Chapter 182 - Chapter 37: Confluence #2

Chapter 182 - Chapter 37: Confluence #2

"So, in summary, you went somewhere that you can’t tell us... No, you became stronger?” 


Felicia sighed at In-gong’s blunt answer, then she asked again in a pleasant voice,

"How long are you going to keep becoming stronger?” 

“I have to become stronger to protect Noona.” 

In-gong said shamelessly. Felicia blushed and turned her head away. 

"Hey, what are you saying?” 

Felicia covered her red face with her fan and told him not to tease her. Still, she looked fairly happy. 

"Felicia, Oppa as well. Oppa will also become stronger to protect Felicia.” 

Silvan jumped in and held Felicia’s hand tightly. He gazed at her with truly passionate eyes. 


This time, it was Felicia who replied bluntly. It was a soulless answer which didn’t conceal any embarrassment. However, Silvan just formed tight fists and became determined again, causing Chris to click his tongue. Then Chris spoke in a sharp voice, 

"Shutra, do you need to keep the place a secret from us?” 

There were hidden meanings in his words. Additionally, there were some signs of disappointment. All the people gathered here were strong supporters of In-gong. Moreover, he didn’t want to keep it a secret from Felicia, Caitlin, or anyone else. 

However, it couldn’t be helped. 

"This is the sword duke’s request. Sorry, Hyung.” 

In fact, the sword duke had stated it many times. On the road to the Sanctuary and inside it, the sword duke had stated that the other Sanctuary inside the sanctuary of the sura was the most important secret. 

"Hmm, then it can’t be helped.” 

Chris stepped back after hearing the name of the sword duke. Although he didn’t have an official position in the Demon King’s Palace, the only one who surpassed his authority was the demon king. After finishing this conversation to a certain extent, Caitlin’s hand immediately shot into the air. She looked like a young student asking a teacher something. 

"Shutra, how did you get stronger? Can you tell us this?” 

Her shining eyes were full of curiosity. Felicia, Silvan, and Chris also looked at In-gong with interest. In-gong nodded and said,

"The sword duke organized my aura. And... my power as a gandharva was strengthened through ancestral regression.” 

“Sword Duke?” 

"Ancestral regression?” 

Two voices spoke at the same time. They belonged to Silvan and Chris. 

'Indeed, Silvan and Chris.’ 

However, like Chris, Felicia and Caitlin seemed more curious about the ancestral regression. In-gong decided to explain it as concisely as possible. 

"The members of the Eight Legions, including the gandharva, were divine beings. I became closer to this existence through ancestral regression.” 

Although he didn’t talk about the method of how he received the ancestral regression, the reason why he had become stronger was clarified. Felicia recalled the mighty divine power that In-gong had emanated and nodded. Chris made a joking expression and said with a smile, 

"It sounds ridiculous, but... I believe it if it is Shutra.” 

This hadn’t happened just once or twice. Chris had already decided to give up after In-gong received the Moonlight Core. Felicia wasn’t much different. From the beginning, she was much more involved with In-gong than Chris. She was surprised so many times that her heart couldn’t stand it. 

'Should we change his nickname from Disturbance Shutra to Strange Fate Shutra?’ 

Felicia thought to herself. Caitlin raised her hand again and asked, 

"Then Shutra, you taste delicious. Are all gandharva delicious?” 

Caitlin asked the straightforward question. Once again, all the children of the demon king seemed interested. Carack and Karma also had curiosity in their expressions. In-gong was perplexed since their gazes seemed more intense than compared to when he had been talking about the ancestral regression. However, he pushed that thought away and replied, 

"No, nothing like that... I am an unusual case. If I don’t activate Spiritualism and melt aura, magic power, and divine power, then I won’t taste like that.” 

It wasn’t really an exaggeration. Even prior to receiving divinity, his body fluids were much more delicious than normal gandharva. It was absolutely impossible for ordinary gandharva to imitate the taste in his divine state. 

'Of course, I haven’t met other gandharva.’ 

However, it was probably right. Additionally, somehow, it seemed like he would deal a huge blow to the survival of the gandharva if he answered wrongly here. 

"Too bad.” 

Chris, who was the wildest beast in the room, clicked his tongue with disappointment. It seemed like he was thinking back to the taste. Caitlin also seemed disappointed as her shoulders slumped, but it was only for a moment. She shook her head and said with a bright voice, 

"I still like Shutra’s scent. Is anything other than your blood delicious?” 


In-gong coughed and blocked Caitlin’s next words. In order to prevent a dangerous topic, he quickly talked about something else. 

"Rather, I have one more thing to offer Caitlin noona and Chris hyung."


Chris’s eyes narrowed as he frowned slightly. In-gong exchanged glances with Felicia before responding. Although they didn’t use message magic, the two people were able to understand the meaning in their eyes. As he read permission in Felicia’s gaze, In-gong let out a relieved sigh. He faced Chris and Caitlin and said, 

"It is about a knight appointment.” 

"Surprisingly, Felicia noonim and Silvan are already your knights?” 

Chris spoke in a disbelieving voice after In-gong explained. It was because of Felicia. Felicia was designated to become the ruler of the dark elves. It was unthinkable that she would become subordinate to someone else under a magic contract. As she read the censure in Chris’ eyes, Felicia spoke in a small voice, 

"It was to save Silvan. And... I don’t regret it. It was the best choice.” 

