Chapter 51 - Chapter 7: Advent #9

Chapter 51 - Chapter 7: Advent #9 

“You are my temporary master, not a permanent one! Find a way!”

Green Wind stood up and shouted. The wind blew around her as she was quite agitated and her green hair flew up like flames.

In-gong waved his hands and cried out,

"Wait a minute, wait a minute! Just calm down.”


Green Windy responded promptly and really sat back down. In-gong coughed a few times before asking Green Wind,

"Green Wind, what is your current state?”

All the things In-gong had conquered so far didn’t have a will, so it was impossible for them to speak. Due to that, In-gong didn’t know exactly how he had ‘conquered Green Wind’.

Green Wind looked up at In-gong with doe-like, clear eyes and said in a natural tone.

"I am yours. So, I have to submit to you. You can do whatever you please.”

Green Wind spoke casually but In-gong’s perspective was different. In-gong knew she was trying to calm down.

"Watch me.”

Instead of looking at Green Wind, In-gong stared at the tree trunks and took deep breaths.

“Okay. Let’s talk again. Anyway, is it that uncomfortable to be dominated by me? Things have changed.”

"It isn’t about my abilities or status. I need to exist here as Green Wind.”

Green Wind stood up again and pointed at herself.

"My master, if I am gone, Enger Plains will lose its colour. I am a piece of Watcher Ainkel and the symbol of her magic on the Enger Plains.”

Watcher Ainkel had two magic spells on Enger Plains.

One was the magic of life that turned a desert into the Enger Plains and the other was the magic to protect Enger Plains that In-gong used today.

Green Wind had become a separate existence from Ainkel, so she was separate from the protection magic, but the magic of life was different.

She had kept watch over the Enger Plains for a long time and became closely related to the life magic that kept it green. She was like the biggest cog that kept a machine spinning precisely.

In the first place, she was concentrating mostly on the magic of life and helping In-gong, instead of fighting the monsters directly.

After hearing Green Wind’s explanation, In-gong came up with the simplest solution.

"Well, okay. Then can’t I just leave you behind at Enger Plains? You don’t have to leave with me.”

The Thunder Light Anvil was left in its original spot and nothing else happened. In-gong had no intention of taking Green Wind if it would turn Enger Plains into a desert again.

However, Green Wind because greatly panicked by In-gong’s words and her face seemed like someone losing their country.

"Master, are you planning on abandoning me?”

If he nodded, he would feel like a bad guy as ‘leave here’ was interpreted as ‘abandoning her’.

“Uh... Wait a minute. Green Wind, do you want to go with me?”

In response to In-gong’s question, Queen Wind replied decisively like there was nothing to think about.

"Whether it is temporary or permanent, you are still my master. It is natural to join you.”

It wasn’t simply a matter of likes or dislikes. In the first place, she couldn’t act separately from In-gong.

‘Thinking about it... is this a spirit contract?’

In-gong examined Green Wind again. She had the appearance of a beautiful woman but she wasn’t a person. As Green Wind’s name suggested, she seemed to be a wind spirit.

‘Okay, well it isn’t a bad thing. It is good.’

She was a big help in today’s battle. There was no reason for In-gong to resist.

‘All that is left is solving the problem.’

In-gong was troubled and asked Green Wind who was sitting next to him,

“Green Wind, you said that you are the magic symbol of Enger Plains?”

“I did.”

"Then can you make another presence to replace you?”

A new spinning cog would be created to fill in the absence caused by Green Wind.

Green Wind started to think seriously about In-gong’s idea. It seemed like she had never thought of creating something to replace her before.

'Actually, it would be strange if she had thought of it.’

She had been the guardian of Enger Plains for hundreds of years. She thought she would always maintain Enger Plains’ greenness, so she hadn’t thought of another existence.

Some time passed and she frowned after pondering it for a while.

“It might be possible, but if I do that, I won’t be very helpful to Master for a while. I will have to leave almost all my power behind on the Enger Plains. If I stay with Master, I will regain my strength someday... I don’t know when that will be.”

It was a bit disappointing but within the expected range, so In-gong nodded.

“Then do so.”

"I feel somewhat sad doing this. However, I will follow Master’s will.”

She pouted and fell silent like she was really sulking.

In-gong smiled and asked involuntarily,

"Will it take a long time?”

"I’ve never tried it before, so there is no guarantee. My guess is that it requires three or four days.”

Well, it would take some time to clean up this situation. They had to sweep up the runaway casios and dragon ogres as well as decide how to manage the protection magic in the small temple.

‘I don’t know if someone will come from the Demon King’s Palace.’

After securing the Thunder Light Anvil, there were dark elves sent for the sole purpose of exploring the ruins. It was highly possible that the Demon King’s Palace would send an expert to manage it.

In-gong wandered about who might be sent from the Demon King’s Palace. Although he didn’t know everyone in the Demon King’s Palace, he was able to recall the rough profiles of some competent people.

However, he didn’t think about it for long. After sitting back and watching In-gong, Green Wind was reminded of his first purpose.

