Chapter 196 - Chapter 41: Discovery #2

Chapter 196 - Chapter 41: Discovery #2

"So, this is a fairy?” 

“Yes. One of the pieces, to be precise.” 

Habits were strange. The children of the demon king who belonged to Shutra’s faction gathered naturally in In-gong’s living room, and such habits didn’t change even when they arrived at the Dark Elves’ Palace. 

In-gong sat on the middle of a large sofa, while Chris examined Earth Quaker and the green jewel attached to it. 

“You really receive many things.” 

After receiving the Moonlight Core and dragon heart, it was the fairy. In-gong could also now become a gandharva god due to Spiritualism. Additionally, there were the four equipments from the elder dragons. Yet Chris didn’t feel envious. Did he truly not feel jealousy? 

'Indeed, I have been in first place for a long time, yet he hasn’t shown any jealousy.’ 

Chris had already cleansed his heart when he pushed In-gong as a candidate for the demon king. Therefore, Chris just laughed and seemed curious about the fairy itself. 

“Isn’t the fairy a magic power generator that is difficult to control?” 

"I don’t know if it is because the fairy is stained with my magic power or because it is stuck in Earth Quaker, but there is no problem with controlling it. The performance isn’t as good since it is just a piece, but it is still a powerful generator of magic power.” 

In-gong smiled and gently stroked the fairy embedded in Earth Quaker. The green light of the fairy shook like it was responding to In-gong’s touch. 

“If it has to be ranked, Earth Quaker is now the SSS rank, instead of SS rank. It has been through this Amita’s hands several times.” 

Amita tapped their chest proudly from their spot on a table, while their tail waved happily. Then In-gong sneaked a peek at Daphne before pulling a small bottle from his inventory. 

"Here it is. The Heavenly Wine as promised.” 

“Ohh! My treasure!” 

Amita accepted the small bottle and rubbed it against their cheek. It was a natural response after staying all up night for a couple of days to finish this work. Although Amita looked cute holding the small bottle, the way everyone was looking at Amita was strange. In particular, Chris’ expression was subtle. 

"Shutra, did you give this to the queen?” 

Chris was worried about symptoms of addiction. In-gong waved his hands lightly and reassured him. 

"It's okay. Hasn’t Hyung also tried it? Amita is unusual.” 

"Well, I’m glad... although I also feel slight regret.”  

If everyone was as addicted as Amita, then it would be a fearsome weapon. 

‘Indeed, Chris.’ 

In-gong understood Chris’ thoughts and smiled awkwardly. In fact, if he made the Heavenly Wine using the Pheromones ability, then it would truly become addictive like a drug. 

It had been a few days since the fog of magic power had disappeared. The pieces of the fairy had improved things, but the Dark Elves’ Palace and Sky Forest were still suffering from a lack of magic power. The transportation formation linked to the Demon King’s Palace wasn’t working, so they were dependent on support from the nearby dark elf cities. 

The good news was that Sylvia was improving quickly. Thanks to In-gong’s group taking care of any worries, she was able to rest comfortably for a few days. 

After the conversation about the fairy, it naturally shifted toward their future schedule. In the first place, they had only planned to stay in the Dark Elves’ Palace for a short while before heading to the north. It was now time to determine their movement path. 

Suddenly, In-gong got up from his seat and turned toward the window. 

“Sword Duke.” 

Everyone was puzzled by the sudden call, but it was only for a moment. The balcony doors opened as if in response to In-gong’s call and the sword duke appeared. 

“How great. Did you get new skills?” 

The sword duke said with a laugh. This was because In-gong noticed the sword duke’s arrival, unlike last time at his mansion. 

"Not enough to brag.” 

In-gong smiled as he replied. The change was the result of various skills being increased and the gaining of four levels after defeating the first fairy king. 

"Well, then..." 

The sword duke moved as he spoke casually. Despite the fact that the sword duke took one step, everyone missed it, except for one person. 

