Chapter 217 - Chapter 45: Demon King #4

Chapter 217 - Chapter 45: Demon King #4

Unlike the children belonging to ‘Shutra’s faction’, Anastasia didn’t know In-gong’s birth secret. However, the sword duke showed no signs of doubt that In-gong could be restored by going to the gandharva. 

The species had similar appearances and could mix together, but in the end, they were all different. The succubi all had similar bodies, so she thought it was the same for the gandharva. Moreover, this was the sword duke. She would’ve believed it even if the story was more absurd. The sword duke had that type of reliable presence for the children of the demon king. 

Instead of wasting time on unnecessary doubts, Anastasia took immediate action. After opening a shield to stop the cold and blizzard, she looked at the time stopping magic Zephyr had used on In-gong. Zephyr had truly used time stopping magic, and according to his words, he had bought some time. 

Meanwhile, Felicia started treating the sword duke. Thanks to In-gong, she was an expert at recovery magic. The sword duke’s aura was in a twisted state, but compared to In-gong, it was an ordinary symptom. She performed as much first aid as she could. 

While Felicia healed the sword duke, the children of the demon king were doing different things. 

Chris ordered Caitlin to look at the status of the two saintesses. They were exhausted from using powerful miracles twice in a row. Additionally, it seemed good to give Caitlin something to do for now. 

Silvan moved along with Caitlin. Once the plan was decided, it was necessary to take care of the troops. An intense battle had just finished, but the troops couldn’t rest well in this freezing weather. 

Chris stared at the backs of the two people as they left together before approaching the sword duke, who was already accompanied by Baikal and Zephyr. 

“The winter king has been brought down.” 

The sword duke said painfully. Chris only knew that the sword duke had been fighting a powerful being, so his eyes widened with surprise. The winter king was the king of the northern barbarians. Dealing with him was the biggest reason why the captains had been dispatched to the Aegis Gate. 

Yet the winter king had just been just killed in battle. For the demon king’s army, that was really good news. There was a possibility that the plan for the demon king’s deployment to the Aegis Gate would be completely cancelled. 

The sword duke tried to restore his breathing and closed his eyes like he was falling unconscious. Then he opened them again and said, 

"I will go to the gandharva with 9th Prince. I don’t think I will wake up for a while... So, please do the rest.” 

“I understand, Sword Duke. You can rest now.” 

Baikal said lightly, causing the sword duke to nod slowly and close his eyes. As soon as the sword duke closed his eyes, he immediately lost consciousness. Felicia noticed Baikal’s concern and explained the sword duke’s status. 

"It is okay, he is just sleeping. His body is in this state so that it can recover.” 

It seemed like the sword duke wouldn’t be opening his eyes for a few days. Beside him, there was someone else who could lead them to the gandharva. 

Indara sighed with relief as he approached. He bowed to the children of the demon king and carefully examined the sword duke. It was the first time that Baikal had met Indara, but Chris and Felicia allowed him to see the sword duke, so Baikal didn’t feel any distrust. 

"We should hurry. I am concerned about Shutra.” 

“Yes, Orabeoni.” 

Felicia smiled with difficulty through a face covered with tears and headed back to In-gong, who Carack, Vandal, and Nayatra had gathered around. Baikal looked at them before shifting his gaze away towards where Locke was standing still while watching In-gong. 

"Chris, I’m sorry. but can I ask for an introduction?” 

Baikal hadn’t seen that person before, so he decided to ask Chris. Chris looked at Locke and started explaining directly instead of calling out to him. 

“His name is Locke. It seems that he is a warrior from the Human World. He joined us over the limit line.” 

“Warrior? A warrior from the Human World?” 

Baikal asked with amazement, while Zephyr looked like he already knew it. Chris looked between the two people and nodded. 

"Yes, a mighty warrior. He said that he came to make sure the fight in the Demon World doesn’t spill over to the Human World.” 

“The fight? The one with Shutenberg?” 

"Something similar. The people with him are the Saintess and the Mercenary King.” 

Arch Lich Shutenberg had showed tremendous abilities in the previous life. Although he had built up the magic in this land for many years, the fact that he had managed to create the magic circle in the first place proved his greatness. 

Moreover, Shutenberg had mobilized the winter king for this battle, which meant that Shutenberg had a close connection to the northern barbarians. If Shutenberg had summoned all the northern barbarians here, then it would’ve been a much bigger fight. 

“Saintess and Mercenary King...” 

Baikal’s gaze moved towards the warrior’s companions. 

Baikal might have had a gentle nature, but he wasn’t foolish, nor did he trust easily. Unlike Chris who had spent several days with the warrior, Baikal lacked the materials to judge him. He didn’t know if he could trust the warrior or not. Could he leave his younger siblings unattended with this warrior? 

