Chapter 111 - Chapter 18: Auction #3

Chapter 111 Chapter 18: Auction #3.

Chapter 111 - Chapter 18: Auction #3

‘A success!’

In-gong smiled with satisfaction as he looked at his fist containing the dragon style.

The dragon style had added a new power to In-gong’s aura.

In Knight Saga, there were slight differences in the auras of each species.

A lycanthrope’s aura was characterized by momentary explosive power. The various techniques of Divine Beast Authority were developed towards exploding aura due to the fact that the lycanthropes specialized in this.

Just as the name implied, the dragon style was based on the power of a dragon. Dragons reigned at the apex of all species, so their power was efficient in many areas.

Even if they had the same amount of aura, the dragon’s style was much stronger than other auras. It was also easy to add various attributes to the aura, and it was easy to handle the aura in various ways, such as through emission or focusing it on one spot.

In-gong had conquered a piece of Ainkel’s dragon heart, but he hadn’t been able to use the dragon style until now. Additionally, in the past, In-gong had always the delicate aura unique to gandharvas.

However, after gaining the characteristics of a dragon, his aura had become stronger and more violent than before. It was like riding a wild horse.

Instead of continuing to attack Jiks, In-gong brought his left hand to his chest and used recovery magic.


The pain was truly not a joke. The strike that contained the dragon style was stronger and sharper than had had expected.

However, the pain was also good. In-gong swallowed back the pain and laughed.

On the other hand, Jiks was stunned when he was pushed backwards. 9th Prince was a gandharva and sura, so how could he use the dragon style? Perhaps 9th Prince wasn’t the son of the demon king? Or maybe he was the child of a female draconian, not the 5th Queen.

Jiks stopped thinking about it. He would explore the secrets of 9th Prince’s birth later. He was called mad dog for always going on a rampage, but he had survived to this day due to his excellent fighting instincts.

The blow had increased his distance with 9th Prince. Additionally, 9th Prince didn’t attack immediately.

This was an opportunity for Jiks. He gathered his aura hurriedly while his left hand grabbed something. Then Jiks threw a pouch toward 9th Prince, causing a blast of violet smoke to fill the air.

It was poison. It had been made by collecting various infectious poisons around Evian and was unable to be neutralized with magic due to how terrible it was.

He would buy some time with the poison. After adjusting his breath and gathering aura, he would attack the poisoned 9th Prince.

Jiks used the time to try and pull out an extra sword. He took one step back and refined his breathing, but his plan only went well up to here. This was because there was something happening which he didn’t know about.

[Hundred Poisons Resistance is activated.]

[Hundred Poisons Resistance is activated.]

[As a result of the resistance against the rare poison, Hundred Poisons Resistance has been upgraded to Thousand Poisons Resistance.]

[Poison resistance has increased greatly.]

Fire Arrow and the various recovery spells needed to be used many times to increase their levels.

Hundred Poisons Resistance wasn’t much different.

The other day, Hundred Poisons Resistance had already reached its maximum level. Now, due to the rare poison, it had progressed to the next level.

In-gong breathed freely in the smoke as he headed to Jiks. He rushed over and shouted unknowingly,

“Truly, thank you!”

After the dragon style, it was Thousand Poisons Resistance!

In-gong smiled brightly and activated aura and magic power simultaneously. In-gong’s magic power, which originally possessed the attribute of a dragon, matched well with the dragon style. Compared to before, the synergy effect of the combination between aura and magic power was superior.

Jiks was confused. 9th Prince had smiled after being hit, and he was now thankful for the poison. No matter how Jiks looked at the situation, it clearly wasn't normal.


Jiks swung his sword. It wasn’t the time to be confused.

Jiks’ blade was fast and sharp. He had wandered in the wilderness after being kicked out of the army, but his skill was real. If they were just discussing pure martial arts skill, he was much better than In-gong.


Green Wind cried out, and there was a sharp metal sound at that same moment. Black Eagle moved between In-gong and Jiks and blocked the sword. However, the strength of Jiks’ sword was so powerful that Black Eagle’s orbit was altered, and Black Eagle hit the ground instead.

In-gong regained his composure, erasing his smile as he moved toward Jiks.

However, Jiks didn’t panic. Now that it was just a competition of strength, it was difficult to reverse the situation, but a draconian’s superior physical ability made it possible.

Sparks flew as the battle between In-gong and Jiks continued. Neither side was able to gain an advantage. White Eagle and Black Eagle flew back to In-gong’s side, blocking Jiks’ sword, while In-gong exploded with a storm of attacks that contained the dragon style.

Jiks clenched his teeth as he fought In-gong. He also used dragon style to respond to In-gong’s attacks, which In-gong counterattacked in an unexpected place.

However, all of Jiks’ attacks were in vain due to White Eagle and Black Eagle. There seemed to be no end to the frontal confrontation.

‘I have to dig into it.’

He never thought about breaking through In-gong’s defense. He just needed to penetrate the gap between White Eagle and Black Eagle.

All of 9th Prince’s movements were aimed towards attacking as he believed in the two shields. If he could penetrate through the trajectory of the shields, he would be able to get a critical hit.

