Chapter 165 - Chapter 32: Giants #2

Chapter 165 - Chapter 32: Giants #2

The Paran clan and Gullam clan shared the same roots. Just like how the Gullams worshipped Drakon Kechatulla, the great dragon warrior, the Paran clan also knew about the great warrior who confronted the serpent god. 

The 100 members of the Paran clan repeated the chant, and the blood of the giant king, which had been diluted and weakened as the years passed, was revealed in this moment. 

This wasn’t an old, made up story. It was a part of history, and it was true. The Paran clan were on their knees and felt embarrassed about not being able to move, but they were convinced. These were the instincts the giants shared with the Giant King's Sword. However, it wasn’t just the Gullam and Paran tribe members on the battlefield. The Hwarin warriors knelt down as well. Then the wandering warriors, fighters at the limit line and hunters of the forest yelled simultaneously, 

“Drakon Kechatulla!” 

“Drakon Kechatulla!” 

Unlike the Paran clan running in the lead, the Hwarin warriors were among the soldiers. So, the orcs and barbarians next to them fell into a greater state of confusion. 

Artman, a senior general of the Demon King’s palace, was amazed at the power emanating from the Giant King's Sword. He realized the power was an ancient force that was thousands of years old. Artman opened his mouth in order to shout, but as the three giant clans continued to chant, the gazes of everyone on the battlefield naturally turned to one place. 

Berkintox was looking at the same place like everyone else. He was both an apostle of a war and a giant, so he felt many things. His instincts clashed with the power which had been given to him. 

The dragon warrior was back. It was the same person as the one who caused the miracle in the battle at the central fortress. He was at the end of the Giant King's Sword. The Paran clan warriors were currently on their knees and under the influence of the Giant King's Sword. It was only a matter of time until they would attack the barbarians under the name of the dragon warrior. 

“Drakon Kechatulla!” 

Berkintox exclaimed, but his call was different from that of the other giants. He resisted the power of domination emanating from the Giant King's Sword because he was an apostle of war. Putting hatred and anger in his cry, he rushed toward In-gong. The red energy of war soared from his body, and Berkintox’s huge body swelled even further. 

Then Artman’s command spread throughout the battlefield. His magic power awoke the minds of the shaking orcs and barbarians. 

“Attack the base!" 

Artman had also seen that it was only a matter of time before they would be attacked. However, retreating now was the worst possible thing they could do. They had to reverse the situation before the Paran clan warriors were taken away. He needed to induce a melee. Additionally, Berkintox had to cut down the dragon warrior! 

The orcs and barbarians ran among the giants. Even without the Paran clan and Hwarin clan, there were more than 10,000 troops. Moreover, the walls of the 12th base weren’t that high or solid. They could destroy them even without the power of the giants! 


Artman shouted again with his magic power and shifted his gaze. At the centre of the battlefield, a red aura was just about to clash with a white one. 


Artman shouted. At the same time, the red energy of war rose from him. Berkintox wasn’t the only apostle of war on this battlefield. 

In-gong felt the strong power of war, but he didn’t have time to glance around. Instead, he looked straight ahead. The force of Berkintox, who was rushing with a sword and shield, was truly terrifying. 

The moment Berkintox swung his sword, In-gong turned into a dark mist and used Blink to jump over Berkintox’s sword. He aimed his fist at Berkintox’s chin. Explosive power rushed out. Berkintox’s head turned to the side, but he didn’t fall down. As he was pushed back, he tried to strike at In-gong with the shield on his left arm. 

In-gong clung to Berkintox. As Berkintox twisted around, his left arm hit the place where In-gong had just been floating, and divine sparks poured out as In-gong struck Berkintox’s neck. 


There was a huge sound from the blow. Berkintox couldn’t withstand this attack; his knees shook, and his posture collapsed. In-gong’s strikes didn’t end there. He didn’t have the slightest intention of delaying the time. White Eagle and Black Eagle struck Berkintox’s chest. Rather than a stab, it was closer to pushing away using a force field. 

Berkintox fell to the ground and felt a violent anger. The body of a giant, along with the added power of war, meant that he wasn’t hurt much, but he had already allowed three attacks. In-gong knew it as well. That’s why he moved even more. His right arm reached out and grasped at the air. Once again, he crossed the space with a dark fog. 


It was a relatively short distance, so the sound of the fog explosion rang out. In-gong exited the dark fog at Berkintox’s chest, aiming his right hand at it. However, he wasn’t aiming with his fist as he was now holding Skull Crusher! 

A sound which shook the heavens and earth exploded! 


Skull Crusher's super special move was a terrible blow without concentrated aura, so only half the power emerged, but that was sufficient. The breastplate Berkintox was wearing became dented, and a groan of pain emerged from Berkintox’s mouth. In-gong then released Skull Crusher, and upon returning it to his inventory, he moved his right and left hands. Each hand was using a different power. 

A fireball emerged from In-gong’s right hand and exploded in front of Berintox’s face. The power wasn’t great, but it was enough to prolong Berkintox’s pain. As such, Berkintox couldn’t breathe properly. 


Berkintox struggled as In-gong flew upwards vertically. Berkintox followed In-gong with his eyes, and he hurried to get up, shouting with pain and anger. Then there was a scream from Artman, 


Artman wasn’t only looking at Berkintox; he was looking a little further ahead. In-gong gathered strength in his left hand. As a result, something moved across the space like an explosion.


The Giant King's Sword flew like a dagger and pierced Berkintox’s chest. However, In-gong hadn’t moved it with just Telekinesis. The Giant King's Sword itself had the power to fly. 

