Chapter 164 - Chapter 32: Giants

Chapter 164 - Chapter 32: Giants

Anastasia woke up. 

It was warm. She felt a bit fuzzy, but it wasn’t bad. 


The sheet touching her back and the blanket covering her were soft, and the clothes she wore weren’t sweaty or rough. 

“Are you awake?” 

Anastasia moved her eyes as a voice was heard from next to her. Instead of her aide Chandra, she saw the red eyes of a beautiful dark elf. 


Anastasia sighed and closed her eyes; she remembered. She was amazed she had managed to keep using magic until they somehow arrived at the 12th base. Felicia, sitting next to the bed on a chair, pressed gently against Anastasia’s shoulder when Anastasia tried to raise her upper body. Felicia shook her head. 

“Just lie down. You are still a bit dizzy. You used magic until you were exhausted, so the aftereffects will last for a while. Aren’t you tired due to the travelling? Your waist and hips will hurt a lot." 

Riding a mount for a long tone was more difficult than one would have imagined. 

Anastasia opened her mouth unconsciously. 

"You are familiar with it.” 

“Well, I did faint several times in the same manner as Unni. Don’t worry too much. You will be fine after a day of sleep. Have faith in the people with experience.” 

Felicia winked, and Anastasia gave a small sigh. 

“That is even worse.” 


Instead of explaining, Anastasia looked around the room. It was a large but neatly furnished room. There were candles lit up in various places of the room, warming the air. 

“How long was I collapsed for?” 

“Around half a day or so? It is now night. Relax and rest a little more.” 

Felicia said in a pleasant tone as Anastasia was exhausted right now, and the situation was different from Baikal’s tea party where there was an exchange of nerves. Anastasia laughed at this aspect of Felicia. Indeed, it was due to this that she valued Felicia. In fact, she had been a little upset at the last tea party. Felicia had suddenly pulled her feet out from Anastasia’s faction and attached them to Shutra. So, she had annoyed Felicia a little bit more persistently than usual. 

Anastasia let out a long sigh. She turned her gaze back to Felicia’s face and said, 

“Shutra—he was great.” 

“Hum hum, our Shutra really is great.” 

There was no need to wait for the reaction. Felicia spoke while covering her face with her fan, but her long ears twitched. She sounded really proud. Anastasia laughed brightly. 

“I thought you changed paths due to future aspirations, but that isn’t it. It is because Felicia has another reason.” 

It would be a lie to say it wasn’t for political calculations, but there seemed to be an emotional aspect involved. 

“Well, somehow, I feel slightly bad.” 

Felicia didn’t seem to worry too much about what Anastasia thought. However, Anastasia buried both her anger and sadness and said, 

“Shutra saved the central fortress in a really cool manner.” 


It was the right bait for Felicia, and so Anastasia kept a watch on Felicia’s ears. 

“He has a lot of mysterious tricks and many powerful magic items. The way he took all the supplies in the central fortress... He didn’t tell me how, but it was amazing.” 

“Hrmm. That is Shutra’s secret. Please note that I knew before Caitlin. Shutra told me first.” 

Her fan was covering her face, but her eyes could still be seen. It was clear that she was smiling from ear to ear. 

“Why are you so smug over there?” 

Felicia coughed instead of answering, and Anastasia laughed again. This time, she managed to sit up and said, 

“Call Chandra. I’ll get dressed and meet up with Shutra and the leader here.” 

Anastasia was currently wearing only a thin negligee, which probably belonged to Felicia. It was impossible for Anastasia to meet anyone while she was dressed like this. 

“Shouldn’t you rest a little longer?” 

Felicia asked again with worry on her lovely face, but Anastasia shook her head. 

“Shutra and the leader will wait. But Berkintox won’t give us that time.” 

Unlike In-gong or Felicia, Anastasia knew Berkintox. Although she never noticed his betrayal, she knew how competent he was. 

“I understand. Wait a bit.” 

Felicia stood up instantly. 


“The north and west of Curtis are under the influence of the traitor, Berkintox. The eastern part seems to be close to the west. In fact, except for the southern area around the forest, almost all of Curtis has been taken.” 

