Chapter 977 - Chaos in the City

Totems were something Tianming had been troubled over recently. If he showed a mighty totem, he would be exposed like Li Qingyu and have the same ending.

“That’s easy!” Huiye Shi said.

“What’s easy?” Tianming was surprised.

“Our clan also has idiots that want to have lifebound beasts and totems together. They’ll use blood pacts to form a symbiotic bond with wildbeasts. They do have both in the end, but we usually call them idiots.”

“Why?” Tianming asked.

“The lifebound beasts contracted this way are usually very stupid, cultivate slowly, and have weak battle power. Growing them is hard. You have an extra number, yes, but you sacrifice your talent to do so. Your cultivation speed will slow down. It’s a mistake made when they’re young that they regret for life. Honestly, many people have dreamed of this and a lot of research has been done. However, there have never been any successes. Nowadays, no idiots do this. But just call yourself one of them and everything will be settled!” Huiye Shi giggled.

“What if I’m too strong and attract attention?”

“If you really can have seven totems, hide three. Never bring them out. As long as they don’t exceed five, Orderia will never take note of you no matter how mighty your beasts are.”

“Understood!” Tianming felt his ambition surge. So he could awaken totems! He just had to make sure not to use more than five. If he really had ten, he would be able to use them to great effect one day. There were many scenarios where the hidden totems could be a trump card.

Next, Huiye Shi gave Tianming advice on how to rise. Actually, she was being very sincere. While it was thanks to Feiling’s curse that she couldn’t offend Tianming, her merit was still great.

Tianming said seriously, “No matter what, thank you.”

“Heh, as long as you know it. Make sure to keep the noise levels down. My maidenly heart can’t handle anything too stimulating!”

“In the end, you really can’t expect good words from a scoundrel.”

Huiye Shi looked at Feiling, and there was a brief struggle in her eyes. Before, she had been very prideful in the Flameyellow Continent and had looked down on the two. However, in the end she had been inflicted with a curse. She was actually feeling very gloomy, but she had no choice now. Now, she had little chance of getting Tianming, so she had given up.

“Bah, I’ll just help and think of it as penance for my pervertedness and stubbornness then. I just hope they’ll free me.” Huiye Shi couldn’t not be worried. Although she hadn’t felt the curse since she’d returned, she would always be fearful and stressed when no one was around.

“That moment of impulsiveness led to a huge mistake. I hope the heavens will give me a chance to make up for it.” She didn’t dare tell Tianming that she was related to that time Huiyue Yin had forced him to dire straits. He would definitely be ruthless to her, considering his protectiveness of Feiling.

“I’ll bring you to create your totems the next time the divine moonlight falls,” Huiye Shi said.

“Alright.” Tianming could see another matter taking shape.

“How old are you?” Huiye Shi asked Feiling the ultimate question in her heart.

“Younger than him by three years, why?” Feiling turned her beautiful face to her.

“I don’t believe you!” Huiye Shi cried out. Her biggest advantage, her age, actually didn’t exist! She was twenty eight!

“I can’t be down about this. Here, those under fifty are still young,” Huiye Shi tried consoling herself.

“Goodbye, perverts!” she said loudly. Filled with despair, she left the room. However, in her anxiousness, she tripped over the doorway and fell flat on her face.


The next day, Tianming was in the core of the city, greedily sucking in the power of the stellunar source. Although his level didn’t rise, his power was growing by leaps and bounds.

“Li Tianming, get your ass out here! Time to go meet the in-laws!” It wasn’t even the crack of dawn before Huiye Shi was shouting loudly from outside.

Tianming was relaxed after a night of cultivation as he left the room.

“Is she not following?” Huiye Shi pouted.

“No,” Tianming replied.

“Fine. I had even prepared a status for her as my servant. It’ll be more convenient for her that way,” Huiye Shi said, pleased.

“Do you really have to try so hard to pretend to be number one?” Tianming asked.

“Silence!” Huiye Shi was really starting to sound as if Tianming was marrying into her family.

“Right, how’s it going with the moon guide?” Huiye Shi asked as they walked.

“I’m still thinking. He won’t dare to do anything if people are around. Don’t go for lessons for now, and wait for him to get anxious,” Tianming said.

“Hmph, I don’t care, but you have to protect me now that we’re married,” Huiye Shi said.

“I know, I know.” Tianming disliked her noise.

“Don’t talk too much when you meet my parents. I’ll do the talking.”


“‘I’ll bring you to cultivate once you’re in the clan.”


However, a heavyset young woman suddenly came running over. She crashed into Huiye Shi, sending her flying. The two rolled on the ground a while before finally managing to get up.

Huiye Shi had dust on her face and was furious. “Huiye Zhuzhu, are you crazy? I took two hours to put on this makeup, and now you’ve ruined it!”

“Shi Shi! Something happened!” The fat woman was in a panicked state.

“What?” Huiye Shi was confused. Why had it suddenly become serious?

“Last night, there was a shocking incident. We kept it under wraps to prevent a panic, but it’s still leaking out!” Huiye Zhuzhu said, pale.

“What happened?” Huiye Shi said.

“Eighteen of our middle tier experts were assassinated last night. Not even their corpses were left! I heard all the seniors went on high alert after the first death. When they went to investigate, things kept happening and the casualties kept rising.”

“What? Someone dared to assassinate our people? If they’re middle tier, then they’d be moon guides?” Huiye Shi said with shock.

“Yes! Being able to massacre them means it must be a high tier expert. The whole city is in an uproar now and I’m sure the whole realm will know within the day.”

“That’s impossible! This realm is our territory. Who would have the guts to do this?” Huiye Shi shook.

“I heard it may be people from elsewhere, maybe even astral bandits!” Huiye Zhuzhu was frightened. “What if there’s a lot of them and they’re lecherous? I haven’t taken a concubine yet!”

“You? You’ll probably be safe.” Huiye Shi rolled her eyes.

“Hey, who talks about their friends like this? Just wait for when I slim down.” Huiye Zhuzhu glared.

“Get lost, I have a boy now. I’m bringing—”

Huiye Zhuzhu gave Tianming a look. After a moment of surprise, she said disdainfully, “Nothing much!”

Despite her words, the woman was drooling. She gave Huiye Shi a pat on the shoulder. “You’re definitely my friend.”

“Alright, alright, I really have something on. We’ll bathe together next time. As for the assassin, don’t worry. This is still our territory and I’m sure they’ll be caught soon.”

“I see! Still, we won’t be able to go for lessons now,” Huiye Zhuzhu said.

“What?” Huiye Shi was confused.

“I forgot to say, the first death yesterday was our moon guide, Liu Yizhao.”

Tianming and Huiye Shi exchanged a shocked look.

“What?” Huiye Zhuzhu asked suspiciously. Why was their response so weird?

“It’s just so tragic that I’m tearing up.” Huiye Shi tried her best to stifle her grin.


Outside the city, there was a massive tree wreathed in moonlight. A bald man in white robes was resting on a branch, a little girl sleeping in his arms. His hands were covered in blood.

He stroked her hair while gently singing a lullaby. “Sleep, sleep.…” The man narrowed his eyes as he looked at the city ahead.

“When the sky darkens, we continue.” These were his hunting grounds.

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