Chapter 128 - Chapter 22: Dragon Heart #2

Chapter 128 - Chapter 22: Dragon Heart #2

His body reacted before he could think. The moment the barbarian king was about to hit him, In-gong used Wind Style to retreat. It was truly a narrow escape. The place where In-gong had just been standing was struck by the barbarian king’s mace, and the earth was split apart. It shook from the power, and some of the barbarians in the area fell to the ground. 

It wasn’t a special blow, nor was it the technique that smashed the gate. This was just a simple attack. 

Yet it transcended common sense. 

The barbarian king lifted his head as he raised his mace. In-gong was only two to three meters away. 


The barbarian king spoke in a rough but excited voice. 

He used Body Hardening as a rigid shell wrapped around his whole body. Its quality was completely different from Paratus’, and although the sizes were similar, In-gong couldn’t think of them as the same. This time, it was like facing a mountain. 

The barbarian king had the power of War. Unlike the other barbarians, the red aura was burning like a flame. 

In-gong knew instinctively... 

The barbarian king wasn’t a War Knight. However, he was strong. The power of War was really enormous. 

It was like facing the man with the spear at Thunderdoom Fortress. That man came to mind. Maybe the barbarian king was a similar existence. 

‘Apostle of War.’ 

Those words emerged, and the white woman’s voice was also heard. 

In-gong understood. It was the War Knight that had given the barbarian king the power of War. This meant that the one behind the barbarian king was not the Death Knight but the War Knight.

He had granted the power and the flag. 

In-gong finished organizing his thoughts and focused on the barbarian king before him. 

In Knight Saga, the barbarian king had a strength comparable to that of an advanced general. Moreover, he now had the power of War. He was sure to be much stronger than the barbarian king in Knight Saga. 

Fighting him now wasn’t a good idea. It was the middle of enemy territory. At the very least, he should lure the barbarian king back to his camp where allies could fight together. 

In-gong came to the conclusion quickly and used Wind Style again. He was surrounded by barbarians, so it wasn’t possible to retreat with Wind Style alone. However, he was only aiming for a small gap. Once the distance increased from two to three meters to five or six metres, In-gong used his last Blink. 

A blue smoke exploded. In-gong was aiming for a place which was diagonal to the starting location. The moment was instantaneous. Then something collided with the blue smoke. 

In-gong screamed. The moment he had reappeared, the barbarian king’s mace slammed into him. It tore through the air! 

This was a shallow attack. 

The barbarian king didn’t speak, but In-gong seemed to hear the voice of the barbarian king in his ear. 

The moment when In-gong used Blink, the barbarian king had raised his head and looked at the air. He had moved before the blue smoke had even disappeared. 

There were two reasons for this. 

One, the barbarian king knew about In-gong’s flying and blinking ability. He hadn’t seen it on the battlefield, but he had heard about it from Paratus and the other barbarians. 

Blink’s strength was that In-gong changed locations instantly. Moreover, the location where he appeared wasn’t specified, so the enemies were helpless. However, was it really like that? Was there truly no specific location as to where he would appear? 

When someone’s life was at risk, the use of Blink was likely to be straightforward. 

The barbarian king had read the intention to withdraw in In-gong’s eyes. In fact, In-gong had used elusive footwork to step backwards like the wind. 

If he was using Blink in that situation, he had to step back. In-gong needed to be as far as possible without any enemies. 

Then that meant the trajectory was calculated. By taking a diagonal step backward, it was obvious he would go in a straight line from there. 

The other thing was the power of War. 

The barbarian king, who held the power of War, didn’t miss the power of Conquest which had been used in the beginning. The barbarian king could feel the power of Conquest. 

He read the direction and trajectory, then he determined the distance through feeling. 

It was about a dozen meters. Obviously, that wasn’t a close distance. However, as soon as Blink was triggered, he had been able to narrow the distance. He wielded Skull Crusher the moment In-gong appeared in the air. 