It wasn’t a deep strike, but it pierced the armour, and Berkintox flinched back. Then In-gong used his third Blink. It wasn’t toward Berkintox but toward the front of the handle of the Giant King's Sword. Berkintox instantly realized what In-gong was going to do, but there was no time to stop it. His red, bloodshot eyes stared as In-gong pulled back his fist, aiming it at the handle of the Giant King's Sword stuck in Berkintox’s chest. 

‘Gigantic Piston!’

It was like knocking a nail with a hammer. The white aura exploded, pushing the Giant King's Sword deeper into Berkintox’s chest. The tip of the Giant King's Sword emerged steadily from Berkintox’s back. 


Berkintox coughed up blood, while In-gong reached out toward the Giant King's Sword. Instead of pulling the sword out of Berkintox’s chest, he called it back into his inventory. The Giant King's Sword disappeared instantly, and blood rose from Berkintox’s chest as the wound lost its stopper. 

It was a massive blow. Berkintox was now unable to keep himself steady. Instead of pursuing Berkintox, In-gong added the power of the dragon and Conquest to White Eagle. As soon as the Conquest Coat of Arms emerged on White Eagle’s surface, White Eagle accelerated and pierced Berkintox’s injury. Then a white and green light emerged from it as it carried out In-gong’s command faithfully. 


White Eagle and Black Eagle were separated, and they entered Berkintox’s chest, generating a green force field. Berkintox’s heart and blood vessels were destroyed! Finally, Berkintox collapsed. The life of the best warrior on the Western Limit Line was shattered, and the red energy of War was consumed by the power of Conquest. 


Then Artman used his seven tentacles to prepare seven magic spells simultaneously. In-gong turned toward Artman and shouted, 


Felicia responded to Call and crossed the space. As she appeared before In-gong in the air, she let out a scream reflexively, 


Felicia had been standing on a firm wall only to suddenly appear in the air. However, she didn’t fall. In-gong stretched out his right arm and wrapped around Felicia’s waist firmly. Felicia barely maintained her posture as she chanted a spell without any signs of resentment. This was just before Artman’s magic was completed. No, it wasn’t an exaggeration to say that a few individual spells had already been completed. 

Felicia tore a scroll, which Anastasia had spent all night making for this one moment. 

It was a multi-counter spell! This was an object prepared in order to snipe Artman. The moment the scroll was torn, seven magic spells were triggered. 

Artman’s magic was countered. The magic, which was just about to be completed, exploded. The individual spells, which had already been completed, ran away from Artman’s influence. The strong curses, which had been aimed at In-gong, covered Artman. 

Artman vomited from the pain. He was a senior general, and he had used his mighty magic to bring disaster to the battlefield. However, he couldn’t do that now. The first button had been broken. The Giant King's Sword had made him too impatient, and Berkintox’s crisis had also forced him to act hastily. 

The power of the two princesses played a role here. Felicia, a powerful magician, used the surprise scroll created by Anastasia, who was known as a monster in magic. No matter how senior the general was, it was no use if Artman couldn’t use his talent. 

Felicia continued with another spell, and the white Conquest Coat of Arms appeared on Felicia’s forehead. She used a simple yet powerful magic.


It was silencing magic. 

After Anastasia’s spell destroyed the opponent’s magic, Felicia prepared a spell which would stop the opponent’s magic itself. Artman was a more powerful magician than Felicia, so it was difficult for her to use Silence on him. The duration was short, and there was a serious penalty on Felicia, which prevented her from using another spell while it was still active. 

However, it didn’t matter. Felicia wasn’t the only one there! 


Dark blue fog exploded in rapid succession. In-gong used Blink twice in a row and aimed his left hand. His right hand was holding Felicia, as his left hand aimed toward Artman’s heart. 

There was no way that Artman, a magician, could endure In-gong’s brute force. Some of the amulets he wore to protect his body were broken. Artman staggered back as his tentacles moved. He tried to attack In-gong, but this time, Felicia moved. She had prepared many things with Anastasia in order to repel Artman. Once In-gong broke the amulets, she stretched out her arm from within In-gong’s arms and pulled the trigger of a metal device attached to her right arm. 

Arrows were fired at close range into Artman’s chest, and the poison covering the arrowheads had a fatal effect. Artman was weakened by the curses he had prepared himself and was no longer able to endure them. 

Then In-gong struck Artman’s neck. The dwarf long sword in his hand flashed, and Artman’s head rolled onto the ground. 

[Your level has risen.] 

The woman’s voice was heard in his head. ‘Level 39.’ Level 40, the special level, had not been reached yet. However, the woman’s voice continued, 

[After taking down three apostles of war, your understanding of the apostles has grown.] 

[The power of Protagonist Body is activated.] 

[The power of Conquest is activated.] 

Experience and understanding... As a result, he was able to use it. 

[The level of The King's Knights has risen.] 

[The level of Call has risen.] 

[The level of Conquest Knight has risen.] 

[Conquest Knight, Apostle Appointment Lv1 has been learnt.] 

Apostle Appointment... An apostle of Conquest! 


Felicia looked at In-gong. Instead of answering, In-gong held on tighter to her waist. He escaped from the soldiers around Artman and rose up into the sky. 


Green Wind whispered in In-gong’s ears. Instead of explaining, In-gong just smiled. Then he looked at the battlefield from a high position. As he looked at the 100 Paran clan warriors, the orcs and barbarians were rushing to attack the base. 

"Let’s finish this fight.” 

In-gong reached out into the air and took out the Giant King's Sword from his inventory once again. 

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