Chapter 50 - Chapter 7: Advent #8

Chapter 50 - Chapter 7: Advent #8 

[Boss: Drake Ogre Mustafa has been defeated.]

[Title: Drake Ogre Slayer has been acquired.]

It was a clear declaration of victory as much as his level up had showed.


In-gong breathed out. The level up bonus restored his full strength but Below the King’s Flag consumed his mental power.

‘It is a good thing I leveled up since I almost fainted.’

Gigantic Piston consumed a tremendous amount of aura and strength.

‘But isn’t this just the beginning?’

In order to use the super special weapons built into various weapons, a super special control skill was essential. In-gong didn’t have a super special control skill, so Gigantic Piston wasn’t Earth Quaker’s super special skill.

There was one step higher, maybe it was even a few steps.

‘As expected from the six elder dragons.’

In-gong squeezed lightly and admired his right hand. Dragon Blood was released, so Earth Quaker was back to its original form.

‘Gigantic Piston is quite good. Right now, the main focus is explosion... I wish I can meet Chris and Caitlin again soon. There are too many skills for me to learn.’

There were various techniques in Divine Beast Authority besides the power of explosion. Having a variety of skills was important in Knight Saga, but he also needed to use them at the right spot.

‘Yes, Telekinesis.’

Just before the final blow, he had used Telekinesis to freeze Mustafa. It was a very wonderful usage, so In-gong smiled as he thought about it.

"Is it over now?”

A voice interrupted In-gong’s thoughts. He saw Carack holding the dwarf axe.


In-gong cried out enthusiastically and Carack gave a hearty laugh as he said,

"Your Highness, didn’t you tell me to defend the temple?”

That was correct. It was only 10 minutes ago.

"I'm sorry. I love you. You are the best."

In-gong laughed while Carack stepped back with his hands raised.

"Enough, I like women. Prince, I should go back.”

"Yes, please take care of the temple once again.”

“Understood. And I guessed I missed the right timing, but congratulations on your victory."

Carack turned around and starting running toward the small temple.

‘He is really trustworthy.’

In-gong watched Carack’s back and opened the mini-map to look at the battle. He had spent too much time thinking.

The change after Mustafa’s defeat was great. The drake ogres that had witnessed Mustafa’s collapsed started moving to get away rather than fight aggressively. They started to be pushed by the treants who didn’t feel any emotions.

While In-gong and Carack were talking, the situation had changed suddenly.

The casios weren’t much different from the drake ogres. Once the purple aura that paralyzed their reasoning disappeared, they started to feel fear again. It was impossible for them to attack while fearing death now.

That wasn't the only problem. The casios had lost their herd unity. The leaders formed groups consisting of dozens of casios and made different judgements.

The casios that appeared on Enger Plains originally had a chief leading all the leaders. However, this time, there wasn’t a leader for the entire group of casios due to losing Mustafa.

Some of the casios leaders chose to run away while other casios leaders chose to fight the centaurs in front of them.

Each group of casios were moving in their own way, so they couldn’t fight properly. The casios were in the midst of a terrible confusion and couldn’t exert their combat power properly.

The battlefield was leaning to one side. Even so, the battle wasn’t finished. There were several types of victories, so now was the time to reduce the damage to his allies.

He heard Green Wind’s voice.

‘My temporary master. I am amazed at your dancing. Can I give a little more strength to my children? I beg this favour of you.’

In short, she wanted to help the centaurs.

In-gong nodded and blew a whistle. Like he had expected, the draco started running toward In-gong.

“Really smart.”

Did Felicia use magic to increase its intelligence?

In-gong touched the Tears of the Dark Elves hanging from his neck and climbed on the draco’s back.

The centaurs were pushing the casios backs. Despite the considerable distance, In-gong could see where Ferocious Eyes was fighting at a glance. The centaur tribe chief was literally wiping out the casios. He could see the blue aura coming from Ferocious Eyes.

Green Wind whispered again.

‘My temporary master. There is something that can be done now that Ainkel’s magic is activated. I’ll pass on your merit to the children on the battlefield. Your victory will cause their morale to significantly rise. My children’s hearts will be won by your merits like I was.’

In-gong allowed it. The green light around In-gong scattered and he felt Green Wind head toward the centaurs.

Not long after, she talked to them.

"9th Prince!"

“Agent of Green Wind!”

"His Highness the 9th Prince is with us!”

The centaurs shouted. Their cries tangled together and became a victory roar that shook the entire battlefield.

In-gong felt the gaze of Ferocious Eyes. In-gong raised his fist in triumph and moved the draco.

