Chapter 13 - Chapter 2: Alliance #4

Chapter 13 - Chapter 2: Alliance #4 

In-gong hadn’t increased Aura just to surprise Chris and Caitlin. 

Right now, Aura had more uses than Telekinesis. 

Aura had the effect of raising his overall physical abilities.  

It wasn’t comparable to natural athletic exercise but it was halfway there.  Even having low experience in the technique was enough to give him an excellent physical performance. 

 It was the same for fighting. Without this technique, a faster and stronger person was likely to win.

‘Telekinesis takes practice. Moreover, it was difficult to exert a threatening power from the beginning.' 

He didn’t want to throw it away but he wouldn’t invest resources in it yet. 

In-gong had been saving the additional stat points and skill points since his first level up. There were two reasons for this. 

Firstly, he didn’t know what ability would be most efficient to invest points in. 

Secondly, there were many requirements if the next level was a high level. Therefore, it would more efficient to gather the points and use them when needed.

It was a common idea for a gamer. 

However, In-gong revised his plan after experiencing a battle. 

Skill points? He would use them. It was more important to survive than to grow at peak efficiency. He needed to grow to live. 

However, he decided to leave some of the additional points. It would be saved for when he found a skill he wanted, like Aura. 

‘Although, I shouldn’t be too choosy.' 

He had some freedom due to Carack and his men. If In-gong had to survive alone, he would have gone with endurance and durability type skills without hesitation. 

"Isn’t this a terrific talent? It is amazing that there hasn’t been any rumours.”

Chris spoke in a voice mixed with admiration and his eyes were shining with a strong curiosity. 

"Sometimes, talent may bloom late.” 

Caitlin said from next to him. In-gong didn’t know why but she had a proud expression. It was like she was thinking, ‘my brother is so good!’ 

'But I am also Chris’ younger brother.’ 

In-gong laughed while gazing at Chris. Chris was overflowing with interest and kept on nodding. 

"A waste. Really a waste. I want to be your teacher.” 

There were a number of responses that could come out when facing something like this but there were two big ones.

One was jealousy while the other was a favourable impression.

They would like to raise him. They would want to make a genius and he wouldn’t be left to rot. 

Fortunately, both Caitlin and Chris seemed to be the latter type. 

‘However, it will be hard.’ 

The relationship between the children of the queens and concubines were fairly complicated. Chris and Caitlin being friendly with In-gong was an entirely different matter from becoming his subordinates. Additionally, this involved teaching him Aura. 

 Many people couldn’t compete with the lycanthropes due to Aura, so this was a sensitive thing to do. 

It was upsetting but In-gong had to give up. However, Chris wasn’t dissuaded. 

“Hey, Shutra.”

Chris said, flinging his arms around In-gong. Then speaking in a low voice like he was telling a secret, 

“Can I teach you? Although it will only be limited to this expedition.” 

Chris, prince of the lycanthropes, would teach him Aura directly. 

Based on In-gong’s position, it was a really welcome offer but In-gong thought about it once again before accepting it. 

'Right now, what should I do?’ 

The children of the Demon King didn’t just fight each other. Of course, there were alliances called factions. 

There were many factors in determining a faction but the biggest part was the relationship between mothers.

Whether the children liked each other or not, the children whose mothers were in a good relationship or alliance belonged to the same faction. On the other hand, no matter how much the children got along, those with mothers who hated each other would always be enemies. It was like Romeo and Juliet. 

Knight Saga began in Year 513 which was one year from now. However, In-gong knew the composition of the factions among the children. 

‘There are only three children without factions.’ 

One was Shutra and the other two were Chris and Caitlin. 

Chris and Caitlin always played with each other. Meanwhile, Shutra was always alone because none of the factions wanted him. 

'If I think of it in another manner, can’t I secure Chris and Caitlin for my faction?’ 

His mother’s family was weak but In-gong had talent. His talent was brimming over. It wasn’t necessarily useless - this was Chris’ judgement of the situation.

