Chapter 214 - Chapter 45: Demon King

Chapter 214 - Chapter 45: Demon King

1,000 years ago... 

There had been a species with a mighty civilization in the Demon World. 

They were called the indigenous species. 


The area was filled with the power of Death. Due to the miracles caused by the God of Light and the God of Darkness, hundreds of thousands of undead had been erased from the world, but there were still many remaining. 

Shutenberg also had the power of Death, and a mighty blue aura emitted from his body. The man at Thunderdoom Fortress couldn’t even compare with Shutenberg. In-gong sensed it intuitively… Arch Lich Shutenberg wasn’t the Death Knight. He had received power from the Death Knight and was an apostle. 

However, he was different from the other apostles. He had 1,000 years to build up the power of Death. Before he became an apostle of Death, he had been a powerful magician with barely any rivals. 

Arch Lich Shutenberg used magic as naturally as he breathed. Every time his staff moved, a new spell enveloped the sky while the undead moved in a orderly fashion, in unison with his sword. Awful curses rained down from the sky. They were curses which weakened stamina, strength, and the spirit. There were also powerful curses which caused death or deprived someone of life. 

The power of Conquest, branching out from the King’s Flag, blocked the curses, but Shutenberg didn’t hesitate to continue using them. It seemed he wanted to see how long In-gong and the others could endure the curses. 

Shutenberg didn’t just use curse magic. There were also direct magic attacks which threatened In-gong’s party. As an arch lich, every one of his magic spells was unimaginable. Hellfire sprang up from the ground, while blizzards swirled and several spheres were created, which erased what it touched.

Despite growing up in a temple, various curse words emerged from Warrior Locke’s mouth. He destroyed the spheres using his divine power, then he used the Warrior’s Sword to make dozens of aura light swords to protect himself as well as In-gong and Zephyr. 

Zephyr used magic. Rather than attacking Arch Lich Shutenberg, he created a magic storm which disturbed all magic around it. It contributed to their defense by reducing or eliminating the power of Shutenberg’s magic.

Locke and Zephyr were truly performing greatly. However, when one took a step back from the scene, they see that Locke and Zephyr were just doing their best to defend. 

The undead cried out; it was the screaming of hundreds of thousands of enemies. Like both crying and singing, it was more than enough to cause the living people to feel despair and horror. Shutenberg didn’t give any complicated orders to the undead. The command he gave the undead was simply to rush forward. 

The undead climbed on top of each other, trying to swallow up In-gong, Zephyr, and Locke like angry waves. Every time Locke and Zephyr wielded their weapons, the undead broke like waves crashing against a breakwater. However, there were too many undead. 

Locke and Zephyr couldn’t think about attacking. Due to the unceasing number of undead, even Shutenberg became invisible. 

As In-gong pushed through Shutenberg’s curses, he was busy thinking. The white woman was very anxious about something, but the situation in front of him was so urgent that he didn’t have time to worry about it. 

Arch Lich Shutenberg was strong, but he wasn’t the God of Death. His current brutal strength was due to the enormous magic circle covering the whole snowfield. It was just like when In-gong fought the demonic god at Sky Forest. He had to destroy the magic circle first. 

Earth Quaker growled angrily. Then In-gong used Dragon Breath and destroyed the undead in front of him. As the shattered bones were scattering, he heard Zephyr’s voice,

‘Save your power. Concentrate on defense rather than offense.’ 

Message magic. It was magic that was sent to Locke as well as In-gong. 

‘Buy some time. Prepare a powerful blow for when there is an opportunity.’ 

The message magic only conveyed a short instruction which didn’t explain everything. Zephyr was collecting magic and aura for a strong blow while defending. He had also realized that the magic circle had to be destroyed in order to beat Shutenberg. 

‘But just defending? Isn’t it better to dig into the center and attack the magic circle somehow?’ 

As Locke shared those thoughts, Zephyr shook his head and sent another message magic. 

‘Altesia will somehow do it.’ 

Locke frowned because he didn’t know who Altesia was, but Zephyr didn’t explain anymore. Attacks started to pour down on Locke again, so he wasn’t able to ask more questions. 

While In-gong used Dragon Words for defense, he was perplexed. It wasn’t because Zephyr had mentioned Altesia instead of the other children of the demon king. He was perplexed because Zephyr seemed to smile slightly when he referred to Altesia. 

‘Smile? Zephyr? Saying a girl’s name?’ 

It wasn’t somebody else but Zephyr? 


There was no time. In-gong poured his magic spells in Green Wind’s direction. 


Of course, it was hard to use magic while running. The damage was weak compared to when it was focused properly and the efficiency was poor. 

