Chapter 174 - Chapter 35: Battle

Chapter 174 - Chapter 35: Battle

The wind blowing from the limit line was cold and dry. However, those on the battlefield didn’t feel that cold. A much colder and ruthless breath swept through the battlefield. 


The ice-filled dragon breath poured down from the sky. Even a zombie drake wouldn’t be able to resist a direct hit from it. The air around them froze and shattered into pieces. The sight of 20 zombie drakes being frozen and destroyed in an instant was truly spectacular. The Dragon Breath spread out in a fan shape to cover dozens of meters on both ends. It was like a natural disaster. The aftermath of the cold air influenced the atmosphere on the ground, and the cold air seemed to turn their blood cold. 

The owner of the breath was the ice dragon, Quanta. She was an evil dragon in the vicinity of the Northern Limit Line. Covered with blue scales, she burned with a violent anger. It wasn’t just anger at those who dared to challenge her; the anger contained an impatience and anxiousness which couldn’t be concealed. 

"A breath was shot out! Bypass!” 

A soldier outside the range of Dragon Breath shouted. As an orc and junior general, he couldn’t even dream of being a match against a dragon. However, he was now facing a dragon, and he wasn’t alone. There was a leader! 

Brig, the junior orc general, sped up on his boar as he stared at Quanta. Following him, there were dozens of soldiers with crossbows. 


There was the sound of arrows penetrating the cold air, but it was unreasonable to pierce a dragon’s scales with crossbow bolts. The difference in size was too big. Brig knew that, but it wasn’t useless. 

"Pay attention and disperse! Bother it!” 

The soldiers fired the crossbows again. It was the same with the units deployed on the other side. 300 cavalry members fired crossbows in different directions, filling the sky with arrows. The ice dragon, Quanta, felt annoyed. She flapped her wings and used Dragon Words, scattering the arrows with a strong gust of wind, while a rain of icicles fell onto the cavalry. 

Screams burst out as one group of the cavalry was practically wiped out. However, Brig smiled despite his fear. He looked at a place above Quanta’s head. 

Kwa kwang!

A huge explosion occurred above Quanta. It was the power of the energy shots fired by the wyvern strike force. Quanta, who had been attacking the cavalry on the ground, couldn’t escape the energy shots, and the explosion on her back pushed her down to the ground. The length from her head to tail ran for hundreds of meters, and her weight was also terrifically heavy. The earth shook when Quanta fell, and the frozen ground cracked and broke. 

"Trivial things-!" 

Quanta burst out. The cavalry with a relatively close proximity to her couldn’t withstand the fear and collapsed. However, there were those who weren’t affected. The wyvern strike force once again used the energy shots, and there was a deafening roar as the explosions covered Quanta’s head. Smoke emerged and disturbed the soldiers’ view of Quanta. 


"Aim for the throat!" 

The cries of Quanta and the intermediate general Paragra rang out at the same time. On the left and right sides of Quanta, several huge harpoons were fired. They were terrible objects with a length of seven meters. 

The harpoons were trump cards which had been hidden before the battle began. Quanta instinctively felt a sense of urgency and cast a defensive spell using Dragon Words, but it was useless. The army had no intention of piercing Quanta’s scales in the first place. 


The soldiers instantly used Telekinesis. The harpoons, which had been flying in a straight line, changed course around Quanta’s neck. They circled Quanta’s neck repeatedly, trapping her neck with the thick chains at the ends of the harpoons. 

Quanta was confused. The demon king’s army hadn’t broken, and Paragra, who was also a powerful magician, commanded the magicians to cast their spells. 20 magicians aimed spells at the chains. 


Quanta screamed as chains coiled around her neck, and there was now a different magic running along those chains. 

The combination of water-based magic and lightning magic created a powerful synergy. There were curse magic, to lower Quanta’s magic resistance, and amplification spells, to amplify all the magic. Even the ice dragon, Quanta, couldn’t hold out against all of this. 

