the power around its surface.

This formed a white ring.

After putting on the power of life, it acted as a sharp trial for Earth Quaker. It was an unstable power, but In-gong didn’t mind. He turned around, swung his left arm widely and White Eagle started flying again at In-gong’s command.


White Eagle flew over Balkarova’s head. The white metal collided with the purple aura and Balkarova staggered.

It was truly a trampling!


Unable to bear the anger, Balkarova swung his left hand at random and shot out fireballs again, while swinging his sword with his right hand.

Meanwhile, In-gong focused only on evasion. White Eagle flew to In-gong’s side and blocked the spheres of flames while In-gong rolled to the ground to avoid the blade.

Balkarova tried to pursue In-gong, but he couldn’t. Balkarova and In-gong weren’t the only ones in this area!


Fury had narrowed Balkarova’s field of view and at that moment, Carack struck Balkarova in the shins with his axe which contained the power of an earth spirit. There was only a metallic ringing, but it was worth it. Carack’s only aim was to draw Balkarova’s attention away from In-gong.


Balkarova swung his left hand toward Carack. So far, Carack had dodged the attack, but he couldn’t this time. Exposed to Balkarova’s power, Carack was pushed back dozens of meters.

Despite the fact that it was only one blow, blood poured from his mouth and he stiffened from the purple aura. However, Carack didn’t care. He saw Balkarova was still running toward In-gong and raised his upper body while coughing up blood. He shouted for his king.


In-gong responded to the battle cry. Previously, he had devoted everything toward evasion. However, now, In-gong ran straight toward Balkarova, who then used his breath weapon in desperation. White Eagle swirled around In-gong and defended him. Once again, the green and purple lights clashed and there was a deafening howl.


In-gong kept moving forward. Divine Beast Authority, which contained a brilliant explosive force, was used to compress the distance between In-gong and Balkarova.

Balkarova was approximately five meters tall. It wasn’t easy to aim for his head or upper body because the height difference was too big. At this moment, Balkarova instinctively sensed something; he had to prevent In-gong’s strike. He couldn’t permit himself to be hit by the power contained in the gauntlet!

Balkarova raised his sword, but it wasn’t for an attack. It was to protect his important upper body and head.

However, In-gong didn’t jump forward. He aimed at Balkarova’s legs like he had been doing so far.

Gigantic Piston screamed as it emerged.

It wasn’t necessarily a frontal strike.

He aimed from below.

In-gong stopped right in front of Balkarova and punched the air with his fist. He couldn’t strike Balkarova directly, but it was enough. The mass of white aura clung to Balkarova as he was swept away by the force of Gigantic Piston.


With that, Balkarova’s breastplate was shattered. Balkarova stepped back from the force of Gigantic Piston and the power of life took off the purple aura enveloping his upper body. It was only for a short time, but as a result, Balkarova’s upper body was left defenseless for a while. It was right at this moment!


"Triple Blast!”

Felicia shouted the moment that In-gong cried out. A tricolour ray of light shot out once again from his outstretched hands.

There had been no promises. In-gong had simply believed in Felicia. He believed she wouldn’t have given up and that she would find some way to win while watching the fight. She was a dark elf, Felicia Doomblade of Knight Saga!


The blue, red and yellow light penetrated Balkarova’s chest. There was a huge roar and hundreds of bone fragments flew everywhere. Balkarova’s body cracked and a purple aura emerged from his eyes and mouth. It wasn’t an attack. It was the release of the aura as Balkarova could no longer control it.

Felicia, who had prepared Triple Blast while In-gong prepared Gigantic Piston, didn’t stop the eruption of her magic power. Using Triple Blast, not just once but twice, was painful for her.

Blood flowed down her jaws and tiny blood vessels in her arms burst, causing many bruises to form.

However, Felicia just smiled. She swallowed the pain and finished the magic.


The tricolor light exploded. Balkarova’s bone armour was shattered and the aura that had surrounded him could no longer be seen.

However, Balkarova hadn’t died yet. Instead of collapsing, he used the last of his power to lift his sword.

In-gong raised his left arm instead of avoiding it. There was no need for a command as In-gong wasn’t alone in this moment.


White Eagle struck Balkarova’s head and Balkarova started to crumble. White Eagle then turned in the air and landed on In-gong’s left arm, just like a hawk landing on a hunter’s arm.

That wasn’t all.

Balkarova’s knee was broken and Balkarova literally crumbled to pieces. The skeleton knights dealing with the centaurs also returned to death with terrible screams.

Ferocious Eyes looked at In-gong and chanted Green Wind’s name, while Karma embraced Daphne with a silly smile.

Delia helped support Felicia and Felicia leaned on Delia, expressing both pain and joy.

Despite the blood, Carack laughed.

Hearing a familiar voice, In-gong was pleased.

[Your level has risen.]

[Your level has risen.]

[Boss: Skeleton King Balkarova has been defeated.]

[Title: King Slayer Lv1 has been acquired.]

Level 19.

In-gong breathed out and a white light wrapped around him as Felicia released the flame barrier.

The master of the purple aura had died, so the monsters started scattering.


'Hmm, I am prepared. Now is the time for praise, Master.’

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