The barbarian king couldn’t catch up completely, but this distance... it was just enough to hit In-gong. 


There was a tremendous roar as the atmosphere shook. 

Shortly before the attack hit, In-gong’s aura had exploded. That explosion pushed In-gong and also affected the trajectory of Skull Crusher. Affecting both the target and attacker, the explosion reduced the strength of the hit. 

However, that was it. The attack was still enough for what the barbarian king had intended. 

The barbarian king’s power was beyond imagination. In-gong flew more than a dozen meters and slammed into the ground. 

For a moment, he couldn’t breathe. He couldn’t distinguish between right and left, as well as front and back. There was no feeling in both arms, and there was no strength in his legs. 


The barbarian king shouted. He was already racing toward In-gong, and the distance narrowed in an instant. 


The barbarian king’s second attack clashed with White Eagle. The green force field, strengthened by Black Eagle, shook roughly. Despite being far away, White Eagle had moved to In-gong’s position and prevented the second attack. However, it was unable to withstand the strength of the attack and was pushed back. 

The barbarian king laughed out loud, and Green Wind screamed In-gong’s name. 


It was the third attack. This time, White Eagle blocked it again. Due to the fact that it was coming from a diagonal direction, White Eagle was pushed diagonally and into the ground. 

The barbarian king raised Skull Crusher once again. However, there was a crack in Green Wind’s force field. In-gong gritted his teeth and used Dragon Style as he raised his head. 

The fourth attack— 

Right before it struck, In-gong reached out for White Eagle with his white aura shining brilliantly! 

‘Absolute Area!’ 

White Eagle’s super special move—it controlled all attacks within a certain range of White Eagle. 

The moment Skull Crusher hit White Eagle, the barbarian king’s arm was bent at an unusual angle. It didn’t stop there as even the barbarian king’s body flew backwards. 


Green Wind shouted, but In-gong couldn’t be pleased. Absolute Area wasn’t a simple technique. It was a super special move which required a huge amount of aura and mental power. Yet he had used it to prevent an ordinary attack. 

In-gong felt lightheaded. Blood poured from his body due to the backflow of aura. 

This was the worst situation. His legs still had no power, and his hand which held onto White Eagle was trembling. 

It was just like how Paratus had been. Due to the unexpected blow, he had received an enormous injury. 

The barbarian king, who had been thrown back, landed on the ground. He glanced at his twisted right arm and laughed loudly. With one hand holding Skull Crusher, he readjusted the bones in his right arm. 

Indeed, the barbarian king was a monster. When just looking at strength alone, he was stronger than Vandal who boasted the highest power in the demon king’s army. 

He stared at In-gong, then he diverted his attention away from In-gong for a moment. 


Caitlin's voice—she was approaching, and the quad-core was activated. 

She was racing through the barbarians with Kaparang and the lycanthropes. Paratus and his followers didn’t know what had happened. Maybe it was a reckless rush that left them behind. 

The barbarian king just laughed. Then Caitlin arrived in front of him. Her angry aura exploded as she rushed toward the barbarian king. Kaparang and the lycanthropes were no different. 

A battle broke out. 

With one swing of Skull Crusher, three lycanthropes collapsed to the ground. The barbarians, who were watching the barbarian king’s battle, put pressure on the lycanthropes from all sides. 

The fact that Caitlin and the lycanthropes were in the middle of the battlefield hadn’t changed. Vandal was far away, and the remaining troops were fighting the barbarians, so they couldn’t get there. The only ones there were the lycanthropes. 

In-gong coughed up blood again. The sudden activation of the quad-core had a negative impact on him. 

However, In-gong didn’t stop the quad-core as Caitlin’s durability was weaker than In-gong’s. Caitlin could lose her life from just one of the barbarian king’s blows. So, In-gong couldn’t reduce her combat capabilities. 

‘Master, Master!’ 