However, Anastasia used almost perfect magic spells while running. It was because she was used to it after using ‘faster than the wind’ several times. When she thought about it, she had never imagined the situation of burning out of magic before meeting In-gong. 

The magic which emerged from Anastasia was the wide area recovery magic necessary when she had been the battery for ‘faster than the wind’. It was magic which not only healed wounds but also revitalized the body and cleansed the targets of fatigue. 

With Caitlin in the lead, a new group joined the wedge formation and was smashing through the undead towards the magic circle. They were the knights from the Erebos Church as well as Altesia. 

Altesia rode a Phantom Steed and approached Beatrice, who was being carried on Carlov’s back. Although clearly exhausted, Altesia’s eyes were shining like lanterns. Beatrice couldn’t hide her confusion, and she felt some fear as Altesia came closer. 

However, Beatrice was a saintess. She was revered as the incarnation of Mother Earth, so she quickly recovered and confronted Altesia. 

The two saintesses recognized each other pretty quickly. Their gods were different, but both of them were greatly loved by their gods. The divine power which only the two of them could see looked like the full moon. 

Altesia suddenly smiled widely. She brought the Phantom Steed closer to Beatrice and made it show off some tricks. 

"Let’s pray together! Shatter the magic circle!” 

Beatrice’s eyes widened. Then Altesia stood up straight and looked up at the sky. 

"Will you help me?” 

The God of Light was also the mother of all things. In response to Altesia’s cry, a stream of golden light poured down from the sky and illuminated her. Like an actress in the spotlight, Altesia laughed once again. 

"We will be helped!” 


Beatrice was confused. Carlov, who was carrying Beatrice, was the same. 


A light poured down in response to the cry of some random saintess? 

‘No, that’s not right.’ 

Altesia was a saintess, but she was the saintess of another god! While Carlov was baffled, Altesia looked up at the sky again. She suddenly laughed and said in a bewitching voice, 

"Aish, Erebos as well. Am I cheating on you? You’re jealous! But that is also charming! So good!” 

What the hell was she saying? However, it couldn’t be ignored. Just like the golden light, a darkness poured down from the sky. Beatrice gave up thinking about it. 

"Let’s pray together.” 

Beatrice closed her eyes and Altesia nodded. The two saintesses prayed to their gods. 


Two swords crossed. In the battlefield where the undead and soldiers were fighting, it was like another space. 

There wasn’t his usual kindness on the sword duke’s face. His eyes penetrated through everything and only chased one thing. 

At that moment, his sword cried out, and the noise filled the space distinctly. 

The balance collapsed. The sword duke’s sword started to push back the winter king’s sword. 



Caitlin shouted from where she was running in the vanguard. Baikal smiled like he couldn’t believe it, while Silvan looked like a child. Chris just sighed with admiration. 

A miracle was happening as the two saintesses prayed together. The both of them were already exhausted from creating a miracle earlier, but they did this by drawing out all their stamina. 

On the ground, the huge incarnation of a god rose up. It was so huge that it was dozens of meters in size, despite only having the upper half. A golden sword was shining brilliant in the black incarnation’s hand. That sword was the incarnation of the God of Light. 

The black incarnation roared and grabbed the sword of light. Then the force of the gods were released towards the ground. The sword of light exploded, and the brilliant golden colour covered the ground as a huge roar rang out. 

The world was once again covered with light and darkness. Beatrice could no longer withstand it and fainted, while Altesia fell back on her Phantom Steed after letting out an unknown cry. She had also fainted. 

However, the miraculous effect of the two saintesses was certain. A part of the huge magic circle covering the snowfield was now destroyed, and Felicia and Anastasia didn’t miss this crack in the magic circle. 

The two princesses cast their magic desperately. Baikal added his magic power to the two princesses, while Silvan didn’t stay still either. The magic power of the fairy caused the crack in the magic circle to widen. 

The magic was still alive, but it didn’t function properly. The undead stumbled for a moment as their supply of magic power was disrupted. It was like the tremors of an earthquake were running through the snowfield as thousands of them collapsed at the same time. 

The once overpowering flow of magic power was disrupted, and Green Wind realized that the wind had changed. It had to be now. The chance wouldn’t come a second time. 

Locke and Zephyr moved at the same time. The Warrior’s Sword and Dragon Slayer released terrible auras. 

Locke used the super special move of the Warrior’s Sword. Meanwhile, Zephyr used the super special move of Dragon Strike. 

There was one additional power which contained great destruction... 

True Destruction. 

Earth Quaker roared angrily. 

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