Chapter 49 - Chapter 7: Advent #7

Chapter 49 - Chapter 7: Advent #7

A one-on-one battle on a typical battlefield was difficult to achieve.

There were many things going on.

The first was the distance. It was common to have a considerable distance between both camps. In the meantime, there were soldiers in each camp. Therefore, it was difficult to have a long encounter with someone from the very beginning.

Most commanders avoided a one-on-one confrontation unless it was a special case. The role of a leader was to command the soldiers on the battlefield. A battlefield wouldn’t end with just a single death. In the worst case scenario, the person would be killed in the battle itself.

‘That is a common war story.’

However, Knight Saga was different. Commanders avoided one-on-one battles for these reasons, but In-gong knew of crucial variables.

These included aura, magic, psychic powers, divine powers and various physical abilities.

There were some commanders in Knight Saga with enough combat power to be a one man army.

It was the same for General Vandal and Chris and Caitlin of the lycanthropes.

‘Hitman unit.’

They were independent troops that targeted enemy commanders on the battlefield.

The biggest reasons why Chris and Caitlin were called bloody monsters was because they managed the hitman units in very extreme ways.

It was through a sudden breakthrough. They crushed all the obstacles blocking their way and rushed in to kill the enemy.

Of course, Chris and Caitlin were the ones who usually acted as the hitman units.

In-gong’s eyes were sharp. At this moment, he had to act similarly to the two of them.

‘I will do it in a more refined way.’

The draco ran forward. It was the border of twilight and night, so the sky was red, yellow and dark.

In-gong glanced in front of him and at the mini-map.

The drake ogre he targeted was at the very front. There were drake ogres around him, but In-gong didn’t need to cross an army to get to him.

‘Open the way.’

He would then make a stage where a frontal confrontation was possible. He had already planned the method in his head.

“Green Wind.”

When he called her name, a soft light glowed from his chest. Green Wind’s voice was heard in In-gong’s head... No, the illusion of Green Wind stood next to In-gong. In-gong didn’t explain but she understood his intent.

"Son of Ainkel, I will follow you.”

Leading the treants, this secondary part would be done by Green Wind.

In-gong reached out toward Green Wind. It was as natural as when he first got his hands on Enkidu’s power.

“Please cooperate.”

Green Wind sighed like it couldn’t be helped, then nodded with a smile that was reminiscent of Ainkel.

“I will accept.”

Green Wind didn’t avoid In-gong’s hands. Rather, she opened her arms and embraced In-gong.

The power of Conquest was triggered. Green Wind allowed it and temporarily went under In-gong’s control.

Green Wind turned into light and wrapped around In-gong’s arms and legs. The green light mixed in with the pure white aura, causing In-gong to feel the power of the wind coming from his body.

“Open the path!”

The command was passed on and the treants followed In-gong’s command silently. In-gong manipulated the battlefield using the mini-map quickly and accurately.

The treants moved in unison to push the drake ogres out of the way. The drake ogre leader, who was wielding his scythe in a crazed manner, soon realized that he was on his own. There were still drake ogres and treants on the battlefield, but he was obviously alone.

Mustafa was the leader of the drake ogres. Instead of rushing toward the treants, he read the situation instinctively and noticed the significance of the open path.

A smile formed on Mustafa’s goat-like face. Rather, he seemed to like this situation as he roared at In-gong.

It seemed to shake the entire battlefield. However, In-gong just smiled firmly at the war cry. Sweat was flowing down his back but he stared straight at Mustafa instead of running away.

‘You can do it. You will win, my temporary master.’

Green Wind whispered. Despite the fact that a desperate situation was in front of him, In-gong thought it was foolish to say such words to him.

However, he relaxed thanks to that. In-gong thought of the reason he was targeting Mustafa.

It was to win. He was here because he was confident he could win the fight.

“Dragon Blood.”

He had the special skill of a dragon humanoid. The dragon power located in In-gong’s body and soul was provoked.

His aura and magic power were strengthened. His stats had also all increased. He didn’t open the status window but it was obvious they had jumped by at least 10%.

Moreover, Dragon Blood had an unexpected efficacy.

Earth Quaker gave a low growl. Red and yellow light emitted through the black armour and it transformed into a more aggressive form.

Earth Quaker contained the power of Enkidu. It was natural that it would respond to a dragon humanoid. This could be called the true form of Earth Quaker.

[Earth Quaker’s internal skill - Gigantic Piston Lv1 has been acquired.]

[Earth Quaker has opened some of its true power. The effect of Earth Quaker will be recalibrated.]

[Strength has increased by 20.]

[Agility has increased by 15.]

[Persistence has increased by 20.]

[The levels of Magic Power Control and Aura have risen by one.]

Green Wind didn’t stay still either and In-gong received her blessing.

[Strength has increased by 10%.]

[Agility has increased by 10%.]

[Durability has increased by 10%.]

