Chapter 223 - Chapter 46 - Warrior God #4

Chapter 223 - Chapter 46 - Warrior God #4

Zephyr raised his head up. While Dark Saintess Altesia was still stunned, Zephyr stepped out of the temporary barracks and stared at the red vortex. 

The others were the same. Everybody in the army stopped what they were doing and gazed at the red vortex. It was instinctual—an irresistible command. 

3rd Queen Sylvia was trembling. Despite the considerable distance, her entire body shuddered from the terrible magic power. Some sat down in their place,while others cried out in fear just from looking at it. 

Lightning tore through the dark clouds.  There was a huge presence within the red vortex. 

A huge flame… It was the soul of the red dragon who had seven heads and ten horns.  The remnants of the vortex became wild winds which spread all over the place, and lightning began to pour down from the dark clouds. 

Zephyr understood. It was impossible to compare the huge presence to Death or War. This was the end. 

The red dragon...

The Red Serpent God…

He spread his huge red wings. 


The Death Knight was inside the red dragon. In the midst of the red world, he saw the red dragon’s essence. 

It was a blazing flame. The body of the red dragon, who had once driven the world to the point of destruction, had been destroyed for a long time, but his soul was still shining. 

The ceremony to call down the red dragon wasn’t completely successful. The original plan had been to bring the red dragon’s soul to new flesh. 

The first candidate was 2nd Prince Zephyr Ragnaros. The moment he had been born, all eyes in the Demon World had focused on him, and he had a body capable of enduring the red dragon’s soul. 

The Death Knight, who had woken up after sleeping intermittently for 1,000 years, focused on obtaining Zephyr. However, after his plan at Thunderdoom Fortress went awry, he rarely had a chance to capture Zephyr. Zephyr had clearly been on the lookout and avoided the War Knight and Death Knight, who hadn't been able to reach out to him directly until the advent of the red dragon. 

War continued to desire Zephyr, but Death was different. The ceremony to call down the red dragon was a fight of time. 

Death had to complete the work before the elder dragons recovered their strength after the battle 1,000 years ago. 

The Death Knight had given up on Shutenberg. He had sacrificed his largest hand in order to get rid of all obstructions, including the sword duke. Rather than waiting for the demon king’s illness to worsen, he had gone and attacked the Demon King’s Palace. 

He would kill the demon king and take his body. If that didn’t work, the red dragon would be called down to the body of the Death Knight, who was the strongest warrior and magician of the indigenous species. 

That had been his plan. 

However, it didn't come true. The demon king, Mitra had crushed all of his plans. 

The red dragon didn’t get a new body of flesh. Only the soul of the red dragon returned to the world from which it had been banished 10,000 years ago. It was impossible to prepare a new body for the red dragon now. The demon king’s final strike had dealt an irrevocable wound to the red dragon’s soul. 

The Death Knight laughed bitterly. As someone who had once been a king, he paid homage to the demon king. The demon king had been clearly heroic. It was true that he had crushed the Death Knight’s plan. 

However, it was still good. The plan might be broken, but it didn’t matter. The red dragon had returned. Although it was just the soul, his powers accompanied it. With that strength, the red dragon would once again destroy the Demon World. This time it would truly be the end. 

The Death Knight thought of the Sanctuary. Once the souls of the indigenous species were destroyed, the Demon World would return to its original form, and the prosperity of the recent years would end. 

Who would stop the red dragon? Who could stop the red dragon?  Who would dare oppose him?! 

The elder dragons hadn’t regained their strength yet, and the demon king had now disappeared. 

The warrior brought up by Guardian Queian and Zephyr were obviously strong. However, even they couldn’t be the red dragon’s opponent. They weren’t the first Drakon Kechatulla, who had defeated the red dragon. 

The Death Knight shared the red dragon’s gaze. He looked down at the army which had come from all over to surround the red vortex. They were merely lambs afraid of destruction. 

None of them could stop the red dragon. It was doubtful if they would even fight. 

The red dragon spread his wings. Seeds of destruction were sprinkled on the desolate land, and beasts of destruction sprang from the ground. The red dragon started moving as the black beasts that emerged from the ground moved ahead of him. 

He moved in the direction of the Sanctuary...

The true center of the Demon World. 


The Death Knight wasn’t wrong. 

The elder dragons thought the red dragon’s soul had already vanished. Therefore, they weren’t prepared for the red dragon’s return. As they were only prepared to stop the Four Knights of the Apocalypse, they couldn’t fight the red dragon.

There wasn’t enough time for them to regain their strength. The elder dragons were severely hurt from the fight 1,000 years ago, and Cruel Talia still hadn’t regained consciousness. 

The Death Knight was right. No one could stop the red dragon. 

Guardian Queian thought so. However, the Great Enkidu was different. 

He raised his head from the lava, sensing it was finally time for him to act. His role wasn’t to fight immediately. The fragmented piece of Ainkel’s soul, which had stayed beside Enkidu, glittered. The Great Enkidu remembered Recorder Torres’ words. 

The equipment of the elder dragons... They contained the power of the elder dragons. There was one thing which he could do right now. 

Enkidu remembered one person, and he sent his will to the equipment of the elder dragons. 


