Chapter 219 - Chapter 45: Demon King #6

Chapter 219 - Chapter 45: Demon King #6

In-gong opened his eyes. It was dark. Although the sky and the earth was dark, In-gong could see himself clearly; he was dressed in the white clothing he frequently wore in everyday life. He didn’t see any of the equipment from the elder dragons, such as White Eagle and Earth Quaker. Additionally, he was barefoot. 

‘For sure...’ 

In-gong had used the power of Conquest to defeat Arch Lich Shutenberg’s black sun, and he couldn’t remember anything after that. 

He thought he had died, but he then shook his head. His attempt to save everyone hadn’t been unsuccessful. Moreover, this space was very familiar to In-gong. It was the first time he had entered it, but he had seen it several times. 

In-gong turned around slowly. As expected, a woman with white hair and a golden crown was standing before him. 

It was the first time they had faced each other in this space. In-gong approached the white woman, who was slightly shorter than In-gong. She looked up at him with red and blue eyes, as In-gong had unknowingly arrived right in front of her. 

“It is continuing. He is coming.” 

There was fear in the white woman’s voice, and her shoulders trembled with anxiety. The white woman took one step toward In-gong, reaching out and touching his chest. 

The forces of Conquest were communicated through the palm of her hand. In-gong’s and the white woman’s consciousness became connected. 

In-gong closed his eyes reflexively, and he saw the Demon King’s Palace burning in the darkness. 


The demon king wielded his sword. The heavens seemed to shake every time he moved. 

The apostles of Death couldn’t receive the demon king’s sword. Only the Death Knight was barely able to meet it. 

The demon king’s strength was absolute; his aura and magic power were beyond imagination. It was impossible for the apostles of Death to approach the battlefield itself. 

The Death Knight felt both astonishment and wonder. The power of the demon king, Mitra, was the strongest among the previous guardians of the Sanctuary. He had expected the demon king to be strong, but he never imagined things to be like this. 

The demon king’s overwhelming magic power dominated the whole space. The flow of the magic power sealed off all use of magic in the area. The demon king couldn’t use magic either, but it didn’t matter to him. His sword and aura exceeded his magic. 

In-gong was watching the demon king’s fight, and naturally, he understood why he was seeing it. The powers of the Four Riders of the Apocalypse were getting stronger. This was one of Conquest’s lost powers, as she had originally been in charge of leading the four riders. 

It was a situation where the demon king was superior to everyone else. However, In-gong gritted his teeth with nervousness. The demon king was rushing. He was suffering from a deep illness and couldn’t exert such power forever. 

“He… is coming.” 

The white woman said in a trembling voice. As the Conquest Knight, In-gong could feel it as well. The sky was beginning to turn red. 


Recorder Torres had thought the red dragon had already vanished. He hadn’t been able imagine that a soul without a body could endure outside the world for such a long time. 

However, Torres’ prediction had been misguided. 


3rd Queen Sylvia gasped for breath. After exiting the transportation formation with her troops, she looked in the direction of the Demon King’s Palace. 

The sky was red, and an unbearably ominous feeling filled her entire body. 

She had picked the closest transportation formation, but she was still a considerable distance away from the Demon King’s Palace. This was a distance which couldn’t be narrowed instantly with magic power. 

“Please, please.” 

Sylvia begged while shaking her head to stop her tears from escaping. She had pretended not to know, but she had already guessed about the demon king’s illness. The magic power in Sylvia’s body sprang up energetically. 


The dying War Knight killed Reinhardt. Her right arm was cut off, and her abdomen and shoulders were severely injured. Additionally, the armour wrapped around her body was almost completely broken. 

She had fought hastily against Reinhardt, but War still smiled brightly despite knowing the War Knight was dying. After filling the broken body with the energy of war, the War Knight ran to where the Death Knight and the demon king was fighting. 

The power of the demon king was enormous enough to be felt from a huge distance, but over time, the strength of the Sanctuary became weaker. 

War shouted loudly towards the sky. Over the years, the War Knight had set magic spells all over the Demon World, and the result of this was the strongest light shining out from the Death Knight’s throne beyond the Northern Limit Line. The power of numerous sacrifices had been gathered in one place for many years.

The power called out angrily. This was a cry which could reach them. As a result of the Sanctuary’s barrier distorting, a crack started to appear in the red-tinged sky. 

War was delighted, and the War Knight moved quickly. 


The white woman cried out. He was coming. The red dragon was approaching outside the world, but he still couldn’t reach. The Sanctuary’s barrier was blocking him. However, it was only a matter of time. 

Conquest didn’t want to perish. She didn’t want so many lives to burn again. 

The white woman begged and cried. However, regardless of her will, the power of Conquest rose. 

In-gong looked at the sky above the Demon King’s Palace. The crack was growing. 


It was lucky. The Death Knight truly thought so. 