[Persistence has increased by 10%.]

[Protection of the Wind is activated. Your movements have improved.]

[Grassland Reclamation is activated. Healing of injuries will speed up.]

[Protection of the Wind Lv1 has been learnt.]

[Grassland Reclamation Lv1 has been learnt.]

A clear voice was heard constantly in his head. He felt uncomfortable due to the significant rise in ability.

However, In-gong didn’t panic. His new Conquest abilities had also risen. He faced Mustafa and formed a fist.

“I will try it.”

In-gong jumped down from the draco instead of rushing in. He took the posture of Beast Authority and activated Divine Beast Authority.

A pure white aura...

It flowed between the red and yellow lights of Earth Quaker.

The green light originated from Green Wind.

In-gong, who was covered in various buffs, beckoned to Mustafa as a taunt.

Mustafa couldn’t stand it. He roared again and rushed toward In-gong.

It was an unbelievable speed for someone over four meters tall. He was like a runaway train.

In-gong glared as he stared at what was before him. Green Wind read Mustafa’s trajectory.

She determined whether it was a front, side or diagonal direction.

In-gong kicked against the ground. He estimated Mustafa’s trajectory and rolled on the ground. He jumped up and struck the lower half of Mustafa accurately on the side.

The power of an explosion!


Aura exploded and Mustafa’s body flew up approximately one meter in a diagonal direction. However, shortly afterwards, Mustafa swung at In-gong’s head.

In-gong managed to avoid the attack intuitively. It was impossible to damage the lower half that was covered with thick scales. Moreover, Mustafa’s reflexes were surprising. He rose one meter in a diagonal line because he jumped at the moment of the attack. Although the angle meant the attack wasn’t fully received, the performance was clear.

It was true for the shocked Mustafa. In-gong’s blow had far exceeded Mustafa’s expectation. Mustafa raised his scythe again like he was hiding the pain. Rather than stopping Mustafa’s attacks, In-gong ran to Mustafa in order to limit his trajectory.

‘Don’t drag this out for a long time.’

Due to the various buffs, his stats skyrocketed but it was taking a toll on his body. Moreover, he was now in an evasive fight, so his concentration was being exhausted quickly. A long fight was disadvantageous for In-gong.

He needed to finish it with one shot. He would finish the fight by aiming a blow at the upper body.

In-gong focused the white aura on his right arm. He didn’t just focus on the explosion but condensed it on Earth Quaker. The white light surrounded Earth Quaker and it made a noise like an engine from a sports car.

Mustafa sensed the danger and sped up his attacks while In-gong continued to flee from the attacks. Mustafa got angry then and covered his scythe with a purple light.

One hit would kill In-gong.

At that moment, the scythe struck like a thunderbolt. In-gong barely evaded it and Mustafa opened his mouth. It wasn’t a mere roar, but a distinctive drake ogre battle cry that caused mental collapse.

Mustafa aimed a wild blow at him but this was a chance for In-gong. As soon as the battle cry emerged, the Tears of a Dark Elf hanging from his neck turned purple and blocked Mustafa’s spiritual attack.

He would take this chance.

In-gong responded immediately. He didn’t hesitate to run toward the blow.


It wasn’t a mere cry; he was using a skill.

The King's Knights- Call!

Carack appeared in the space in front of In-gong. Carack was baffled by the sudden move but he was an orc. Instead of asking what had happened while facing Mustafa, he followed his warrior’s instinct.


He shouted loudly and struck Mustafa’s leg with an axe. Although the blade didn’t entirely hit, Mustafa’s legs buckled momentarily. At that moment, In-gong leapt forward. He ran up the back of the trusty Carack and looked down on Mustafa.

Mustafa raised his head quickly and saw In-gong who then pulled back his right fist and used his hidden card.


Mustafa’s head twisted. It was only a few centimetres at most, but that was enough. Mustafa lost sight of In-gong and was unable to respond properly due to the sudden event. In-gong’s hand stretched out and hit Mustafa’s head.

It was something other than the power of an explosion. The condensed aura and power in Earth Quaker exploded at once!

Gigantic Piston!

Earth Quaker howled. There was a loud roar as the condensed aura emerged. The intensity didn’t just penetrate the giant Mustafa’s head, but his whole body as well.

Mustafa’s head exploded. His four legs couldn’t endure the power and broke.

In-gong then landed on the ground. He was exhausted because he had consumed too much of his aura at once. However, he didn’t collapse. He breathed roughly and raised his head.

Mustafa's body, however, collapsed. He fell to the ground with a great sound and a purple light rose up from his body. It soared into the sky and scattered into pieces.

The drake ogres screamed. The casios had lost the purple aura around them and cried out in confusion.

In-gong, who was breathing roughly, didn’t hear any of those noises. It was because a clear voice had entered In-gong’s ears.

[Your level has risen.]

The white light wrapped around In-gong’s body.

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