Chapter 209 - Chapter 43: Storm #6

Chapter 209 - Chapter 43: Storm #6

It was much easier than expected to create a hot spring in the middle of the blizzard. 

Felicia, Daphne, and the other dark elves used earth spirits to create a place for the hot springs. 

It was a huge exaggeration to say it was just making a hole in the ground. They were making a space which would fit 200 people without any pillars, but with dozens of earth spirits being mobilized, that meant the space was able to be created very quickly. 

The next thing they needed was water, which was where Beatrice came in. There was talk about using snow on the ground. However, that was dismissed because the volume would be reduced extremely during the process of converting snow to water. 

Beatrice simply filled the bath with water creation magic. Although both magic and divine power were necessary, this group had a saintess and powerful magicians. 

The next step was to make the water hot. It was the hardest thing to do, but the solution ended up being very simple. 

'Master, this is really convenient. 

'I don’t think this technique was made for this purpose.’ 

As In-gong listened to Green Wind’s whispers, he created a smaller sun. It was around one meter in diameter, much smaller than the sun he had created to destroy Yosarina. However, this size was just right for the purpose. As soon as the sun sank into the middle of the bath, the water heated up quickly. 


All the people who wanted to avoid the cold and the snowstorm cried out in admiration. Thanks to the steam rising up, all the air around them was warmed. Their group had struggled in the cold weather for a few days, and fatigue had accumulated. So, everyone welcomed the hot bath. 

“Don’t tell me we’ll enter this altogether?” 

Anastasia frowned as she looked at the finished hot spring. It was unfamiliar for her to take a bath with anyone, let alone 200 people. The areas were divided up with rocks, but they were still entering the same water. 

Felicia laughed at Anastasia’s sour face. 

“It can’t be helped. Don’t worry too much.” 

“It is ridiculous, but there is no other option.” 

In-gong couldn’t create a new sun to create a separate hot spring, nor could the royal family order everyone else to wait until they finished bathing. Everyone was suffering from the cold, so Anastasia couldn’t be too conscious of her status in this situation. 

The princesses, led by Anastasia, settled on the edge of the bath. The rocks divided the hot springs into sections. The waterways were connected, but it was virtually an independent space. 

There were the three princesses and their aides, along with Beatrice, meaning there were seven people in this space. Caitlin was the first one to enter the bath. Her body shook, and her eyes closed as an expression of happiness appeared on her face. Felicia took a seat beside Caitlin, only for Caitlin to suddenly whisper, 

"Unni, will this be delicious as well? Since Shutra is the one who made it.” 

The she gathered some water in her hands. It was water made by divine power, so it was very clear and transparent. Shutra had heated up the water. It wasn’t just normal hot water; it contained In-gong’s power. So, it was plausible. 

"I-Is that so?” 

Felicia gave a frivolous response before gathering water in her hands like Caitlin. 

“That reminds me... isn’t the smell really great?” 

It really was. The bath gave off a sweet aroma which was very pleasant. 

"Your Highness, this is the feeling of bathing in the finest water.” 

Delia said, and Caitlin nodded in agreement. 

"It seems to make the skin smoother.” 

After hearing those words, Felicia couldn’t help imagining something. She imagined In-gong’s body melting into the hot water little by little. As Felicia started imagining things alone, Caitlin sniffed a few times before bringing her tongue to the water collected in both hands. 

"Uhh... somehow, I like it. Is it because of the feeling? It is similar to when I suck Shutra’s finger...” 

"Wait, what do you suck?" 

Felicia exclaimed with surprise.

‘Suck his finger? When did she do it again?’ 

She was really just like a cat. While Felicia was in shock, Seira laughed and said, 

"Princess, it isn’t good to drink this water.” 

“I know, Seira. The hot spring isn’t Shutra.” 

“That isn’t significant...” 

In the end, it was bath water. The water wasn’t meant to be drunk. However, Felicia had to revise her imagination at Caitlin’s words. This was like a large pot containing In-gong and various medicines. 