Makkulpin, the lizardman and head of the 12th base, pointed to a large map of the battlefield spread out on the table. The story was roughly as expected. As Anastasia frowned, Makkulpin looked over at her and said, 

“Prince Victor is currently rallying the lizardmen at the swamp. He will be delighted to hear that Princess is safe.” 

“Yes, I am also glad that Orabeoni is safe.” 

Anastasia said in a dry tone, and Makkulpin shifted his gaze like he had made a mistake. Felicia, who guessed the general situation, sighed and changed the topic. 

“I think half of the Hwarin clan has joined Berkintox. It seems liked the Hwarin clan were the ones who destroyed the transportation formations in the first place.” 

The Hwarin clan were giants who wandered all over Curtis. If they struck simultaneously, they could attack all of Curtis at the same time. 

“And the Gullam clan?” 

“They are with us, but their numbers aren’t as high as the Paran clan’s. 20 Gullam hunters have come with us here.” 

Felicia shrugged and replied to Anastasia’s question. There were few hunters left in the village because many hunters had gone to hunt far away. Anastasia swallowed her saliva. She turned to Makkulpin and asked,

“Anyway, is there any news about Artman?” 

“No, it is likely that he has joined Berkintox.” 

Artman was a magician and a senior general of the Demon King’s Palace. He had been sent to Curtis last year and seemed to have joined Berkintox during that year. What had Berkintox used to convince Artman? In the first place, why had Berkintox decided to rebel against the Demon King’s Palace? However, it didn’t matter—Aanstasia had to look at the situation right before her. Then she spoke to everyone in a quiet voice, 

“If I were Berkintox, I would come here. He will probably come with all of his troops, and he’ll try not to repeat the same mistakes.” 

It was clear that Actius’ defeat had made a strong impression on Berkintox. So, he would give priority to this side over Victor. 

“There isn’t enough time to wait for support from the Demon King’s Palace.” 

All the bases with long range communicators were under Berkintox’s control. Although the Demon King’s Palace might have noticed the destruction of the transportation formations, it was possible they didn’t know the exact situation regarding Artman and Berkintox. The Demon King’s Palace would believe in the senior general, Artman, and the Paran clan which had been around for hundreds of years. 

Anastasia closed her eyes. If Felicia and Makkulpin were in this position, they would have considered a full retreat. However, it wasn’t just the two of them in this position. Anastasia looked before her with a sense of competitiveness and asked the other child of the demon king about how to break the crisis. 

“Shutra, what would you do?” 

The enemies were many and strong. The 100 Paran clan members alone were hard. Additionally, the barbarians and forces of Curtis followed Berkintox as well. 

However, Anastasia had a voice which was mixed with anticipation. Shutra had managed to defeat 30,000 people at the central fortress. 

In-gong folded his arms slowly, then he answered Anastasia’s question. 


Berkintox rushed forward. 

He didn’t waste any time in the central fortress. The 10th base was the one closest to the 12th base. 

Actius, who had fled to the north, didn’t move himself but sent new barbarians to the west of Curtis. The barbarians rode on the back of quick monsters and hastened to the 10th base. 

Artman, the senior general of the Demon King’s Palace, headed for the 10th base as well. He was a powerful magician who had led his magic squad and the Hwarins, and destroyed Curtis’ entire transportation formation system. 

After leaving the central fortress and reaching the 10th base, Berkintox joined Artman. He waited one day for the quick barbarians to reach the 10th base. Then he rushed forward once again in order to not give Anastasia time. 

One day passed by. The Paran clan and orcs joined 7,000 barbarians and reached the 12th base.

The walls of the 12th base weren’t high. All the bases and fortresses of Curtis were built to deal with barbarians, not giants. The walls of the central fortress had been an unusual case. The height of the walls of the 12th base was approximately 10 meters. It was a height which felt like a neighbour’s wall to the Paran clan which averaged 10 meters in height. 

Additionally, there was Artman, who had octopus-like hair, slender limbs and seven tentacles. He could feel the magic power of the nightmares on his purple skin. It was clear 4th Princess Anastasia was at the 12th base. 

"There isn’t just one succubus. There is also the smell of the magic power of a dark elf. It is clear that 6th Princess Felicia is also present.” 

