Chapter 179 - Chapter 35: Battle #6

Chapter 179 - Chapter 35: Battle #6

There were two things necessary to fight Abseltur. One was a might divinity and the other was preparation for poison. 

Abseltur could poison the surrounding area just by breathing. Moreover, his poisons were different from common poisons. Abseltur’s poisons was constantly changing in type. 

Therefore, unless the person knew every decryption magic, it was inevitable for them to be poisoned. The even more horrible fact was that they could still be affected by another poison, even if they were already poisoned. 

Once dozens of poisons overlapped, a person wouldn’t be able to survive no matter how great they were. It was Abseltur’s poison which had taken the life of the second fairy ruler, the one who had destroyed Abseltur’s body. She had been poisoned by more than 100 poisons and had been unable to avoid a painful death. 

Abseltur breathed out his poison. Not only did the serpent of the tail open its mouth, but the dragon, wolf and griffon heads also breathed out different types of poison. He had been hesitant to use the poisons because they would take the lives of the subordinates he’d brought, but there was no time to worry about that now. 

Naturally, In-gong knew all about Abseltur’s poisons. However, he jumped into the poisons without any hesitation. 

[Thousand Poisons Resistance is activated.] 

[Thousand Poisons Resistance is activated.] 

[Thousand Poisons Resistance is activated.] 

When it came to poison resistance alone, In-gong overwhelmed even Locke and Zephyr. He couldn’t completely prevent damage from the poisons, but that was enough. Moreover, with Abseltur changing the poison every minute, it was a good experience for In-gong. 

[Thousand Poisons Resistance is activated.] 

[Thousand Poisons Resistance is activated.] 

Every time Abseltur used a new type of poison, a message would be triggered. It was a happy situation where In-gong would accumulate experience even if he just stood still. 

[The level of Thousand Poisons Resistance has risen.] 

[Thousand Poisons Resistance has been promoted to Ten Thousand Poisons Resistance.] 

In-gong’s resistance to poison exploded once again. He rushed through the mist of poisons and reached Abseltur, who belatedly realized the poisons had no use. 

A white and black aura collided in the air. Abseltur moved to one side to avoid a direct strike from In-gong, before deciding to change his tactics. Masses of magic power, at least two meters in diameter, were launched in succession. 

In-gong knew this attack well. Instead of trying to rush toward Abseltur, he threw White Eagle and widened the distance. Abseltur twisted in the air to avoid White Eagle. His agility was reminiscent of a cat or bird of prey. However, In-gong didn’t miss that. The moment Abseltur turned his body, In-gong used his last Dragon Breath! 

‘It is no use!’ 

Abseltur used the Blink he had prepared in advance. His body soared up into the sky, and In-gong’s Dragon Breath hit an empty space. 

However, In-gong didn’t stop using Dragon Breath. Rather, he poured more power into Dragon Breath. It wasn’t due to desperation; In-gong had a clear target. From the beginning, his target had been something other than Abseltur! 

"Absolute Area!" 

Green Wind called out. Dragon Breath struck White Eagle in the air, reflected off, and changed direction. It now aimed toward Abseltur in the air. It was impossible to avoid this attack. Moreover, the Dragon Breath was faster and stronger due to the effect of Absolute Area. 

Abseltur shrieked as Dragon Breath hit him. He twisted desperately to escape the trail of Dragon Breath, but he was already damaged. All four remaining wings were destroyed, and a large hole drilled in his torso. 


Abseltur crashed to the ground and sprang up quickly. However, it was already too late. The moment that he started to fall, In-gong stopped Dragon Breath and used successive Blinks. In-gong ended up behind Abseltur. 

Abseltur had three heads. When fighting common monsters, every head should be cut off, but Abseltur was different. In the first place, the three heads were a result of the transformation, so In-gong needed to aim for the body. 

He concentrated divine power and aura on his right fist. Earth Quaker growled angrily but accepted the divine power. 

Abseltur looked at In-gong and chose to avoid In-gong, instead of attacking. He abandoned his current appearance hurriedly and took the form of a huge wolf head. The wolf head was only three meters big, making it rather small compared to his previously huge body, but there was no way for him to miss In-gong in the air. 

However, that was a mistake. Once Abseltur took the image of a wolf, In-gong triggered his last Blink. The dark blue smoke exploded, and Abseltur saw In-gong appear before him as though he had been aiming for this moment. 


Abseltur couldn’t move. Telekinesis had frozen Abseltur’s body in midair. It was a power Abseltur could destroy immediately if he exerted his strength, but he didn’t get the chance. This was the first time Abseltur had fought In-gong, but In-gong was different. Considering the number of simulations, Abseltur was an opponent In-gong had fought over a dozen times! 

"Tr-ue Des-truct-ion!” 

In-gong used Earth Quaker's super special move. His fist struck Abseltur’s abdomen, and a brilliant destructive force emerged. It was a divine destruction—a power which could not be tolerated. Abseltur’s body exploded. 


