Chapter 155 - Chapter 29: War Destruction #6

Chapter 155 - Chapter 29: War Destruction #6

The wyverns, who had lost two allies to In-gong’s Dragon Breath, ran away. In fact, the big surprise was the Dragon Breath itself, rather than the wyverns dying. 

Although it was the Dragon Breath from the most powerful dragon, its daily usage was still the same. In-gong was really glad the wyverns had escaped quickly before he only had one breath left. 

The wyverns were driven out from the forest, and the animals no longer watched the party. Galang and the other Gullam hunters took care of the wyvern corpses hurriedly and focused on clearing the rear. 

As the giants started to move, In-gong’s group moved close together. Felicia looked at In-gong with a bemused expression and said, 

“Shutra is amazing. No, you are strange—a scam.” 

"Oh, this time there are some similarities, Princess.” 

Felicia ignored what Carack said and just looked at In-gong. In-gong grinned at the party before sending Felicia a wink. She understood the meaning of his gesture and called upon a wind spirit to make a curtain which would block out any sound. 

“Shutra, what is going on? That... it was Dragon Breath, right?” 

It was a situation where the sound was blocked out, but Felicia lowered her voice like she was afraid someone was listening. In-gong nodded. 


“Wah! Does this mean that Prince will grow wings, a tail and horns?” 

Carack asked with an excited face. Clearly, he was really excited about this. However, In-gong shook his head. 

"Like I said before, it isn’t like that. Well, it might be possible if I learn polymorph magic.” 


Of course, using polymorph magic would make it a literal transformation, but he would still grow wings and a tail like Carack said. 

"But the breath—was it due to the dragon heart?” 

Felicia was still confused. In-gong raised his hand to the middle of his chest, where the dragon heart was, and replied, 

"Yes, the Dragon Breath is more like the dragon heart’s essence, rather than a magic spell. A primal act? Anyway, it was something like that.” 

Dragon Breath wasn’t like a skill or magic; it was a right that a dragon enjoyed. Therefore, the Dragon Breath was closer to the essence of a dragon, than a magic spell. It was something which would awaken instinctively, such as how a bird could fly or a fish could swim. 

Felicia looked confused again at the explanation and glanced at In-gong’s chest. 

“Shutra, are you already closer to a dragon than a gandharva?” 

Not only could he operate a dragon heart, but he could also shoot out Dragon Breath. If he could use magic spells, then he really would be a human type dragon. 

"Well, I clearly saw a characteristic of the gandharva.” 

Carack said after recalling something. Felicia made a confused sound and asked, 

“Characteristic of the gandharva?” 

“Yes, a characteristic of the gandharva.” 

Felicia turned back to In-gong and narrowed her eyes. 

“Uh... Shutra is very handsome.” 

“Noona is also pretty.” 

In-gong responded a little shamelessly to the sudden compliment of his appearance. It was true that Felicia was pretty. However, Carack said with a frown, 

"This isn’t the time to be gloating.” 

In-gong shrugged while Felicia opened up her fan hurriedly. Delia, who had been watching quietly, said softly, 

"Carack, beauty is a characteristic of both species. The gandharva and elves are both known as species with beautiful appearances.” 

Of course, the standards would vary from species to species, but even so, there were some mainstream standards. Carack thought for a moment before nodding. 

"Well, indeed. Delia is also really pretty.” 

“Oh, my.” 

Delia turned red at Carack’s praise, while Karma frowned with vexation. 

However, Carack didn’t go any deeper. He watched Felicia and asked, 

"Princess, what characteristics do the gandharva have other than appearance?” 

“Uh, let’s see? As far as I know... they have a good scent and are good at dancing and singing? There was a beautiful gandharva dancer, who was part of the Eight Legions, who went around performing to each species. Oh, they are also excellent at feeling the flow. They can sense everything that has a flow, whether it is the wind or aura.” 

These were pretty much all the species characteristics she knew. Carack thought for a moment before nodding. 

"Well, the liquid that comes from Prince’s body is delicious. It is really unbelievably sweet and delicious.” 

“What? A delicious taste?” 

Felicia turned to In-gong hastily, seeming to be yelling in his face. 

In-gong replied hurriedly, 

"I once tried drinking my blood. If I melt the magic power in the blood, it turns into a very sweet taste.” 


"Not just blood... other body fluids are possible.” 

He had also experimented with his saliva and sweat. 

"Does Noona want to try?” 

In-gong asked, and Felicia quickly waved both hands. 

“Uh, no. It’s okay. It is still blood.” 

“You will regret it later. It is really delicious. Don’t ask after this. My blood is precious.” 

In-gong answered with nonsense and pulled back his arm again. Carack laughed and asked Felicia another question. 

"Then Princess, you mentioned something about the Eight Legions? What is the Eight Legions?” 

“Uh, I don’t know? Carack?” 

"I also don’t know.” 


Felicia smiled and glanced at Delia. It was a glance for help, so Delia opened her mouth immediately. 

"The Eight Legions is a group of eight species that migrated here from a distance place. There is a story that they came from a place called the Celestial World, but it is just a legend, so it isn’t accurate.” 

The Eight Legions had appeared suddenly one day, but there was no evidence of where they really came from. It was thousands of years ago, so there was no one remaining who could testify about that time. The only clues were the records about the Eight Legions, but most of the records had been destroyed during the Era of Struggle. Now, it was just a legend. 

"The species that belong to the Eight Legions are the gandharva, yaksha, sura, deva, karura, dragon, kinnara and mahoraga. Carack, you should have seen the yaksha and sura a few times.” 

The demon king was a sura. 

Carack nodded at Felicia’s words. 

