Chapter 222 - Chapter 46 - Warrior God #3

Chapter 222 - Chapter 46 - Warrior God #3

A sharp wind was blowing in the canyon. The cliffs were cut vertically, and the spacing was short and complex, so it was like a maze made by nature. 

The sword duke knew it was difficult to approach the canyon using an ordinary method. There were a few routes to move between the cliffs. 

“I really struggled when I came here the other day.” 

Nayatra said from where she was leading at the front. It seemed like she wanted to tell In-gong the story of her struggle, but he was unconscious. 

At the entrance of the canyon, the remaining sura, except for Indara, returned to the Sanctuary. However, there were still 11 people in the group. The canyon was a rare place for humans, so the animals gathered around them. 

“There are a lot of people here, so they won’t attack. Don’t worry. We are almost there.” 

Nayatra raised her hand and pointed to a cave set in a large cliff. It was the entrance to where the gandharva were imprisoned. 

Felicia was confused because she couldn’t feel any magic power, but that only lasted for a second. As soon as she entered the cave, she was startled. There was a strong magic power which didn’t leak outside the cave. 

10 meters inside the cave, there was a huge magic circle. Felicia moved closer and bit her lip. It was the demon king’s magic power. Clearly, the demon king had created this magic circle. Two large stone golems were standing nearby, but they didn’t interfere with the party. Perhaps they were just here to protect the magic circle, not control who entered or left. 

“I was told that this is a type of transportation formation. Once we go inside, we will arrive at the gandharva’s location which is in a completely different place.” 

After her explanation, Nayatra entered the magic circle. The blue surface rippled like she was entering water. As Nayatra entered, the remaining party members were forced to follow her. With the curious Caitlin at the lead, the party entered one by one. The last to enter was Felicia. 

Felicia flinched as she passed through the magic field. It wasn’t because she was in an open place with a sky, instead of the cave. She had used the transportation formations before and was used to these types of sudden environmental changes. 

It was the smell. Felicia was surprised by the sweet scent was all over the place. Caitlin and Amita, who had entered before her, were busy sniffing. The aroma resembled In-gong. 

Felicia covered her face with her fan and looked around. It looked like a peaceful, secluded countryside. There were many trees under the sky and small houses which the gandharva seemed to live in. The gandharva, who hid or lowered their stances, looked at the group with curious eyes. Most of them were young adults and children. 

“Someone will come to meet us soon.” 

Nayatra told Felicia. She passed through the magic circle first and asked a gandharva to spread the word. 

As Nayatra said, some gandharva were approaching. At first glance, they were rushing there. Whether it was due to being imprisoned or the gandharva’s traditional clothing, all of them were wearing plain, solid clothing. The blonde man in black bowed first and Felicia bowed back. 

“I am the 6th Princess, Felicia Doomblade.” 

“I am the 8th Princess, Caitlin Moonlight.” 

Caitlin followed Felicia’s example as her gaze was drawn to the leader. The man in front of them was tall and gave off a cold impression, but he looked somewhat like In-gong. 

“I am Naraka, leader of the gandharva. It is great to see Your Highnesses.” 

Felicia’s eyes widened with surprise. The man in front of her was Naraka Ignus, the older brother of 5th Queen Semita Ignus. She was sure since she had investigated this with In-gong. 

Naraka maintained a calm look at their greeting, but those behind him couldn’t hide their confusion. It was natural since the princesses of the Demon King’s Palace had suddenly arrived to meet them. Moreover, it wasn’t just Felicia and Caitlin who were confusing them. The gandharva couldn’t keep their eyes from the person on Carack’s back. 


Even Naraka couldn’t maintain his calm expression when he found In-gong. An expression of strong pleasure mixed with guilt appeared on his face. 

Anyway, they had to sort out the situation. Felicia opened her mouth to explain when a voice was heard from behind her. 


Not just Naraka but everyone turned at the voice. The sword duke on Indara’s back had regained consciousness. 

“Sword Duke.” 

Naraka spoke in a confused voice. The sword duke got down from Indara’s back and closed his eyes tightly. Although his complexion was still pale, he seemed to have gained some power compared to when he collapsed beyond the limit line. 

The sword duke gave a short explanation,

“The prince’s condition is serious. His spirit is severely twisted. Can you do what we were talking about the other day?” 

Naraka’s expression changed again. It seemed like he was more surprised by the sword duke’s words than In-gong’s appearance. He gazed at the sword duke for a moment before sighing. Then Naraka replied in a relatively calm voice like he had made a decision. 

