Chapter 172 - Chapter 34: Gathering #2

Chapter 172 - Chapter 34: Gathering #2

"Prince, what is that fire?” 

"Well, it is like it seems.” 

In-gong  responded lightly to Carack’s puzzled question.  He used Dragon Words directly like the high priest had said. It was possible to use it without speaking words, since it was transformed and reinforced through the will and emotions of the user. 

'In short, it does what I want.’ 

He realized why the dragons continued using magic despite the Dragon Words. Dragon Words was a tough and crude power. It was more convenient to use magic for various purposes. 


It was definitely strong. Moreover, it was easy to use during close combat because it moved through his will. 

‘It goes along with Dragon Style. No, I feel like I’ve come to know the true use of Dragon Style.’ 

If Dragon Words was putting will and emotion into magic, Dragon Style was putting will and emotion into aura. That’s why he became aware. His understanding of aura had become stronger. 

In-gong looked at his status window for a while before investing most of his remaining skill points into Dragon Words. Dragon Words Lv4... 

Although it was lower than the level of aura, which was close to 10, In-gong’s main strength was aura, not magic. Furthermore, Dragon Words was a higher concept of magic. So, Lv4 wasn’t that low. 


In-gong nodded lightly and used Ice Breath and Wind Breath. It was almost the same as Fire Breath, and it wasn’t difficult because the level of Dragon Words was now higher. The high priest’s eyes widened as In-gong used two more types of Dragon Words after succeeding in Fire Breath. He forgot the majesty of his position as high priest as he smiled with admiration and confusion. 

“Indeed, Drakon Kechatulla... you acquired Dragon Words so quickly. You are truly blessed.” 

The situation was similar to how it had been with Fire Breath, but Ice Breath and Wind Breath were different. The high priest had told In-gong of their existence but never taught them. 

“A scam.” 

Felicia spoke like had she witnessed something absurd, but she was smiling. It was a very proud expression. She laughed while covering her face with her fan and then spoke in a coy voice, 

“High Priest, Dragon Words isn’t the only thing that Shutra can do. Do you know he can shoot Dragon Breath?” 

"D-Dragon Breath?!” 

The high priest was dumbfounded. Despite his majestic atmosphere, he was impressed like a child would be. 

"Yes, he can also use Dragon Fear.” 

Felicia added and the eyes of the high priest shook. He breathed deeply before looking back at In-gong. Then the high priest gulped and asked, 

“D-Don’t tell me... Drakon Kechatulla, are you actually a dragon?” 

That would explain why he had learnt Dragon Words so easily. Felicia laughed. 

“High Priest, that isn’t possible. Shutra is a gandharva. Well, it is true that he is amazing.” 

If Chris were there, he would be asking, ‘Why is Noonim acting so proud?’ Unfortunately, he wasn’t in the Dragon Temple but in the far north of the Demon World. 

Carack laughed instead of saying something, while Delia, Felicia’s aide, was happy and had no intention of stopping it. In the end, In-gong coughed with embarrassment and told the high priest, 

"High Priest, I am a gandharva. Also... can I learn the rest?” 

“I understand. I will do so.” 

The high priest replied and enthusiastically demonstrated more dragon words. 


It had been one month since In-gong’s group arrived at the Dragon Temple. 

In the heart of the temple, surrounded by a large collection of books, In-gong closed his eyes and concentrated. He had learnt six Dragon Words in the past month. Although he had learnt them instantly, he needed time to master them. 

This was his first long vacation since opening his eyes in this world. He had never stayed more than one month in one place because he had always been wandering around here and there. Of course, it wasn't really a vacation. For this month, In-gong didn’t just train in Dragon Words but all his techniques: 

Aura; magic power; divine power; and psychic power. Compared to the previous two, psychic and divine powers were lacking, but everything still had room for a lot of improvement. 

In-gong took a long breath to calm his impatience and thought about something else. 

‘Warrior Locke.’ 

He was obviously a dragon warrior, the Drakon Kechatulla raised by Guardian Queian. 

