Chapter 213 - Chapter 44: Rendezvous #4

Chapter 213 - Chapter 44: Rendezvous #4

The War Knight gazed far away, while War looked on with trepidation. 

A new battlefield appeared in the War Knight’s sights. 


The Half King stared at In-gong. Then all the undead on the battlefield looked at In-gong as well. Hundreds of thousands of eyes swallowed up In-gong like a flood. It was truly excessive. 

Green Wind was overwhelmed for a moment. For the first time since she had joined In-gong, her shoulders slumped with fear. It was a brutal evil. The hundreds of thousands of eyes felt like swords and axes slicing at her spirit. Green Wind trembled. Her complexion was pale, and she couldn’t breathe. Tears poured from her eyes like she was a child. 

‘Death. Ceasing to exist. Destruction.’ That was what she thought. She couldn’t think of anything else. 

At that moment, just as her spirit was about to be crushed... 

In-gong raised his hands. Before the numerous gazes, he raised his arm horizontally like he was hiding Green Wind. In-gong faced the hundreds of thousands of eyes as well, and Shutenberg’s gaze was heavy. However, In-gong faced it straight on; he didn’t back down. 

His divinity grew, and the white woman shouted from In-gong’s soul,


‘Obey and rule!’ 


An explosive sound rang out, and In-gong forced back Shutenberg’s power of compulsion. As the white light collided with Shutenberg’s power, it caused an explosion. This was the power of Conquest. Simultaneously, it was also the power of Dhrtarastra. 

Green Wind gasped for air and regained control of herself. As she once more felt her affection toward In-gong, she created a strong wind to keep him safe. 

There were two more people and not just In-gong who cut off Shutenberg’s power. One of them had grabbed the Warrior’s Sword, while the other had pulled out his dragon slayer. 

One was Warrior Locke, the protagonist of the Human World in Knight Saga. The other one was 2nd Prince Zephyr Ragnaros, the protagonist of the Demon World in Knight Saga. 

The two people accompanied In-gong, raising their weapons against the same enemy. A smile flashed on In-gong's face. Although he knew it wasn’t the time, he couldn’t help laughing. He was with these two... In-gong was going to fight the enemy with both of them. 

Locke laughed as well. Zephyr frowned like he thought both of them were crazy. 

“He’s coming.” 

Locke said, and Zephyr agreed. Shutenberg raised his staff and sword at the same time. The specters wandering around Shutenberg rushed towards the three people with loud screeches. In-gong saw them, and Earth Quaker growled as In-gong formed a fist. Then In-gong cried out with the full power of Conquest! 

“Below the King’s Flag!” 


Once again, there was a deafening sound. A brilliant flag of white light struck the ground, and the enormous power of Conquest pushed back Shutenberg’s blue power. Green Wind, Locke, and Zephyr were also strengthened by the power of Conquest. 

“Let’s go.” 

In-gong declared, and Locke and Zephyr wielded their weapons. 


The Death Knight looked into the distance, while Death smiled happily. 

The War Knight approached the Death Knight. 


The whole battlefield was crying. The huge swirl of magic power in the sky was emitting lightning, and Felicia was reminded of the vortex she had seen in Sky Forest. 

The advent of Arch Lich Shutenberg affected the undead as well. They became stronger and more ferocious. 

Rather than the fire barrier, Felicia dug into the ground and raised the earth. Every time the ground crumpled, the undead fell and trampled each other. They weren’t able to resist being crushed either as walls of earth formed. 

However, there were too many undead. The reason why Felicia and the others kept on moving was not just to join Baikal. It was obvious that if they stayed still, they would be crushed by the wave of undead.

Caitlin and Vandal opened a path for the party at the front. After gaining the power of an apostle, Caitlin was like a typhoon. Every time she launched an attack, dozens of undead collapsed. 

Considering the overwhelming difference in numbers, the party was overpowering. 

When a huge bolt of lightning from Silvan disintegrated the undead in front of them, Felicia felt a sense of security. She wanted to praise her always reliable brother, but she kept it in her mind since she knew Silvan would go crazy if he heard it. 

It was difficult for Felicia to keep changing the terrain while moving. She needed time to breathe for a moment. While she recovered her breath, Felicia’s gaze moved far away. She saw the true center of the battlefield, which was much further away from the blue ice dragon. 

Despite using far-seeing magic, she couldn’t see it properly. All she knew was that a huge amount of aura and magic power were colliding with each other. It was clear that a terrifying battle was taking place. Maybe it was more terrifying than the fight against the demonic god in Sky Forest. 

Felicia couldn’t help shuddering. Anxiety and impatience ate away at her heart. Since the Red Lightning tribe subjugation, she had always been with In-gong. Despite being in the same space, this was the first time she wasn’t able to see In-gong fight. Was In-gong okay? Could he win this time? 

"Don't worry, it is Prince." 

Carack came up to her and said. It was a relaxed tone that didn’t fit the atmosphere of the battlefield. 

Felicia turned to look at Carack. Instead of facing Felicia, Carack was smiling as he looked towards where In-gong was fighting. 

“Yes, it’s Shutra.” 

Felicia agreed. It was strange, but her heart felt lighter. 

"Then let’s get back to work. We don’t want to be lazing around when Prince comes back.” 


At this moment, Felicia understood slightly why Delia had fallen for Carack. Felicia then took a deep breath, patted her cheeks lightly, and focused on her magic again. Carack grinned and raised his axe. There were still too many undead remaining. 


The mercenary king, Carlov, was a mercenary like his title suggested. It wasn’t an exaggeration to say that he had spent his whole life on the battlefield. 

However, this was the first time he had seen a battlefield like this. There was an infinite number of approaching enemies, and there were allies who advanced while crushing those enemies... 

