Chapter 183 - Chapter 37: Confluence #3

Chapter 183 - Chapter 37: Confluence #3

The next afternoon, In-gong visited Amita’s workshop. There was the matter of modifying the fourth elder dragon equipment, El Ragra, but he also had some things he wanted to entrust to Amita. 

However, Amita started rampaging as soon as In-gong brought up a new request. 

"I don't want to! Why do I have to look at it again? I have no reason to put that heart in White Eagle! Are you trying to exploit my labour! This scammer!” 

In-gong had two new requests. One was to repair the Giant King's Sword, while the other was to insert Abseltur’s heart into White Eagle. 

Amita looked quite angry as they tapped their tail on the ground, but In-gong still had a relaxed expression on his face. He knew this was going to happen and had given Amita the ‘Heavenly Wine’ in advance. Moreover, Amita was also peeking at him during their tantrum like they had been expecting it. In-gong smiled villainously and said, 

"I will give you another drink.” 

"Leave it to this Amita!” 

Amita jumped up and was ready to begin work immediately. It was the most ambitious In-gong had ever seen them. 

'What a fearsome power.’ 

Looking at the present situation, it seemed like he would be able to keep using Amita, even if he didn’t use the excuse of the last flame. 

‘It is like when I knew they liked sweets.’ 

In-gong nodded and turned toward Daphne next to him. She was dedicated to taking care of Amita. 

“I will also prepare a share for Daphne. You have gone through a lot of trouble.” 

“Not at all. I am always happy to help Prince.” 

Daphne said with red cheeks. The tips of her toes wriggled as though she too wanted to jump around with joy, like Amita. In-gong laughed and took out the Giant King's Sword and White Eagle from his inventory. 

"Then I will leave it to you.” 

"Just leave it to me!” 

Amita smiled as their tail waved. It was the first time In-gong had ever seen Amita like this. 

‘Is it because they have a strong appetite or is the Heavenly Wine truly so great?’ 

It felt more like the latter. 

‘So, I shouldn’t abuse it.’ 

He would give a small bottle to the 3rd Queen and 4th Queen, but that was it. It was better to hide the recipe as well. 

‘It will be a problem for me, but it will also be a big deal if the gandharva are damaged.’ 

Ordinary gandharvas had a good smell. Although their body fluids weren’t as delicious as In-gong’s, he didn’t know if it would add some flavour. In-gong nodded as he remembered some wildlife which had become endangered due to overfishing. He could be overreacting, but it was always better to be careful. 

Carack, Felicia, and Delia were waiting at the entrance of the workshop. 

"Is it done?” 

"Yes, I have never seen Amita look so passionate.” 

In-gong smiled as he explained. Felicia shook her head like it was ridiculous. 

“Hah. Oh, my god. Shutra, you let them drink it this morning on purpose?” 

Felicia knew that Amita’s morning breakfast had included the Heavenly Wine. In-gong shrugged and replied,

"Well, a little bit?" 

“Shutra, you are terrible.” 

Felicia shook her head in disbelief and sighed. Although In-gong’s Heavenly Wine wasn’t bad, there was a lot of room for abuse. 

In-gong asked Felicia,

"Noona, do you want more?” 

He had made quite a lot yesterday, so he still had some to spare. Carack and Delia’s eyes shone at In-gong’s suggestion, but Felicia’s reaction was different. 

"Uhh... it is okay. I want to drink it, but I can bear it.” 

It was Delia who was the most shocked at Felicia’s words, but no one noticed it except for Carack. In-gong made a questioning sound and asked, 


If it were Felicia, In-gong wouldn’t add any conditions like he had done with Amita. 

Felicia opened her mouth several times before finally speaking. 

"It isn’t that easy to make the Heavenly Wine right? You have to use Spiritualism and then melt divine power and divinity. You also have to shed blood. No matter how delicious it is, I don’t want to force Shutra to do anything unreasonable." 

