Chapter 166 - Chapter 32: Giants #3

Chapter 166 - Chapter 32: Giants #3

Helveti, one of the Paran clan warriors, was gripped by fear. However, it wasn’t because he was overwhelmed by the fear of the battlefield. His body wasn’t listening, but it was different from being tired or unable to move properly. Helveti knelt down without knowing it. As the coldness of the ground touched his knees, his mouth opened, 

“Drakon Kechatulla!” 

He was surprised by the voice which emerged from his body, and there was a deep emotion in his heart. Helveti was scared. It felt like his spirit as well as his body was being taken over by something. 

He moved his gaze desperately. That was the only part of his body he could move freely. Unfortunately, he couldn’t see behind him. However, if he could, Helveti would see the huge sword flying at a fearsome speed like a thunderbolt. 

What was going on? There was a big roar from behind him. Shortly afterwards, the power dominating his whole body weakened, and his heart sank down in his chest. 

Helveti stood up immediately, and the same was true for the surrounding Paran clan. They looked back urgently to check the situation. Helveti was shocked. Berkintox, the leader of the Paran clan who had been believed to be an invincible warrior, had collapsed with a big hole in his chest. 

The orcs and barbarians in the alliance were also baffled. Many of them were rushing toward the 12th base without knowing the situation, but the ones nearby were staring at Berkintox in horror. Helveti blinked several times in disbelief before looking around for answers. He then saw Belovaki, a veteran and strong warrior of the Paran clan. 

‘Follow his words. He will give commands.’ 

The moment that Helveti thought this... 



Someone shouted. The thunderbolt struck again. A huge sword descended from the sky and struck into the ground. Helveti immediately knew what would happen after. 

“Drakon Kechatulla!” 

Helveti knelt down in the direction of the sword and shouted loudly. The same was true for the other Paran warriors, including Belovaki. 

"It works extremely well.” 

In-gong muttered as he watched the Giant King's Sword on the ground and the Paran clan kneeling down again. The feeling of dominance was better than before because they were disturbed by Berkintox’s death. 

“Shutra! My posture!” 

At that moment, Felicia’s voice was heard. Despite In-gong’s arm around her waist, she felt some uneasiness. In-gong turned to Felicia and nodded. He lifted the light-weighted Felicia and raised his left arm to her legs in order to put her into a sideways stance. This was the so-called princess holding position. 

'Felicia is a real princess.’ 

While he was thinking this, Felicia was surprised by his sudden movement and hugged In-gong’s neck hurriedly. Then Green Wind’s voice was heard. It wasn’t a small whisper in his ear, but a great call. 

“Berkintox is dead!” 

“Artman is dead!” 

"My master has defeated the two traitors!” 

The voice from the sky enveloped the earth. Unlike Green Wind’s usual voice, it was a very sacred and majestic voice, like the voice of a god from heaven. It was definitely a performance. The orcs and barbarians were shaken, and the soldiers and Gullan hunters on the walls of the 12th base didn’t miss the chance to respond to Green Wind’s call. 

“Berkintox is dead!” 

"The Paran clan have succumbed!” 

“Hooray, Your Highness!” 

"Repel the traitors!” 

The emerging cries quickly consolidated into one voice, and the momentum of the rushing troops was truly broken. The orcs and barbarians panicked and couldn’t hit the 12th base. 

'Master, how is it? Did I do well?’ 

Green Wind’s normal voice was heard as she asked for praise. In-gong nodded and looked back toward the base. He couldn’t fight with Felicia in his arms, so he had to return her to the wall. 

'It would be nice if there was a reverse of Call... Something like return.’ 

As In-gong thought this, he flew diagonally toward the 12th base at a fast speed. In-gong felt the joy of riding a roller coaster, but Felicia swallowed her scream and hugged In-gong’s neck tighter. Regardless of whether they were enjoying it or not, the two of them were able to reach the wall at a fast speed. The soldiers on the walls looked up at In-gong and cheered, with Carack and Delia among them. 


Carack exclaimed as he looked at In-gong. In-gong stopped around 10 meters above the wall and shouted with a pleased face, 

“Carack! Receive this!” 


