Chapter 207 - Chapter 43: Storm #4

Chapter 207 - Chapter 43: Storm #4

It was still far off into the distance. This was the first time In-gong had felt that energy. However, it felt familiar to him. He could naturally recall the names of those approaching from afar at a terrific pace. 


The ground split again as the frost worm hit the ground with its huge body once more. It was like a giant tower crashing down. Once again, there were those who couldn’t escape. Their bodies and blood froze instantly after becoming injured. 

However, because of his senses, honed through many battlefields, Vandal didn’t look back. Instead of heading towards the frost worm, he rushed towards the frost corps. The independent army he had trained did the same, and the battlefield itself widened. 

“G-General Vandal?” 

"Stay close behind me!” 

Vandal said to Nayatra, who was clinging to his back, causing her to form two fists. He rushed like a tank towards the frost corps and zombies, smashing into them and making the battlefield wider. 

The center of the battle moved away from the frost worm. Then Nayatra used secondary magic from behind Vandal, while he watched the front. He had a hunch that something would happen in the rear. 

He wouldn’t be the one dealing with the frost worm. There were separate people assigned to that role. 

The blizzard was strong. After pushing out from the ground, the frost worm once again straightened its body. 

Chris cursed inwardly and roared loudly. His command, which spread clearly though the snowstorm, was in line with Vandal’s behaviour. It was a command to rush to the frost corps instead of the frost worm. Immediately after giving the command, Chris turned around. Just like Vandal, his role wasn’t to deal with the frost worm. He didn’t say anything and simply turned around, exchanging a gaze with someone. 

Silvan stared at the frost worm. His open fairy glowed golden, and a strong magic power was surrounding Amita’s sword. It was clear that the power seemed to be under control. 


Felicia shouted. Rather than responding, Chris nodded to Caitlin, who was standing near Felicia and Anastasia. Caitlin understood immediately and sprang forward with an angry growl. 

“Let’s go! Noonim!” 

Chris grabbed Felicia’s and Anastasia’s waists and moved at a high speed. Anastasia gave a short scream. Although she wanted to grumble about his rough treatment, her lips were already moving to cast a spell. As Chris dug through the frost corps, Felicia’s and Anastasia’s magic swept through the frost corps. The three of them seemed like a moving turret. 


Felicia shouted in the midst of the snowstorm. Her voice didn’t have the power to break through the storm, but it reached him clearly. Silvan smiled as he shone with the light of the fairy and charged towards a frost worm. 

Caitlin ran next to Silvan. This was the first time the two had fought closely on a battlefield. However, Caitlin and Silvan understood each other with their eyes. Both were trained warriors, so they could see what the other person wanted. 

Caitlin outpaced Silvan. She turned hastily, brought both hands together and lowered her posture. Silvan leaped towards Caitlin’s hands, and as soon as his feet touched her, Caitlin lifted Silvan up with all her strength. 

Silvan flew forward. He broke through the snow and raised Amita’s sword up high. The frost worm’s dozens of eyes turned toward him. 


Dozens of thorns, which had been covering the frost worm’s body, flew toward Silvan. Instead of squatting, Silvan turned his body in the air. He swung Amita’s sword around, and the magic power in the blade erased the thorns and blizzard at the same time. 

Silvan took a deep breath and focused the magic power of the fairy on Amita’s sword. Like when he fought the Famine Knight, lightning covered Amita’s sword! 


The lightning tore through the blizzard, and Amita’s sword pierced the body of the frost worm. Lightning bolts scattered all over the place and exploded continuously. Amita’s sword, the lightning sword, split the body of the frost worm apart. The worm’s thick outer skin was torn open and green blood burst out, causing the it to shake and scream. 

However, the speed in which it was attacked was faster. Silvan, who had created an enormous wound more than 10 meters wide, pulled the sword out. He kicked against the body of the frost worm and threw himself into the air before wielding his sword again. 

A golden light extended from Amita’s sword and struck the frost worm. The frost worm thrashed around and sprayed thorns at Silvan. As the frost worm’s dozens of eyes stared at Silvan, its wounds grew wider and green blood continued to leak out. 