Originally, he had thought that killing the demon king would cause a crack. However, the Death Knight’s calculations were wrong. Everything was different from what he had expected. The demon king’s illness was deeper than he’d thought. Over the last 10,000 years, the power of the Sanctuary had weakened, while the red dragon’s power was preserved beyond imagination. 

The demon king also noticed the extraordinary event in the sky. Whether he knew about the existence of the red dragon or not didn’t matter. He just had to keep his promise. 

The crack grew bigger, and the aura rising from the body of the demon king became stronger. Now, the Death Knight couldn’t take the demon king’s sword anymore. The apostles of death were already virtually wiped out, and the disturbances happening in various parts of the Demon World subsided. However, this wasn’t a good thing. 

War burst out laughing. Then the War Knight ran between the Death Knight and the demon king. There was a dazzling aura around her, like she was burning her last flame. 

Her movements were faster than the eyes could see. When it came to just swordsmanship, the War Knight was probably the best. However, the demon king wasn’t confused by her dazzling movements, and his sword broke down her sword dance. 

The War Knight stumbled backwards from the impact. The Death Knight quickly tried to protect the War Knight, but the demon king was faster. 

The second attack of the demon king stabbed the War Knight in the chest. The War Knight, who was already dying after the battle with Reinhardt, could no longer endure her injuries. The upper half of the War Knight exploded. Her body burst, and the red energy of War was released. It was something that War had prepared after giving up on the War Knight. 

As the demon king confronted the aura of War, he pulled out the sword from the War Knight’s chest and released his aura. The white aura pushed away War’s aura, and he swung his sword again. 

The aura of War was split apart. However, the demon king didn’t stop there and cut deeper. For the first time since she had appeared on the battlefield, War screamed in pain. She tried to block, but the demon king’s sword was faster. 

War didn’t scream again. The brutal blow broke the aura of War itself. War had lost her mediator, the War Knight, and could no longer intervene, just like Famine. She just felt terrible pain. 

At that moment, the sword of the Death Knight stabbed the demon king. There was a sharp sensation at the tip of the sword. A huge wall of magic power pushed roughly at the Death Knight. 

The Death Knight accepted it without any resistance. After being pushed aside, he stared at the demon king. 

The demon king was breathing roughly. Blood could be seen between his lips, but his sword didn’t shake. Despite the fact that his life force had already weakened, the aura surrounding his body was still a blazing light. 

The Death Knight declared, 

“It is too late. You can’t stop us now. He will be back.” 

The ceremony was already underway. The crack in the sky grew bigger, and the demon king didn’t have much aura and magic power left. Eventually, the illness would take his spirit. 

The demon king looked up at the sky. He was able to see the flow of destiny, and it was just as the Death Knight said.

Beyond the crack, a presence was looking this way. It wasn’t an exaggeration to say that the presence was the end of everything. However... 

The demon king closed his eyes. Instead of letting go, he calmed his breathing and whispered using magic power. 

Sylvia then heard the demon king’s voice. She cried and tried to refuse his words. 

Elaine, who was running towards the Demon King’s Palace, froze in place. She saw the red-tinged sky and the big crack, and understood the demon king’s words. Thus, she shed tears for the demon king. 

2nd Queen Titania couldn’t believe his words. The demon king was an absolute existence for her. Meanwhile, 1st Queen Aishar bit her lip and stopped herself from crying. 

All the survivors running away from the Demon King’s Palace spoke the name of the demon king, and he issued his last command. 

In-gong saw all of this as the white woman cried sadly. The crack became bigger, and the outline of the red dragon started to appear. 

The demon king didn’t run away. He knew that if that crack was left alone, the formidable presence would descend to the ground without any interruptions. He had to stop it. At the very least, he needed to buy some time for everyone in the Demon King’s Palace to run away. 

“Shutra, Semita’s and my child.” 

The demon king said. In-gong was confused but quickly understood. The demon king could feel In-gong watching through Conquest. 

The demon king didn’t talk for long. Now wasn’t the time to share questions and answers. This was the last message. So, the demon king had to show him. The thing he was planning to do now... he could only show it once. 

The demon king held out his sword, and his gaze turned to the crack in the sky. In-gong realized it now. He understood what the demon king was going to tell him. 

The Death Knight’s eyes widened. He raised the aura of Death desperately, but it was useless. This space was already under the demon king’s control. His aura and magic power were flooding the world. 

How far would it go? 

The demon king didn’t feel any doubts, nor had he been deceived. A faint smile appeared on the demon king’s face. The demon king’s sword turned towards the sky. The Death Knight screamed, and the red dragon roared from behind the shattered crack. 

"Watch carefully. This is extreme nothingness.” 

Those were the demon king’s last words. 

Then a pure white light split the sky. 

[TL Note] I forgot to mention it in the last chapter but the mainly gender neutral nature of the Korean language means I have to guess the gender of the characters a lot of the time. The War Knight was finally revealed as a female in the last chapter.

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