‘Ah, no. This isn’t it.’ 

Her imagination changed again. She imagined In-gong was inside the nicely scented bath alone. 


She imagined a little more. As a dopey smile appeared on Felicia’s face, Caitlin stared at her and blinked. 

“Unni, you are blushing.” 

Felicia was surprised by the finger poking her arm and said urgently, 

"Ah, no? I didn’t imagine going into a bath with Shutra… hup?!” 

She covered her mouth with both hands, but it was already too late. Caitlin and the aides all stared at Felicia, while Anastasia sighed from where she was watching them calmly. 

"You... do you like Shutra?” 

Of course, Anastasia felt favourable toward In-gong, but it wasn’t to the level of Felicia and Caitlin. Anastasia shook her head elegantly and said to Felicia, 

"We aren’t servants but royalty, so marriages are possible. But… aren’t you half siblings? Don’t you know that it is very rare?” 

"Uhh, what...” 

There were occasional intermarriages for various reasons, such as maintaining the purity of blood or their power and fortune. However, it wasn’t recommended. Felicia and Caitlin knew such facts. However, the both of them knew something that Anastasia didn’t know, so they couldn’t reply. 

"What are those looks?” 

Anastasia narrowed her eyes. Felicia and Caitlin’s attitudes were suspicious. 

It was at that moment that... 

A small laugh was heard from the right. No one had been talking, so that small laugh became very obvious. 

“I’m sorry.” 

Beatrice stopped laughing and fixed her expression. There were many reasons for her to stay with the princesses, including for them to keep an eye on her. 

"Unni said you are a saintess of the Human World?” 

“Yes, Princess Caitlin.” 

Beatrice responded with a smile to Caitlin’s words. She had been cautious when first entering the bath. However, she felt better after seeing the princesses chatting together. Anastasia turned to Beatrice and spoke in a voice which was different from when she talked to Felicia and Caitlin. 

"You must’ve had a hard time coming this far.” 

"It was a mission given to me.” 

Beatrice also showed a different smile to what she gave Caitlin. The two people started to talk slowly, while the still recovering Felicia told a good story, instead of a silly joke. 

Left alone, Caitlin started sniffing again, instead of interrupting. She closed her eyes and saw In-gong’s face. 


"How bold.” 

Chris frowned as he shared a bath with the other males, just like the princesses. Carack was lying beside him in the bath with his arms folded. However, Locke just replied without any fear. 

"I’m not an enemy. Aren’t you also being very bold?” 

Locke had suggested it, but this was a situation in which everyone were bathing together. Given that Locke and In-gong’s group had only met today, it was an amazing situation even if they had fought together. 

Chris sneered at Locke’s words before speaking again, 

"You’re a warrior from the Human World, a special being born among tens of millions of humans.” 

"That's right, I’m on a business trip right now.” 

There were six people in this bath, and they were In-gong, Chris, Silvan, Carack, Locke, and his companion, Carlov. Locke took a deep breath and spoke in a dramatic tone, 

"Like I explained before, I am the Drakon Kechatulla of the Human World. I studied under one of the elder dragons, Guardian Queian. It is my role to keep the battle in the Demon World from spilling over into the Human World.” 

It had already been confirmed by In-gong that the Drakon Kechatullas and elder dragons were related. Therefore, Chris focused on the other part of Locke’s words. 

"Are you afraid that a battle beyond the limit line will spill over to the Human World?” 

Locke shook his head. 

"Arch Lich Shutenberg is clearly powerful, but he isn’t the only enemy. The ultimate reason why the Guardian sent me is to stop the Four Knights of the Apocalypse. That’s why I met up with the Demon World’s Drakon Kechatulla.” 

Locke’s eyes turned to In-gong, and Chris glanced at In-gong as well. While In-gong was a Drakon Kechatulla chosen by the elder dragons, he was also a artificial being with the divinity of the gandharvas and a prince of the Demon World. These were enough qualifications for him to become the protagonist. 