In-gong heard Green Wind’s sad voice and took a deep breath. With trembling hands, he then pulled out a potion from his inventory and drank it. Meanwhile, the barbarian king’s Skull Crusher took the lives of three lycanthropes. 

In-gong continued taking deep breaths, trying to normalize his flow of aura. He could feel Caitlin struggle. She seemed to be dancing on the edge of a blade. The number of lycanthropes, which had hardly been damaged in the repeated battles, decreased rapidly. 

In-gong suppressed his impatience. He had to remain calm. 

Abandoning Caitlin and the lycanthropes in order to run away wasn’t even a choice. He couldn’t do that. They had jumped into this fight in order to save In-gong. He had to help them. 

However, victory was required. 

He had to defeat the barbarian king—break him and destroy the spirit of the barbarians.

Right now, In-gong’s body was a broken mess. Furthermore, due to the backward flow, it was hard to reach his aura. 

In-gong needed something else—a means to enhance his power, even if it was just a little bit. 

His head started working overtime, and several things popped into his head. 

Telekinesis, magic power, divine power— 

They were all lacking. Although they were secondary powers, they couldn’t replace aura yet. 

The deaths continued, and Caitlin screamed. The Starlight Core and Moonlight Core shook, causing In-gong to cough blood again. 


Green Wind’s voice was heard. She appeared in solid form and caught In-gong. Both of her eyes were shining. 

Green Wind... 

The guardian of Enger Plains. She had been born from the fragment of Watcher Ainkel’s soul.

As he looked at her, it was like a lightning bolt struck him. 

‘Watcher Ainkel.’ 

Her dragon heart— 

In-gong had taken the fragment. As a result, In-gong had been able to become a dragon humanoid. 

However, that was it. The fragment was an essence of an elder dragon, a being said to have the same power as a god, but the power of the dragon heart was only that much. 

In-gong activated Dragon Style. He triggered Dragon Blood once again. The dragon genes were activated. 

At that moment... 

Green Wind touched In-gong’s cheek, and she smiled. Her smile was just like the one when he had talked to Green Wind alone in the temple on Enger Plains. 

“I am completely conquered. Rule over me, Conquest Knight.” 

Green Wind—Ainkel whispered, then she kissed In-gong’s lips. The last piece of the puzzle fell into place. 

Conquest... Make them submit. 

Watcher Ainkel’s strength— 

He hadn’t absorbed it, and the fragments of power were scattered around in In-gong’s body. 

Green Wind became a wind which wound around In-gong. He focused inwardly on the hidden powers in Dragon Style and Dragon Blood—the fragments of power in his dragon genes. 

It was created. 

He opened his eyes. 

It was a third aura heart. This was a mighty magic power that only a dragon had... 

Also known as a dragon heart! 

The Moonlight Core was strong, and aura also sprang out from the gandharva aura heart which In-gong had originally. 

The third aura heart—the dragon heart supplemented all the power of his dragon style, and In-gong’s magic power started to emit a dragon’s power. 

[You have fully conquered Watcher Ainkel’s power.] 

[A dragon heart has formed in your body.] 

[The level of Dragon Humanoid has risen.] 

[The level of Magic Power Control has risen.] 

[The level of Magic Power Control has risen.] 

[Your level has risen.] 

[Your level has risen.] 

The woman’s voice rang in In-gong’s ears. All his injuries were restored as the white light that celebrated his achievement shone. 

And in that light, the power of Conquest stopped. All those fighting against it looked at In-gong. 

In-gong raised his head. Time had passed. The bodies of the lycanthropes were scattered all around, and he saw the bloody back of Caitlin, who seemed to be on the verge of collapsing. 

In-gong’s gaze moved away from her, and he glared at the barbarian king who was beyond Caitlin. He declared without hiding his anger, 


Five aura hearts. 

A pure white aura emerged from the dragon heart in the center. 

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