Chapter 220 - Chapter 46 - Warrior God

Chapter 220 - Chapter 46 - Warrior God

The last thing In-gong saw was the demon king’s back. White light covered his field of view and nothing more could be seen. 

His eyesight was blurry, so In-gong closed his eyes reflexively. When he opened them again, he saw the white woman instead of the Demon King’s Palace. 

The connection was closed. It was the power of Conquest which had allowed him to see the Demon King’s Palace in the first place. However, the disconnection wasn’t due to the white woman. The problem was clearly with the Death Knight and Death at the Demon King’s Palace. 

In-gong felt lightheaded. The white woman also had a pained look on her face. 

“In-gong, be my master.” 

The white woman called out in a small voice. It had been a long time since he had been called In-gong instead of Shutra, so In-gong felt a slight discomfort. 

The white woman’s hand was still on In-gong’s chest. Although the link was now thinner than at the beginning, their minds were still connected. Several images entered his head. The white woman bit her lip before speaking again. 

"The demon king… he created time.” 

The white woman couldn’t tell what exactly had happened, but the growing power of Conquest had subsided. The connection with the red dragon was also unstable. The demon king had used a move which contained extreme nothingness. 

It overturned the entire situation. The advent of the red dragon, which had been planned by the Death Knight, became a mess. The will of the red dragon had been about to devour the will of the white woman, but it couldn’t reach her anymore. 

The demon king had created time. He had made some time for them. 

In-gong understood. He remembered the extreme nothingness he’d seen. 

The white woman’s hand touched In-gong’s cheeks and wiped the tears which had started to flow down.  It was Shutra’s tears which hadn’t been able to be expressed until now. 

The demon king, Mitra had been the strongest person in the Demon World… the protector of the Demon World.

In-gong closed his eyes. This time, the white woman embraced In-gong. As their minds were still connected, he was able to realize something. The white woman was afraid. She truly didn’t want the burning of the world to be repeated. However, the white woman didn’t express it. She hid her fear and showed a kind smile to In-gong. 

In-gong once again felt lightheaded, and a sharp feeling passed through his head. It was hard to maintain consciousness. 

"In-gong, you should sleep a little longer.” 

He had only woken up because it was an urgent situation. In-gong’s spirit was still a mess due to the black sun Arch Lich Shutenberg had created. In-gong needed time to recover. 

“You aren’t alone. Those outside are trying to save you.” 

Many faces appeared in his fuzzy mind. Maybe he was seeing the scene outside for a moment. Caitlin was crying with a messy expression, while Felicia was yelling for help. He also saw Carack and Nayatra, as well as the faces of Locke and Zephyr. 

In-gong fell deeper into his consciousness. At that moment, another voice aside from the white woman’s was heard. 


It was Green Wind. She appeared unexpectedly before In-gong and embraced him as usual. The white woman’s eyes widened with surprise. Her surprise was passed onto In-gong through their connection. 

This was Conquest’s space which was located at the deepest part of In-gong’s soul. So, Conquest was surprised that Green Wind had appeared here. 

“Master is my master. He isn’t your master. He’s my master.” 

Green Wind said suddenly in a young voice. 

The white woman blinked before regaining her composure. She felt a little uncomfortable due to Green Wind’s eyes, but she accepted it. Conquest knew that Green Wind’s reaction was derived from a deep affection for In-gong. 

As the white woman stared at her freely, Green Wind’s determination weakened. However, her two arms didn’t let go as she held In-gong tightly. The white woman gave a small laugh and suppressed her fears firmly. Then her gaze turned back to In-gong. 

"In-gong, go to sleep now. I will see you soon.” 

The white woman touched In-gong’s cheek. It was a soft and warm touch. 

In-gong closed his eyes, and he once again recalled the demon king’s back. Then he fell into a deep sleep. 


Quanta flew in the sky above the limit line at a really terrifying speed. There were approximately a dozen people on Quanta’s back and every one of them was unusual. 

Felicia and Anastasia were sitting side-by-side at the front and using magic. Anastasia reduced the air resistance with her magic power, while Felicia restored her strength. Both of them were using magic which improved the efficiency of ‘faster than the wind’. 

