Chapter 52 - Chapter 8: Excavation

Chapter 52 - Chapter 8: Excavation 

In-gong opened his eyes slowly. His head was still blank as he woke up from his sleep.

“Prince, are you still asleep?”

A green sight entered his blurred vision but it wasn’t Green Wind’s hair. Green Wind’s voice wasn’t so crude.

“Umm... Carack?”

The first thing he saw when he woke up in the bed was Carack. It was the correct answer as Carack’s big and crude hands lifted In-gong up.

"Come, here is some cold water to wake you up.”

He always started his day with cold water. In-gong swallowed the cold water given by Carack and started waking up.

“It is almost lunchtime.”

The clock next to the mini-map showed that it was already 11:20 a.m. It was unusual since normally, he would never have overslept this long.

However, Carack’s gaze was quite strange.

“What? Is there something on my face?”

Carack scratched his chin at In-gong’s question and muttered,

"It is really amazing. How does a person know the time after just waking up?”

"I just know.”

There was no need to explain about the features of his mini-map. Just like a good subordinate, Carack just nodded and brought him a washbasin instead of asking more questions.

“The other people?”

In-gong asked as he wiped his hair with a dry towel. Carack removed the washbasin and replied,

"They are working outside. It is almost time for lunch, so shouldn’t Prince come out?”

"I will do that. I’ll take a look around.”

In-gong combed his hair, put on some outer garments and left the tent. There was a welcome face at the temple entrance.

"Your Highness.”

"Yes, Karma. Good afternoon.”

Once In-gong said good afternoon instead of good morning, Karma bit her lip like she was trying not to laugh. Somehow, her respect for In-gong had spread into a strange shape.

In-gong took a look around with Carack and Karma. Like Carack said, everyone was busy working.

The most important thing was to process the bodies.

Yesterday, this place was a battlefield. Their allies’ bodies were cleaned up last night, but there were still the bodies of the casios and drake ogres.

Usually they would be left for scavengers, but this case was different. Hundreds of bodies were next to the temple where a miracle had occurred, so they couldn’t be left alone.

The casios’ bodies were dismantled into leather, bones, teeth, etc. On the other hand, they didn’t know the identity of the drake ogres and how to dismantle them. Therefore, they were buried in the ground.

In-gong’s gaze turned to the other side. Behind the temple was a small forest of treants.

The treants were taking in the sun like yesterday’s movements were a lie. They seemed like ordinary trees.

'Still, it is noticeable.’

There was suddenly a forest in the grasslands.

After looking around properly, In-gong decided to visit Ferocious Eyes. It was to discuss various post-casios problems.

However, there was someone who was one step ahead of him. It was also in his head.

‘My master.’

“Green Wind! Is your body okay?”

In-gong looked up and asked. As expected, Green Wind’s shape didn’t appear but her voice was slightly clearer than before.

“It is okay. I’m sorry our conversation got cut short last night.’

Green Wind had lost consciousness last night and turned into wind instead of waking up again.

It didn’t matter since he could still feel Green Wind through Conquest, but it was comforting to hear her voice.

“It is fine. Do you remember what happened yesterday?”

‘I remember talking about Master’s power of Conquest. I don't know why, but... the remnants of Ainkel that remain inside me came to the forefront of my consciousness.’

"What about now?”

‘I can’t feel it now that it has subsided.’

There was regret in Green Wind’s voice. She seemed to miss Ainkel’s essence.

In-gong nodded thoughtfully.

‘It is pointless to ask any more about Conquest.’

It was clear that last night’s story about Conquest had evoked Ainkel’s voice, but it was unlikely that Ainkel would appear again from the same thing.

‘The king’s power... and the Conquest Knight.’

That, itself, was a harvest. Elder dragons were more likely to have special knowledge about Conquest and a Conquest Knight. If not, there would have been no reason for Ainkel to wake up.

‘I’ll have to really explore the library in the Demon King’s Palace.’

However, his merit level was still lacking to use the large library. He needed a little more time to investigate.

‘I shouldn’t be hasty.’

He needed to build up his merits and strength and he had to stop the Day of Massacre that Zephyr would cause.

