Chapter 197 - Chapter 41: Discovery #3

Chapter 197 - Chapter 41: Discovery #3

It was impossible to have a crowded banquet now that Sky Forest and the palace had suffered due to the fairy king. However, it was also impossible to let the party that saved Sky Forest leave without anything. 

So, after Sylvia finished her conversation with the sword duke, she set up a small party. It was to compensate for the situation with Sky Forest and show that Sylvia was fine after collapsing. Due to it being a small banquet, the participants were simple: the children of the demon king; their aides; and the queen. 

The dark elves emphasized an atmosphere which was just as free as their clothing, so the formalities of the banquet were virtually nonexistent. Since it was such a small banquet, they were able to lie down while eating and drinking. After a few drinks, the atmosphere naturally turned boisterous. The loudest ones were those gathered in the middle of the banquet hall. 

"Higher! Higher! Higher!” 

It wasn’t the sword duke throwing Felicia toward the ceiling. It was a drunk In-gong. The person who did it was different, so the response of the recipient was different. Felicia, like In-gong, had red cheeks from the alcohol as she burst into laughter. 


She screamed, but it was a very pleased one. Caitlin, who was following Felicia’s movements between the ceiling and Shutra’s hands, tugged at In-gong’s clothes. 

“Me too! Me as well, Shutra!” 

Caitlin was also drunk. Her pale cheeks were red, and her golden eyes were out of focus. 

Under normal circumstances, he would stop throwing Felicia or have Caitlin wait a while, but both In-gong and Caitlin were drunk. In-gong turned to Caitlin and nodded. He stretched out his hand and threw Caitlin toward the ceiling. 

Felicia and Caitlin alternated between the ceiling and In-gong’s hands. It looked like he was juggling them. Felicia and Caitlin screamed with pleasure. Most of those watching had smiles on their faces, except for a few people. 

"Somehow, don’t they react differently from when I do it?” 

The sword duke complained while drinking. Chris, who was sitting next to him, shrugged and replied, 

"Sword Duke, it is the same for anyone else, so you don’t have to worry.” 

“Felicia! Let Oppa do it!” 

"Ah, come on!” 

The sword duke watched Silvan try to grab Felicia, and he nodded with a convinced expression.

"Yes, indeed." 

The sword duke nodded a few more times before turning his attention elsewhere. Caitlin’s and Felicia’s aides, who should be watching them, were talking to someone else. It was In-gong’s aide, Carack. 

The sword duke found the sight of an orc being surrounded by a beautiful dark elf, a lycanthrope, and a satyr ridiculous. Then he turned his gaze elsewhere once again. Sylvia, queen of the dark elves and 3rd queen of the Demon King’s Palace, was lying down sideways. 

Sylvia was lying down on a stack of cloth and smoking a cigarette, while Amita was fidgeting in front of her. It seemed like they were doing business. 

Looking at the two people carefully, the sword duke asked Chris again, 

"Prince, do you know why Amita is like that?” 

"They have a weak character that fell to temptation.” 


The sword duke nodded and focused on the conversation between Sylvia and Amita. The two people’s voices could be heard clearly in the noisy surroundings. 

"I understand! I’ll make it! So, will you give me half?” 

Amita waved their hands, while Sylvia cocked her head and pretended not to know. 

"Hrmmm, well. Can I ask you to make me a few sacks?” 

"Three sacks! Three sacks of weapons if you give me half a bottle!” 

"Omo, didn’t I say it was five sacks?” 

Sylvia blinked as she raised a hand to her cheek, looking truly bewitching yet innocent. Amita was silent for a moment, but they soon accepted as their tail banged against the ground. 

“Eeeh...! I understand! Five sacks! No more beyond that!” 

“Okay. It's a deal." 

Thanks to Silvan and Felicia, Sylvia was well aware of Amita’s value. Gaining five sacks of Amita’s equipment for half a bottle of wine was a good deal. 

"Hmm, I am curious. What flavour does this have that Amita is so enthusiastic?" 

Sylvia put out the cigarette in her hand and opened the lid of the bottle containing the Heavenly Wine. As the lid opened, a fragrant smell emerged and those nearby turned to Sylvia without knowing. Sylvia was shocked and took a sip like she was spellbound. Her world changed with one sip. 

"Ahh… ah...” 

In-gong had created this by mixing an elixir and the Heavenly Wine. Sylvia closed her eyes and moaned, then she sighed and moaned again. She barely regained her mind after a few sips and said, 

"Amita, I take back that contract.” 

"Such a thing! This is a violation of the contract! A violation of the contract!” 

Amita gulped as Sylvia took another sip, but Sylvia didn’t care. She got up from her seat and approached In-gong. 

"Shutra, can you give me just one more bottle?” 

In-gong flinched at her coy voice. She looked exactly like Felicia as she embraced him, so In-gong couldn’t resist. Moreover, it was Sylvia who was asking. She had given him the fairy, so he should give her another bottle. 

“I-I will.” 

“Me too! Me too!” 

Amita ran over and made a fuss after seeing him give a bottle to Sylvia so easily. The sword duke watched this scene and shook his head. 

"The delicious prince is really great.” 

Although the sword duke had never tasted the Heavenly Wind made by In-gong, he knew about it. Then Chris asked him quietly, 

"Sword Duke, are all gandharva like this?” 

"As far as I know, only Prince is like this among the gandharva. The scents of the other gandharva aren’t to this extent.” 

The sword duke recalled 5th Queen Semita Ignus. She always had a good scent around her. 

Chris looked briefly at the sword duke before turning his gaze back to the front again. Then he asked casually, 

“Are the gandharva healthy?” 

In-gong was the only gandharva Chris had met. There were rumours that those inside the confined area had died. The sword duke didn’t look at Chris. He just filled up a new glass. 