Quanta shrieked. In the meantime, new chains were wrapping around her neck. 


There was no magic in the new chains, but frost giants were holding the ends of these new chains, and all of them were undead. The frost giants, who had been in hiding previously, rose up at the same time and pulled the chains with tremendous strength. Quanta screamed as her head was forced to the ground.

The wyverns fired their energy shots again. Their purpose was to prevent Quanta from using magic by distracting her. However, Dragon Words was different from normal magic. Quanta’s scream soon became magic, and the violent spell Dragon Words created surrounded the chains with a strong chill which was Quanta’s very essence. Just as the magic of the soldiers reached Quanta, her cold was also running along the chains! 

The frost giants, holding the ends of the chains, froze in an instant. The magicians casting a different type of magic suffered considerable damage as well. It was an expected attack, so they rushed to avoid it, but almost half the people were swept away by the cold. 

However, that didn’t stop the army. The ballistas used for destroying gates and giant monsters hit Quanta’s back. Attacks were aimed at her body constantly.

Quanta felt a sense of crisis. She couldn’t determine the number of soldiers from the demon king’s army, nor did she have any idea of how much preparation had been put into this battle. However, she knew it had been a planned encounter, and that she needed to escape. 

Quanta’s body trembled as that thought popped into her head. She couldn’t bear the shame and anger... 

However, she had to run away. Despite being battered by attacks, Quanta focused her mind. She used Dragon Words to change her appearance, and her body shrank by hundreds of meters as she became a gandharva female with blue hair. This was the usual appearance that Quanta enjoyed. The chains which had been wrapped tightly around Quanta’s neck loosened instantly. The attacks simply hit the ground with the loss of their target. 

Quanta gasped for breath and prepared to use a spell to fly into the sky. 

Then at that moment... Someone approached her through the bombardment. Quanta felt his presence when the distance between them was less than 10 meters. That was how fast his movements were. 

"Ka! Ramus!” 

The person moved forward boldly. It was the roar of Dragon Style. Quanta had shrunk. Her blue eyes saw a red man, with red hair and eyes, and a sword in his hands. Even though she was currently in the form of a gandharva, he was using Dragon Style to try and defeat a dragon. 

She knew it the moment she saw this man. This person... He had planned all of this. He had used the army to push Quanta into a situation where she needed to transform into a gandharva. It had been for the purpose of  reducing her size so he could attack her! 

Quanta pulled out a sword like lightning from the air. It was a sword created from her teeth. However, the man in front of her—Zephyr, who was called the strongest magic swordsman—was faster. He raised his sword instantly and blocked Quanta’s. It wasn’t a simple sword. Quanta was able to tell the moment their swords collided. The common power of a draconian wouldn’t be able to win. 

Quanta reinforced her muscles using aura, while her body was strengthened by magic. There was also the addition of Telekinesis! As she moved her arm which held the sword, Zephyr didn’t slow down and wielded his sword in rapid succession. Quanta’s sword-holding hand was cut off and thrown into the air. 

Quanta shrieked as blood spurted out like a fountain from her arm. Her blood had a sweet scent, but that was because she had shifted to a gandharva. She went on to try casting several spells at the same time. Her scream was filled with enchantment magic. It was powerful enough to force the one wielding his sword at Quanta to put his sword down and beg for forgiveness. 

Quanta would buy some time with this enchantment. Then she would transform into something more warlike, instead of a gandharva. However, all of this was just a wish. Her opponent wasn’t enchanted. Zephyr must have a mental resistance beyond imagination as his expression didn’t even change. 

Zephyr’s left hand dug into Quanta’s abdomen. His uniquely sharp draconian nails ripped through Quanta’s abdomen easily. Quanta wasn’t used to feeling pain. She screamed once again, but this time it wasn’t Dragon Words. 

Zephyr exploded the aura in his left hand and wounded Quanta’s insides. He didn’t forget to use the various curse scrolls hidden in his magic pockets. Once Zephyr pulled out his left hand from her abdomen, cursed blood poured out. 