"Noona doesn’t like it.” 

In-gong stood in front of Felicia as the sword duke suddenly appeared in front of In-gong. He really was like a ghost. 


Instead of taking offense at In-gong’s words, the sword duke smiled joyfully. It was a situation where In-gong used Wind Style to catch up with the sword duke. 

Felicia realized the situation belatedly and said, 

“Huhu, our Shutra has become stronger. Don’t you think?” 

"Why is Noonim acting like you are the good one?” 

Chris grumbled, but Felicia just laughed. Caitlin muttered in a grouchy voice, 

"I like it...” 

However, the sword duke stepped back instead of heading toward Caitlin. 

“You are really strong. An impressive growth.” 


It was Felicia, not In-gong, who laughed triumphantly again. Instead of questioning Felicia again, Chris turned his attention toward the sword duke. It was unusual for the sword duke to appear here, instead of at the Demon King’s Palace. 

However, just as Chris was able to speak... Amita jumped on the table and cried out, 

“Sword Duke, what is going on?” 

"Am...ita? You have become cuter.” 

The sword duke said as he observed Amita who had gotten fatter. Amita blushed like their weakness was being stung and beat the table with their tail. 

“Shut up! What the hell is going on?" 

Amita knew about the sword duke and the Sanctuary to some extent. For the sword duke to appear at a location far away from the Demon King’s Palace... it probably had something to do with the Sanctuary. 

The sword duke frowned and said in a subdued voice, 

“There is a place I need to go with Prince.” 

"Are you taking Shutra again?” 

Felicia interrupted quickly. The sword duke shook his head. 

"I don’t need to do that this time. However, it is obvious that I am going to a dangerous place.” 

The atmosphere in the room became heavy at the sword duke’s words. While their mouths were stunned shut, the sword duke turned toward In-gong. 

“Prince, I found out where the body of Shutenberg is.” 

In-gong nodded. He had already guessed that’s what it would be about when the sword duke appeared out of nowhere. Rather, it was Felicia who responded to the name Shutenberg. 

"Shutenberg? Surely not the Arch Lich, Shutenberg?” 

"That’s right.” 

Felicia covered her face and sighed at the sword duke’s confirmation. Chris was suspicious of her reaction and asked straight away,

“Noonim, can you tell me a bit more?” 

"Shutenberg is a figure from the Era of Struggle. He was the king of a small kingdom, a monster who sacrificed the lives of his people to gain power. Do you know about the Half King?” 

"The Half King!” 

Chris exclaimed with surprise. Among the evils in the Era of Struggle, there was one notorious creature. He hadn’t appeared throughout history for 1,000 years and was known to have already died. If the opponent was the Half King Shutenberg, then Chris could understand why the sword duke was going directly. 

"Then was the disappearance last time also related to Shutenberg?” 


The sword duke answered Felicia’s question before looking around at everyone in the room. 

“I am going to get rid of him. I’ve already received permission from the demon king for 9th Prince to accompany me. Do the other princes and princesses want to go along?” 

This time he wasn’t going to the Sanctuary, so there was no need to disqualify the other royal children. 

Silvan eagerly expressed his intention to participate, but Chris hesitated. However, after Felicia and Caitlin agreed, Chris also stated his intention to join. He felt like he needed to go along to protect Caitlin, rather than In-gong. 

"Sword Duke, are we the only ones coming along?” 

Half King Shutenberg was known for being a powerful magician. If he was alive, then he would likely have mighty forces. Even if the sword duke was with them, she had no choice but to feel uneasy. 

At Felicia’s worried question, the sword duke turned to In-gong and said,

“2nd Prince will join.” 


The Demon World was too wide. There were many uncharted lands within the territory of the Demon King’s Palace. 

If he had to discuss the northern part of the Demon World, it could be defined as a large diamond. 

Aegis Gate and the area around it, located in the north direction of the diamond, was the most dangerous area in the Demon World, and virtually nothing outside of military facilities existed there. 

