Chapter 167 - Chapter 32: Giants #4

Chapter 167 - Chapter 32: Giants #4

Felicia, who was wearing a white nightgown over pearl pajamas, crossed her legs on the chair and narrowed her eyes. She stared at In-gong sitting on the bed and opened her eyes. 

"So, to summarize, the four knights each have the power to appoint an apostle. The eastern barbarian king Karatus and Berkintox whom we fought today were the apostles of war?” 

"That's right." 

In-gong nodded. Felicia paused before saying to In-gong, 

"Now, as the Conquest Knight, Shutra is able to appoint an apostle.” 


Approximately 10 minutes ago, In-gong had called Felicia to his room to explain briefly about the apostles. The story was quick because Felicia had already seen Karatus and Berkintox. 

"Hmm. So, what is the difference between an apostle and being a member of the King’s Knights?” 

An apostle was able to receive the strength of one of the four knights. However, this was also the same for the King’s Knights. After Felicia became a member of the King’s Knights, she gained confidence in her stamina and magic power. 

In-gong scratched his cheek and explained to Felicia, 

“Uh... it is a bit strange, but if we say a king’s knight is just a subordinate, an apostle would be more like family? The relationship is a little closer. The king’s knights can consider themselves as minor apostles.” 

"Is it like the difference between someone you know and someone important?” 

“Well... a little bit?” 

It was a somewhat strange analogy, but the meaning was there. Felicia bit her lip and turned her gaze slightly away before asking In-gong again, 

"Are there any restrictions on making an apostle? For example, every time you make one, the power of the knight weakens.” 

Felicia was sharp. In-gong sighed and replied,

“It is like Noona said. The power of the knight is needed in order to make an apostle. In my case, it is the power of Conquest.” 

"Is it the concept of becoming weaker to give strength to an apostle?” 

If one point was subtracted from 10 strength, he would only have nine points left. Felicia’s question mixed with the worries in In-gong’s head. 

"That’s not it. It’s more like collecting magic power to use a powerful spell? I’m exhausting my accumulated power to make an apostle. That depleted power will be restored over time.” 

His power would be slightly weak Immediately after creating the apostle. However, it wasn’t a permanent loss, so he could bear it. 

"But there seems to be a certain limit on the number of apostles which can be sustained with the strength. That is why I need to do some research.” 

Currently, In-gong’s Apostle Appointment was only level one. There might be some innovative changes once it reached a higher level. 

'And... there are the cases of the other knights.’ 

The War Knight had put forth several apostles. The apostle of death, who had appeared in Thunderdoom Fortress, had a much stronger power of death than the power of war Berkintox and Artman had. Additionally, the Famine Knight didn’t have even one apostle. His power of Famine was weaker than In-gong’s power of Conquest. 

The main reason for the gap between the knights was time. How long they had been a knight, and how long they had handled the power? The War Knight and Death Knight were obviously very old. Otherwise, the current situation couldn’t be explained. 

"Hrmm... then Shutra, how many apostles can you appoint now?” 

"Just one.” 

In-gong shrugged as he replied to Felicia’s question. Felicia sighed and crossed her legs in the opposite direction. 

"This is why you need advice.” 

"Yes, I am worried about who to appoint as an apostle.” 

He could only make one person his apostle right now, so he was worried about it. Felicia narrowed her eyes and asked, 

"Who are the candidates?” 

"All of the King's Knights. If I had to add anyone else, maybe Caitlin noona and Chris hyung?” 

“Caitlin and Chris?” 

"I trust both of them.” 

The two people had taught him aura and Divine Beast Authority. He had already established an alliance with both of them even before he formed a relationship with Felicia. Felicia twisted her lips at In-gong’s words and spread open her fan to hide her face. Then she said, 

"Hum hum, wouldn’t it be better for the first one to be among the knights?” 

Her ears were twitching slightly. It was at that moment that Green Wind appeared suddenly beside In-gong in her solid form and nodded. 

