Chapter 189 - Chapter 39: Ghosts #4

Chapter 189 - Chapter 39: Ghosts #4

The power of Conquest filled Carack’s body, then it became enormous. Carack already had a height of two meters, but he had now become three meters tall with expanded muscles. 

The clothes he wore tore apart, but Amita’s armour expanded to wrap around his body. It was a partial body armour, but there didn’t seem to be any problem with defense. 

Everybody was surprised by Carack’s sudden transformation. Seira blushed when she saw Carack’s torn pants, but it only lasted for a moment. Now wasn’t the time to stare at Carack. 

Carack read In-gong’s intentions straight away. He added extra parts to Amita’s shield and made it huge before grabbing it firmly. This time, it was Carack who led the party. 

Felicia was reminded of the charge in Thunderdoom Fortress, and she quickly explained it to Chris, Caitlin, and Seira. Then she stood behind Carack’s back, and Chris, Caitlin, and Seira stood behind her with In-gong and Green Wind at the rear. 

"May the Protection of the Wind bless all of you.” 

Green Wind blessed everyone in the party. Then In-gong raised the flag of light again, while Chris paused for a moment before carrying Felicia who was in front of him.



Carack responded to In-gong’s command with his battle cry. He rushed forward ignorantly, smashing everything blocking his way. 

It was like watching a runaway locomotive. The fog was thick, so the path up ahead wasn’t visible, but In-gong saw it using the mini-map. Then Green Wind shared In-gong’s directions with Carack. Caitlin ran like the wind and looked around as the hands and heads of ghouls and skeletons suddenly popped out from the ground. 

The scene was approaching its climax. If this continued, then maybe even a vampire might be created. 


Carack shouted again. They sprinted along the ramp, destroying all doors which blocked their way. 

"How many floors down are there?” 

"10 floors! The 10th floor is the lowest floor!” 

At Chris’ cry, Felicia shouted her answer. The two people had been siblings for dozens of years, but this was the first time they exchanged words from such a close proximity. 

"Carack is amazing!” 

Caitlin cried out suddenly. It seemed to be a cheer, but it was effective. Carack’s muscles swelled up again, and his running speed increased.

Then In-gong looked at the mini-map. Red dots were surrounding them on all sides. If they stopped for even a moment, they would be surrounded by hundreds or thousands of enemies. 

The configuration of the catacombs was different from the palace. In the case of the palace, important rooms were decorated like forests. There was a lot of soil on the ground, so it could truly be mistaken for a forest. 

However, the catacombs were different. Although the floor was covered with dirt, the walls and ceilings were made of cool, hard rocks. It was reminiscent of an underground tunnel, rather than a forest. 

In-gong could feel the flow of fog outside the palace becoming stronger. It was already like a whirlpool or water running swiftly. 

"Next is the 10th floor!" 


Felicia shouted. Carack smashed down the door as well as the undead monsters behind it. 

The last staircase was especially long. The length between the bottom floor and the one above it seemed to be 20 meters. 

Felicia used recovery magic. Simultaneously, everybody recovered their breaths and looked around them. There was no fog on the bottom floor of the catacombs. There were also no ghost monsters like banshees and specters, or undead monsters like ghouls and skeletons. 

The only things there were the dark soil and the tree trunks which covered the wall. The trees were tinted grey instead of green. Then there were green flames which became one to push away the darkness. 

The lowest floor of the catacombs was a large space. In-gong had visited it in Knight Saga before. The first fairy king was one of Knight Saga’s hidden bosses. When Zephyr appeared on the lowest floor, bathed in the blood of the dark elves, a specter of the fairy king had appeared. 

Carack breathed in deeply. Chris and Caitlin walked to the sides, while Seira followed behind Caitlin. 

The lowest floor was only for the first fairy king. In the center of the lowest floor, there was a high altar with a magnificent coffin made of stone. It was just that—the first fairy king’s tomb. 


Green Wind spoke in a strained voice. As the previous apostle of Conquest as well as having been made from a fragment of the elder dragon, Ainkel who had the power of life, Green Wind felt a mighty and evil power coming from the tomb in front of her. 

In-gong felt the same thing. Moreover, In-gong could perceive there was a mix of other powers. There was a bit of strong magic power along the edge of the tomb, but it was mixed with the blue aura of Death. 

The lid of the stone coffin shook, and there was a huge roar as the ashes inside shot out. 


Felicia said mournfully. 

Callael Kalseph, the name of the first fairy king and the ancestor of the dark elf, Lionel Doomblade... His remains were waking up. He had died thousands of years ago, so his bones and clothes were all gone. 

Yet, flesh grew from the ashes. However, it wasn’t real. In the first place, the bones weren’t real. Everything had been created from magic power. It was the same with the banshees and specters. 

He wasn’t an apostle of Death. However, it was clear that the specter in front of them had been touched with the power of Death. Although Death hadn’t been used directly to raise the specter, it had some type of influence. 