Artman delivered the message to Berkintox through magic. Berkintox focused his eyes on the soldiers along the walls of the 12th base. Indeed, Anastasia could be seen among the soldiers. She had her hair tied up and was wearing white armour as always.

‘It is a little surprising.’ 

Although he urged the troops to move, Berkintox also kept in mind the possibility that the 12th base would be empty. It was because Anastasia wasn’t the type to engage in a reckless fight. There was no siege here, unlike at the central fortress, so she could choose to escape. Anastasia being here meant that she thought there was a chance of victory. 

Berkintox made a decision. No matter what Anastasia had prepared, he would break through it using force. Berkintox rode a monster and gauged the distance from the 12th base. It was a long distance which arrows couldn’t reach, but the giants were five times the size of normal species. Berkintox raised his sword up high and distributed the aura of war to the orcs, barbarians and Paran clan warriors. 

The atmosphere heated up, and a shout broke out among the soldiers: 




The united shouts shook the heavens and the earth as the Paran clan warriors rose up from the ground. It was truly spectacular. 100 giants stepped on the earth, so the sound was truly terrific. The surging momentum seemed to stab the sky. 

The troops of the 12th base felt a fear of death just by looking at the rush of the giants. It seemed helpless for someone with the ordinary strength of a person. The leader of the 12th base, Makkulpin, couldn’t breathe. Even the Gullam hunters, who were giants like the Paran trible, felt fearful and gulped. 

The passage of time couldn’t be felt properly, feeling both short and long. Anastasia formed tight fists, while Felicia bit her lip where she was beside Anastasia. 

The distance narrowed down, and the sound of the Paran clan became louder as they neared. Death... The troops couldn’t help gulping. It was like they were going to be swept away by a tsunami! 

The moment the soldiers of the 12th base thought this. Anastasia stared up at the sky, and Felicia shouted loudly as if to shake off the fear. 


It was time. This was a moment they had calculated for in advance. 

The Gullam hunters, including Galang, stared up at the sky with respect. Artman looked up, and Berkintox also sensed something. High above the sky, where no one paid attention to due to focusing on the Paran clan... There was something diving down... pouring down from the heavens! 


There was a huge roar as it tore through the atmosphere, and lightning struck among the rushing Paran warriors. 

It was a huge sword. A giant sword struck the ground and stood there proudly, like it had always been there. 

Berkintox saw it. Then the Paran clan warriors and everyone else stopped moving. They turned reflexively toward the direction of the sword. 

It was instinct—an irresistible command engraved in their souls. The Giant King's Sword... And the person before the sword... 

In-gong stood afloat above the Giant King’s Sword and had one hand placed on it. Due to the dragon heart, he was emanating the strong power of a dragon. At this moment, something happened. The Giant King's Sword began to glow, and a white aura spread out! The red aura which covered the bodies of the Paran warriors was peeled off at once, and the Paran clan warriors could no longer resist. They fell to their knees instantly, bowing before the Giant King's Sword. The Paran clan warriors worshipped the great dragon warrior. 

“Drakon Kechatulla!” 

“Drakon Kechatulla!” 

Inside the 12th base, the Gullam hunters shouted, and that call soon spread. The Paran clan warriors opened their mouths and cried out the name of the great dragon warrior. 

“Drakon Kechatulla!” 

“Drakon Kechatulla!” 

It was the name of the great warrior who led the giants and fought against the evil red serpent god. Everyone on the battlefield was amazed. The sight of 100 giants on their knees was like the scene from a myth. 

However, it wasn't a myth. This was a reality. Therefore, there were conflicting emotions. The soldiers of the 12th base were amazed, while the orcs and barbarians were overwhelmed with surprise and fear. 

In-gong’s gaze moved to a distant place. Despite being confronted with the Giant King's Sword, there was only one giant who didn’t shout the name of the dragon warrior. It was Berkintox, the apostle of war. 

The Giant King's Sword shone once again, and In-gong roared on the battlefield. 


The white woman shouted from the depths of In-gong’s soul as the equipment of the elder dragons cried out loudly. Berkintox was confused, but In-gong didn’t wait for him to understand. The Conquest Knight rushed toward the Apostle of War. 

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