Zephyr didn’t stop there. As he pulled out his left hand, he swung his sword and cut Quanta’s neck. He deliberately used enough strength to only make her bleed. 


Quanta covered the wound on her neck with her one remaining hand. Now, she couldn’t even scream, so Zephyr was satisfied. After the consecutive strikes, he pushed off against the ground and did a sharp spinning kick. Quanta couldn’t endure it. The world seemed to be turning upside down, and her back soon struck the ground. 

As Quanta squirmed on the ground, Zephyr’s knee held her down. He broke her ribs instantly and pressed against her heart. Zephyr then used Telekinesis to strike Quanta’s hand which was covering the wound on her neck. He put away his sword and grabbed Quanta’s neck with his right hand, whispering as he poured magic power into her. 

“This is going to be painful. But don’t give in too quickly. If you can’t endure this much, you won’t be worthy of being my subordinate.” 

Quanta’s eyes widened. What was he talking about right now? Become his subordinate? She who had reigned over the earth for 700 years like a god? She couldn’t say it. The miserable scream in her throat was suppressed before it could emerge. 

In the meantime, Zephyr continued his work. A spell of obedience was spoke at the same time as he used Telekinesis. The seven swords Zephyr carried on his back flew into the air and fastened her arms, legs, abdomen, and the rest of her body to the ground. The different elemental spells, which had been stored in advance into the swords, tormented Quanta. 

It was a gruesome attack which would have killed an ordinary gandharva dozens of times over already, but Quanta was a dragon. So, she didn’t die. She just felt tremendous pain which made her feel like she was dying. 

The soldiers of the demon king’s army watched as Zephyr overpowered Quanta. Most of them had grown up on these lands, so they knew about Quanta. She was famous for her strength and being a disaster from the sky. Yet that Quanta was now being suppressed. 

Everyone was overwhelmed by Zephyr. They admired him and understood why he was called the most powerful prince of the Demon King’s Palace. 

There was also someone who was thrilled in a manner different to the soldiers. 

War... One of the Four Riders of the Apocalypse. She watched Zephyr through the eyes of a warrior. The amount of darkness inside Zephyr was enough to cause her pleasure. 

War had seen everything. Zephyr had used his soldiers to hunt Quanta. He showed a precise and thorough insight. Aside from his individual strength, he was also perfectly capable of commanding soldiers. 

It was attractive. Then War came to a conclusion. That was Zephyr Ragnaros... The 2nd Prince of the Demon King’s Palace, the most powerful prince. Both his soul and body were tough. War now understood why Death was paying attention to him. 

‘It is more than enough. That man can do it.’ 

War shook with pleasure once again. She was in just as much awe as the soldiers while she watched Zephyr make Quanta submit to him. 

At that moment, one of the swords stuck in Quanta’s body was pulled out and flew at a fast pace. The cheering soldiers focused on Quanta didn’t even notice the sword had struck someone’s neck. The same was true for War’s warrior. He couldn’t react and lost his head. The head of War’s servant then fell to the ground. 

The connection was closed; War could no longer look at Zephyr. However, she still felt a great joy. The last thing she saw before the connection was broken had been the face of Zephyr, who was staring at War with cold eyes. He had an intense aura and magic power wrapped around him. 

She was thrilled. Zephyr was beautiful, charming. War liked what she saw, and she desired it. 

In the darkness, she lifted her head. She could feel something in the south, heading toward the War Knight in the north. 

Guardian Queian... It was the Drakon Kechatulla he had prepared—a human warrior. 

There was also another one, the Conquest Knight with the power of a dragon. He was a child of Conquest, who had been corrupted by the hateful Ainkel and Torres. 

War smiled faintly. The time was approaching. 


"Master, the talking raccoon has become a pig raccoon. Fat.” 

“No? I just became slightly overweight from relaxing and sleeping a little bit!”

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