Silvan took a deep breath again. It felt like his lungs were freezing from the cold, but his mind was clear. He changed his body position by somersaulting in the air while panting. At that moment, Caitlin moved between Silvan and the frost worm. 

She was like a white meteor blazing through the sky. During the time in which Silvan had been injuring the frost worm, Caitlin had gathered a lot of aura and didn’t hesitate to fly into the wound. Instead of closing her eyes against the sticky green fluid, she moved straight ahead, and the Starlight Core responded to the amplification of power from the apostle upgrade. 

Caitlin didn’t punch out. Instead, she exploded with a strong aura from all over her body. 


The was a loud roar, and the frost worm’s body swelled up like a snake bloating after swallowing a large amount of food. That was the end of the frost worm. Without even a scream, the frost worm finally collapsed. 

Silvan lowered the speed of his fall using magic power and settled on the ground at almost the same time as the frost worm. Caitlin, covered in a white light, emerged from the frost worm’s wound. Her hair, soaring upwards like a flame, was impressive, but the sight of her torn winter clothes and the green fluid covering her body made Silvan sad. 

However, Caitlin was used to being covered with the enemy’s blood on the battlefield. So, she just looked toward the sky, where the battle between In-gong and Yosarina was in full swing. 

Kwang! Kwang! Kwang!

There were several explosions, and the ice pieces scattered. Then Yosarina attacked In-gong with an ice storm. Huge ice blades made from magic were aimed at him from all directions. There were so many that In-gong would be torn into pieces if they struck. However, In-gong used his divinity to destroy all the ice blades and narrowed the distance to Yosarina. White Eagle, the Alpha and Beta Black Eagle, and the Giant King’s Sword wandered around In-gong, crushing everything which headed toward him. 

Finally, In-gong and Yosarina collided. Ice crawled over Yosarina and thickened the ice armour around her. She smiled as she endured the attacks of White Eagle, Black Eagle and the Giant King’s Sword. 

The frost queen’s armour was invincible in the cold. As long as Yosarina was in this armour, she was safe. Moreover, she still had many things remaining which she had prepared. 

Yosarina didn’t think she could finish In-gong with the ice blades, but time was on her side. How long could those down below survive in this frigid cold? Every minute and second was precious as 9th Prince and his followers headed for their deaths. 

However, Yosarina wasn’t just buying time, and the reason why she didn’t care about the death of the frost worm was clear. 

The ground shook again. There were big cracks in several places of fighting, and frost worms extended their heads out of the ground. Then the ground quaked with wild tremors as though the frost worms wanted to wipe out all the frost corps as well as the troops In-gong led. 

As screams of horror and death occurred all over the place, Nayatra closed her eyes tightly and buried her head into Vandal’s neck. Felicia’s lips were blue from the cold, while Silvan and Caitlin looked at each other. 

Yosarina sat happily in her thick armour. She had expected In-gong to retreat to save his troops or not be able to concentrate due to worrying about the ground. 

However, his reaction was neither one of those. Rather than looking at the ground, In-gong struck the frost queen’s armour with the Giant King's Sword which was filled with a strong aura! A part of the armour split, and as the ice broke, cracks formed around the point which had been struck. 

Yosarina panicked. Did the 9th Prince have the same mentality as 2nd Prince, unlike the information she received? Why didn’t he look back once? 

The reason was simple, and it wasn’t because In-gong was cold-hearted. 

They had finally arrived. On the mini-map, the purple dots, which meant neutrality, shone. 

Silvan and Caitlin, who were rushing towards the frost worms, slowed down for some reason. Felicia and Anastasia stopped using magic and looked up at the sky blankly. 

Then at that moment... 

The blizzard stopped, and the wind subsided. There were no clouds in the clear sky. It was only for this battlefield, like a glass wall had been built up and the blizzard raged outside it. 

This was climate manipulation... The power of divine magic. Only two people in the world could use divine magic to this extent: 

Dark Saintess Altesia, who received the favour of Erebos, the god of darkness; and Saintess Beatrice, who was called the incarnation of Mother Earth. 