There was a horrible scream as a black spirit hit In-gong. It was Abseltur’s true body. 

In-gong didn’t avoid the mental attack. He didn’t have Beatrice’s magic, but In-gong had his own divinity. Additionally, he wouldn’t swap out Green Wind’s blessing even if it meant two Beatrices. 

In-gong’s divinity collided with Abseltur’s unique power and destroyed it. Dozens of sharp wounds appeared on In-gong’s body, with blood gushing out like a fountain. However, In-gong didn’t stop. He stretched out his hand and triggered Telekinesis. In-gong caught Abseltur’s mental body as it was trying to escape! 


In-gong struck Abseltur in midair, and the sacred flame from his divinity burnt Abseltur’s spirit. 

Abseltur was in terrible pain as he died. Instead of watching Abseltur’s end, In-gong paid attention to the remaining parts of Abseltur’s body. Abseltur’s heart, the nucleus of his magic to be precise, was still safe. 

Once purified by Saintess Beatrice, it was a magic power core which was almost as useful as the dragon heart. It would be nice if Amita could insert it into White Eagle. 

[Your level has risen.] 

A voice rang out. 

After putting the magic nucleus in his inventory, In-gong sighed. At the same time, his god status was lifted, and naturally, the black hair was cut. His hair and eye colour returned to their original colours as well. 

“Master! Are you ok...ay?” 

Green Wind cried out as she flew toward In-gong. Then suddenly, she was sniffing his body because of the oddly sweet fragrance coming from his whole body, mainly his blood. In-gong laughed as he returned Earth Quaker to the inventory and extended an injured fingertip to Green Wind. 

Green Wind hesitated for a bit before sucking In-gong’s finger like a possessed person, then her eyes shone. It was a taste which couldn’t be expressed in words. After becoming a divine humanoid, his gandharva characteristics were enhanced. Moreover, divine power had been concentrated for the final blow. So, In-gong’s blood could truly be called a god’s drink. 

A slightly dangerous light appeared in Green Wind’s eyes, but In-gong ignored her. Although he had defeated Abseltur, there were still enemies remaining. 

In-gong took a breath and opened the mini-map. Then he blinked in a manner similar to Green Wind. There were almost no red dots left on the mini-map. The blood warriors nearby had been killed by Abseltur’s poisons, while the ones far away had been wiped out by the sura. He couldn’t see anything on the other side of the Sanctuary either. 

"Indeed, the gandarva king... the power of Dhrtarastra.” 

A voice was heard from behind In-gong. It was shortly after the battle had ended, but he hadn’t even felt a presence approach. In-gong turned back to face the sword duke with a little bit of surprise and discomfort. 

The sword duke’s clothes were a mess. Although they weren’t as badly damaged as In-gong’s clothes, there were parts which were torn or seemed burnt. The more surprising thing was that his hair and clothes were actually a bit messy. However, there was no disturbance in his breathing at all. In-gong couldn’t see even one drop of sweat on the sword duke’s forehead. 

In-gong shouted reflexively, 

"The lich?” 

"Collapsed. All his alter egos meant that it took a while.” 

Indeed, this was the sword duke. Come to think of it, the sword duke was the strongest person in the Demon World, before the demon king. Even if Lich Shutenberg was strong, it was natural he wouldn’t be an opponent for the sword duke. 


The first words from the sword duke circled strangely in his head. 

‘The strength of the gandharva king, Dhrtarastra.’ 

How did the sword duke know that? Instead of surprise, there was a strange emotion in the sword duke’s voice. It felt like this incident confirmed what the sword duke already knew, rather than surprising him with something new. 

In any case, it was over. This time, he had suddenly brought In-gong to the Sanctuary, and the sword duke also seemed to know something he didn’t. 

"Rather, what is this smell? It seems to be coming from Prince.” 

The sword duke said, sniffing suddenly. The surprised In-gong turned to look at his right hand and moved it behind his back. He had reached out to let Green Wind taste it, but he couldn’t do that for the sword duke. No, that would be rather frightening. 

“Uh, um. A characteristic of the gandharva.” 

In-gong responded before using Dragon Words. He washed off the blood, minimizing some of the sweet fragrance. The sword duke looked at In-gong with a gentle expression, then he smiled. 

"Prince truly is 5th Queen’s child.” 

“Sword Duke?” 

In-gong heard a newfound story in the sword duke’s words, but the sword duke didn’t say anything else. He just laughed and spoke with an excited face,

"Anyway, Prince, shouldn’t you take a short break after the emergency? How can I send away a guest who came from a distant place? Moreover, I have some things to talk about with Prince.” 

The sword duke raised his hand to In-gong’s shoulder and turned him around. In-gong could see the silver tower and the sura under it. 

"Welcome to the land of the sura. Please note that you are the first one among the children of the demon king to set foot in the Sanctuary.” 

The sword duke winked and hit In-gong’s back. 

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