Chapter 215 - Chapter 45: Demon King #2

Chapter 215 - Chapter 45: Demon King #2

It was something which couldn’t have happened originally. The magic circle on the snowfield wasn’t an ordinary magic circle. 

Magicians usually surrounded their homes with powerful magic, and the magician would add various magic circles to increase their power by several times. Shutenberg had created this thousands of years ago. The magic circle had been created before Shutenberg’s castle; it was a magic circle with a weight of over 3,000 years behind it. 

Even with fairly powerful magic, it had been impossible to damage the outer parts of the circle. Since the magic circle wasn’t drawn on the ground, they were forced to hit it with pure power.  The reason why Zephyr had tried to dig into the center of the circle was because there was no other way to damage it. 

Yet, the outer parts of that magic circle were now destroyed. It was truly a miracle which was possible only because there were two saintesses beloved by their gods. 

In-gong and Locke realized it instinctively, and Zephyr also clearly understood.  The miracle created by the incarnation of the two gods didn’t end with just creating a crack in the magic circle.  The magic circle was collapsing. It was like a domino falling down. The damage to the outside meant the inside would soon be destroyed. 

Felicia and Anastasia accelerated the collapse. Due to the fact that it was such a huge magic circle, it would take some time to collapse. However, it was clear that a collapse was imminent. 

The undead covering the snowfield stumbled. This was a precursor, and thus In-gong, Locke, and Zephyr moved. Arch Lich Shutenberg was also affected by the magic circle, so this was a chance. The cracks on the magic circle grew bigger. Light scattered and blended with the blizzard, while the rough winds drove the cries of the undead upwards. 

Locke felt wonder. Throughout his whole life, he had never met anyone who was his match. In the meantime, he had fought creatures several times with In-gong’s party, but they had been easy fights. 

However, their breathing was now in sync, and he could see what the other two people would do next. It was something he had never felt with Carlov and Beatrice. 

A smile appeared on Locke's face. Knowing what the other two would do, he kicked off from the ground. Then he looked around as he inserted energy into the Warrior’s Sword. Locke met another’s gaze. 2nd Prince Zephyr Ragnaros was doing the same thing. He grasped a white sword and was looking in Locke’s direction 

Both of them understood; they exchanged words with just their eyes. It was a strange feeling, but they didn’t dislike it. 

Locke and Zephyr didn’t look back. They didn’t pay attention to the third person who would play the most important role. It was baseless confidence, but the two of them didn’t doubt it. 

The first to attack was Zephyr. He went beyond the wall of the crumbling, leapt in the air, and used Dragon Strike. It was truly an overwhelming sight. A dragon’s head made of magic power and aura roared, and light enveloped the world. This was a wide range attack and the reason why Zephyr had moved first. The undead between In-gong’s group and Shutenberg were swept away. Along with the magic circle collapsing, a large hole was made. 

Locke plunged into the light. It was hasty enough to seem like a self-destructive move, but the reality was different. It was the most accurate timing. The moment that the aftermath of Dragon Strike began to fade, Locke was in the center of the destruction. As Zephyr’s light faded, Locke pierced the air . 

A huge sword made of light was emitted from the tip of his sword. The mass of divine power and aura rushed toward Shutenberg. 


With a violent roar, the Warrior’s Sword was stopped in the air. To be precise, it was embedded in an invisible wall. Cracks formed in the air. The Warrior’s Sword shook, and Locke didn’t hesitate to swing it. 


A huge explosion occurred. The reason why it had occurred was simple: Shutenberg’s chain of defense spells had been broken. Locke laughed. He once again felt a strange feeling. It was the first time he was leaving the final move to someone else. 


He shouted excitedly. And with that sound, In-gong charged forward, using Wind Style to surpass the speed of the wind. In-gong broke through the crumbling defense and became mist. Then as he arrived in front of Shutenberg, his fist lunged out. 

‘True Destruction!’ 

Earth Quaker howled. The dragon blood flowing in In-gong’s body roared with it. 

This True Destruction was the most powerful one that In-gong had used so far. However, Shutenberg was the opponent, and he had already started preparing a powerful magic the moment the magic circle had started to collapse. Rather than defending against In-gong’s destructive power, Shutenberg responded with the same destruction. 