“Princess is right. Master, I think so as well. It should be within the King’s Knights.” 

According to Felicia and Green Wind, Chris and Caitlin weren’t knights, so they were eliminated. Felicia, who had a strong sense of pride, said quickly, 

"As a non-combatant, shouldn’t Nayatra be subtracted?” 

“That’s right. Princess’ words are very correct. It is good if someone other than Nayatra is an apostle.” 

Nayatra was quickly eliminated. 

"And... General Vandal is too far away isn’t he? There are many times when he won’t be together with you.” 

"He isn’t with Prince.” 

Once again, Green Wind agreed with Felicia’s words. The two people carefully excluded Vandal and Silvan from the candidates. 

"Well, well. So, now, there are four candidates?” 

Felicia glanced at In-gong with expectant eyes. In-gong tried to hold back a laugh as he told Felicia and Green Wind, 

"In fact, I have already set the candidates. Three people.” 

“Three people?” 

"Noona, Green Wind, and Carack. There are two reasons for selecting these three candidates.” 

In-gong raised his fingers one by one. 

"First, they need to have a long experience with the power of Conquest. Second, they need to be someone emotionally close to me. It is good to have someone who meets those conditions in order to have a more efficient apostle.” 

Karma had always followed In-gong, so she had a long experience with the power of Conquest. However, she was unfortunately eliminated because of the second reason. 


Felicia made a satisfied sound after hearing the two reasons from In-gong. Green Wind then pulled at In-gong’s arm and asked, 

"Master, then it is me as well?” 

She had been with him for a long time and was emotionally close. As Green Wind’s eyes gleamed, Felicia quickly folded up her fan. 

"No, Green Wind is always with Shutra. The apostle should be someone who is able to fight independently.” 

Both the barbarian king and Berkintox had moved apart from the War Knight. As Felicia swiftly eliminated Green Wind as a candidate, she opened her fan with a large sound. 

“Shutra, choose—me or Carack.” 

Her tone indicated that she was feeling a little bit impatient. Green Wind ignored Felicia’s words and grabbed In-gong’s hand. 

"Master. I believe in Master. I definitely believe in you.” 

In-gong finally laughed. He looked between Felicia and Green Wind, and asked, 

"Do you both want to become stronger?” 

Becoming an apostle would make them stronger than they were now. Felicia avoided In-gong’s gaze as she replied, 

“I-It isn’t like that. Just...” 


"Master, I want to be your first apostle.” 

Green Wind suddenly interrupted. Her passionate voice seemed to be trying to reach his heart. Then In-gong looked at Felicia. 

“Noona as well?” 

"I-I don’t care about being your first apostle. I just like to be first.” 

"Well, I see." 

In-gong’s eyes narrowed, and Felicia’s ears turned redder. She eventually cried out, 

“Anyway! Decide quickly—me or Carack.” 


Instead of answering, In-gong nodded a few times before getting up from his seat. He had a new proposal in order to make it fair for everyone. 

"Call Carack and ask him.” 


"Hrmm, I don’t know what an apostle is, but I think it should be Green Wind rather than Princess.” 

After being invited, Carack heard about the situation and said that with folded arms. As Felicia and Green Wind looked at Carack for different reasons, Carack explained in a relaxed voice, 

"Doesn’t Green Wind always fight with Prince? So, if Green Wind becomes stronger, Prince will as well. If there is only one apostle, then I think it is right to strengthen Prince’s power. After all, the most important thing is the Prince’s safety.” 

As expected from Carack, it was a reasonable and relevant reason. 

"Oh... Orc, you are a good guy. It seems that I have misunderstood you.” 

Carack laughed at Green Wind’s words. 

"Then how do you normally see me?” 

"I saw you as an orc, Orc.” 

Green Wind said bluntly, and Carack laughed again. 

"Hmm, then is it decided on Green Wind?” 

