Chapter 190 - Chapter 39: Ghosts #5

Chapter 190 - Chapter 39: Ghosts #5

There was someone looking up, and he started moving as he watched from a distance. 


In-gong’s black hair... It was long, like a stroke of the night sky had been drawn. The white divinity was like the sun. However, instead of being dispelled, the specter of the fairy king released magic power. 

Divinity and magic power clashed. They pushed each other, causing flashes of light and a deafening roar in the process. 

The fairy king roared angrily, and In-gong also shouted without hesitation. He pulled back a fist and gathered aura and divinity together. 

While In-gong was doing this, Green Wind defended him. As a goddess of the wind through Apostle Appointment, she stood beside In-gong, who had awakened as a gandharva god, and pushed with her own strength. 

The fairy king was powerful, but In-gong’s divinity was also powerful. Moreover, divinity was a direct power. It was the nemesis of those who twisted the natural world. Green Wind pushed out with her unique magic power, while the white divinity pressured the fairy king. 

‘Don’t waste time.’

In-gong had to settle it here. The damage which had already occurred was enormous. Additionally, the vortex of magic power in the sky needed to be resolved as well. In-gong shouted and punched out with a fist which contained the power of destruction. 

However, at this moment, when he was about to attack, time seemed like it was stopped. Sylvia looked up at the sky and screamed. Despite the fairy king in front of them, Green Wind and In-gong were forced to look up. 

The sky had opened. Thunder and lightning struck around the giant magic vortex which was several hundred meters in diameter, and something extended from its center. It was a huge arm of light—a huge mass of overwhelming magic power. 


The giant’s fist pierced through the vortex and headed straight toward the palace. In-gong broke off from his thoughts and immediately turned his body. He held Kalteins’ equipment, Night Watch in his hand, and the blue cloth swelled up and created momentum. 

In-gong looked at the magic vortex. The massive arm was in the center, and it didn’t end with just one arm. He could guess what was beyond it. 


While everyone was frozen, there was a shout. A black flying ship rose from the outside of the palace. 

It was the Black Flame Dragon. Fire poured from the dark elf ship, and a red column of light poured out from the majestic masthead at the front. However, it didn’t reach. Just before it reached the giant arm, the red column of light twisted and headed to another place. It was pushed elsewhere, away from the ridiculously strong magic power. The twisted red pillar shot to the edge of the vortex created by the magic fog, and it was absorbed as well. 

The Black Flame Dragon turned in midair. This wasn’t due to fear of the giant arm but to prepare for a second attack. However, the giant arm didn’t stay still. As it grabbed the air, golden magic power formed. It was like lightning. 

Everyone looked at the sky, and they couldn’t even scream. Lightning, the purest power, poured from the sky like a punishment from the gods! The giant arm sprinkled lightning, and it rained down toward the palace. The moment that the catastrophe approached... 

In-gong moved. He poured his attack toward the lightning. 

"Tr-ue Des-truct-ion!” 

It was the white of destruction against the golden lightning. The power of the Great Enkidu exploded along with the divinity. The explosion occurred in the sky. 

Intense light erased the night. It was a white darkness that blinded everyone. The roar disturbed their ears, and the aftermath of the destruction caused the two powers to splinter into hundreds of pieces. The moment passed, and the white light disappeared again. The giant arm was pushed back, and In-gong stumbled in the air. 

Thunder struck, while Green Wind hugged In-gong from behind and supported him. The figure of the fairy king had become blurred. 

In-gong, who shared his senses with Green Wind, understood immediately. 

It already existed. The specter of the fairy king and the vortex in the sky were already one. 

The loud sound of thunder tore through the sky, and another arm stretched from the center of the vortex. The two arms spread apart across the vortex as if it were a hole. The sky opened, and from the center of the vortex, a head was exposed. 

It looked at In-gong as it also looked down at the palace from above. 


The runaway spirits all looked at the same place. Even the ghosts, who were howling with hatred, shut up and raised their heads to the sky. 

Amita knew. It was invisible, but they could feel it. There was also a deity... In-gong and a god created by magic power. 

The last flame whispered to Amita. They trembled with fear as their tail sagged down. 

Silence enveloped the palace, and there was a group running in there. 


Felicia shouted from Chris’ shoulder. Chris, who had barely reached the top floor, stared up at the sky, while Caitlin’s mouth dropped open. However, thanks to the flag of light that Carack was holding, they weren’t overwhelmed. The power of Conquest didn’t allow them to be ruled by something else. 

Felicia’s call broke the silence, and Sylvia regained her spirit. She remembered a piece of knowledge which had been buried deep in her memories. 

That was a demonic god. The first fairy king had prepared it to defend the land of the dark elves. 

