Chapter 212 - Chapter 44: Rendezvous #3

Chapter 212 - Chapter 44: Rendezvous #3

Long black hair stretched out, red eyes turned gold, and a heavenly scent filled the surroundings. 

Locke had already encountered this, this but he still stared at In-gong. Zephyr wasn’t much different; his gaze turned from the center of the magic circle to In-gong.  A smile formed on Locke's face, and Zephyr’s eyes lit up. 

“Heh, my master is amazing.” 

Green Wind suddenly sounded like Felicia. Locke, who was nearby, laughed as he heard Green Wind’s words and then stared at the front again. Zephyr didn’t hear Green Wind’s voice, but he couldn’t help frowning a little bit. Rather than delaying further, he focused his attention on the center of the magic circle again. 

'It is too early to be surprised. My master is much more amazing!’ 

Green Wind shouted. Fortunately, In-gong was the only one who heard it this time. He ignored Green Wind and called up the divine flame in his body. As In-gong gazed toward the front, he also looked at the mini-map to figure out the situation. 

There were red dots all over the map. The number of undead was enormous, and In-gong, Locke, and Zephyr were in the center of them. 

Thanks to Zephyr’s magic, the nearby undead were swept away, but that was a small number compared to the entire battlefield. Moreover, it was a hole which could be filled at any time. The area which In-gong had passed by with Black Specter had also filled up with new undead. 

Zephyr didn’t explain it, but In-gong immediately understood. Zephyr’s purpose was to strike the center of the incredibly big magic circle. The undead would keep recovering if the magic circle wasn’t destroyed. 

“Let’s go, Green Wind.” 

‘I understand, Master.’ 

Then In-gong’s aura exploded. Green Wind, who had been promoted to an apostle, revealed her goddess form behind In-gong. Thanks to Green Wind’s strong winds, the heavenly scent spread through the battlefield.


In-gong kicked against the ground, and a dust cloud was generated due to the tremendous momentum. He was running faster than the wind. 

Cabellina, who had been caught by the heavenly scene, quickly recovered while recalling the death of Yosarina. As she gathered her magic power angrily, the death knights around her rushed toward In-gong. There were dozens of them. 


Quanta, who had been enjoying the divine scent, landed on the ground at Zephyr’s order and aimed her cold breath at the vampires. Then she swept away the undead around her with her tail. As Zephyr passed through the frozen vampires, he prepared a new spell, and a mighty magic power moved around him. 

Locke prayed to the gods. If Saintess Beatrice was the most beloved of her god, then Locke was one of the most divine human beings. 

Several gods of the Human World had blessed Locke. This was proven by the seven glorious lights which now emerged from Locke’s sword. The divinity was so strong that the undead fell down just from standing near Locke. Locke focused his divine power on the Warrior’s Sword and thrust off from the ground, catching up with the quick In-gong in the blink of an eye. 

There weren’t just three people fighting. Carack stuck the flag of light into the ground, and the power of Conquest increased the strength of all their allies. 

Caitlin once again showed the power of an apostle. Her dark eyes, which resembled the night sky, were drenched in pure white. However, that wasn’t the only change; Caitlin became more mature. She completely conquered the lycanthrope blood in her body, and like Chris, she exploded it. Caitlin's fangs sharpened, a wolf’s tail sprang out, and the pupils of both her eyes changed into a beast’s. As her height grew, her breasts enlarged as well. 

However, Caitlin maintained her mind. Rather than rushing randomly, she protected her territory with angry roars. Her mission was to protect everyone, including Felicia. Meanwhile, Vandal didn’t consider the number of enemies. He just swung his hammer at the enemies around him. Contrary to Vandal, Chris had a more strategic mindset and headed towards Baikal’s party. Simultaneously, Silvan took off his eyepatch, and golden light flashed from the fairy like lightning. Every time he swung his sword, dozens of undead exploded. 

“Baikal orabeoni!” 

Anastasia sensed Baikal fighting in the distance and bit her lips. If the undead were the enemies, then she couldn’t use any bewitchment magic. Therefore, her mission shifted. Instead of Beatrice, who was breathing hard from working for half a day, Anastasia would become a new battery for the party. 

She cast several spells simultaneously, and they were all wide area magic. 

These were powerful magic spells to boost the ones currently fighting. Their courage grew, and they soon forgot their fear. A new vigor was breathed into the flesh of those fighting. 

Felicia also supported her allies on the battlefield. Like Anastasia, Felicia didn’t use direct magic spells but limited the battlefield by using a powerful Fire Barrier. She was anxious because she couldn’t see In-gong through all the undead, but she was encouraged by the heavenly scent. 

“T-That smell?!” 