In-gong’s fist came into contact with Shutenberg’s sword, not Shutenberg. This was the result of Shutenberg reading the flow of magic power created by Blink. The power of True Destruction encased Shutenberg’s sword, while the magic contained in Shutenberg’s sword sought to destroy True Destruction. 

Earth Quaker was enraged at such a challenge. As it cried out angrily, True Destruction started to overwhelm Shutenberg’s attack, and the sword that Shutenberg held was quickly turned into pieces. The power of destruction continued to advance. At the same time, Shutenberg used several magic spells, and magic power poured from his staff toward In-gong. 


In-gong turned into dark blue fog again, while White Eagle and Black Eagle moved in front of In-gong to block the attacks. The power of the green light blocked Shutenberg’s enchantments. 

However, Arch Lich Shutenberg didn’t let up. The wicked and aggressive magic hurt not only White Eagle and Black Eagle but Green Wind as well. Green Wind screamed with pain, while In-gong angrily moved more power into Earth Quaker. 

However, Shutenberg still didn’t stop generating new magic. The powerful curses seemed to break through the force field. 

Locke and Zephyr didn’t look. The two people were attacking the undead which had started to recover. Locke had dozens of small swords made from magic power and aura around him, while new spells formed in Zephyr’s hands. 


Green Wind cried out. However, it wasn’t just a cry from pain. In-gong understood what Green Wind was saying. There wasn’t much left. The undead pushing against them right now were the last flicker of a candle that was about to go out. 


The undead joined together and formed a giant hand. The giant hand rose high into the sky above In-gong’s, Locke’s, and Zephyr’s heads. 


Felicia shouted from far away. Caitlin hurled away all the undead which were blocking her eyes. 

The Warrior’s Sword created by Locke headed into the sky. Zephyr invoked magic on both his hands, while In-gong released his aura. 

Then the giant hand hit the ground. There was a fierce tremor, and a brilliant light flashed. White Eagle and Black Eagle escorted In-gong from the remnants of the giant hand, while Locke and Zephyr escaped the wreckage simultaneously. 

It was at this moment that... 

The blizzard swirling started to head towards the sky. The crack in the magic circle finally reached the center, and the destruction began. Fragments of magic poured down from the sky. A tremendous amount of magic power was released as the undead collapsed. 

In-gong took deep breaths, while Zephyr called out urgently. 

"It's coming!" 

In-gong’s group weren’t the only ones who had predicted the collapse of the magic circle. The moment the magic circle collapsed, Shutenberg invoked magic which could only be used once. The magic circle gathered the spirits of the undead. This was how the already broken undead could stand up and fight again. 

The souls of the undead no longer had any reason to stay on this land once the magic circle was broken. However, they could do great harm... 

And Shutenberg gave these souls a direction. The randomly scattering souls were caught in his magic power and turned into a strong current. Shutenberg’s staff aimed at In-gong’s party. At that moment, the hundreds of thousands of souls in the sky drew a huge trajectory and flew towards In-gong’s party! 

Locke thought that last move had been the end. It was the same for Zephyr. Therefore, they didn’t even have time to think about blocking it. However, In-gong was different. He looked straight at the torrent of souls and lifted his right hand. He placed the tattered White Eagle and Black Eagle on his left arm and took a deep breath. 

Locke and Zephyr saw In-gong’s intentions and moved towards him. In-gong grabbed the air and summoned a flag of light. 

“Below the King’s Flag!” 

He roared and struck the flag into the ground. At that moment, the huge torrent of souls swallowed up In-gong’s party. 


The power of Conquest rose from the flag of light, and In-gong didn’t budge before the torrent of souls.  The torrent of souls split apart into two across the flag of light.  Green Wind embraced In-gong from behind. Locke smiled at him, while Zephyr gulped. 

The flag of the light shook, and In-gong groaned with pain. The white woman shouted, 



Then the torrent of souls ended. In-gong had endured until the end. There was nothing else. The souls scattered and no more torrent of magic power appeared in the snowfield. 

Shutenberg stared at In-gong. In-gong glared at him, despite having exhausted an enormous amount of aura and magic power. Shutenberg’s skull seemed to smile. Locke and Zephyr swung their weapons at Shutenberg, and his arms were cut off. He then fell to his knees. 

In-gong transformed the flag of light into a spear and threw it at Shutenberg’s chest, piercing through the lump of magic power in Shutenberg’s chest. Shutenberg didn’t fight it, and his body gradually started to collapse. 