The things he needed to do hadn’t changed.

In-gong settled his heart and looked at the air again. He heard Green Wind’s voice.

‘Master, I want to tell you a story. Can you come to the small temple?’

“I understand, I’ll do so.”

‘I’ll be waiting.’

Not only Green Wind’s voice but the wind circling In-gong disappeared. Feeling strange, In-gong looked back to see Karma’s eyes shining like lanterns.

"Your Highness, were you talking to Green Wind just now?”

She asked in an excited voice. In-gong responded with his hand slightly raised, as if he was calming her down.

"Uh, it happened so suddenly.”

“Oh, my god... Having a conversation so naturally at your age... It is great. Excuse me, but if Your Highness becomes a druid, you will surely be crowned with greatness.”

Respect was shining in her eyes. It was burdensome, so In-gong turned his gaze away, only to see Carack having a different type of look in his eyes.

"Thank goodness. I thought Prince had gone crazy all of a sudden.”

“I did.”

In-gong shrugged and Carack laughed. Karma’s eyes moved between them as she ate up their conversation.

“Anyway, I will be going back to the temple.”

Karma quickly raised her hand and asked In-gong,

"Can I go with Your Highness?”

She was excited because she wanted to meet Green Wind. In-gong shook his head with a sorry expression.

"I'm sorry, but Green Wind wants to discuss something with me.”

“I understand. Then I will protect the entrance of the temple.”

Karma was slightly disappointed, but she still gave a spirited answer. Carack, who was watching quietly, interrupted the conversation.

"Prince, then I will go to Ferocious Eyes to sort things out. This needs to be reported to the Demon King’s Palace.”

Carack had completed In-gong’s miscellaneous duties even when it was the Red Lightning tribe mission. In-gong gave a thumbs up to Carack, his all-rounder assistant.

“Yes, you are the best. I’ll give you a present once we return to the Demon King’s Palace.”

"I'm looking forward to it."

Carack laughed and went his own way. Karma stared after Carack with envy.

‘Is it due to the reward or does she want to go the Demon King’s Palace?’

It reminded him of the drunk Karma from last night.

'Well, I really am thinking of taking her.’

However, right now, the meeting with Green Wind was more urgent. In-gong delayed the interview with Karma and headed to the temple hastily.


He left Karma at the entrance and entered the temple alone, then saw Green Wind sitting between the tree trunks. However, unlike yesterday, her body was transparent. She seemed like the wind spirit that Felicia had called.

"Uh, is it difficult?”

In-gong asked as he approached the tree trunk and Green Wind shook her head.

"It’s not like that. I am just saving my strength. After this conversation with Master, I will start working on replacing my parts.”

“Then I’m glad.”

In-gong sighed with relief and sat down on the bed. It was in order to converse with Green Wind.

Green Wind got in a comfortable position and said,

"Master, my conversation with Master yesterday was based on the premise that you are my temporary master. However, now I know that you are my permanent master. It is about something Master told me last night.”

"Uh... Collecting the powers of the six dragons?”

“That’s right. It was a story I didn’t get a chance to tell you yesterday.”

Green Wind rose from the tree trunk and reached into the air. Then a map of Enger Plains appeared before Green Wind.

“In the northernmost part of Enger Plains, there is a relic of Watcher Ainkel.”

A bunch of lights started to form around the map. The shape was clear, so In-gong recognized it instantly.

“A shield?”

“That’s right, it’s Watcher Ainkel’s Shield of Life. Just like Master’s Earth Quaker, it contains the power of an elder dragon."

It was a shield but the shield had fairly colourful corners. There was a large green gem in the middle of a rhombus shaped grey plate and pieces of ash-white metal bordering it.

Green Wind pushed the map and shield to one side and told In-gong,

"It is a story from more than a thousand years ago. Watcher Ainkle gave the Shield of Life to the bravest and most righteous warrior among the centaurs. The warrior led the centaurs to fight against their enemies and won many victories, but he wasn’t invincible. He was unharmed on the battlefield thanks to the Shield of Life, but he didn’t carry the shield to his bed. He was killed while sleeping by a woman who coveted his shield.”