There was no Shutra right now, so there was no one among Shutra’s group who could stop the warrior. The battle against Shutenberg proved that the warrior was much stronger than Chris. However, Baikal decided to have faith. It was a unique situation, but he also trusted Chris’ eyes. 

"Unfortunately, I’ll have to postpone meeting them until next time.” 

The best thing was to move together, but that was unreasonable. At this point, the party would have to scatter. 

“Chris, Shutra and the sword duke… as well as Felicia and Caitlin, please look after them. I have to return to the Aegis Gate and inform the captains about the situation. 

"Yes, Hyung-nim.” 

It was as Chris had expected. The flow of magic power beyond the limit line was so violent that telecommunication magic was extremely difficult to use. Someone had to go to the north to pass on the situation to the captains. 

“Zephyr, what will you do?” 

"I will go back to the north.” 

Zephyr replied quickly. His response was also as expected, so Baikal just smiled. He wanted to entrust escorting In-gong’s group to Zephyr. Although he trusted Chris’ eyes, he still worried about his younger siblings. In-gong was currently collapsed, so Zephyr was the only one who could go against the warrior. 

‘And it is really surprising.’ 

Baikal had heard that In-gong had become stronger, but he had never imagined it would be by this much. He had only seen the fight from a distance, but he could tell with one glance; In-gong was currently on par with Zephyr’s strength. Maybe he was even stronger. 

Baikal was reminded of the In-gong—Shutra—he had seen last year. It was a big change, but Baikal had almost no contact with In-gong previously. At most, it was just a few presents once a year. 

As Baikal closed his eyes, he organized his thoughts on In-gong’s strength. Even if the talent had blossomed late, it was a tremendous growth. However, there were more urgent things to think about right now. 

Baikal took his troops and moved towards the Aegis Gate, while Chris returned to Caitlin without any delay. 

Zephyr stood alone and stared at the spot where the black sun had disappeared. Then he turned around and looked at In-gong’s party. The succubus, who knew the location of the gandharva, was standing next to Vandal with an expression of worry. 

She looked somehow familiar, and Zephyr felt a strange connection to her, like when he saw Vandal or Sektum.  Zephyr’s gaze moved a little further away. It was at Locke. He was also looking at Zephyr. 

A warrior of the Human World... 

Locke was an unexpected variable, but instead of feeling reluctance, Zephyr welcomed him. He had been a great help in the fight against Shutenberg. 

Zephyr closed his eyes. He took a deep breath and suppressed his doubts about In-gong. The power In-gong had shown during the fight against Shutenberg certainly resembled the power of Death and War, but it was also different. Maybe it was just a groundless anxiety. 

Death and War... That was the only way to describe the energy and the gazes which had always been looking at him from the north. 

Zephyr opened his eyes abruptly, then he looked towards the north. He didn’t feel any gazes. It was possible that their power had been pushed away by the violent vortex of magic power. So, it wasn’t unusual to not feel their gazes. 

However, Zephyr felt anxious, and he remembered the aura of Death around Shutenberg.  He had always felt their gazes during a big fight, yet he hadn’t felt anything in this one. 

Why? Was it really because he was beyond the limit line? 

Zephyr turned instinctively, and his gaze headed south. 


The Demon King’s Palace was huge. It was also the strongest city in the Demon World and was protected by high and thick walls.  The Demon King’s Palace had never been invaded, and nobody had ever dared attack the palace. 

However, that was now a story of the past. 

The Demon King’s Palace was burning. The power of War swelled and grew into a force which devoured the entire Demon King’s Palace. Thanks to the height of the flames, the black sky was turning red. 

The War Knight walked among the flames, with War always by his side.  In the midst of the burning world, War closed her eyes. The red woman counted calmly. 

‘500 years.’ 

That was the duration of the Demon King’s Palace’s history. Compared to 1,000 years, it was too short. 

Since waking up after nearly 1,000 years ago, the red woman had observed the Demon King’s Palace. So, she was sure of it. 

The tradition of the Sanctuary had been disconnected. It was natural that it hadn’t been able to continue for 1,000 years. 

Shouting rang out in the distance. Compare to those who guarded the walls, these people were strong. They were obviously the guardians of the Demon King’s Palace. Maybe the demon king’s royal guards had started to move. 

The War Knight raised his sword slowly. The red woman hugged herself in the darkness and groaned.  However, it wasn’t because of the fighting that would soon begin, nor was it due to fear of the upcoming bloody battle. 

The red woman felt it, and she was thrilled. With envious eyes, she looked at the Black Castle, which was called the true Demon King’s Palace. 

The one who protected the Demon World... 

The strongest person in the Demon World... 

He was approaching. 

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