Jiks started emitting dragon style randomly. It was inefficient, but thanks to that, he was able to delay In-gong’s offensive. Jiks took a big step back and widened his view, which had only been concentrated on In-gong. This was because the easiest way to get In-gong’s attention was to pursue his companions.

Jiks had brought along 40 people. Some subordinates had been lost due to In-gong’s mad rush, but there were still 30 left. Moreover, this wasn’t a small number as each one of them were trained elites.

However, as soon as Jiks expanded his field of view, he was forced to swallow back a pained groan.

8th Princess was literally going crazy. Blood was pouring down her body as she acted far more violently than 9th Prince. His men were being torn apart by the unbelievable power springing from that slender body. 8th Princess couldn’t afford to look after 6th Princess, but it was clear that 6th Princess was also putting up a good fight. Due to the brilliant magic bursting from her, his men couldn’t approach at all.

6th Princess defended while 8th Princess and 9th Prince attacked crazily.

Jiks narrowed his field of view again, focusing only on In-gong.

It was fight or be killed. In that case, he would fight like a mad dog. He should at least use all his strength to bite 9th Prince’s neck.

JIks rushed at In-gong. In-gong avoided it and turned to face Jiks.

White Eagle and Black Eagle were circling In-gong. Jiks not only focused on In-gong but also on the movements of White Eagle and Black Eagle. The trajectory of the two shields around him was relatively simple.

Jiks was looking for a gap. He would go through that gap to deal a blow to 9th Prince!

Immediately before colliding with In-gong, Jiks changed directions suddenly. It was an abrupt movement as he swung his sword.

In-gong’s eyes naturally turned toward the sword, and they widened. As soon as Jiks swung the sword, the blade split into dozens of pieces as it flew toward In-gong.

The pieces of the sword were manipulated by the dragon style and pierced through the gap between White Eagle and Black Eagle. All the pieces flooded toward In-gong.

It was at that moment...

In-gong turned into a dark blue mist. The pieces of the sword flew through the air in vain.

Jiks was reminded of one of the vampires’ lineage abilities. Surely the blood of a vampire didn’t flow through 9th Prince’s body as well? What type of bloodline did he have?

However, this was just a conjecture. In-gong hadn’t turned into a dark blue mist.

It was a close-distance space jump.

This was a technique embedded in Violent Kaltein’s Night Watch.

Although it was limited to three times a day, that was enough.

In-gong laughed as he appeared at a spot 10 meters away from his original location.

'Too bad for him.’

If In-gong was in Jiks’ position, he would’ve had a tantrum. In-gong called White Eagle and Black Eagle. Instead of using dragon style, he activated the quad-core.


At his low call, Caitlin passed by In-gong’s side. Thanks to the quad-core, she was much faster and more powerful than before.

As Caitlin ran ahead, In-gong soon followed behind her. He further amplified his aura by synchronizing it with Caitlin’s.

In-gong and Caitlin moved as one in a pincer attack. An intermediate general like Jiks had no way of dealing with it.

Jiks had lost his sword. It was now impossible for him to run away.

In-gong and Caitlin took deep breaths at the same time. The two of them formed fists and crushed Jik’s chest.


[Your level has risen.]

A white light surrounded In-gong as he heard the soft voice.

Caitlin, who had already seen it, looked at In-gong with wide eyes.

‘It reminds me of old times.’

He remembered how he had seen Caitlin right after the first major battle against the Red Lightning tribe. At the time, her whole body had been bloody just like it was now.

It was only a couple of months ago, but it felt like so long because they had been through many things in the meantime.

“Are you okay?”

Caitlin asked, tilting her head. In-gong was standing idly, so she wondered if something was going to happen.

In-gong laughed and said,

“Uh, I’m fine, but is Noona okay?”

“Yes, it isn’t my blood.”

Caitlin gave the same answer as before. In-gong laughed as he recalled the battle when they were rescuing Felicia.

“Shutra! Caitlin!”

In-gong and Caitlin turned their heads simultaneously at Felicia’s call. Felicia was waving and running towards them with Carack.

"Prince! Are you okay? He seemed pretty strong.”

They had been watching the fight from a distance. In-gong scanned Carack up and down and said,

“Are you okay?”

“I’m fine. My shield protected me well.”

Carack grinned and stroked his shield.

In-gong looked around. The men that Mad Dog Jiks had brought were running away in different directions. Almost all of them had died, so In-gong didn’t chase them.

"I-indeed, a royal family. You managed to deal with the infamous Mad Dog Jiks.”

The guide soldier, who ran over with Carack, gazed at Jiks’ corpse and exclaimed with admiration. It seemed like he was more notorious than In-gong thought.

In-gong looked down at Jiks’ lifeless body. He had been an outlaw who didn’t hesitate to do actions like rape and murder. Thanks to him, In-gong learnt things like dragon style and Thousand Poisons Resistance.

‘Yes, let me thank you one last time.’

Jiks still had more to give him.

In-gong asked the guide soldier,

“How much is the bounty on Jiks?”

The more money In-gong had, the better.

In-gong smiled at the number that the guide soldier stuttered out.

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