“They are alive and well. At least when I visited them a year ago.” 

Chris’ eyes narrowed. 

"Sword Duke, is there any possibility that the gandharvas can be released?” 

"It is up to the demon king. Just... it might be harder now.” 

In-gong had gained divinity, proving that the gandharvas’ experiment was a success. 

“Sword Duke?” 

"I am saying too much. We’ll just have to see what happens.” 

The sword duke set down his glass, stood up and took a step forward. He walked slowly, but it was like he was merging with the wind without even thinking about it. 

Chris stared at the spot where the sword duke had been, then he turned his gaze to In-gong. 


“Shutra is amazing! Shutra is delicious! Hehehe.” 

The drunk Caitlin said while hiccuping. She looked very cute, but In-gong’s expression was different as he walked next to Chris who was carrying Caitlin on his back. 

"Be careful not to get eaten in your sleep.” 

“I’m glad that Caitlin noona can’t transform.” 

In-gong nodded at the sincere advice. If Caitlin could turn into a wolf like Seira or Elaine, then he would’ve already been eaten when she bit his finger. 

"Ang, ang.” 

Caitlin smiled as she heard them talking and pretending to bite the air. 

"Well, I really hope you don’t get eaten. 


It seemed like the two of them were speaking to reassure themselves. Chris arrived in front of Caitlin’s room and opened the door. It couldn’t be helped because Seira had been missing since the banquet. At any other time, Chris would’ve scolded Seira, but today was a special day. From the outset, they had been given permission to drink as much as they wanted. 

Instead of entered the room, Chris held the doorknob for a while. He looked at In-gong and said, 



In-gong turned to Chris. However, Chris didn’t say anything. Instead, he licked his lips a few times before shaking his head. 

“Nothing. Good night.” 



Chris smiled and stroked In-gong’s head roughly before entering the room. Although In-gong had grown a lot this year, this was possible because he was still shorter than Chris. Was Chris trying to say something? Instead of thinking deeply, In-gong returned to his room. If there was something he needed to know, Chris would tell him eventually. 

Apart from Seira, Carack was also missing. He could’ve called a dark elf maid, but In-gong entered his room alone. 

It was a strange feeling. Although he was nervous about joining Zephyr, at present, he was relaxed without any worries. This was why people drank alcohol. 

‘Let’s take a look at my stats.’ 

In-gong opened his status window and looked at the details. All his stats were over 100 points. 

‘There are a lot.’ 

His main occupation was Protagonist, but he also had the Dragon Warrior and Conquest Knight as secondary occupations. Thanks to Spiritualism, other specifics had been added. There were many special racial skills. 

'Well, I need to maintain aura, magic power, and divine power.’ 

Thanks to receiving the divinity of the gandharva, his divine power had reached a certain level. There was only one power left. 

‘There is nothing else to do.’ 

In-gong leisurely started searching through the status windows of his knights and activated several windows to see their various stats. 

‘I haven’t paid much attention to this.’ 

He often saw Carack and Green Wind’s status windows since they fought together quite often, but he had never really looked at Caitlin’s or Silvan’s after they joined the first time. 

'Well, they all have significant stats.’ 

This was as expected from the children of the demon king. It might be due to In-gong’s influence, but all of them had higher stats compared to their versions in Knight Saga. 

‘It is just like how Zephyr is several times stronger compared to the Zephyr in Knight Saga.’ 

Indeed, In-gong would be able to see how strong he was during the next mission. 

“And... huh?” 

In-gong’s eyes suddenly widened as he searched the status windows. It was because his eyes went to a part he hadn’t paid much attention to until now. 

[Name: Caitlin] 

[Species: Lycanthrope/Sura Mix] 

This was an obvious notation. It wasn’t strange. However, In-gong felt uncomfortable. 

[Name: Silvan] 

[Species: Dark Elf/Sura Mix] 

He looked through his memories. It was only recently that the details such as age or species were listed in the status windows of the knights. He hadn’t seen these details when he went to rescue Anastasia. 

‘No, no.’ 

The cause of his discomfort was elsewhere. It wasn’t because of new details. 

[Name: Felicia] 

[Species: Dark Elf/Sura Mix] 

[Name: Carack] 

[Species: Orc] 

[Name: Karma] 

[Species: Satyr] 

In-gong activated his status window hurriedly. 

[Name: Shutra Ignus] 

[Species: Divine Humanoid Gandharva] 

In-gong blinked. He took a deep breath and thought about it. 

This wasn’t because he was reborn as a divine humanoid. Previously, In-gong had ‘gandharva’ stated in that spot as his species. 

He wondered why he wasn’t a mix like the others. Why wasn’t ‘sura’ written there like the other children of the demon king? Caitlin, who wasn’t a child of the demon king, was also marked as mixed. In other words, a first generation mixed blood was indicated. 

Then something popped into his head. In-gong stood up at the thought. It explained why his status window only stated one species. 

‘A sin big enough to confine all the gandharva.’ 

Shutra wasn’t the child of the demon king. He didn’t have the blood of the demon king. It was baffling. This was an unexpected secret of his birth. However, if it was true, Shutra truly wasn’t a child of the demon king. 

Did the demon king know this? 

‘He knows.’ 

He remembered when he met the demon king. The demon king had called In-gong the child of 5th Queen Semita. He had never once called In-gong his own child. Moreover, if the sin of the gandharva really involved Shutra’s birth, then their punishment meant the demon king knew the truth. However, he didn’t know why the demon king accepted Shutra’s presence. Moreover, why had he given In-gong the Seed of Extreme Nothingness? 

“Shutra? Are you there?” 

He heard a voice outside the door. 

It was Felicia’s voice. 

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