The battle continued until nighttime. It was a great success that no one could deny.


Large flames rose in the night sky above the plains.

The centaurs stacked up firewood around the small temple and lit a fire. It was in order to celebrate the victory and honour the souls of those who had died in the battle.

The chiefs of the other three tribes rushed over when they heard the news, bringing plentiful amounts of meat. The warriors of the Mighty Fire tribe had their blood heated by the battle and cooled it with alcohol.

"9th Prince was looking at me!”

“No, he was looking at me!”

Two centaur warriors argued drunkenly among themselves. In fact, it wasn’t just two people. Almost all the warriors of the Mighty Fire tribe were excited to exchange glances with In-gong.

It wasn’t because In-gong was a prince. It wasn’t only because he had played a decisive role in a battle.

It was because In-gong was the guardian of Green Wind, making him the guardian of Enger Plains.

Green Wind had chosen In-gong. Thanks to him, a miracle had occurred as trees rose from the ground to fight the enemy.

Green Wind had also passed on In-gong’s merits to them. For the warriors of the Mighty Fire tribe, In-gong was seen as the incarnation of Green Wind.

“They respect you. There is a sincere look of respect.”

As Karma spoke to In-gong, her red cheeks showed she was also drunk. She was greatly moved by everything that happened today.

Normally, she gave off a tough impression, so it was cute to see her drunk expression in front of the fire. Carack laughed and touched In-gong’s arm gently.

"Prince, your popularity is great.”

"9th Prince did a great job. It is a natural reaction.”

Ferocious Eyes responded. He seemed unbelievably soft compared to how he looked at Zephyr in Knight Saga.

The transformation was quite shocking to the other tribe chiefs. The three chiefs of the Heavy Winds, Heavy Rain and Rough Night tribes couldn’t move their gazes away from Ferocious Eyes’ face.

"No one else has completed the casios subjugation task so quickly. It is clearly the shortest time.”

Karma said, clasping her hands together. It wasn’t flattery but a clear remark.

In-gong had only arrived yesterday, yet the task was completed today. He finished the subjugation task in two days.

The warriors of the four tribes were originally planning to gather in three days, so it was a clear record.

In-gong could imagine the reactions of Isabella and Caitlin. There was also a smile on In-gong’s face.

"Carack, I will get some rest first.”

As In-gong stood up, Karma and the centaurs gazed at him. Ferocious Eyes looked regretful that In-gong was leaving so early, while the chiefs of the three tribes were amazed that Ferocious Eyes was making that look.

Carack maintained his composure and replied,

"You had a hard time today, so sleep well. A good night's sleep is essential for growth.”

In-gong had never thought Carack would make a remark about his growth spurt here. In-gong laughed and hit Carack’s shoulder.

"Yes, you should grow as well.”

“Rest well.”

"Good night."

Ferocious Eyes and Karma also said goodbye to him. After saying goodbye to them and the centaurs who were reluctant to let him leave, In-gong entered the small temple where his quarters were.

The temple was very quiet. It was a sharp contrast to the loud centaurs who were drunk.

However, In-gong felt comfort instead of discomfort because he knew why it was quiet. Green Wind had moved the wind around the temple to block off all of the surrounding sound.

In-gong sat on the bed that Carack had arranged for him beforehand and gazed at the tree trunks in the centre of the temple.

“Green Wind.”

“Wouldn’t it be better to talk tomorrow? You seem a bit tired.”

He called out and Green Wind came. She was now sitting beside In-gong.

“It’s okay. There are a few things I want to thank Green Wind for."

In the first place, he hadn’t gone there to rest. Green Wind was the reborn piece of Ainkel, so there were many things he wanted to ask her.

Green Wind stared at In-gong before nodding slowly.

"I understand, my temporary master. Then before we talk, can you release your control over me?”

In order to help In-gong in today’s battle, Green Wind had temporarily agreed to be ruled by him. In-gong nodded because he couldn’t bring her with him.

“I understand. Please wait a moment... Eh?”

"Temporary master, what is it? You seem to be very confused about something.”

She saw it straight away. In-gong was baffled.

In-gong had obviously conquered Green Wind. It wasn’t possible to define what conquest was, but it was true that he had dominated Green Wind in a manner similar to Thunder Heaven Anvil and Earth Quaker. There was no difficulty because Green Wind had accepted the conquest.

However, there was a problem.

"The control, how do I release it?”

Green Wind blinked at In-gong’s question, then stared at him blankly.


“You are my temporary master, not a permanent one! Find a way!”

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