Chapter 191 - Chapter 39: Ghosts #6

Chapter 191 - Chapter 39: Ghosts #6

The elder dragons’ equipment were meant for Drakon Kechatulla, not the elder dragons themselves. 

So, Recorder Torres had started thinking. The Conquest Knight would be the next generation’s Drakon Kechatulla. Simultaneously, they would have the power to subjugate and conquer all things, which meant they would be able to manage the various equipment of the elder dragons. 

Thus, Recorder Torres had made his equipment for one purpose. 

It would collect... collect and amplify. 

This was El Ragra— 

The Ring of Conquest. 


The demonic god looked at In-gong. The fairy shone, and there was a burst of magic power. It pushed at the magic power of the palace which Sylvia was using. 

Sylvia screamed, but she didn’t fall down. Instead of falling, she glared at the demonic god. As queen of the dark elves, she had to do her best. Darkness enveloped the palace. She didn’t even hold back any magic power to maintain the lighting of the palace. All the magic power of the palace was being used to pressure the demonic god. 

Sylvia’s body trembled, and the clothes she wore were dirty with blood. 

From the beginning, the magic power of the palace was connected to the magic fog. The destruction of the magic strongholds which strengthened the magic fog also affected the palace. The palace was quickly being exhausted of its magic power, so it was impossible to push back the demonic god like this. 

However, she could buy some time. The demonic god swung its arms, but Sylvia used the magic power of the palace to restrict it from moving freely. 

In-gong took a deep breath. He triggered the power of El Ragra and faced the demonic god. The magic power was fluctuating. There were screams, and it seemed like the sky was going to fall down. 

A golden light sprang from Earth Quaker, followed by a bright green light from White Eagle and a dark blue light from Night Watch. In his god state, In-gong activated Dragon Blood. Dragon Style and magic power poured out from the dragon heart. 

He formed a fist. The first thing which came out of the end of his fist was aura. Magic power was added and then divinity. The aura became a white ring. It floated slowly over his fist, and a green ring of magic power was created. Dhrtarastra, the gandharva divinity, was a gold and black ring on top. 

Three rings were spinning above his fist. They were getting larger and faster. His aura hearts pounded so roughly that it felt like they would all burst. 

The demonic god noticed this. The power growing on In-gong’s fist was so terrifying that even the demonic god started to feel threatened. Although it had shrunk by half, it was still more than 100 meters in diameter, and lightning poured down from it. 


It was a splendid sight. The night seemed to split apart and fall to the ground, while Sylvia’s maids raised their hands to their heads and cried. Sylvia unleashed the barrier of magic power to block the rain of lightning. She felt an intense pain every time lightning struck the barrier, but she didn’t fall. 

Chris looked up at the sky. The sight of the lightning was fearsome. Even the ghosts which covered the ground were astonished and couldn’t move. Chris moved violently between the ghosts, then he looked up at the sky and shouted loudly, 



The Black Flame Dragon rode the wind. It moved almost vertically and passed the point where the demonic god’s magic power and Sylvia’s magic power were colliding. 

The three rings above In-gong’s right hand became one. 

Silvan took off his eyepatch and raised his fist which contained the power of the fairy! 


There was a loud roar from the Black Flame Dragon as it moved among the lightning bolts. A pillar of red light penetrated the rain of lightning and struck the demonic god.

While the demonic god shook, Caitlin kicked the air as she hugged Felicia, who was using flying magic. The Starlight Core was reacting. Sensing this, Caitlin Moonlight released all her aura. 


In-gong pulled back his fist. Green Wind hugged In-gong from behind and conveyed the power of White Eagle. An enormous amount of magic power from Abseltur’s heart entered In-gong. 

The rain of lightning stopped, and Sylvia coughed up blood. The demonic god smashed the red pillar with his arms, and Silvan fell to his knees before activating the fairy again. He regained his vigour and launched another attack at the demonic god. 

Then Carack and Seira looked up at the sky as a light streaked across. The lightning thrown by the demonic god struck the Black Flame Dragon, while the red pillar pierced its shoulder.

Sylvia finally completely depleted the magic power of the palace. 

In-gong pulled back his fist. As the demonic god grabbed its shoulder, it saw In-gong. Its remaining hand stretched out and used the power of the magic vortex. Then the demonic god grabbed a huge lightning bolt. 

Chris took a deep breath. Felicia called out Silvan’s name. Caitlin grabbed her chest and focused on the Starlight Core. 

It was at that moment that...

The demonic god threw the lightning bolt toward In-gong. 

In-gong shouted using Dragon Words. Lightning and divinity rushed angrily toward each other. 

A white light extended from In-gong’s fist. Strengthened by the tricolour rings, the white light penetrated El Ragra’s golden ring. The power was amplified. The white pillar of light grew and collided with the lightning, shattering the lightning and thunder. 

