Chapter 160 - Chapter 31: Overwhelming

Chapter 160 - Chapter 31: Overwhelming

Zephyr was the protagonist of the Demon World in Knight Saga. 

He was a strong warrior and magician, but he never stood alone on the battlefield. As a commander, Zephyr ruled the battlefield with his loyal subordinates and soldiers. 

In-gong stood on the wall and looked down at the battlefield. His line of sight was filled with barbarians; there were over ten thousand of them. This wasn’t like the army of eastern barbarians he’d fought in Takar. 

Their numbers were several times that, and the army was at least three times stronger. In-gong couldn’t fight using Zephyr’s method, as he lacked the forces to fight against a big army. 

Then what should he do? In-gong took a deep breath. There was another protagonist in Knight Saga. 

The protagonist of the Human World was the warrior, Locke.  Locke wasn’t a prince. He had trustworthy companions whom he shared life and death with, but he didn’t have a loyal army of thousands who would die for him. Locke was a leader—a mighty warrior who brought hope to a desperate battlefield. 

‘It is irrational.’ 

Locke’s style of fighting was different from Zephyr’s, so he was always at a disadvantage in a fight. 

He was the brave warrior who advanced toward the Demon King’s Palace. After passing through tens of thousands of soldiers to reach the demon king, Locke finally became the hero who killed the demon king. 

Locke’s method was different from Zephyr’s, and In-gong had to fight using it. In-gong would become a one man army who would reverse the situation. However, Locke was strong and had learnt Knight Saga’s SS rank technique, the Warrior’s Sword.  

'I don't know.’ 

In-gong let out a long breath. The SS ranked Divine Sura Authority created a flow of aura which was breathtaking. He had three equipment from the elder dragon, and Amita had tuned them so well that they were incomparable to normal S rank equipment. 


Green Wind became a breeze which wrapped around In-gong’s whole body. She was just like Beatrice was to Locke. 

Truth be told, it didn’t matter if she was lacking in support when compared to Beatrice. 

Green Wind only had the strength of the wind. However, unlike Beatrice, she was always with In-gong. If he had to choose between Beatrice and Green Wind, In-gong would choose Green Wind without any hesitation. 

Moreover, it wasn’t just Green Wind who accompanied In-gong. 


From the depths of his soul, the voice of the white woman with red and blue eyes was heard. The power of Conquest continued to increase. 

In-gong felt a sharp sensation on his lips, and divine sparks rose over Amita’s newly created Dragon Scale Greaves. It was the final flame—the woman who took In-gong’s first kiss. For reference, the second one had been Green Wind. Somehow, it didn’t feel like he had been kissed twice, but a kiss was still a kiss. 

In-gong laughed and made a fist, then he concentrated aura and magic power on Earth Quaker. 

Anastasia had said, ‘What can you do alone?’ Her words were right. It was impossible for In-gong to overthrow an army alone. However, In-gong didn’t have to take out the big army alone. 


Using Night Watch's power, In-gong hovered in the air slightly and used Call. Carack was a capable aide and knew why In-gong had called him. Instead of asking questions, he walked over to the disconcerted Anastasia. Carack’s role was to act as Anastasia’s escort. He would be able to protect her from blind attacks on the battlefield. 

In-gong shifted his gaze toward the sky and the ground, prioritizing them both. 

It was definitely far from Zephyr’s battle style. Moreover, Zephyr wouldn’t be here in the first place. Anastasia was a competitor for the throne. So, from Zephyr’s point of view, it would be best to just let her die. 

However, In-gong was here. It wasn’t because Felicia had begged him to save Anastasia. Nor had he calculated that saving her would improve their relationship and gain a political favour. In-gong wanted things to change. He wanted to destroy the ending of Knight Saga where all of the demon king’s children died. 

‘I like this about Master.’ 

Green Wind said suddenly, as though she had read his heart. In-gong smiled and separated White Eagle from Black Eagle. The two of them shone with a green light and started to revolve around In-gong. 

“Let’s go, Green Wind.” 

'Let’s go, Master.’ 

No further preparation was needed, and In-gong rose up into the air. The power of Conquest spread out, focusing everyone’s attention on him. 

'Like a warrior!’ 

In-gong flew forward like a flash toward the closest wyvern. The dark blue Night Watch made a rough trajectory in the wind. 