In fact, this was the first time he had actually shown up. The second fairy ruler, the eldest daughter of the fairy king, had an unexpected death. The original plan had been for her to complete the magic spell which the first fairy king had failed to complete. 

Sylvia continued thinking, then she made a decision as a queen. 

‘Give up the fog of Sky Forest.’ 

The fog of magic power originally existed in Sky Forest, but it wasn’t at this scale in the beginning. The first fairy king had strengthened the magic fog. The magic power harvested from the dark elves who lived in the Sky Forest was also added to the magic fog. 

At first, it was insignificant. However, thousands of years had passed, and the magic power in the fog was now incomparable to what it had been originally. The magic fog had acted as a solid barrier which protected Sky Forest for thousands of years. As queen of the dark elves, Sylvia knew this. However, she had to give it up. The power of the magic fog had to be crushed in order to stop the demon god in front of her eyes. 

Sylvia didn’t worry and made her decision at that moment. The tree branches covered Sylvia’s entire body on the throne. At that moment, dozens of message magic spread at the same time. 

-Destroy the strongholds of magic hidden in Sky Forest. Disrupt the magic power that is strengthening the fog and break the power of the magic fog itself.

Chris opened his eyes. His political knowledge meant he immediately understood the decision Sylvia had made and what it meant. Felicia stared at Sylvia, who exclaimed decisively, 


There was no time. They didn’t know when the second attack of the demonic god would come. Nobody knew if In-gong could stop it again. 

Chris and Caitlin exchanged glances. Sylvia's message stated that there were five magic strongholds. So, they had to move individually to destroy the strongholds scattered throughout Sky Forest. 

Chris threw Felicia, who he had been carrying on his shoulder, toward Caitlin. Caitlin snatched Felicia, who then hugged Caitlin’s neck tightly and cast a flying spell. Caitlin looked up at In-gong one more time before throwing herself out the window. 

Chris was no different. He breathed in deeply and concentrated on the lycanthrope blood flowing through his body. After the battle with Gerard, he had triggered a new power. As a mixed race, he didn’t have a complete Beast Form. However, it was possible to bring out the power of the beast. Chris' teeth and claws sharpened, and the muscles of his body swelled. The golden hairs growing on his body also became more abundant. Chris threw himself out the window without any flying magic. He ran down the outer wall and reached the ground in an instant. 

Carack moved with Seira. His method of moving to the ground was like Chris’, but it was much more intense and rough. Seira used Beast Form on Carack’s back and glared at the ghosts and undead covering the ground. 

Three of the five strongholds were set. The Black Flame Dragon was headed toward the fourth magic stronghold. The last place would be left to the guards. They bowed to Sylvia and immediately left the office. 

There were now only a few people were left on the top floor with Sylvia. The tree branches stretching from the throne didn’t stop at Sylvia’s body but pierced her skin. 

Sylvia looked up at the sky and concentrated the remaining power of the palace in one place. She watched the confrontation between the demonic god and In-gong. 


In-gong understood Sylvia’s plan. The only thing left was to buy some time. He needed to protect the Dark Elves’ Palace from the ruthless power of the demonic god. 

The demonic god was like a man hanging upside down. His huge upper body was emerging from the center of the magic vortex. The distance between the head of the demonic god and the top floor of the palace was only dozens of meters, and the upper body of the demon god was much larger than the top floor of the palace. It could literally crush the top floor with one hand if it reached out. 

In-gong laughed bitterly. The thought of running away didn’t cross his mind at all.

Since when had this happened? Was it because Sylvia, Amita, Daphne and Karma were in the palace? 


The white woman shouted. In-gong nodded and drew on the power of divinity. He gathered the power of Conquest, magic power, aura, and divinity together. 


In-gong rose up. The demonic god only had one eye. A light shone in the place where the right eye should be, similar to the fairy. 


In-gong combined Dragon Breath with Dragon Words and aimed it at the demonic god. The demonic god shouted, and an equally mighty magic power started to split apart the Dragon Breath from that end. 



In-gong roared, and the Dragon Breath became bigger. A tight war was waged against the demonic god’s magic power. 

The fairy inside the demonic god glowed, and the Dragon Breath started splitting apart faster. Sylvia created a huge shield using the power of the palace. In-gong broke the link with Dragon Breath and used Blink. 

Dragon Breath was completely smashed into dozens of pieces. Sylvia staggered as the demonic god’s magic power hit the shield, while the demonic god used the fairy, instead of predicting where In-gong’s Blink would end up. Hundreds of lightning bolts poured down from the magic vortex. 