This was truly the Demon World. While travelling through the Demon World, he had realized that the species of the Demon World were much more militant than the Human World. However, his true realization came on this battlefield. They displayed a tremendous combat power, worthy of being called the elite of the Demon World. 

Some knights from the Human World would be unable to fight like the ones before him right now. In particular, the children of the demon king were amazing. Despite only been in their mid-teens to early 20s, their abilities were truly great. 

Carlov whistled as he watched them. He wanted to fight together with Caitlin, who showed off the charm of a fighter, but his duty was to protect Beatrice. 

Beatrice was praying with her eyes closed. Every time she sang, the divine aura around her became stronger. She wasn’t the only saintess who was praying. Dark Saintess Altesia was also praying with the dark power of Erebos surrounding her. 

Whether it was a coincidence or inevitability, the prayers of the two saintesses finished at the same time and they shouted loudly:

"Parents in heaven! Show your strength and illuminate this world with the glory of your light!” 


There was a big difference in their last cries, but fortunately, the gods of light and darkness loved their saintesses equally. The God of Light gave his daughter a miracle in response to her prayer, while the God of Darkness gave power to his youthful daughter. 

A gleam of light shone from the sky filled with dark clouds. It was like a giant golden sword was splitting the earth and sky apart. The power of light was absolute. Any undead touched by the golden light was immediately turned to ashes, and tens of thousands of undead were evaporated from the battlefield in an instant. 

The dark miracle descended as well. A darkness, which seemed to devour everything, covered the sky and the earth. The darkness erased everything it swallowed, sweeping away everything in its path and leaving nothing in its place. 

It was a huge feat which everyone in the demon king’s army couldn’t help admiring. This was natural since the miracle from the two saintesses had wiped out closed to 200,000 undead. Carlov quickly grabbed Beatrice who was about to fall down. Altesia also collapsed, and the Erebos knights by her side hastened to catch her. 

Despite being bathed in sweat, the two saintesses were very satisfied and once again prayed to each god. Simultaneously, two people were feeling a great joy. 



Anastasia and Baikal smiled brightly as they found each other. Anastasia wanted to run into Baikal’s arms, but the distance between the two of them was still great. 


Chris shouted sharply while filled with the power of wilderness. Then Baikal skillfully changed the course of his troops. Thanks to the miracle of the two saintesses, the surrounding undead had been swept away, so he didn’t need to worry about the battle between the sword duke and winter king for a while. The sword duke’s fight was something that couldn’t even be imagined. 

Currently, Caitlin was the best fighter amongst them, while Chris and Baikal fought on either side of her. Baikal was greatly confused by Caitlin’s transformed appearance, but there was no time to talk about it.  

"Wedge formation! Charge!" 

Chris commanded, and Caitlin shot off. The entire army was like a huge arrow, with Caitlin being the very tip. Their goal was the center of the magic circle where a huge battle was taking place. 


The sword duke and winter king didn’t move while facing each other. It was the confrontational phase after several fierce exchanges. 

The winter king’s reputation wasn’t in vain. There would be none among the captains who could beat him; he really was the strongest beyond the limit line. 

The winter king laughed wildly. There was joy and exultation in his eyes. They were the eyes of a person who enjoyed fighting against the strong. The sword duke smiled. He too enjoyed fighting against the strong. As someone had who walked the path of the sword for his whole life, this was a huge enjoyment for him. 

However, it wasn’t time to be immersed in his joy. The sword duke closed his eyes, and he took a deep breathe. 

The princes were fighting Arch Lich Shutenberg. Originally, he was an enemy the sword duke was supposed to deal with. The new generation of hope would struggle to overcome Shutenberg’s power. 

The sword duke opened his eyes. It was the same with the winter king who sensed that the time had come. 

The stillness which existed between the two people broke. The sword duke and winter king once again crossed swords. 


A fierce battle was unfolding. 

It wasn’t an exaggeration to say that the fate of the Demon World was hanging on this battle. 

It was as they thought. 

This was intentional. 


Arch Lich Shutenberg was strong. His magic power was comparable to the demonic god at Sky Forest. 

Moreover, his magic power wasn’t great due to absorbing the magic power of Sky Forest like the demonic god. Instead, his magic skills had been accumulated over 2,000 years of living and were enough to make Felicia and Anastasia look like children. 

So, even though Locke and Zephyr fought together, Shutenberg was never caught off guard. In-gong did his best to fight against Shutenberg. 

However, inside In-gong’s soul, Conquest, the white woman wearing the golden crown, turned her attention elsewhere. She thought of those separate from Shutenberg. 

The Death Knight and War Knight... 

Where were they? Why hadn’t they showed up at this moment? 

The white woman lifted her head in the darkness. She had sacrificed many things to escape from her fate 1,000 years ago, and she was still incomplete. Therefore, she shouldn’t have realized it. 

However, the white woman had a hunch. She had realized something.


The Death Knight and War Knight faced each other. The knights didn’t feel that much despite 1,000 years of separation. 

However, Death and War were different. Since they lost their leader Conquest, the two felt deep emotions over being together once more. War, the red woman, embraced Death in the darkness. Death, the blue man, hugged the red woman back. 


The red woman was crying. She felt pure delight as she faced the blue man. The blue man was no different. Finally, he let go of his sister and stared across the darkness. 

The Death Knight joined Death. He was 1,000 years old and different from the other Knights of the Apocalypse. The Death Knight could be called Death itself. 

The War Knight turned his attention to the Death Knight. Death and War stood together in the darkness and looked at the new battlefield. 

Finally, the time had come. All those who would interfere were in the north. The Death Knight and War Knight took a step forward. Their gazes were focused on the new battlefield. 

The Demon King’s Palace... 

It was the place where the man who protected the Demon World was located. 

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