Amita sniffed enthusiastically but could barely discern it. In order to protect Daphne who was preparing various recovery magic, Amita gathered the power of the last flame in their hands. They sniffed some more while preparing to cast a barrier once again. 

However, there was still too many enemies. For this great number, they needed thousands of people who could take out many enemies with one strike. 

It was then that Baikal made a decision. He noticed Chris’ movements and moved to join the other royal children instead of moving towards the center. However, he never forgot the sword duke. Baikal could neither enter the vicinity where the sword duke and winter king were fighting nor leave the sword duke alone. In order to be able to help at any time, Baikal also kept on eye on the sword duke’s fight. 

The battlefield had transformed into a breathtaking melee. At the forefront, In-gong collided with the death knights. 


Earth Quaker growled angrily as the first conflict started. In-gong moved smoothly like the wind, so the death knights couldn’t catch him. Then he slammed his fist into a death knight’s chest. 

That death knight’s massive power was destroyed. In-gong soon moved onto another Death Knight as Green Wind also took action. 


White Eagle, Alpha Black Eagle, and Beta Black Eagle struck the heads and chests of the death knights repeatedly. Unable to withstand Green Wind’s brutal attacks as well as the power of Conquest which suppressed the power of Death, the death knights’ heads and chests shattered. 

In-gong adjusted his breathing, then he took a deep breath and threw himself between the pincer attacks of a second and third death knight. Concentrating his strength on both his legs, there was no need for In-gong to think as he used a technique. 

‘Divine Sura Authority—New Lightning.’ 

Lightning emerged from In-gong. Then the white lightning which started from In-gong, drew a sharp trail over the waist and chest of the death knights, pushing them away. The old Lightning would’ve ended here, but this one took it one step further. Intense lightning poured towards the remaining death knights. 


The sound of thunder rang out, and the death knights couldn’t catch up with In-gong’s movements. The sounds of the death knights’ chests, waists and legs being destroyed fired up White Eagle and Black Eagle. 

Then New Lightning ended, but In-gong still didn’t stop. He turned into blue smoke to avoid a death knight’s attack from the side. His body was soon reconstructed, and he rushed towards the center of the magic circle. 

The frost monarch, Cabellina, panicked. She didn’t know what to do as In-gong defeated the death knights and advanced. Additionally, In-gong wasn’t the only one here; Zephyr’s magic power was getting heavier. Quanta was still showing great strength, and there was the warrior who was emitting a resplendent light. 

Cabellina had to protect the magic circle, but she couldn’t think of any methods to do so. The death knights and vampires rushing in were just like new firewood being thrown into roaring flames. As Cabellina gritted her teeth, she erased all complicated thoughts and stared at In-gong who was charging toward her. She focused her magic power and prepared to fight. 

Then at that moment... 

Cabellina felt her magic power swell up. The death knights as well as the vampires became stronger, and there was a vortex of mighty magic power in the center of the magic circle. 


Cabellina was filled with joy. She had no choice. It was the master of this magic power… This was his power. The magic circle, which covered the entire battlefield, started to shine once again. Dark clouds filled the sky, then a blizzard started due to the flow of magic power. 

Beatrice, who had barely recovered thanks to Anastasia’s recovery magic, gasped and grabbed her chest. Altesia, the dark saintess, showed a response similar to Beatrice. 

This new power was a power beyond reason. The light of the magic circle became stronger and so did the vortex in the sky and on the ground. There was only one person who could create such a miracle on the battlefield. Both of the vortexes exploded. The space distorted, and there was a huge crack in the air. 

The undead stopped fighting and shouted towards the sky. There were hundreds of thousands of them, so it seemed like the earth and sky were shaking. 

The winter king and sword duke stared at the center of the magic circle, and the winter king smiled joyfully. 

The crack in the air grew bigger, then finally, it broke. As the sky shattered, a huge presence emerged. 

Blue lightning struck between the dark clouds. The dark clouds headed towards the ground, while the blizzard soared towards the sky. In the heart of this scene, magic power swirled. 

Quanta shook with fear. Everyone within the center of the magic circle reacted in the same manner. Anastasia’s breathing became harsh, while Felicia’s hands shook involuntarily. The always present smile disappeared from Altesia’s face, and Sektum fell to the ground, struggling against the pain. 

Chris had thought that the power invested into this mission was far too excessive, but it was different now. He understood the reason why the sword duke had concentrated so much power here. 

The new presence was huge. He wore purple clothes which were closer to black, and his right hand held a staff while his left hand held a sharp sword. Specters roamed around him. His skull had a golden crown on it, and blue lights gleamed from where his eyes were supposed to be. 

Arch Lich Shutenberg, also known as the Half King... 

His gaze turned toward In-gong. 

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