‘I wonder if he is an ally.’ 

In Knight Saga, Locke had been an enemy of the Demon World. Most of Zephyr’s subordinates had died at Locke’s hands. It had also been Locke who had taken Vandal’s life. However, he had never attacked first. It had just been a fight against the Demon World’s invasion. 

‘It would be best if he became an ally.’ 

Locke was strong. He was the owner of a unique SS rank weapon and SS technique. So, it would be reassuring if he was on the same side. However, the future of having him as ally wasn’t certain. After all, In-gong himself was a prince of the Demon World. It was unknown if Locke, a patriotic warrior of the Human World, would cooperate with him. 

‘I have to take advantage of my training in this temple.’ 

Locke’s adventure in Knight Saga had started in the Summer of Year 514. There was more than a year left until Locke would leave for his adventure. 

In-gong focused his consciousness on his dragon heart. Ainkel’s magic power was warm. 

‘Locke is the Dragon Warrior. Then what is Zephyr?’ 

Zephyr was a dragon humanoid, but that was because he was a draconian. He wasn’t a dragon warrior. Zephyr Ragnaros... 

He was already special. He was recognized as the strongest royal child of the Demon King’s Palace and led one of the three major factions. However, it was the same in Knight Saga. In Knight Saga, he was the worst prince in the Demon World. 

Warrior Locke wouldn’t be exactly the same as he was in Knight Saga, but he was still a dragon warrior and the enemy of the Four Knights of the Apocalypse. If so, wouldn’t there be something about Zephyr? Did he have any connection with the Four Knights and the Four Riders of the Apocalypse who were longing for the end of the world? 

In fact, it was an unfolded speculation. This world wasn’t exactly the same as Knight Saga. The surface history and personal history of the characters were almost the same, but it was up to there. Many things had changed since In-gong first opened his eyes in this world. The Four Knights of the Apocalypse, who hadn’t appeared in Knight Saga, were causing incidents in various places. 

Although Zephyr was the main character of the Demon World in Knight Saga, that didn’t mean he had a connection with the Four Knights of the Apocalypse. 

However, why? Something told In-gong that there was a connection, and his intuition was good. 

'It is unfounded.’ 

Zephyr was already an enemy. So, it was an honest speculation to add something else. In-gong shook his head slightly. Then at that moment, he heard a voice from behind him. 

“Shutra! Really, is concentrating on training all you need to do today?” 

It was Felicia. Her temple outfit was a little more comfortable today. Not only were there coloured jewels shining from the gold ornaments, but she was also wearing a headdress made of large bird feathers. 

In-gong instantly checked the clock at the corner of the mini-map. 

"There is still a lot of time left. It isn’t a good thing to become older.” 

Today was the last day of Year 512. In a few hours, it would be Year 513. 

In the Demon King’s Palace, he would become older every time his birthday passed. However, the Demon World had various species, and not everyone counted their age the same way. There were a few species who increased their age by one year at the beginning of each year, and the dark elves were one of these species. 

Felicia narrowed her eyes as she stared at In-gong. 

"Uh, what? A 14-year-old is complaining about getting older?” 

Felicia wanted to grow up quickly. In-gong nodded at Felicia’s words.

"Isn’t Noona the same?” 

"I’m not.” 

“Then what?” 

Felicia responded with a coy smile. 

"Shutra, Noona is only 18 years old. I still have a long time to go before I am afraid of getting older. So, stop training and get ready quickly. The high priest is conducting a ceremony to celebrate the new year. This is the duty of the royal family.” 

For dark elves who lived for hundreds of years, 18 years old was a young age. 

“Yes, yes. I understand.” 

In-gong replied playfully, no longer discussing a woman’s age. 

The new year celebrations were held outdoors. The lizardmen priests had built an altar in front of the entrance of the Dragon Temple and lit a large fire. The flames seemed so bright that it was like another moon had emerged. 