Thanks to this, Quanta had been flying at full speed for several hours. 

Two women were sweating while laying next to each other. They were the saintesses of the Human World and the Demon World, Beatrice and Altesia. Due to an excessive abuse of their divine power, the two people were exhausted. However, everybody wasn’t that worried as they were accustomed to the princesses being exhausted. 

Baikal spread out magic barriers to protect everyone on Quanta’s back. It wasn’t the first time he’d had to maintain magic for hours, so his complexion wasn’t good, but he didn’t feel like it was unreasonable. After all, he was the oldest among the children of the demon king. So, both his aura and magic power were powerful. 

In-gong and the sword duke were lying next to each other in the middle. Unlike the two saintesses, the gazed watching them weren’t that unconcerned. 

Caitlin held In-gong’s hand and seemed like she would cry at any moment. She wanted to help In-gong recover using the power of the Starlight Core, but the situation was different this time. It was possible that Caitlin’s own flesh would be destroyed as well as In-gong if she intervened. 

She eventually cried again while worrying if the gandharva could really restore In-gong. In-gong’s condition was serious. She sensed it because of the connection between the Starlight Core and Moonlight Core. It wasn’t possible for him to recover using ordinary means. 

Chris patted Caitlin and comforted her, while Silvan looked between the sword duke and Felicia with anxious eyes. Felicia looked smaller and thinner today. 

Carack was silent and didn’t say anything. Daphne was on standby, ready to take Felicia’s place at any time, and Amita pulled out a bottle of Heavenly Wine while being hugged by Daphne. 

Nayatra was looking towards the east. It was the direction of the gandharva. As the sword duke said, it wasn’t a place which could be accessed through ordinary means. There gandharva were in a very remote location, and a considerable distance had to be crossed using the transportation formation. 

It had already been a few hours since there was any dialogue amongst the group. Locke raised his head and looked around. His gaze moved past Carlov toward Zephyr who was sitting alone. 

The work over the limit line regarding Shutenberg was done, but the children of the demon king weren’t moving hastily just because of In-gong and the sword duke’s injuries. At first, the group had decided to head to different places. However, Zephyr suddenly got on Quanta’s back and said they should all move together. 

Even though Quanta was heading east, Zephyr often looked to the south towards the Demon King’s Palace. Locke got up and approached Zephyr. 

Zephyr was known as the strongest prince all over the Demon World. Locke got a strange feeling from Zephyr. He thought it was a fateful encounter, but it was different from when he met Beatrice or Carlov. 

It felt like he was facing his fated enemy, not half of his soul. However, that didn’t mean there was a strong hostility. Rather, it seemed like they could be friends. 

Locke took a deep breath. He would have to become friends with Zephyr at a later date. It was more important to finish the work in front of them immediately. Unlike the others, Locke was able to somewhat guess the reason why Zephyr was in a hurry. Locke, Zephyr, and In-gong all had one thing in common. 

‘The equipment of an elder dragon.’ 

After Arch Lich Shutenberg had been defeated, the Warrior’s Sword suddenly reacted violently. It seemed to be announcing danger. 

The elder dragon pieces which In-gong was wearing seemed to react in a similar manner. Additionally, Cruel Talia’s armour owned by Zephyr had done the same. 

What was going on outside the limit line? 

‘The Death Knight and War Knight.’ 

Those two popped into his head. It was obvious that the two Knights of the Apocalypse were doing something big. 

Locke remembered something from a few hours ago. Zephyr had hesitated before using the time stopping magic on In-gong. 

He might’ve hesitated at the thought of having a powerful rival for the position of demon king. When Locke thought about it objectively, that was the most natural answer. However, Locke thought differently. 

Zephyr had noticed that In-gong was the Conquest Knight. Therefore, he was worried about treating In-gong. How much did Zephyr know? Was it because he had judged In-gong to be an ally that he finally used the magic? 

Zephyr turned his attention to Locke who was approaching him, but it was only for a moment. Then he looked back towards the south. 

Zephyr had no expression on his face, but he couldn’t hide the worry in his eyes. He was truly concerned about the Demon World. 

Instead of speaking, Locke turned towards the south. It wasn’t far from the limit line. 

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