There was a huge roar. In-gong accelerated past the wyvern instantly, with White Eagle and Black Eagle breaking its neck. As red blood splashed out from the wyvern, In-gong was already flying toward the second wyvern. There were continuous roars, and In-gong accelerated past each wyvern. It wasn’t long before the seventh wyvern fell to the ground. 

The loud sounds in the sky, along with the falling wyverns, were enough to make a strong impression. The number of eyes staring at In-gong increased. There were still a few wyverns left in the sky, but In-gong’s next goal was the ground. 

While soaring in the sky, In-gong changed direction suddenly. He dived toward the ground and stretched out his right hand, grabbing Ascalon from his inventory. He then unfolded the Dragon Bane—Ascalon’s super special move! 

In-gong appeared as a lightning bolt as the charging lance struck the neck of a huge monster. The monster couldn’t endure the horrific shock and collapsed instantly. Astonishment and shock ensued as the monster cried out with pain. 

As Dragon Bane was stronger against dragons, the monster wasn’t killed with one blow. 

However, In-gong didn’t mind. The important thing wasn’t to stop the monster’s breath—it was enough to show that the monster could be neutralized by a single strike. 

More gazes gathered on him. The battles on all sides of the fortress subsided, and as all eyes stared at him, In-gong inhaled deeply. He placed Ascalon back in his inventory, while he climbed onto the neck of the monster! 

‘Black Specter!’ 

A dark blue fog spread out. The flapping sounds of hundreds of wings caught everyone’s ears. The dark fog started from the neck of the monster, crossing more than 100 meters to reach the main force of the barbarians. 

It was a fearsome sight. The black fog descended and swallowed everything in its path. Despite the flapping wings, loud screams could be heard clearly. Then the sound of the wings stopped. The dark fog dissipated, and a white light emerged. 

In-gong raised the king’s flag once again, then he spread out the power of Conquest. The red energy of war, which had been covering the barbarians, was destroyed. There were hundreds of barbarians at In-gong’s feet, but none of them were able to shoot their bows or throw their spears. 

In-gong had overwhelmed them temporarily. The whole battlefield looked at him, and he stared out at what was before him. 

He looked at Actius, the king of the western barbarians. In-gong already knew what to do next. He wasn’t a warrior who led through fighting like Karatus, the king of the eastern barbarians. Actius was a cowardly ruler. Therefore, he was always away from the main area of his first attack. 


A monster standing beside Actius, opened its mouth at Actius’ command. 

The monster was a horn drake, a land type dragon. It was a monster whose body was 30 meters long, and it ran on the ground with four feet without any wings. A fearsome power was focused on the giant horn on the forehead, and a pillar of light three meters in diameter shot out from its mouth. It was a fearsome breath incomparable to that of the wyverns’. 

In-gong glared at it. Instead of using Blink, he combined White Eagle and Black Eagle before him. Following Night Watch’s super special move, Black Specter, he used White Eagle’s super special move this time. 

‘Absolute Area!’ 

The moment the red pillar hit White Eagle, the sky turned red. The pillar split into hundreds and thousands of pieces, alternating their direction toward the sky and the ground. 

Then someone screamed. This was just the beginning. 

Kwang! Kwang! Kwang! Kwang! Kwang!

A heavy rain of light poured down from the sky. Confusion and terror spread every time a ray of light hit the ground. 

Actius panicked and so did the horn drake, who shot out the breath. However, In-gong didn’t wait for either of them. The dark fog exploded once again under the torrent of light. Blink—In-gong used Blink three times in succession to break through the zone of heavy firepower. He then drew back his right fist as he moved forward. 

His target wasn’t Actius. In-gong focused all the power of his quad-core on one point. Then he used one attack. Following Night Watch and White Eagle, it was Earth Quaker’s super special move! 

‘True Destruction!’ 

In-gong struck the neck and chest of the horn drake. The power of destruction sprang out and crushed the horn drake’s body. 


It was like thunder had struck the ground. The power of destruction, which combined both aura and magic power, seemed to break both the sky and the earth. The horn drake didn’t scream. Its head simply fell to the ground, and once the huge body collapsed, it caused the earth to shake. 

Dust and dirt rose up. Surprised by the sound of thunder near him, Actius gasped. He couldn’t comprehend the situation and was paralyzed by what happened. It seemed like a terrible nightmare. The other barbarians were the same. It was pointless to see how many had died and how many were left. The only thing that remained in their heads was the power of the destruction.