"I’ve seen almost all of them. But this is the first time I heard that the eight species were related.” 

"Well, like I said, it is just a legend. There are some people who question the existence of the Eight Legions as species of the Demon World. However, is it that easy? It is a little bit ambiguous to point to a dragon or any other species.” 

The yaksha were probably the most active of the Eight Legions in the Demon World. Most of the other Eight Legions, including the sura, were few in number. 

“Ohu. Then Princess, what are the characteristics of the dark elves and the sura? Prince and Princess both carry the blood of the demon king.” 

However, on the outside, the two of them didn’t seem to carry any sura blood. Right now, Felicia wasn’t much different from Delia who was a pure-blooded dark elf. 

"I'll tell you the characteristics of the dark elves. A beautiful appearance and... light and nimble body, high spirit affinity, longevity and special eyes that can see in the dark?” 

As she listened to In-gong’s words, Felicia laughed. Then she continued on from his explanation,

"The sura are a natural combat species. They have good combat senses, high stamina, resilience and recovery. Aura is also a special talent.” 

They were literally a species born to fight. 

"But the blood of the sura is less enthusiastic, so the children of the demon king tend to inherit more of their Omamama’s characteristics, rather than their Abamama’s. I guess the only obvious effect of Abamama’s blood is the childhood Silvan and I had.” 


"The other dark elves have a fairly long childhood. But Silvan and I aren’t much different from Shutra, Caitlin and Chris.” 

“Ah, is that so? Maybe Prince fights well due to the blood of the demon king.” 

Carack nodded his head like he was convinced. 

After the explanations, Felicia turned to In-gong. 

"Anyway, the Dragon Breath is really amazing and strange. Shutra, can you shoot it from anywhere other than your mouth?” 

Although it seemed natural to shoot Dragon Breath from his mouth, some discomfort was unavoidable. 

In-gong shrugged and replied, 

"I’m glad it isn’t being shot from my eyes. And I’m also glad that it is in the form of a light pillar. If it was fire, the situation would’ve become worse.” 


Felicia nodded slowly as she imagined In-gong shooting fire from his mouth. The pillar of light did seem easier to form and had less discomfort. 

"Well, Noona, I think we should keep the dragon heart a secret from Galang and the Gullam hunters. Should I just say that it is a powerful magic or skill?” 

There was a reason for blocking the sound around the party. Felicia immediately understood In-gong’s words. 

"Indeed, I don’t think it would be good if Anastasia unni hears about this. Let’s do so.” 

He didn’t know if he would have to fight against Anastasia, but it was better to keep some things hidden. The more trump cards he had, the better. 

Once the story was finished to a certain extent, Felicia put away the wind spirit. Then the Gullam hunters came up to In-gong’s party, and they all said the same thing. 

“Drakon Kechatulla.” 

“Drakon Kechatulla.” 

“Drakon Kechatulla!” 

It was a situation where even the reticent Galang had said it. Felicia and his companions all looked back at In-gong reflexively. All of them seemed to be asking In-gong about the meaning. 

“I don’t know... the ‘great dragon warrior’?” 

It was a language he didn’t know, but he did now. The woman’s voice was heard in his head. 

[Ancient Giants Language Lv1 has been learnt.] 

The language of the ancient giants... In-gong stared at the words which seemed to be hiding something, but Felicia waved a hand in his face. 

"It is convenient, but I’m starting to feel angry like I’m being deprived of something.” 

She worked hard to learn each letter. If she didn’t use it often, she would forget them. 

While Felicia was grunting angrily, Galang lowered his face. He stared straight at In-gong and declared, 

“Drakon Kechatulla. Finally, the incarnation of the dragon has returned.” 

There was an almost pious expression in Galang’s eyes, and it wasn’t simply because he was amazed at In-gong. 

"It seems like there is something more.” 

Carack said, and In-gong agreed. He looked up and Galang and said, 

“Tell me the story.” 


There was something which was passed down within the Gullam clan. 

It was the image of a human, who was the incarnation of a dragon, fighting against a wicked red serpent god in order to protect the world. The incarnation of the dragon fighting against the serpent god wasn’t a prediction of the future but a depiction of the past. 

Felicia broke down every part of the story Galang told them. Originally, the story was made up of parables and symbols. 

Felicia replaced Galang’s words one by one. 

‘The world was the forest. The evil serpent god was a dragon. The human shaped incarnation of a dragon can be interpreted in different ways. It could be a warrior supported by a good dragon or a good dragon which polymorphed into the form of a person.’ 

At Enger Plaints, there was the story of the centaur warrior who had protected the north after receiving White Eagle. 

"Going by that... is there a relic associated with a dragon in the area?” 

Felicia came to this conclusion, and In-gong agreed. 

“It is most likely a dragon lair.” 

Perhaps it was a place associated with an elder dragon. Even if it wasn’t an elder dragon, it was the lair of a dragon which had lived thousands of years ago. So, it was a jackpot. 

“My motivation is rising.” 

Felicia forgot about the sweat and the other worries she had in the past as she murmured. 

In-gong looked at Galang and asked,

"Galang, is this also told among the Paran and Hwarin?” 

"The roots of all three giant clans are the same. The story about the incarnation of the dragon is also handed down among the Paran and Hwarin.” 

Galang’s attitude toward In-gong was much more cautious than before. There was a reverence which couldn’t be hidden. 

The incarnation of the great dragon... 

If the Paran and Hwarin shared the same story, then they were likely to react in a similar manner to Galang. 

In-gong remembered the centaurs of Enger Plains and nodded silently. As Felicia said, having more trump cards was good. 

“Let’s go find the ruin.” 

There was still time left before the sun set. The party’s footsteps accelerated. 

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