It wasn’t Altesia. It was Beatrice. The gold cross in the clear sky showed this. 

There was one more thing... One more fact which proved it was Beatrice! 

A huge sword of light, made from amassed aura, pierced a frost worm. The name of the sword was the Warrior’s Sword. It was something which only Warrior Locke could use. The sword of light exploded and scattered the aura. The frost worm fell with a shriek, and the Warrior’s Sword crossed the air. It moved quickly past In-gong and struck Yosarina. 

The upper part of the frost queen’s armour was now broken. Yosarina screamed, and In-gong rose up into the air instead of following Yosarina or looking back.

Warrior Locke had appeared. In-gong didn’t know why he was encountering Locke in a place like this, but Locke was a powerful ally. This was proven by the fact that he attacked Yosarina and the frost worm instead of In-gong and his companions. 

Warrior Locke moved near In-gong, using the sword given by Guardian Queian to pressure Yosarina. Yosarina restored the ice armour hurriedly and shot out ice blades, but Locke faced them head on without retreating. Every time his sword flashed, dozens of ice blades were smashed. 


Green Wind whispered from within White Eagle. In-gong understood the meaning of her short call. The climate manipulation was only temporary. No matter how great Beactrice’s divine power was, it was unreasonable to completely remove the cold from this area. 

In the cold, Yosarina’s defense was beyond imagination. However, even without the cold, the armour could still survive the Warrior’s Sword. 

In-gong needed to knock Yosarina down before the climate manipulation was lifted. Once the cold returned, everyone with already lowered body temperatures wouldn’t be able to last much longer. Even In-gong was affected by the cold as he confronted Yosarina, and his stamina was already low. 

Taking deep breaths, In-gong swallowed the cold air anyway as he concentrated on Earth Quaker. The fairy embedded in it started to emit a strong magic power in response to him. In-gong didn’t stop there and squeezed out all the aura from his aura heart. 

It wasn’t the power which had destroyed the fairy king. This was now something else entirely. In-gong remembered the sun he had encountered in a ruin of the indigenous species. The power of divinity, aura, and magic power gathered together, and the image was realized through Dragon Words. 

Those fighting on the ground looked up at the sky with no conscious reason. Then Felicia laughed like it was ridiculous, while Anastasia shook her head and muttered, ‘Shutra.’ Carack felt warm. Chris and Silvan forgot to fight, while Caitlin, who had been staring at the frost worms with fearsome eyes, cried out with a mixture of confusion and joy. 


Locke felt the warmth above his head as well. He laughed while cornering Yosarina, who looked up at the sky from within her armour and felt fearful. 

The sun shone brightly in the sky. It was a 30-meter-wide mass of power which glowed with a white light. 

In-gong formed a fist, and the white woman in his soul whispered. Green Wind embraced In-gong and delivered her strength. The sun was compressed, and the sphere became a large spear. As it emitted flames which were hotter than a furnace, In-gong manipulated it using Telekinesis. 

Yosarina tried to escape, but Locke didn’t allow it. He called several huge swords of light to stop her retreat and used divine magic to interfere with Yosarina’s movements. 

As Yosarina shrieked, the sun spear crossed the air. Yosarina moved her body to try and avoid the sun spear, but it was manipulated by Telekinesis. In response to Yosarina’s movement, the tip of the sun spear shifted, and the gigantic mass of heat melted the frost armour, piercing Yosarina’s chest! 

There was no screaming. The spear pierced Yosarina’s chest, and she took her last breath in the armour. With her emerald hair, she became a piece of ice, and the frost armour around her shattered and scattered. 

[Your level has risen.] 

In-gong closed his eyes and panted heavily. Although his stamina was restored, the sweat still remained on his body. However, In-gong didn’t reveal his difficulties. He opened his eyes and gazed at the face in front of him. 

“The Drakon Kechatulla created by the Demon World.” 

It was the face of Warrior Locke, a protagonist of Knight Saga. He was the new Drakon Kechatulla raised by Guardian Queian. 

The owner of the Warrior’s Sword held out his right hand as if he wanted In-gong to shake it. 

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