"Master said there were things you wanted to ask. I am ready for Master’s questions.”

That was the reason he had entered his sleeping quarters despite not sleeping until the late hours normally.

In-gong stared at Green Wind’s face before starting the questioning. She had been reborn but her essence was still the fragment of Ainkel. The mysterious eyes in the beautiful face reminded him of Ainkel who he had seen in the illusion.

"How and when did Ainkel die?”

Green Wind smiled and replied to In-gong’s question,

"I am a fragment. Moreover, I was reborn again as another existence, so I don’t have a lot of Ainkel’s memories. I only remembered that she was murdered around 1,000 years ago.”

An elder dragon with the power of a god was allegedly killed.

It was a huge story, so it had naturally been left unanswered. If those great beings died of old age, he would have felt a sense of discomfort.

“I can’t remember who murdered Watcher Ainkel, but it is clear that it wasn’t another elder dragon.”

Then who did it? Who murdered an elder dragon that had the power of a god?

In-gong questioned it. Green Wind no longer remembered, so there was no answer to his question. Moreover, it was a story that had occurred a thousand years ago.

"Is that your only question?”

“Nope, I have two more.”

"Is that so? Then Master, ask me comfortably. It is likely that this will be permanent instead of temporary, so it will be uncomfortable if Master doesn’t feel at ease when talking to me.”

Green Wind was strangely sincere in some areas. In-gong smiled playfully at her and said,

“I understand. I’ll do that. Then from now on, shall I talk to you casually?”

“What is Master’s question?”

Green Wind was unconcerned by In-gong’s teasing. She looked pretty cute, so In-gong got to the main point.

"As you know, I absorbed Ainkel’s power. Her power is flowing through my body.”

“That’s right. The power of an elder dragon is nestled in Master’s body.

Dragon humanoid - a body that could accept a dragon’s magic power.

This time, he had used almost all of Ainkel’s magic power to transform his body. But if he found another piece of Ainkel, then it would be possible to absorb it.

However, In-gong’s thoughts didn’t end here.

"Then... apart from Ainkel, can I absorb the power of other elder dragons?”

There wasn’t just one but six elder dragons.

Not all of them would have left a piece behind like Ainkel. Instead, it was highly likely that their power existed in objects like Earth Quaker.

‘I might be able to receive some of the power of Queian himself like Locke did.'

Earth Quaker had responded to Ainkel’s strength and revealed part of its mystery. What would happen if he gathered the strengths of the six elder dragons to create a synergy effect?

Green Wind smiled softly at In-gong’s question.

“It is generally impossible, but Master seems to be different.”

In-gong tilted his head and listened. Green Wind grabbed In-gong’s right hand and explained,

"You have the power of Watcher Ainkel and the Great Enkidu. Normally, they can’t get along with each other. However, Master can deal with both of them. If you mastered both Ainkel’s and Enkidu’s powers, then you can also use the power of the other elder dragons.”

He could stimulate Enkidu and Ainkel’s magic power. Rather, it was very easy for him to stimulate it.

However, it was impossible to enchant Earth Quaker with Ainkel’s magic power. It was like strengthening a fire spirit with a water spirit.

Why was such a thing possible for In-gong?

‘Is it my Protagonist occupation?’

In-gong’s main occupation was Protagonist. There was also the addition of the power of Conquest.

Something was strange, but it was difficult to find more convincing reasons.

'Okay, it is like this.’

Then he would gather the powers of the six elder dragons. They had god-like strength, so he could surpass both Locke and Zephyr.

“Master’s eyes are burning with ambition.”

Green Wind said the same thing as Carack. In-gong coughed before leaning back again. Yet, one last question remained.

"Green Wind, how did you get conquered by me?”

“Conquered? If I was to speak of the process... it is Master’s strength, not mine. I just obeyed Master without resisting your power.”

It was an answer he expected. So, In-gong asked once again,

"Then do you know anything about this power that I have?”


The golden-crowned female with white hair.

The power of domination.

Green Wind spoke gently, closing her eyes instead of showing any positive or negative emotion.

"As I mentioned, I don’t have all of Ainkel’s memories. This is why I have incomplete knowledge about Master’s power.”

A light shone in In-gong’s eyes. Having incomplete knowledge was different from having no knowledge at all. The fact that Green Wind had some concept of Conquest meant that a Conquest Knight and Conquest weren’t things that had just popped up suddenly.

“Conquest. Yes, it is Conquest. If I had to name Master’s power, it would be Conquest.”

Green Wind opened her eyes again. Her green eyes seemed more similar to Ainkel than before.

She told In-gong,

"It is the power of a king to conquer and rule over all things. It is your strength. The Conquest Knight, born with the fate of a king.”

It wasn’t Green Wind but Ainkel’s voice.

In-gong’s eyes widened. However, the conversation didn’t continue any longer. After a moment, Green Wind, who had Ainkel’s eyes and voice, fell unconscious. Fortunately, it didn't seem like anything serious had happened to her.

‘A king’s strength.’

In-gong closed his eyes. He felt like he had just heard something extremely important.

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