“I’ll prepare it right away. Please wait a moment.” 

He turned away from Felicia and Caitlin, and left. The other gandharva followed after Naraka, leaving the party where they were. 

“Sword Duke.” 

Felicia called the sword duke with a question in her tone. The sword duke frowned and said, 

“I'm sorry. I will explain it gradually. I’m not in a good shape right now.” 

Usually Felicia would listen to the sword duke’s words, but the situation was different right now. She said in a desperate voice,

“The Demon King’s Palace is gone.” 

“What did you say?” 

The sword duke asked with a bemused face. Felicia tried to explain without breaking down, but it wasn’t easy. The emotions that she suppressed were rising. 

“Princess, don’t overdo it. I will explain.” 

Carack told the sword duke what they had heard at the transportation formation. As the sword duke was informed that the Demon King’s Palace had been destroyed overnight and the demon king’s fate was unclear, he was appalled.

“Indara, please contact the Sanctuary... No, there is no need. It has only been a day.” 

The sword duke frowned as a chaotic expression appeared on his face. Amita jumped from Daphne’s arms and asked, 

“Sword Duke, do you know something?” 

“I can’t be sure yet. But it is clear that the War Knight and Death Knight attacked the Demon King’s Palace.” 

He had no definite knowledge about the unidentified red vortex where the Demon King’s Palace used to be, so the sword duke could only guess. 

The sword duke pushed down his emotions. The situation regarding the disappearance of the Demon King’s Palace and the demon king was still unknown, so now wasn’t the time to mourn. He also had to hurry and contact the Sanctuary. 

"Sword Duke, what did you talk about the other day? Can Shutra really be saved?” 

Caitlin stepped forward and asked, as if she couldn’t wait any longer. They had come to this place due to the sword duke’s words, but they still didn’t know how to save In-gong. 

“Maybe, it is possible.” 

The sword duke was about to explain briefly, but by then the gandharva had returned. As soon as he heard that they were ready, the sword duke stopped the explanation and urged the party, 

"Let's go. We need to hurry. I will explain after we arrive.” 

They almost ran through the village until they reached a small temple hidden among thick trees. It was a single-storey building, but the ceiling was very high and the roof had a large window which could be opened and closed. 

The sword duke motioned for Carack to lay In-gong on the altar. Four gandharvas dressed in priest robes took their places on the magic circle under the altar. The movements of the priests were strong and disciplined. Felicia, who was examining the magic circle carefully, turned and looked at the sword duke. 

Then at that moment... 

Naraka, dressed in a priest’s black robes, entered the temple. His hand was holding a half-ball which was slightly larger than his palm. Nayatra had no idea what it was. She just knew that it was similar to the bead she had passed to In-gong. 

Felicia was now convinced. Then Amita spoke in a quiet voice, 

“The gandharva’s divinity...” 

Amita’s words were true that it was the divinity of the gandharva god, Dhrtarastra. Moreover, it wasn’t an ordinary object; this was the essence of a god. 15 years ago, half of the essence had been used to give birth to Shutra. 

Zentra Ignus, uncle of 5th Queen Semita Ignus, had spoken to the sword duke before leaving this world. He had explained what the gandharva really wanted. If Shutra was born safely, then this would be for him. 

"The completion of the gandharva god.” 

A soft light shone from the magic circle around the altar. Naraka approached In-gong who was lying on the altar, and he raised Dhrtarastra’s essence. 


Everybody was busy. Baikal had reached the Aegis Gate, while Zephyr had joined Gallehed and Parast who were near the Demon King’s Palace. 

Meanwhile, 1st Queen Aishar Ragnaros and the armies of the other three queens were around the red vortex. The troops throughout the Demon World were gathering. 

On top of a hill, Locke faced the red vortex and thought of the red dragon. He had heard from Guardian Queian that the red dragon had been destroyed, but the reality in front of him couldn’t be denied. 


There was a call from behind Locke. As expected, Carlov and Beatrice stood there. The call was from Beatrice who was leaning against Carlov. She still needed a little more rest. Locke made a bright expression. He wanted to comfort her by pretending to be relaxed. 

However, Beatrice opened her mouth first. 


This time, it wasn’t a call. It was a sign that something was wrong. Beatrice and Carlov were looking beyond Locke. 

Then Locke sensed it. He turned and looked at the red vortex. 

With a large thunderous sound, it began. 

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