Although it might seem like an excuse, Chris no longer pushed Felicia. It wasn’t up to Chris to worry about Felicia’s decision. 

Chris just nodded before turning back to In-gong. 

"Shutra, I will help you so that you can become the demon king. I am also interested in becoming stronger as your knight. But I can’t. I will be the king of the lycanthropes. I can’t be subjugated by someone else.” 

"I understand, Hyung.” 

Felicia wouldn’t have become In-gong’s knight if it wasn’t for Silvan’s life being in danger. So, it was greedy to expect Chris to become his knight. 

“But the story is different when it comes to Caitlin.” 

Chris said, while In-gong tried to maintain his composure. In fact, In-gong had been aiming for Caitlin in the first place. Chris was the future king of the lycanthropes, but Caitlin’s position was different. 

"Caitlin, you can do what you want.” 

Chris declared before burying himself deeply in the sofa. Caitlin exchanged glances with Felicia before turning to him. She took a deep breath and declared with a firm expression, 

“I will become Shutra’s knight.” 

“Thank you, Noona.” 

The level of the King’s Knights had risen at the 12th base, so there were two new places. One of those places would now be filled by Caitlin. Caitlin got off the sofa and knelt down on the floor. She raised a hand to her chest and bowed to In-gong. A child of the demon king was becoming the knight of another child. It would be a strange matter if it were declared to the outside world. 

In-gong stood up as well and pulled a sword from his inventory. It was an ancient sword he had brought back from the Dragon Temple. 

"Caitlin Moonlight, I appoint you as my knight." 

He said as he placed the sword on Caitlin’s shoulder. The power of Conquest was triggered. The power of Conquest went through the sword and enveloped Caitlin’s entire body. 

It was almost like all the others, but something was different. In-gong and Caitlin could feel it. The two people were already strongly linked through the Moonlight Core and Starlight Core. Then the power of Conquest was added. So, the situation turned out different from the others. 


The white woman whispered. Along with her voice, the power of Conquest at In-gong’s fingertips became more powerful. Caitlin didn’t resist; she accepted In-gong’s power of Conquest. 

[Caitlin Moonlight has been conquered.] 

[The power of the Conquest Knight has increased.] 

[The King's Knights: the number of apostle upgrades has increased to two.] 

In-gong felt the power of Conquest strengthening. The power of the King’s Knights became stronger, causing all his knights—except Chris—to become stronger. Caitlin raised her head which was wrapped in a white light. The white Conquest Coat of Arms appeared on her forehead. 

"How does it feel? Is it strange?” 

In-gong returned the sword and raised Caitlin up. Caitlin thought about the question before smiling happily. 



By the time Caitlin’s appointment as a knight was over, it was really late. All the children of the demon king returned to their mansions, and Karma went to her room, leaving only In-gong and Carack behind. 

"Well, there is something awkward, but I have to report it. There are many things that occurred without Prince... Why are you looking like that?” 

"No, I’m just glad that Carack is my aide.” 

Carack shivered and shrugged at In-gong’s words. 

"Don’t act like I’m one of the princesses. Nasty.” 

"Then please tell me the report.” 


In-gong and Carack laughed before discussing what had happened within the Demon King’s Palace during the last three days. 

"So, it’s confirmed that three days after the court gathering, we will be dispatched to the north?” 

“Yes. As 4th Princess and 6th Prince guessed previously, all the princes and princesses are to be dispatched to the north. I’m sure there will be an official statement from the Merits Department.” 

A lot of preparation was needed before leaving for the north. They had to wait for the new court gathering, and the period of preparation could be too slow, so everyone received notifications in advance. 

“The north.” 

In-gong could imagine a big invasion from beyond the limit line. The movements in the north were unusual. In-gong was reminded of the Death Knight and War Knight. If a large invasion were to actually occur, then the two of them were likely to be involved. 

"And Prince, there is good news. General Vandal has returned to the Demon King’s Palace.” 

"General Vandal?” 

"He seems to have finished cleaning up Evian. There was a separate letter stating that he will leave the army and move with Prince after returning to the Demon King’s Palace.” 

It was good timing. If being sent to the north was truly to prepare for a great invasion, the nature of the mission would be different from all the previous ones. In-gong had to organize his own army. 

"It would be great if you make an army around Vandal.” 

In-gong agreed. It was possible to create an independent unit if he used the rewards collected so far generously. 

"There is an organizational chart that I made in advance. Prince should review it once. I’ll see you tomorrow morning.” 

Carack said quickly. In-gong nodded with a pleased expression and said suddenly,


"What is it?” 

"I'm really lucky to have met you." 

Looking at In-gong’s sincere voice and eyes, Carack shook his head and said with a sigh,

"Prince, you really have become someone who tries to lead people astray. Is this a change due to the ancestral regression?” 

"Well... maybe I have an incubus ancestor instead of a gandharva?” 

In-gong said with a smile, and Carack chuckled. 


"I don't want to! Why do I have to look at it once again? I have no reason to put that heart in White Eagle! Are you trying to exploit my labour?! This scammer!” 

"I will give you another drink.” 

"Leave it to this Amita!”

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