Delia blinked and Felciia, who was pleased to see the cheering soldiers, looked back at In-gong. Carack, who could read In-gong’s intentions more accurately than anyone else, was astonished. 



Felicia cried out anxiously. In-gong acted instead of responding and threw Felicia toward Carack. Felicia’s biggest fear was falling, so she screamed as she fell 10 meters. Carack immediately threw his shield aside and opened his arms. All the soldiers swallowed their astonishment. 


Felicia, who was screaming, lowered her voice involuntarily. Carack smiled bitterly with his arms wide open. Felicia’s descent was very slow, and she seemed to be flying smoothly. It was thanks to In-gong’s Telekinesis. 

“Shutra, you!” 

Felicia landed safely in Carack’s arms and shouted at In-gong. She sounded like a young girl since she had truly been scared. In-gong smiled and saluted Felicia. 

It was at that moment that...

‘Felicia really has it hard. Your actions are similar to the sword duke’s.’ 

A voice filled with admonition was heard in his head. In-gong knew the voice. 


It was clearly message magic. He turned in the direction of the message magic and saw Anastasia. She was standing above the gates as she spoke to In-gong. 

'Shutra, please keep a hold on the Paran clan. I’m going to finish this fight.’ 

Both Berkintox and Artman had died. It was natural for the morale of the enemies to reach the bottom, especially with the mighty Paran clan warriors disabled. If the leader had escaped, like Actius, then the enemies might not be completely destroyed. So, this was an opportunity. She could win easily if she opened the gates and led the troops out. 

‘As expected from Anastasia.’ 

Anastasia definitely wouldn’t waste this good opportunity. She was clearly thinking about about building up some merits with this. It was a situation where In-gong had already established the first merit, but the second one was still available. 

It wasn’t bad. However, this wasn’t because she was obsessed with merits. Perhaps this action resulted from her sense of responsibility and duty. However, In-gong had no attention of following Anastasia’s will. 

‘I won’t just keep hold of them.’ 


In-gong didn’t answer Anastasia’s question. He took a deep breath and shot off toward the Giant King's Sword. No one could restrain In-gong. The Paran clan warriors on their knees could only see In-gong. Additionally, there were enemies who were still confused. 

After reaching the Giant King's Sword, In-gong gathered aura and magic power produced by his quad-core and concentrated it on his right hand. In-gong still wasn’t clear about the relationship between the Giant King's Sword and the giants. However, there were some things he learnt after repeated experiments with the Gullam clan. 

The Giant King's Sword had the power to rule the giants, and that force responded to the magic power of a dragon. The larger the magic power, the stronger the command would be. In-gong poured the magic power into a large jewel attached to the guard of the Giant King's Sword. Then he used the dragon’s roar of command! 

“Drakon Kechatulla commands you! The Paran clan! Stand up!” 

The Paran warriors raised their bodies instantly. The sight of hundreds of giants standing at the same time was truly overbearing. 

“My name is Shutra Ignus! The 9th Prince of the Demon King’s Palace!” 

In-gong’s voice was amplified by Green Wind’s magic. It wasn’t an exaggeration to say that it shook the whole battlefield. All eyes turned to In-gong, and the name of the 9th Prince was carved into their heads. 

"The wicked traitor, Berkintox, who deceived the Paran clan is dead! The Paran clan! Wake up from Berkintox’s delusion! It is time to show your loyalty, which has never changed in your long history!” 

The bad one was Berkintox, and he had died. Thus, the Paran clan had room for salvation. 

In-gong didn’t know the details, but he didn’t think that all of the Paran would have rebellious thoughts against the Demon King’s Palace. It was likely they had just been following the orders of their chief, Berkintox as the Paran clan had been loyal for hundreds of years. 

Of course, if they agreed with Berkintox, then he planned to punish them. However, it was possible to be lenient on the ordinary Paran clan members. If the Paran clan, which had acted as a barrier on the Western Limit Line, disappeared, then it would be too damaging to the Demon King’s Palace. 

In-gong once again poured magic power into the Giant King's Sword. There were some Paran clan members who were really moved by In-gong’s speech, but there were also those who weren’t moved. Thus, In-gong decided to use a coercive method. 

“Drakon Kechatulla!” 