In-gong sensed it intuitively. The presence before them, the specter of the first fairy king, was much stronger than the man they had encountered at Thunderdoom Fortress. 

The fairy king looked down at the party who were prepared to fight. Like Silvan, one of the fairy king’s eyes was covered with an eyepatch, and he lifted it up slowly. A huge storm of magic power suddenly pushed at the party. 


Carack stood in front of everybody and let out a battle cry as the magic power storm swept all around them. Felicia looked up from where she was hiding behind Carack, while Chris and Caitlin looked  hurriedly at the tomb where the fairy king had been standing. 

However, the fairy king wasn’t there anymore. He looked toward the sky and rose up. 

Seira made a puzzled expression, and Caitlin looked bemused. However, Green Wind was different; she trembled. The fog started to move along with the fairy king. The fairy king rose, and the fog of magic rose as well. Outside the palace, a huge vortex had finally formed. 

What would happen if the fog and the fairy king combined? What the hell would happen? 

The fog of magic was pushed toward the lowest floor. Beneath the floors, the undead raised their heads as banshees and specters appeared. 

"Damn! We just came all the way down here!” 

Chris growled out. At that moment, there was a huge vibration in the catacombs. It was like an earthquake. 


Carack shouted, and In-gong understood. The ceiling was crumbling down. If they stood still there, they would be crushed. 


After gathering everyone together, In-gong looked up at the ceiling. He aimed at the wreckage which was beginning to pour down toward them! 


This wasn’t simply Dragon Words. It became Dragon Breath, and the power of great destruction rushed toward the ceiling. 


A giant pillar of white light swallowed up the collapsed debris. It continued up, penetrating completely through the ceiling. 

Just considering the momentum, it contained a destructive force which seemed like it could penetrate toward the sky. None of the dark elves on the ground level had been caught up in it, and the group’s purpose was achieved. 

This time, Chris was the one carrying Felicia on his shoulder. Carack and Chris jumped toward the hole in the ceiling, followed by Caitlin and Seira. 

Felicia screamed as they soared up toward the ground. 

In-gong then immediately followed on White Eagle. He grabbed the back of Carack, who was about to fall, and looked up. 

The fairy king kept on rising, and In-gong had to catch up with him. 


The fog of magic increased around the palace. The fog, which covered Sky Forest entirely, was gathered toward the center. 

The sight of Sky Forest, with the fog removed, was grim; there was pandemonium everywhere. 

They would rather it be covered by the fog. The survivors, freed from the sense of isolation caused by the fog, screamed when they saw numerous corpses. However, there was something even more terrible. 

The dark elf knight, who had cut the throat of a friend minutes ago, looked up at the sky with a blank face. 

The fog of magic was touching the sky. No, it couldn’t be called a fog anymore. 

A gigantic vortex of magic power was opening in the sky. 


Amita trembled, but it wasn’t simply because they feared the mighty magic power.

Amita remembered Kafran, the guardian of Spider Forest, and the story of the guardians who had been murdered by the people with a purple aura. 


Amita didn’t know, but the phenomenon occurring before them felt like it had some connection with past events. Amita erased the thoughts from their head and poured magic power into the ward. The only thing they could do right now was protect Delia, Karma, and the dark elves. 

"I believe in you!” 

Amita recalled In-gong’s face. 


Sylvia sat on the throne and looked up at the sky. The retractable ceiling was open, so she could see clearly the spiral of magic power in the night sky. 

Blue lightning struck, thunder exploded, and terrible magic power radiated from the vortex. 

Sylvia didn’t know what was going to happen from now on. How should she break this crisis? 

“Your Majesty.” 

Sylvia thought of the demon king, but her love, who was the strongest in the world, wasn’t here in this place. 

It was at this moment that the tree trunks connected to Sylvia’s left arm sent her new images. However, Sylvia looked at what was in front of her, instead of the images, as strong magic power rose from below. 

What she saw was a ghost. At the same time, it was also a great man. It was the soul of the great king who had tried to protect the dark elves. His will had been destroyed, but his mighty strength had still been left behind. 

He broke through the ground and soared up. It was the first fairy king, the ghost of the great Callael. However, it was distorted, and the phrase ‘ruin’ was appropriate. 

Sylvia used her magic power instinctively. She sensed that she couldn’t let the presence before her continue. 

However, that wasn’t enough. There was a strong rebound from the magic power she gathered urgently. The guards moved hurriedly to protect Sylvia, but the fairy king didn’t attack her. He just kept on rising toward the swirl of magic power. 

Sylvia looked up at the sky in pain. 

The loud sound of thunder tore through the sky. Thus, another sound was buried—the sound of someone rushing up to catch up with Callael. It sounded like hundreds of wings flapping at once. 

Dark blue smoke covered the sky. It united and blocked the path of the fairy king, who was heading toward the vortex of magic power! 

The fairy king looked at In-gong, who looked back at him. Instead of delaying again, In-gong immediately activated his divinity. 



The gandharva god descended. 

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