The further south from Aegis Gate, the lower the risk would be. The Northern Limit Line was the same everywhere in the north, but the enemies who crossed over were different. 

The centaurs and Enger Plains belonged to the southern part of the diamond. In the diamond form, if a line descended straight from the vertex of the northernmost point, then it would touch a place in the lower corner. 

Sky Forest, located to the north of the Demon King’s Palace, was also located in the northern part of the diamond. 

The sword duke said that the location of Shutenberg’s body was located at a point to the southwest of Sky Forest, beyond the limit line. The story would change depending on the route, but it was possible to go through Enger Plains. 

After a rough talk, the sword duke went to meet Sylvia, while each of the demon king’s children returned to their own rooms to pack. 

Once he was left alone, In-gong sat on the couch and looked at the mini-map. 

‘I will fight with Zephyr.’ 

Zephyr, the protagonist of the Demon World in Knight Saga and the worst demon who killed all his siblings and the demon king in order to reach the throne of the demon king... 

Not just Caitlin and Felicia, but Anastasia was also quite different from Knight Saga. What about Zephyr? Was the Zephyr of this world a cold-blooded murderer like the one in Knight Saga? 

In-gong had only met him a few times. Despite this, they hadn’t even had a proper conversation. 

In-gong closed his eyes slowly and remembered what he had thought when he first opened his eyes in this world. 

His challenge was to avoid the Day of Massacre. He would become stronger in order to live. However, that idea had changed. He wanted to protect Caitlin and Felicia. But it wasn’t just them. He wanted to protect Chris, Silvan, and everyone else he had become attached to. 

The sword duke had said that...

Shutenberg was the biggest enemy threatening the Sanctuary. If he was removed, then the sword duke didn’t need to worry about the Sanctuary for the moment. Meanwhile, the children of the demon king and the captains were also gathering in the north. 

The demon king was starting a campaign beyond the Northern Limit Line. Additionally, Cruel Talia’s lair was somewhere in the north. The eastern barbarians said that the War Knight was heading north. So, it was highly likely that the Death Knight was also located in the north. 

Conquest… The purpose of the white woman and the elder dragons was to overthrow the War Knight and Death Knight. 

All these variables were being concentrated in the north. Shutenberg, the Sanctuary, the War Knight, and the Death Knight... 

In the past, the Death Knight had aimed at Zephyr. Why had he pursued Zephyr? What method was the Death Knight and War Knight using to bring about the end of the world? 

In-gong remembered the first fairy king, and Torres’ words from the Dragon Temple entered his head. Yet that was only a piece of the whole. However, in the near future, all the pieces would fit together. 

“Prince, what are you thinking about so intently?” 


In-gong opened his eyes and looked at Carack, who looked at In-gong with worried eyes as he sat beside him. 

"Were you falling asleep?’ 


"Your spirit isn’t looking good. Drink some cold water.” 

Carack handed him a bucket he pulled from somewhere. It was filled with cold water. 

"And the reason for this...” 

Carack hesitated again before smiling and knocking against In-gong’s shoulder. 

“Don’t worry. Prince will be able to get the job done as always.” 

There was no basis other than faith for this. In-gong put down the bucket after drinking the water and looked at Carack, causing him to jump up quickly. 

“I don’t know why you are making that disgusting expression, but I came to wake you up, so I am going. 

Then he really tried to leave. In-gong laughed and called out to Carack’s back. 

“Carack! You know that I love you, right?” 

"Prince, I'm sorry, but I like women. I respectfully decline.” 

Carack waved his hand and left hurriedly. Then a new voice entered his ears like it had been waiting. 

‘Master, I like Master. I am also a woman.' 

Green Wind became solid and spoke to In-gong. In-gong stroked Green Wind’s head and gave her a cheery smile. 

Then the next morning... 

With everyone on board, the Black Flame Dragon left Sky Forest and headed north. 

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