Felicia was a good magician and knew about the meaning of blood. Blood was the essence of life and the soul. It wasn’t just a simple body fluid. 

After saying this, Felicia exhaled. Her heart wanted to taste the Heavenly Wine everyday, but she had to endure it. It was at this moment that In-gong suddenly took hold of Felicia’s hand. 


Felicia asked with surprise as In-gong stared at her. Then he dragged Felicia into an embrace. 

"I only have Noona. Felicia noona is the best.” 

Who else would give up the Heavenly Wine for him? Even the dignified Green Wind had asked him for more. 


Felicia reacted like she had always done, but she didn’t push In-gong away. Instead, she just smiled. 

‘I-I also don’t want Master to do anything unreasonable.’ 

Green Wind whispered in In-gong’s ears. However, instead of saying thank you, In-gong replied bluntly,. 

'Aren’t those just words?’ 


Green Wind’s past actions contradicted her words. After teasing Green Wind a few more times through their mental connection, In-gong released Felicia from his arms. She looked disappointed, while Carack clicked his tongue and said, 

"Prince, it is impressive, but it is now time to move on.” 

"Of course. Let’s go to the Merits Department.” 

There were many things to prepare before the next court gathering. Felicia tidied up her clothing and said, 

"Are we supposed to meet Caitlin and Chris at the Merits Department?” 

"Uh, I have decided to meet the 4th Queen after the work at the Merits Department is finished.” 

4th Queen Elaine Moonlight was currently staying at the Demon King’s Palace. However, it wasn’t just her. All the other queens had also decided not to leave the Demon King’s Palace until the next court gathering, due to the unusual cancellation of the previous one. 


Felicia thought for a moment before asking,

"Shutra, if we are going to the north, do you want to go through the territory of the dark elves? It would be a good idea because we will be able to get some support from the dark elves. 

She brought up the idea she had suggested before it had been decided that he would be sent to Curtis. The home of the dark elves was in the north, so it was possible to go through there like Felicia said. 

“That isn’t bad. I want to go to the palace of the dark elves.” 

“Okay, then it is decided. I will tell Omamama.” 

Felicia nodded at In-gong’s answer. She wanted to make sure that it really happened. 

"Princess is the reason why Prince looks so good.” 

Carack said with a laugh, and Felicia quickly opened her fan. Delia just smiled like she had already given up. 

"Then Noona, what do you think about the organizational chart that Carack made?” 

In-gong asked Felicia as they walked towards the entrance of the mansion. She had been talking about it with Carack while waiting for In-gong. 

“Not bad. I think it is pretty good. It feels like a high-mobility unit?” 

"It is to take advantage of Prince’s maneuverability skills. The army needs to be very fast to follow Prince.” 

Carack added. 

Felicia agreed with Carack’s concept. The first condition was that all the members would be mounted. She couldn’t help laughing as she recalled ‘faster than the wind’. It felt like she would be exhausted again when they headed to the Northern Limit Line. 

Felicia turned toward In-gong and spoke once again, 

"A high-mobility unit can be created using the golems that can only be found at the Demon King’s Palace. The number of them will be small, but is that really so bad? I think it would be good to have a small number of elites. But there is one problem.” 

"The cost?" 

"That's right, if you want to implement a unit like this, you will need of merits and riches.” 

Carack had planned an independent unit consisting of only 100 people. Considering the size of the armies at the Demon King’s Palace, the number itself was small but each one of them would need to be an elite. They would also need extraordinary equipment normal soldiers wouldn’t be able to afford. 

In fact, when In-gong first saw the estimated cost then, he had thought it was impossible. However, when he looked carefully, he saw that it was viable. 

"I’m not lacking in merits or wealth if I count all the treasures I’ve collected. I’ve explored a few ruins with Noona. There is also Amita to create the equipment.” 

It was also possible to use the equipment taken from Thunderdoom Fortress. In-gong had gained many merits with every mission. Moreover, the gap between achievements was short, so he hadn’t spent the merits on many things. 

