Chapter 193 - Chapter 40: To the North #2

Chapter 193 - Chapter 40: To the North #2

“So, why is there a bite?” 

"Slightly, just slightly.” 

In-gong avoided Carack’s gaze and raised his finger. There was a clean lycanthrope bite on it. 

Although In-gong had agreed, his flesh was too hard for Caitlin at first. In-gong already had a durability figure which was over 100 points, so his skin was incomparable to Villager A. 

Carack looked at In-gong’s wound with a surprised face and laughed. 

"You must have been surprised. 

In-gong had been bitten suddenly. However, he just shook his head. 

"I think Caitlin noona was even more surprised. She did it unconsciously while struggling.” 

Her expression while it happened had been really cute. The way Caitlin bit In-gong accidentally and was even more startled than he was… It reminded him of a puppy from his childhood. 

‘It is really the same.’ 

Caitlin was pretty cute. In-gong continued thinking that word. Then Carack narrowed his eyes and said with a serious voice, 

"Prince, don’t you think it is more dangerous if you keep thinking that?” 

“I-Is that so?" 

The boat might have already sailed. It sounded like a joke, but unconsciously, it didn’t really seem like one. 

“Sniff, sniff. By the way, Prince’s smell seems to have weakened?” 

Even though he was pretty close, the smell was thin and delicate. If the person smelling it wasn’t within a really close distance or concentrating like Carack was now, it would be hard to know that the scent originated from In-gong. This hadn’t been the case a few days ago. Previously, just by going near him, one would smell like a flower garden. 

In-gong answered with a smile, 

"I’m controlling it.” 

"That scent... it was the aroma from your body?” 


"And now, you’re controlling it?” 

"That’s right.” 

In-gong himself was surprised. Perhaps this fragrance was the result of the skill ‘ Heavenly Wine’. Although the gandharva smelt good, In-gong’s scent was on a serious level. 

‘Plus, there is more.’ 

Thanks to the unidentified skill effect of Pheromones, his scent was able to be buried somewhat in the pheromones. It could be used to excite or calm a person. 

‘Anyway, I don’t have to worry about being eaten now.’ 

In-gong nodded with satisfaction, but Carack was still looking at him like something was strange. 

"Well, that is a good thing. As 6th Princess would say, you are still a prince.” 

“Yes, so let’s move on.” 

In-gong was already very different from ordinary gandharva. He had a ‘Protagonist Correction’, separate from other gandharva. 

“Then Prince, do you know why something this big happened?” 

Carack’s expression changed as he turned to a new topic. It was a very important story, so In-gong’s expression became serious as well. 

"Just before the specter of the fairy king appeared, I saw a blue aura coming from the fairy king’s tomb.” 

"Is it like what we saw at Thunderdoom Fortress?” 

Their memories of that time were intense because it had been a desperate crisis. In-gong nodded. 

"Yes, this might be related to that power. 

Carack had accompanied In-gong and encountered the energy of Death. He didn’t know what a Death Knight was, but he knew that the strong energy of Death was blue. 

"Hmm, then isn’t there something strange?” 


"If the power of Death was used specifically to resurrect the fairy king... why now?” 

Carack scratched his chin and tilted his head to the side. In-gong couldn’t understand the question. 

"What... does that mean?” 

"Well, I mean, why? Yesterday, the power of the fog in Sky Forest was normal for Sky Forest. If they wanted to target Sky Forest, wouldn’t it be better when the princes, princesses and 3rd Queen wasn’t present? Or at least wait until the princes and princesses have left. I would have done it like that.” 

It was a reasonable opinion. If their purpose was to destroy Sky Forest or to use the specter of the fairy king, then doing it yesterday had been a really poor choice. 

"Well, that might not be the only variable involved. It might not be possible to resurrect the fairy king any time they wanted.” 

It was the ghost of the first fairy king, so resurrecting him wouldn’t be an easy task. 

‘Moreover, he is stronger compared to the version of him in Knight Saga.’ 

In Knight Saga, the first fairy king didn’t use the magic fog of Sky Forest. However, yesterday’s fairy king could only be described as a demonic god. 

‘Master, the talking raccoon has come.’ 

In-gong heard Green Wind’s voice while he was thinking. Green Wind was still exhausted from yesterday, so she wasn’t in her semi-solid state. 

'Are you in pain?’ 

‘I’m okay, Master. I am just saving my strength. I’ll be okay soon.’ 

As he exchanged words with Green Wind, the door opened. Just as Green Wind said, Amita showed up with Daphne and Karma behind them. 

“Is your body okay? You aren’t hurt anywhere?” 

In-gong expressed his concern for Amita. Daphne laughed softly. 

"I have heard about Prince’s performance. Thank you, Your Highness. You saved everyone.” 

Daphne and Karma greeted him politely. In-gong’s heart warmed at their words. 

"I’m glad that Daphne and Karma are safe. Amita as well.” 

He was truly relieved to see that all three of them were safe. Then Amita came up to the bed and said, 

"Hum, hum. Prince, there is something I want to talk about.” 

“What is it?” 

"It is simply a feeling, but it seems like this incident is related to the attacks on the guardians.” 

Amita didn’t seem to just be talking about the purple energy or blue energy. Carack also felt the difference as he folded his arms. 