The white woman lifted her head in the darkness. She could feel it clearly. The red dragon’s spirit had woken up. He was marching through the Demon World to destroy the Sanctuary. 

The ones who would stop him... The ones who joined him... 

Coincidences and inevitability... The white woman felt the flow of fate. She understood why she existed in this world. 

The power of Conquest was swelling up. It responded to the red dragon. Conquest didn’t want to destroy civilizations and burn lives like she did in the past. The white woman didn’t want it, and she knew how to escape from the influence of the red dragon. 

“Wake up and become my master. Conquer me now.” 

The white woman said quickly. Green Wind was startled, but she didn’t care. The white woman—Conquest stretched out her hand and touched In-gong’s cheek. 


The sword duke accepted the demon king’s death. 

The years they’d spent together weren’t short. 

The sword duke had known the demon king since the first time Mitra picked up a sword. He was able to clearly envision the time Mitra became the demon king. The sword duke remembered laughing as the demon king picked up his first child, Baikal, in an awkward manner. 

His heart felt empty. Since learning about the demon king’s illness, he had been prepared to face this moment. However, no matter how prepared he was, the sword duke couldn’t stop the sharp sword from slicing his heart. 

The demon king and the sword duke were protectors of the Sanctuary. It was their duty to protect the Sanctuary which gave abundance to the Demon World, a land where people couldn’t live.

He knew about the fight 1,000 years ago. It was a secret of the Sanctuary, so he had pretended not to know about the Four Knights of the Apocalypse to the 9th Prince. After the Sanctuary had been revealed to 9th Prince, the Four Knights of the Apocalypse had already been revealed, so there was no need to speak of it.

Despite the illness, the power of the demon king was still worth mentioning. It was hard to imagine that he would lose against the War Knight and Death Knight. 

The red vortex which had been created at the place where the Demon King’s Palace used to be... 

The sword duke felt something ominous from it. Suppressing his feelings, he looked at what was before him. 

The ceremony was in progress. The magic circle painted under the altar was glowing with a white light, and the gandharva continued to chant as Naraka pushed the Dhrtarastra Essence into In-gong’s chest. The half-ball was sucked into In-gong’s chest with a bright light. 

Zentra Ignus had desired the completion of a god in his lifetime. It had been his desire to create an incarnation of Dhrtarastra using the essence. 

In-gong’s body, which accepted the essence, floated slowly into the air. The magic circle around the altar emitted a brighter light, and In-gong’s body was surrounded by a fragrant wind. 

In-gong’s hair turned black. Then it became very long and scattered in the air. 

Many of the gandharva, including Naraka who was presiding over the ceremony, were amazed, but In-gong’s group was different. It was clearly a mysterious sight, but it wasn’t much different from In-gong’s Spiritualism state which they had seen several times. 

‘It is as expected.’ 

It was possible to maintain Spiritualism at all times—that was the effect of the ceremony which the sword duke had expected. In fact, just that was amazing. The main purpose was to restore In-gong, so he wasn’t disappointed. 

The sword duke calmed his mind and observed the ceremony with calm eyes. 

Then at that moment...

A white light sprang from In-gong’s body. Simultaneously, the equipment of the elder dragons appeared in a circle around him. White Eagle and Earth Quaker were placed on either side of In-gong. El Ragra appeared above In-gong’s chest while Night Watch was below In-gong. 

It didn’t end there. Different powers were released from the equipment of the elder dragons, and Earth Quaker gave a low cry. 

The light around In-gong’s body became stronger, and the equipment of the elder dragons shone with a different light. A strong flow of power which couldn’t be compared to before swirled around In-gong. 

Naraka completely panicked. The gandharva, who were injecting magic power into the circle, couldn’t endure it any longer and were thrown out. Despite this, the spell didn’t stop, and Earth Quaker’s roar became louder. 

This was an unexpected situation. Naraka thought about stopping the ceremony, but the sword duke was different. He had already witnessed a similar phenomenon in the past. 

At the Thunderdoom Fortress, 9th Prince had joined two different powers together. 

The sword duke understood the situation since his eyes could penetrate anything, while the King’s Knights understood it through instinct. They were directly connected to In-gong, so they knew better than anyone else. 

Carack laughed joyfully, while Nayatra imagined something happening, where the shield that was his position as a prince didn’t matter. Caitlin smiled brightly and placed her hands on her chest, where the Starlight Core was. She could feel the power of the Moonlight Core pulse. 


Felicia said while smiling like a fool. She had known it and believed in him. It was natural for In-gong to do something like this. He had always been like this. 

The main character accepted the different powers. The dragon heart and Moonlight Core became one with the power of the dragon nestled in his reborn body. Then the power of Conquest rose up to cover everything. 

Hence, he was born... 

And thus, he opened his eyes. The true Dhrtarastra... 

The true Drakon Kechatulla who emanated the power of the elder dragons and could be compared to the first Drakon Kechatulla...! 

In-gong had conquered the white woman. He had completely dominated the equipment of the elder dragons and accepted Great Enkidu’s will. He was the Conquest Knight...

As well as the Drakon Kechatulla. 

In-gong opened his eyes. He radiated splendid divine power. 

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