He thought it was a warm story about a warrior, yet there was a surprising ending. Green Wind ignored In-gong’s confusion and continued,

“The Shield of Life is something that Ainkel had given to the brave warrior. Due to this, no one other than the warrior can use or move the Shield of Life.”

In-gong nodded. It was the same with Earth Quaker. The dwarves were unable to gain Enkidu’s permission and were forced to leave Earth Quaker behind in the dungeon.

The centaurs in this story weren’t much different.

"The warrior’s loyal subordinates eventually abandoned the Shield of Life and returned. The Shield of Life was buried in the warrior’s tomb in the north and over a thousand years have since passed. The Shield of Life became a legend and the centaurs attached the name of the brave warrior to the shield. White Eagle, that is the new name of the Shield of Life.”

Green Wind finished her story and looked back at In-gong.

"Master, was my story good? Then please praise me. I am ready to hear praise.”

Green Wind puffed up and smiled.

However, In-gong didn’t respond. His mouth gaped open and he shouted while jumping up.

“White Eagle!”

Of course, he knew it. It was obviously a name in his memory.

It was a fantasy that existed in Knight Saga. In Knight Saga, it was a top-notch shield that couldn’t be found despite In-gong challenging it many times.

'Yes, if it is in the northernmost area, then I wouldn’t have found it.’

In Knight Saga, not all the land located in the north could be explored. Beyond the north side of the Demon King’s dominated area, the demons lived in harsh environments. The reason why the casios headed south every year was because it was hard to live beyond the Northern Limit Line.

The Enger Plains were one of several areas in contact with the long stretch of the Northern Limit Line. The Northern Limit Line was virtually outside the Demon World, so it was a land that he couldn’t travel to when playing Knight Saga.

‘White Eagle - it is a relic of an elder dragon.’

It contained the power of an elder dragon, but he was given a clue about where to find it. Moreover, In-gong had Ainkel’s strength, so it was clear that he could obtain it.

As In-gong clenched his fist with joy, Green Wind pouted,

"I am in a bad mood again. I am upset.”

Then she kicked the ground and In-gong turned his attention back to Green Wind.

“Thank you for the great information. Do you know the location of the tomb?”

“I know it, but I don’t know the exact location. If I get closer, I will probably know.”

In-gong nodded thoughtfully.

"Will it take three or four days to restore your parts?”

“Yes, but if I review it again, I think I can finish it faster. The life magic was activated due to the protection magic. That part relies on me less.”

In other words, it would be easy to replace her.

"Okay, then please do so.”

"I understand. I will start working on it straight away.”

Green Wind said with somewhat slumped shoulders. At that moment, something flashed through In-gong’s head and he said quickly,

"Thank you, it was a really great story.”

“It is late, but my pain has been resolved.”

Her voice brightened. In-gong smiled involuntarily and said.

“Just let me know when it is done. I will compliment you again.”

"I will expect it."

Green Wind smiled brightly and disappeared into the wind.

Once alone, In-gong flopped down on his bed and started thinking.

‘I can use the task of punishing the casios as an excuse to go to the north.’

He didn’t think of reporting everything directly to the Demon King’s Palace. He had to hide the fact that he had conquered Green Wind.

‘The problem is who will be dispatched from the Demon King’s Palace.’

He couldn’t hide the defense magic of the small temple. It was highly likely that the Demon King’s Palace would dispatch an expert of harmful ruins.

‘There is a person from Knight Saga that I want to see.’

If they still had the same value,In-gong wanted them. Someone would come anyway, so it was better if that person was someone he knew information about.

'The merit is likely to be reported today... At the latest, a specialist from the Demon King’s Palace will arrive in a week to 10 days.’

It would take time to select and send the specialist. It might even be later than that.

‘Maybe I should leave without waiting.’

There would be no problem because he could use the subjugation of the remaining casios as an excuse.

In-gong finished his calculations and headed out of the temple. He wanted to talk to Carack.

However, after three days, In-gong was forced to modify his plan. It was because the expert from the Demon King’s Palace had arrived early. Moreover, the ruins expert was well known to In-gong.


“Felicia noona?”

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