Felicia sat down with relief as she saw it from a distance. After witnessing several miracles, she prayed to the gods several times. Caitlin laughed loudly. As always, In-gong could be depended on. 

However, Carack’s eyes then widened, and Anastasia had an ominous feeling. Zephyr and Locke attacked Shutenberg urgently. However, his body had already started to crumble, so there was no point destroying it quicker. 

[Your level has risen.] 

[Your level has risen.] 

In-gong understood as he listened to the voice of the woman. The torrent of souls wasn’t Shutenberg’s last move. He was an apostle, a person who had received the power of the Death Knight. His mission was to wipe out everyone who was here. This was his mission for the Death Knight, who had been his master for 1,000 years. 


Shutenberg whispered. The last spell was triggered by sacrificing Shutenberg’s soul. The lump of magic power pierced by the spear wriggled. It shone with a blue light and started swelling; it was like looking at the artificial sun In-gong had created. Zephyr recognized it and was astonished as the blue gradually darkened. 

This was a black sun... 

A magic which could only be described as a disaster. In the past, when Shutenberg had been called the Half King, this destructive magic had erased the allied forces of five kingdoms from this world. The force had been enough to spread over dozens of kilometers. Even if they tried desperately to escape right now, they would not be able to leave the range of the destruction. 

However, Arch Lich Shutenberg couldn’t produce the black sun in such a short time. In his days as the Half King, he had invested at least a decade to produce the black sun. The land itself was a trap. Arch Lich Shutenberg had been thinking about self-destruction from the beginning. 

It was a destruction worthy of the Death Knight. There was nothing which could stop Shutenberg’s move. 

Locke looked around for Beatrice hurriedly, while Zephyr wondered desperately if there was a way to reduce the magic aftermath or defend against it. 

Anastasia also recognized the black sun, which was why she was desperate. Felicia knew about the black sun as well. Just like Zephyr, she tried to think of a way to stop it but couldn’t come up with anything. 

Time passed by, and the black sun became even bigger. It wasn’t long until the time of its destruction. Then at that moment... just as everyone was thinking it was a disaster... 

A single wind pierced through In-gong’s group. In-gong laughed while his clothing was in tatters. It was only shortly after the fall of the winter king. Therefore, his whole body was messed up. Only half his usual aura remained. 

However, he had to do something. The sword duke stared at the black sun. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath. The extreme nothingness reached by the demon king... 

The sword duke hadn’t reached it. However, he could imagine beyond that. It was possible to almost imitate it once in his life. 

"Look carefully, Prince." 

The sword duke ordered and then wielded his sword. An extreme nothingness spread out in front of In-gong. 


There was a line above the black sun. It was an attempt to cut the power of destruction. 

Those watching from afar were delighted, and Silvan yelled the sword duke’s name. Locke and Zephyr, however, were different because they were closer. Indeed, the sword of the sword duke was truly beautiful. There was no arguing that it reached the extremes of his limit. 

However, the fight with the winter king had made his sword blunt, and the sword duke couldn’t destroy the black sun completely. The black sun collapsed. The original destructive power couldn’t emerge, but it could at least wipe out this snowfield. 

The sword duke coughed up blood. Zephyr and Locke sought to surround the black sun with their magic power and auras. 

Then In-gong saw it. Green Wind whispered to In-gong. The white woman also passed her feelings onto In-gong. He had done this before. The scale and form were different, but the essence was the same. 

In-gong reached out towards the black sun. To Locke and Zephyr’s shock, the power of Conquest was revealed. It was like when In-gong conquered the Thunder Light Anvil. The enormous power of the black sun couldn’t be compared to that time, but In-gong’s power of Conquest had also strengthened. 

Green Wind once again called to In-gong. She embraced In-gong from behind and conveyed her strength. The white woman smiled at In-gong. 

'Punishment, obedience, governance.’ 

This was the power of Conquest. 

In-gong roared. 

A pure white light enveloped the black sun. 


The demon king raised his head. 

Even those who could read the flow of fate couldn’t foresee the future. However, he understood... The time had finally come. 

He had to defend it. 

The demon king smiled just as 3rd Queen Sylvia’s face appeared on the telecommunications device. The demon king looked towards the north, then he slowly raised his body from the throne.

His sword cried wildly. 

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