There was a calm in the storm. Once again, the black fog exploded in the midst of the tension, anxiety and fear. With the last Blink, In-gong landed on the ground in front of Actius. 

In-gong was tired as well. He had used four successive super special moves, but he couldn’t stop here. He had to finish it properly. 

In-gong gathered his remaining aura and magic power as he stared at Actius. He took out various scrolls he’d received from Felicia from his inventory as well. Wind, fire and lightning exploded in all directions, causing a disruption in the surrounding area. 

Actius was overwhelmed by In-gong and moved quickly. Instead of rushing toward In-gong, he started to escape urgently. He had already witnessed In-gong’s movements, so he didn’t stop. 

It was as In-gong thought. In Knight Saga, Actius would escape if there was any sign of danger. It happened when Actius was convinced he couldn’t keep fighting or win the battle. The barbarians around Actius panicked. They fell into confusion and didn’t run toward In-gong, nor did they escape with Actius. 

Instead of attacking the barbarians, In-gong burnt the banner of war which was next to Actius. The flag played a central role in supplying energy to the battlefield, so the effect was indeed enormous. The aura of war covering the whole battlefield was removed, causing further confusion. 

That wasn’t all. Green Wind appeared next to In-gong and shouted toward the sky, 

“The barbarian king has fled!” 



The amplified voice spread over the sky of the battlefield. 

There were those who couldn’t see the entire battlefield, so it was easy to be deceived. Moreover, the spirit of war which had been controlling the barbarians’ spirits had disappeared. It wasn’t possible for the barbarians to maintain a sense of calm. 

The ranks of the main body, who had actually witnessed Actius fleeing, collapsed. They were also witnesses to In-gong’s overwhelming ability, so they chose to escape instead of fighting him. As dozens of barbarians ran away, the flow quickly grew to hundreds and then thousands. Those at the left and right wings, which were distant from the centre, were confused by the movements of the center. It was the same for those on top of the fortress. 

Anastasia blinked with a dumbfounded expression. She couldn’t believe everything that had happened before her eyes. At that moment, Carack shouted from in front of Anastasia, 

“Princess! Now!” 

Anastasia’s eyes widened, and she immediately understood the situation. It was now the time to give support from the rear. The barbarians’ escape was just a temporary phenomenon. In order to spread that phenomenon to all the barbarians, military power was necessary. 

Anastasia pulled out a potion and drank it. After recovering her magic power forcibly, she gave a command she had never imagined would be shouted today. 

"Open the gates! Support Shutra!” 


The whole battlefield began to transform. 

The barbarians, who had lost the energy of war, were no longer immune to spirit magic. The result of Anastasia’s long term spirit magic was really frightening. The completely deceived wyverns then poured energy shots toward the barbarians. The individual barbarians were not controlling the monsters—the nightmares were. Complicated commands were not needed. Simple control was enough to make the monsters go crazy. 

There were thousands of troops in the central fortress. It was unreasonable to pursue the barbarians who outnumbered them. However, the barbarians had suffered considerable damage while escaping. There were those who were trampled by their own allies or killed by a raging monster. Anastasia pretended to pursue them aggressively. This meant that the barbarians couldn’t stop moving. She didn’t drive the barbarians in one direction but scattered them in every direction. 

In-gong looked at the mini-map while sitting on White Eagle, up in the air. In-gong let out an involuntary sigh of relief. There was still some aura and magic power remaining, but his physical and mental strength were completely exhausted. So, he was really glad. 

‘As expected from Anastasia.’ 

It was a timely response. Moreover, her ability to dismantle the barbarians was really like art. She was really capable. 

In-gong closed his eyes. He wanted to fall asleep, but this place was the battlefield. Moreover, In-gong wasn’t alone right now. 

"Master, did I do well before? I mimicked what the lycanthropes did at Takar.” 

In-gong stroked Green Wind’s head as she sat next to him. In-gong laughed as he recalled Green Wind spreading the news that the barbarian king had escaped.

"Yes, well done." 

He took off Earth Quaker and stroked her head with his bare hands. Green Wind looked at him with a pleased expression and said,


“What is it?” 

"You were really cool today.” 

Green Wind spoke honestly, and the effect was powerful. In-gong shifted his gaze to avoid Green Wind’s eyes. 

Then the voice of a woman was heard in In-gong’s ears. 

[You have led a desperate battle to victory.] 

[Title: Great Hero has been acquired.] 

[Your level has risen.] 

In-gong smiled with satisfaction. 

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