It wasn’t bad for In-gong. Right now, he needed powerful allies he could rely on. 

If there was one problem, it was the secret of Caitlin’s birth. 

It was a story that was really cool to talk about. However, it was a big problem - he might get caught up in the children complaining about Chris and Caitlin.  

‘No. I won’t let that happen.’ 

In-gong turned toward Caitlin.

“Noona, what do you think?” 

“It is a good idea.” 

Caitlin nodded with a serious expression.

Chris said with a long face, 

“It is better to learn from me than from Caitlin. When it comes to Aura, I am better in terms of delicate handling. No, just learn from both of us. Caitlin, is that okay?” 

"Yes, it is okay. Noona will teach you well.”

Caitlin responded quickly as she stared straight at In-gong. Her eyes were full of motivation. 

"Thank you, I’ll ask you to look after me well.”

'Okay, then let’s talk about work now.” 

Chris grinned and headed towards the neglected battlefield map on the table.

Chris explained the whole situation in a way that was easy to understand. Thanks to the battlefield map, the movements of General Vandal and the main army were clearly visible. 

"The battlefield is advantageous this time. We are winning. However, if we keep marching this way, we will reach the base of the Red Lightning tribe. There will be a lot of resistance.” 

Perhaps, there would be a big fight. 

“Shutra, can you make a map of the cave?” 

Chris glanced at In-gong with anticipation. Thanks to the cave, Kaichin had been able to be caught. Perhaps, it could be utilized more. Both Caitlin and Chris stared at In-gong.

 In-gong wanted to meet their expectations but his answer could only be ‘no.’ 

‘I have the mini-map!’

He would be able to draw a map if he used the mini-map. 

‘Thinking about it, won’t I be able to draw it?’ 

He could just look at the mini-map. 

“Um, wait a minute. I will draw it now.”


Chris made a disbelieving sound. Rather than replying, In-gong looked at Caitlin instead. 

“Just a moment. Noona, can I borrow pen and paper?” 

“Uh, wait a minute.”

Caitlin nodded with a little bit of surprise. In-gong smiled and started to draw the mini-map on a large piece of paper. In addition to the cave, In-gong drew what he scouted yesterday. 

At first, Caitlin and Chris just watched without any expectations but their eyes soon changed. The road itself was simple but the map was so detailed. 

Once In-gong finished drawing the map, Chris alternated between looking at the map and In-gong. 

“You, are you really a genius?” 

“It is because the road is simple.” 

In-gong answered bluntly. Rather than announcing the existence of the mini-map, it was better to pretend that he had a good head. 

"Shutra has a good brain.”

Caitlin nodded with admiration. This time, there was a little bit of envy mixed in. 

In-gong just laughed and pointed to the map.

"Anyway...I only explored up to here.” 

The last time, he had just moved forward and hadn’t pay much attention to the mini-map. However, he now noticed a path leading to another place. 

Considering the passage in the mountain and the direction it was taking, it was likely that it would continue close to the Red Lightning tribe’s camp. 

"This cave, I think we should explore it a little more properly.” 

Chris declared and In-gong nodded.

"Kaidum said it was the first time he used it. Kaichin hadn’t known about the passage at all.”

Even within the Red Lightning tribe, not many of them knew about the cave. Maybe Kaidum was the last one. 

Moreover, there was one important fact. 

“They don’t know that we have found the cave.” 

So, they could take advantage of this. They could stab the enemy in the back. 

Chris smiled at In-gong. A lycanthrope’s smile - it was the smile of a hunter.

The Demon King has five queens + several concubines.

Among the five queens, there are nine children born who are vying for the throne of the Demon King.

The concubines act as members of the factions.

-That doesn’t mean there are no opportunities for children of the concubines. The Demon World is an area for the strong.

-I want to mention that the reason the Demon King has so many wives isn’t because he is horny =3=;; but for political reasons. 

See you tomorrow.

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