‘I couldn’t do this in Knight Saga.' 

He had gained merits in several months which would have taken him a few years in Knight Saga. Felicia nodded with satisfaction at In-gong’s words. She had accompanied In-gong on almost all his missions, so she was as familiar with his merits as Carack. 

"Hmm, okay. I like it. Will the commander of the independent unit by Vandal?” 

"Yes, does Noona agree?” 


Being the leader of an independent, high-mobility unit was the best position for Vandal. 

"Vandal said that he will arrive at the Demon King’s Palace tomorrow morning.” 

Carack interrupted with important information. Then In-gong boarded the carriage with Felicia and suddenly recalled Sektum... 

One of his three most loved subordinates in Knight Saga. In-gong currently had Nayatra and Vandal. However, he didn’t know the whereabouts of Sektum, the last one. 

'I have to find Sektum.’ 

In-gong wanted to obtain him. 

After worrying about it for a little bit, In-gong then arranged his thoughts. Now that he had a lot of power to mobilize, it was time to concentrate on the search for Sektum. 

The carriage In-gong and Felicia were in headed to the Merits Department. 

Then the next morning, Vandal arrived at the Demon King’s Palace. 


Zephyr’s gaze moved to a place far away.  He was riding a nightmare while Sektum and Quanta were standing behind him. (TL: The nightmare here uses a different Korean word, so it is different from the succubi and incubi)

Unlike Sektum who was in a relatively free state, Quanta was heavily restrained. She still looked like a gandharva, and all her limbs were restrained. She couldn’t see due to being blindfolded and she was gagged. The only freedom she was allowed was her hearing. 

Sektum followed Zephyr’s gaze. There was a group approaching. 

They wore cloaks which signified they were knights from the Erebos Church. Everyone was wearing thick armour and helmets which covered their entire faces, so they couldn’t be distinguished as male or female. However, there was one person among them whose age and gender were both recognizable. 

A young woman was riding on a black unicorn. Sektum had never met her before, but he could figure her out her identity with one glance. 

Dark Saintess Altesia... 

She was dressed in gold and had long, beautiful black hair reminiscent of the night. Sektum couldn’t see the colour of her eyes because they were covered with a black cloth. However, according to rumours, they were golden like the moon in the night sky. 

Her pale white skin emphasized her beauty, and there was a small smile on her face as she gazed at Zephyr. Altesia bowed slightly like they were close acquaintances, while Zephyr frowned and drove the nightmare toward her. Altesia spoke first,

“Isn’t this too stiff? I am still your fiancee.” 

Sektum’s eyes widened at the lively voice. The Saintess of Erebos was engaged to the 2nd Prince? However, instead of kissing his fiancee’s hand, Zephyr frowned. 

“I have no memory of an engagement with you.” 

“The great Erebos has decided it. You are the protagonist that the oracle mentioned.” 

Altesia spoke again, and Zephyr sighed. After turning to look at the 20 knights behind Altesia, he asked her in a loud voice,

"Are you going to join me?” 

"I will join you.” 

Altesia replied happily. She had ridden to the far north to be with Zephyr. Erebos’ oracle had pointed toward him. 

Zephyr allowed Altesia to join his group, then he headed to the north with her. 


The Death Knight looked toward the south. 

The War Knight was approaching. 

Death felt War’s presence. Famine’s power was also growing, despite still being weak. 

It wasn’t just the Four Riders of the Apocalypse who were gathering. 

From the far south, the dragon warrior raised by Guardian Queian was heading to the north. One of the singularities, 2nd Prince Zephyr Ragnaros, was also approaching the northern area called the Aegis Gate. And the last one, the Conquest Knight, chosen by the loved and hated Conquest, was also heading to the north. 

The Death Knight was patient. So, he waited a little bit longer. He had already been waiting 1,000 years for this. 

The northernmost area of the Demon World. 

The protagonists were gathering. 

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