"Raccoon, the fog isn’t a guardian. Oh, maybe the big ghost of the fairy king is the guardian?” 

They knew about the events where the guardians of various places had been attacked by the monsters covered with purple energy. 

"Well, I don’t know about that. Like I said, it is simply a feeling.” 

Amita responded as their ears and tail moved. It seemed like they had no confidence either. Then Carack added, 

"Raccoon, it seems plausible, but Sky Forest hasn’t become a desert. Is there any more specific evidence?” 

"No, I told you that it’s just my feeling! Why are you taking it so seriously?!” 

Amita burst out angrily. 

'Carack is right but...’ 

In-gong was nervous. He didn’t forget that Amita wasn’t an ordinary raccoon. Amita had defended the last flame for many years, so he couldn’t ignore Amita’s senses. Carack folded his arms and was about to say something else. 

Then at that moment... 

“Your Highness.” 

Amita opened the door to reveal a dark elf. It was Felicia’s aide, Delia. 


Carack stated in a nice voice. Delia greeted Carack with her eyes, but the expressions on both their faces were unusual. 

‘Is Delia the winner of the contest for Carack? Doesn’t Seira seem like she still has a chance?’ 

As In-gong was thinking this, Delia approached the bed. 

"Your Highness, the queen is looking for you.” 

“The queen? Has she woken up?” 

"Yes, she just woke up. She said she has something to share with Prince. It is possible to visit her now.” 

In-gong was half lying on the bed, but his stamina had already recovered. So, he nodded and said,

"I understand, I will go right away. Just wait a moment.” 

It was natural that he needed to be prepared to meet the queen. Delia expressed her gratitude and stepped back from the bed. However, instead of putting on clothes like everyone expected, In-gong started pulling things out of his inventory. 

"Prince, what are you doing?” 


In-gong took out the Heavenly Wine previously made for Sylvia as well as the highest quality elixir. He instantly mixed them together. The combination of magic power, divinity, and Dragon Words made it an incomparable mixture. 

'Come to think of it, if I create new blood, will it have a better effect and taste?’

Both Divinity and Heavenly Wine had levelled up. However, it was too cumbersome to make a new Heavenly Wine right now. There were too many eyes. As soon as In-gong opened the bottle of Heavenly Wind, Amita sniffed and jumped up. 

“Heok! Are you mixing that good drink with the elixir?!” 

"It is because the queen is precious. She played a really big role in this fight.” 

If it hadn’t been for Sylvia, then he wouldn’t have won against the fairy king. Sylvia had collapsed from depleting her magic power, so he wanted to give her more. 

"I-I also tried!” 

Amita shouted. Both eyes were fixed on the Heavenly Wine. 

"Well, Amita also played an active role.” 

“T-that's right.” 

Amita’s tail waved fiercely at In-gong’s words. In-gong patted Amita lightly on the head and said, 

“Well done.” 

Then he once again focused on the combination. After 10 seconds or so...

Amita angrily pounded the floor with their tail. 


After preparing the new Heavenly Wine, In-gong changed clothes with Carack’s help. He walked along with Karma and Daphne, who was holding Amita, but it wasn’t an exaggeration to say that Delia and Carack were leading the way. 

Contrary to expectations, Delia headed to the top floor, instead of Sylvia’s room. As soon as Sylvia woke up, she had insisted on going to the throne on the top floor. The evidence of yesterday’s horror remained all over the palace. The number of dark elves walking around the palace was also greatly reduced. In front of the office on the top floor, there were guards standing with stiff faces. However, it wasn’t just due to fatigue and tension. 

‘They are still worried.’ 

Sylvia was a very beloved queen, so it was likely the guards’ expressions were due to Sylvia. 

"The queen is waiting. Go in comfortably.” 

A leader of the dark elf guards said to In-gong. The leader knew the whole story regarding yesterday, so he had very favourable feelings toward In-gong. In-gong headed into the office. The structure of the room meant that all eyes went to Sylvia on the throne as soon as they entered. 


Felicia spoke from next to the throne, but she didn’t run in his direction. In-gong looked at Sylvia next to her. Her complexion was pale, and she seemed to have no strength. 

“Your Majesty the Queen.” 

In-gong approached the podium and bowed. Every one except Amita followed his example, and Sylvia gave a pained smile. 

Then at that moment... 

In-gong suddenly looked up at the sky. Just like yesterday, the ceiling was open, and he could see a clear sky without any clouds. The cause of his sudden action was the white woman. She didn’t voice it, but In-gong could see it. The white woman was looking at the sky. She felt something. Everyone was confused by In-gong’s sudden action except for Sylvia. Her smile widened as she said, 

“As expected from Shutra. You already noticed.” 


Felicia asked Sylvia what she meant. Instead of answering, Sylvia chanted a song-like spell. 

It was using Sylvia’s magic power, rather than the palace’s. Felicia was nervous about Sylvia’s condition but fortunately, it wasn’t a big burden. As Sylvia’s recitation continued, sparkling lights started to pour down from the sky. It was like looking at stars in the middle of the day. 

The dancing lights descended from the sky and reached Sylvia’s thighs. In-gong followed the light and could see what it was. It was a crystal of magic power which had been broken and divided into several pieces. 

This was a fairy. 

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