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[‘Lightning Magic Primer’ has been consumed. Your understanding is very high.]
[The 2nd Circle magic ‘Lightning Bolt’ has been acquired.]
The unprecedented magician who will eat all the magic books of the world has appeared.
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Original work copyright ⓒ 2018 MKR all rights reserved.

Translation re-edited by Deyna.

61 Reviews
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2 years ago
Ohh I’m glad you guys brought this novel back. I still remember when this novel got completed and for those future readers I do recommend this novel and for me it was worth the read!

This novel is honestly one of the really good novels that I’ve read and whats more is that the characters to me develop quite well. Although the only downside for me is that this novel did end quite short at around 200+ chapters I think. But either way it was still pretty good and I don’t really have any other complain. Thanks for bringing this back and hopefully people enjoy reading it as much I did!

2 years ago
In general, it's a fun story, worth reading it altough I only have one issue.

The concept is simple, a magician who eats books and became stronger, the MC is hardworking and a good person (moral). So far so good.

My only issue is the harem, almost every female character that appears in the novel became a love interest for the MC and believe me when I said "It's annoying", because 90% of the time a new female character appear, boom, welcome to the harem, there's only like three other female characters aside the harem.

So, if you're not into harem, skip the novel.

2 years ago
I remember reading this last year and it is still one of my favorite novels. Although there is nothing to unique, the way he gets stronger is still exiting + intriguing and the pacing is great, he doesn't get to strong to quickly and there is no plot Armour saves (well only a few!). His companions stay with him throughout and acctaully help the MC instead of being a nuisance. The character development is done amazingly well for all character, and the romance is well used for funny tension breaks inbetween long arcs. Its just a really fun read in general!

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