The pillar of light didn’t stop there. It stretched out and reached the magic vortex. As the pillar of light passed, the demonic god tried to stretch out an arm to stop it. However, it didn’t stop. In-gong’s attack wasn’t over yet! 


He let out a fierce Dragon Word containing all of his will. Then In-gong grabbed his right arm with his left hand and swung his right arm. The gigantic pillar of light split apart and attacked both the demonic god and the magic vortex. 


The pillar of light split the magic vortex apart. The demonic god caught the pillar of light with one hand, and In-gong burned with his divinity. He released all the power he had as the divine humanoid of Dhrtarastra. 

The white woman shouted from In-gong’s soul, and Green Wind roared along with In-gong. 

The demonic god had already consumed a lot of power and couldn’t hold on anymore. The arm of the demonic god was destroyed by the pillar of light, and the pillar tore through the magic fog. It stretched out and cut through the demonic god and the sky! 

Kwang! Kwang! Kwang! Kwang!

The magic vortex exploded, and the thunderstorm continued. The demonic god couldn’t keep its shape anymore. Then there was a gigantic flash which erased the night. The pillar of light also crumbled. In-gong panted as he held his right arm, and Green Wind had consumed so much power that she could not maintain her solid state anymore. 

In-gong swallowed his saliva. His Spiritualism was now released, and the long black hair scattered in the wind, while the golden eyes returned to their original red colour. He felt like he was dying. This was something he definitely didn’t want to do twice. 

In-gong stretched and waited. Then the clear voice of a woman resonated in his head. 

[Your level has risen.] 

The voice sounded more exhausted than usual. As the white light, which signalled a level up, surrounded him, the woman’s pained voice continued, 

[Your level has risen.] 

[Your level has risen.] 

[Your level has risen.] 

[Title: Fresh Slayer (Beginner) has been acquired.] 

[You have acquired the rights to create volumes of Divine Sura Authority.] 

[The level of Divinity has risen.] 

[The level of Heavenly Wine has risen.] 

[The level of Divine Scent has risen.] 

[The level of Pheromones has risen.] 

In-gong laughed at the last sentence. He regained his physical strength, but he was so tired that he wanted to sleep. Therefore, In-gong relied on Night Watch and White Eagle to bring his body down. He then closed his eyes and heard Felicia’s and Caitlin’s voices from afar. 


The demonic god were destroyed. 

The power left behind by the first fairy king was now diminished, and the magic strongholds which had strengthened the magic fog were destroyed. 

The meaning of that wasn’t small. 


The Black Flame Dragon crash landed. Its proud black wings were broken, but the body itself was relatively unharmed. 

Silvan leaned back against the control panel and covered the fairy with his right hand. Thanks to the power of Conquest, it was already stabilized. 

As Silvan sighed with relief, his left eye focused on something else. Chris was approaching. 


In-gong’s body, wrapped in Night Watch, descended slowly and reached the top floor of the palace. 

Caitlin, who had been running through the air, rushed toward In-gong. Felicia jumped from Caitlin’s arms and burst into tears as she hugged In-gong. After seeing In-gong’s face, she felt relief that it was over. Her tension was released, and she didn’t hesitate to collapse to the ground. 

Instead of sitting down like Felicia, Caitlin stood. However, her tension was released as well. 

Sylvia looked at Felicia and Caitlin from the throne. She had lost so much blood that her vision was blurry. Additionally, she was worried about the state of Sky Forest after being separated from the fog of magic power. 

Instead of standing up, Sylvia lay on the throne. It was because she couldn’t feel Sky Forest. 


Daphne and Karma hugged each other with relief, while Amita sighed as their ears and tail sagged. 

Why had the ghost of the fairy king run wild at this time? What did it mean? 

Amita once again recalled Kafran, guardian of Spider Forest. 


The person who was moving hastily stopped in his place, and he wasn’t alone. The two people with him also looked up at the sky blankly. They were Beatrice, the incarnation of Mother Earth, and Mercenary King Carlov, called the greatest warrior on the continent. 

The night was split apart. It was the only way to describe the sight they saw. 

Warrior Locke, who was at the forefront, gulped. He knew it was due to Drakon Kechatulla. 

The one who had cut through the night was a Drakon Kechatulla, just like Locke. 

It was the Demon World’s Drakon Kechatulla. 

No, that wasn’t all. Locke felt divinity as well. It was clearly divine power. 

He couldn’t help laughing. It was a smile filled with resilience and relief. 

“Truly a monster.” 

According to Queian, his teacher and father, the Drakon Kechatulla created by the Demon World... was the Conquest Knight. 

Locke grabbed the Warrior’s Sword at his waist without knowing it. He stood and stared up at the night sky. 

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