“Drakon Kechatulla!” 

The Paran clan shouted. Whether or not the reverence in those cries were true or not, the Paran clan seemed to have turned completely in the eyes of the orcs and barbarians. Additionally, the Paran clan weren’t the only giants on this battlefield. 

“Hooray, Your Highness the 9th Prince!” 


"Follow the prince!” 

The Gullam clan shouted loudly, and the soldiers on the walls followed suit, filling the battlefield with voices calling for In-gong. 

Anastasia laughed bitterly. She had been completely buried under In-gong’s light. 

'It can't be helped.’ 

The most important thing was to win, so it wasn’t a bad feeling. Anastasia opened the gates. At first, she planned to be at the front to gain some merits. 

Now, the fight was as good as done. Among the orcs, there were those who threw their weapons down and surrendered, while the ranks of the barbarians collapsed as they ran away. It was a reenactment of the pursuit which took place at the central fortress. 

'Master, you have a villainous face. But that face is also good. The slightly dangerous feeling is very attractive.' 

Green Wind whispered to In-gong who shrugged and looked down at the battlefield. 


Not just Berkintox, but the senior general, Artman, had died as well. Two leaders of the rebels had been removed at the same time. 

Once this news spread, it was clear that all of Curtis would be shaken. There were still a considerable number of rebels left in the north and west, but they had no focal point. Although the western barbarian king, Actius, remained, he was king of the barbarians, not Curtis. So, he couldn’t become a focal point for the forces in the north and west. 

As soon as the battle was over, Anastasia spread the news. Most were pleased by this remarkable news, but others couldn’t hide their confusion. 

Victor, the 3rd Prince and Anastasia’s brother, couldn’t follow the fast-paced situation. It had only been a few days ago that he had collected troops to crush the rebels and take revenge for Anastasia. Now, his sister had survived, despite his abandonment. Moreover, she hadn’t simply survived but had achieved victory as well. Victor had gathered his troops to help in the battle at the 12th base, only to hear that they had already won before he even arrived. It was once again a great success. 

Both were very good news, but he was embarrassed. He felt like he had been acting stupid alone. Aside from Victor’s circumstances, the 12th base continued being busy. 

“I surrender.” 

Belovaki, a senior warrior of the White Warriors, spoke on behalf of the other Paran clan members. He had been vice captain of the 100 White Warriors and opposed Berkintox’s rebellion, causing him to be demoted. 

In-gong had no intention of killing all the Paran clan members, so he was very pleased with Belovaki’s presence. He had also shown his skills next to Berkintox in Knight Saga. 

Belovaki eyes were filled with honour and admiration as he gazed at In-gong. It wasn’t just because of the Giant King's Sword. The Paran clan tribe admired the strong, and In-gong had defeated Berkintox, their strongest warrior, which made him worthy of praise. 

In-gong left the issue of the surrendered 100 White Warriors to Belovaki. He had been able to neutralize the Paran clan due to the Giant King's Sword. 

As soon as the most urgent problem of the Paran clan was over, In-gong met with Anastasia and Felicia. There was a lot of work to clean up after the battle, especially since a lot of people had surrendered this time. 

When it was all over, it was already late at night. In-gong lay down on his bed in the 12th base, and the semi-solid Green Wind created a cool wind by In-gong’s side. 

He had a lot to think about. In-gong had to figure out the relationship between the Giant King's Sword and the giants, as well as figure out why War had been behind the rebellions. A plan was also needed to clean up the north and west. 

However, In-gong put all those troubles away because he had something much better to think about. 

‘I was patient.’ 

He’d had to devote himself to other things for hours, despite gaining a new skill. Moreover, it wasn’t just a skill. It was Apostle Appointment. 

'Now, shall I take a look?’ 

What was the effect of Apostle Appointment? It was only level one, so how many apostles could he appoint? Additionally, who should he prioritize to appoint as an apostle? There were many candidates in his head, so it was an unexpectedly pleasant problem. 

"Master, you seem to be very cheerful.” 


In-gong grinned as he opened his skills window and examined the new conquest skill, ‘Apostle Appointment’. 


“Shutra, choose—me or Carack.” 

"Master, I believe in Master. I definitely believe in you.”

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