Chris couldn’t help sighing and looked back at Locke. 

"I believe in Shutra, not you. So, refrain from any suspicious behaviour.” 

"Of course.” 

Locke smiled, and the silent Silvan finally spoke up. 

"Locke, is that a sword from the elder dragon?” 

Locke’s sword was unusual. Locke nodded at Silvan’s question. 

"That's right, the Guardian made it. The Guardian told me to collect all six equipment of the elder dragons.” 

"Then you should give Shutra the Warrior’s Sword. Shutra already has four pieces.” 

Chris said ferociously. Locke shrugged as he stated that he had no intention to hand over the elder dragon’s weapon. 

"I don’t intend to snatch Shutra’s equipment away. We are allies now. We are also both Drakon Kechatullas.” 

There was no selfishness in Locke’s eyes. Then he looked away and continued speaking, 

“Master said that both the War Knight and Death Knight seem to be located in the north. If we knock down Shutenberg and the Knights of the Apocalypse, then my mission is over. After that, I will return to the Human World with Beatrice.” 

"Hey, Locke. What about me?” 

Carlov frowned, but no one focused on his words. Chris’ eyes narrowed as he folded his arms. He had heard the story of the Four Knights of the Apocalypse from In-gong and Felicia. 

"Shutra said that Gerard was the Famine Knight... If the Death Knight and War Knight is in the north, the only one left is the Conquest Knight...” 

"Yes, only the Conquest Knight.” 

Locke agreed as he looked at In-gong. Neither Locke’s expression nor voice seemed odd. Rather, Locke reached out his hand to In-gong like he wanted a handshake. 

“Once again, it is nice to meet you, Drakon Kechatulla of the Demon World.” 

The protagonist of the Human World, Warrior Locke... 

In-gong had never imagined that he would encounter Locke this way, but Queian had responded to the actions of the Four Knights of the Apocalypse. As a warrior, Locke was certainly a strong ally. Moreover, if he was the same as Locke from Knight Saga, then he would return to the Human World as soon as this was over. In-gong looked at Locke’s hand for a moment and laughed. He reached out to shake it and said, 

"Just Shutra is enough.” 

"Then you can just call me Locke.” 

"I was already calling you Locke.” 

“Is that so?” 

Locke laughed again, and In-gong smiled brightly. 

"Naked men are laughing while holding hands.” 

Carack said bluntly, and In-gong and Locke quickly released their hands. It was at this moment that... 


He heard a woman’s voice in his ears. Moreover, a very soft and gentle touch was delivered to his body on the skin. 


It was Green Wind. As she suddenly appeared in reality, the confused In-gong covered his lower body with both hands. However, it was very obvious because the water was so transparent. Green Wind made a puzzled sound. 

"Why are you doing that when I see it every day?” 

Chris and Caracks’ eyebrows raised at Green Wind’s words. In-gong exclaimed hurriedly, 

"Ah, no? And every day? What are you talking about?” 

It truly was news for him. Surely, Green Wind hadn’t been peeking at In-gong every day? In-gong had forgotten that Green Wind had been with him 24 hours a day since leaving Enger Plains. 

Carack summed up the situation. 

"Anyway, Guardian, why have you appeared all of a sudden?” 

Green Wind shook her head at the question and said in an urgent voice, 

"Master, the stupid raccoon seems to have drunk too much of the bath water.” 

“Bath water?” 

In-gong got up quickly, put on some clothes, and moved to the place where Amita was. Amita while lying on the ground with a puffed up stomach, while Daphna sighed from next to them. 

“Heavenly Wine... the taste of the Heavenly Wine...” 

There was nothing more to be said. Locke looked at In-gong and asked, 

"A pet?” 

In-gong then returned to his bath instead of answering. 

Then next morning, In-gong’s group marched toward Shutenberg’s castle. 

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