The moment that In-gong appeared, lightning struck. Green Wind moved White Eagle hurriedly and set up a powerful force field. In the middle of the rain of lightning, In-gong gritted his teeth. 


The lightning struck the ground. The spirits started to run wild again, and the ghosts cried out. The dark elves in Sky Forest fell to the ground and trembled. 


Green Wind shrieked with pain while still maintaining the strong force field in the lightning. In-gong used Blink once again. Immediately after escaping from the rain of lightning, he used his last Dragon Breath. The demon god reached out immediately. The demonic god slid both hands over the light pillar and tried to grab it. 

Green Wind hugged In-gong from behind as he roared with all his strength. His strong willpower and emotions strengthened the Dragon Words! 

Kwa kwang!

There was a sudden explosion from the magic vortex. However, it was different from the thunder. The magic vortex weakened. The pace was slowed down, but it definitely decreased in scale. 

Silvan... It was the result of destroying one of the magic strongholds which strengthened the magic fog. Now, only four remained. 

The demonic god swung its arms. Dragon Breath started to split apart once again. The fairy shone, and In-gong roared! 


Dragon Breath was smashed, but this time, it worked. The demonic god shrieked as its two arms were deflected. In-gong quickly pulled out the Heavenly Wind and an elixir from his inventory. 

Lightning once again rained from the sky. This time, it was close to an indiscriminate bombing as it struck the ground and palace, not In-gong. However, Sylvia’s barrier blocked the rain of lightning. The demonic god cried out louder and waved its arms in the air, causing the magic vortex to swirl rapidly again. Thousands of specters emerged from the swirling fog and rushed to the ground. 

This was the demonic god’s instinct. It realized that there were people trying to weaken the magic vortex which was its source. In-gong breathed in and grabbed his right arm with his left hand. He thought he would die from the successive Dragon Breaths, but he had to draw the demonic god’s attention. 

Then Dragon Blood kicked in. In-gong used the power of the elder dragons contained in their equipment. He rushed through the air toward the demonic god. Simultaneously, the demonic god stretched out its hands toward In-gong. This caused the lightning, which was aiming for the ground, to change direction and head toward In-gong. 

“Green Wind!” 

White Eagle and Black Eagle separated. Black Eagle became Alpha and Beta, which meant three shields now revolved around In-gong. The lightning bounced off, and the demonic god aimed its hand directly at In-gong. 

Kwa kwang!

The magic vortex shook again. This was a result of the destruction of the second magic stronghold. The demonic god screamed, and In-gong used Blink to avoid its hands. As he rushed toward the demonic god, he added additional parts to Earth Quaker. 

“Gigantic Piston—!” 

A giant fist of aura struck the demonic god’s chest. 

The demonic god’s large upper body was broken, but In-gong wasn’t safe. The magic power emitted by the demonic god pushed at In-gong’s whole body. The demonic god quickly reached out and caught In-gong roughly. In-gong tried to use Blink, but it was impossible. The demonic god’s magic power didn’t allow it. 

Kwa kwang!

The third magic stronghold was destroyed, but the demonic god didn’t let go. Rather, it poured the remaining magic power toward In-gong, who used everything he had to resist it. 

Sylvia gritted her teeth as she watched this. So, she tried to save In-gong by turning the shield magic around the palace into an attack. 


It was Caitlin and Felicia who destroyed the third magic stronghold. Felicia howled and Caitlin’s aura exploded as they tried to do something from the ground. 

The Black Flame Dragon rushed toward the demonic god. Chris broke through hundreds of specters and finally reached the fourth magic stronghold. 

The demonic god stared at In-gong. Then while Sylvia moved her magic power, In-gong squeezed out his divinity. 


Chris destroyed the fourth magic stronghold. This time, the explosion was huge and destroyed some of the giant. 


The swirling magic power once again fluctuated. Four of the five magic strongholds were destroyed, and this was the aftermath. The demonic god, who was pouring magic power toward In-gong, experienced a backlash of magic. In-gong was finally free from the demonic god’s hands, and the magic power which formed the barrier around the palace rose toward the demonic god. 


Carack swung his fists and yelled. The last magic stronghold was destroyed. The demonic god shrieked as the magic vortex was weakened to half of its original size. Then the magic power of the palace struck the demonic god. 

In-gong gritted his teeth. Although five of the magic strongholds were destroyed, the demonic god was still powerful. Dragon Breath and True Destruction weren’t enough. He had to penetrate the core of that vortex as well as the demonic god with a more powerful force. 

However, In-gong could do it. He took deep breaths in midair. while the demonic god was distracted by Sylvia’s magic power. 

Recorder Torres’ El Ragra... It was located in Earth Quaker.

In-gong formed a fist and triggered the power of El Ragra!

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