The priests moved around the altar. The high priest stood before the great fire and poured Dragon Words toward the sky—a blessing. The priests sang along to the words of the blessing. It was a sacred hymn filled with divine power. Magic power and divine power tangled together and danced into the night sky, becoming a light shining among the stars. The light grew, and in accordance with the great cry of the high priest, it divided into hundreds and embellished the night sky. It was like a spectacular fireworks display. 

Felicia blushed as she stared delightedly at the colourful feast of light. In-gong, who was equally impressed, turned his head and looked at Felicia. 

It had been barely six months since they had first met. However, they had been together quite a lot. He had been together with her since their first meeting during the Red Lightning tribe mission. In-gong remembered that first moment he encountered Felicia. He had used his body to defend her from a fire arrow cast by an orc magician. 

‘I hadn’t been thinking at the time.’ 

Thanks to this, his relationship with Felicia had deepened. In-gong closed his eyes for a moment, then something popped into his head. It was the Felicia’s death which he had seen in Knight Saga. He felt horrible just imagining it, and his breathing became rough. 


Felicia's gaze turned to In-gong. Her eyes were asking why he was acting like this, but she was still smiling. In-gong just laughed. The horrible sight in his head cleared as he said,

"Noona, I’ll protect you.” 

‘No matter what happens, and by all means.’ 

Felicia blinked at In-gong’s words, then she opened her fan. 

"What are you saying all of a sudden?” 

However, her voice was very pleased. She fanned herself a few times before shrugging. 

“Although... good. You are reliable. Why am I feeling so relieved?” 

Felicia smiled widely behind the fan before quickly correcting her expression. Instead of saying anything more, In-gong laughed and looked up at the night sky. 


The Year 513 began... 

And the Demon World side of Knight Saga had begun. After spending 10 more days at the Dragon Temple, In-gong headed to the 12th base because Anastasia had called him. 

While In-gong spent more than a month at the Dragon Temple, Anastasia and Victor had recaptured most of the western and northern parts of Curtis. 

The morale of the rebels was very low. The rebellion had turned over the moment the Paran clan rejoined the Demon King’s Palace. As expected, the western barbarian king, Actius, had chosen to escape, instead of fighting. He returned to beyond the limit line as fast as the wind. Actius’ rapid departure destroyed the morale of the rebels completely, and they were on the verge of collapse. 

In the case of the central fortress battle, Actius could be called the secret to suppressing the rebels. 

Of course, among the rebels, there were still those crying for war. It was difficult for them to survive even if they surrendered. Post-battle work included disposal of the ones who surrendered and suppressing the remaining rebels. All of these were mixed up, and there wasn’t enough time in a month. It would need a few more months to completely clear up the situation in Curtis. 

In the midst of this, Anastasia had called In-gong and Felicia, but it wasn’t for a task. 

“There is a command to return to the Demon King’s Palace. We can’t postpone a direct report about this uprising any longer.” 

As soon as the cleaning up of the Red Lightning tribe was over, he had returned to the Demon King’s Palace. So, this situation wasn’t much different. 

Anastasia, who he hadn’t seen in a while, was still graceful, but there was fatigue in her voice which she couldn’t hide. Felicia gazed at Anastasia with anxious eyes and asked, 

"By the way Unni, are the transportation formations restored yet?” 

"Not yet. So, Silvan is coming in his flying ship. He will arrive in two days.” 

If Silvan was coming with a flying ship, that meant it could only be the Black Flame Dragon. He had filled it up with crew members at the territory of the dark elves. Anastasia smiled while Felicia’s face turned red. There seemed to be an envious edge to her smile. 

"Victor orabeoni will stay in Curtis to stabilize the situation. This time, only the three of us will return to the Demon King’s Palace.” 

There were a few reasons for Victor to stay behind, but In-gong didn’t ask. He could guess the reasons to a certain extent. 

Two days later, the Black Flame Dragon with Silvan on board arrived at the 12th base. 


“Felicia! Your dear Oppa is here! Won’t you kiss me on the cheek? Two or three times will be good!” 

"Ah, come on!”

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