In-gong asked all of them to be precise. Then he looked at Felicia, who covered her face with a fan and said, 



"Let’s draw lots. All three people have good reasons.” 

Even as she spoke, shame grew in her voice. Carack clicked his tongue. 

"Princess, obsession is bad.” 

"Am I acting obsessed?” 

"You are obsessed. Obsessed Princess.” 

Green Wind added, dealing the heaviest blow. Felicia stared in disbelief, and her long ears sagged. It was at this moment that In-gong couldn’t bear it any longer and burst out laughing. 

"Well, actually... there is no reason to argue.” 

“What does that mean?” 

Carack blinked as he asked. Felicia and Green Wind both stared at In-gong. In-gong shrugged and replied, 

"The apostle of the Conquest Knight is a little special.” 

The Four Knights of the Apocalypse had different powers. Therefore, the creation of an apostle was slightly different for every knight. 

"Now, I can appoint one apostle. If it were the same as other knights, then I can make only one fixed apostle, but... the Conquest Knight has an ability that makes it different." 

The King's Knights. With a crown on his head, this was the power of the Conquest Knight, who was born with the fate of a king. 

"The Conquest Knight can upgrade any knight to an apostle. It is a temporary, non-permanent upgrade, so I can change the person receiving the upgrade, depending on the situation.” 

The members of the King’s Knights were already like minor apostles. So, it was a type of power-up which turned minor apostles into real apostles. 

‘Thanks to this system, Karma can become an apostle as well.’ 

It was a bit of a sorry story, but if he had to prioritize the appointment of an apostle, Karma was the one in the lead. She would become the first one to receive the Apostle Appointment, and he would change the apostle depending on the situation. Karma was one of the most important people on missions due to her great mobility. 

After hearing In-gong’s explanation, Carack shook his head and pointed at the chair where Felicia was sitting. 

"Is it just like that big chair? As it grows, the number of people sitting on it at the same time can increase?” 

"Exactly. As expected of Carack.” 

Yes, it was a decent analogy. Green Wind nodded. However, Felicia was different. She stared straight at In-gong and said, 

"Wait a minute, wait a minute. Then why didn’t you say that from the beginning?” 

Things would have gone a lot faster if he had said that first. At Felicia’s question, Carack and Green Wind also looked at In-gong with curiosity. In-gong shrugged and replied, 

"It was cute seeing you argue with each other over who should be first.” 

In particular, Felicia... 

Felicia’s face turned red at his words, and she fanned herself angrily. Her expression was now grouchy. Carack shook his head while Green Wind narrowed her eyes. 

Some time passed as they talked. As Felicia stretched out with weariness, Carack asked like he suddenly remembered something,

"Prince, then should you give Apostle Appointment a try? Who will be the first apostle?” 


"Even if Apostle Appointment isn’t permanent, there still has to be the first apostle.” 

He once again had a logical and valid point. Felicia and Green Wind asked at the same time, 



In-gong laughed awkwardly. 


"Uh, can I really be the first?” 

Karma, who was invited to In-gong’s room in the middle of the night, asked Felicia and Green Wind. Although she knew very little about the Conquest Knight, it soon became clear that Felicia and Green Wind placed great meaning in being the first apostle. 

Poor Karma’s shoulders sagged, while Carack put a big hand on her shoulder and said reassuringly, 

"This is the most fair solution.” 

If he chose either Felicia or Green Wind, the one who wasn’t chosen would be out of control. Felicia and Green Wind both had the same expression on their faces as In-gong turned to Karma with a somewhat tired expression. 

“Karma, close your eyes.” 

Karma closed her eyes, and In-gong reached out toward her. Then the Conquest Coat of Arms emerged on Karma’s forehead. The new power of the King’s Knights, the apostle promotion... 

In-gong gave Karma strength, and a pure white light enveloped her body. 


"What did you do that you didn’t sleep all night?”

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