Chapter 965 - Realm Lord, Sovereign Xi

“Is there something wrong with your brain?” Tianming tapped her on the head. She cried out in pain and teared up with grievance.

“You’re too rough! I’m not lying!” She pouted, then added, “Though, I also like it rough.”

“So you’re saying I can go to Divine Moon Skycity if I become a clan member?” Tianming asked.

“Yes. That’s the basic condition. You can become a member even without moonshine as long as you marry me!”

“Could you stop talking about marriage?” Tianming didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. “Fine, second question: who’s in charge of the entrance to the xenomemory space?” Tianming asked.

“That’s naturally the legend of our clan! The empress of our clan and the realm lord of the Divine Moon Realm. People call her ‘Her Majesty Sovereign Xi’. She’s the number one expert of our realm, and she even trained in Orderia when she was young. Her talent is unmatched, and she has a harem of three thousand handsome men. She’s my idol!”

Huiye Shi was incredibly excited as she spoke, and continued jabbering on, “Did you know? I have the same taste and aesthetics as Sovereign Xi, we both like pretty guys! Every one of her concubines has city toppling beauty, and every… whatever, you don’t care.”

“Are you a queendom?” Tianming sighed. An emperor with three thousand concubines was a common sight; however, it was gender flipped here in the Divine Moon Realm.

“What? Do you look down on women? Is your mother not one?” Huiye Shi glared.

Tianming was stunned. He had just been expressing surprise.

“Don’t talk nonsense,” Tianming said sternly. “What I mean is can she find Ye Lingfeng in the xenomemory space using his blood?”

“Duh. She forced him in herself. Li Qingyu was discovered and sent to Orderia by her as well. Supposedly, she got large credit for this,” Huiye Shi said.

“Is that so?” Li Tianming frowned. “Do you think I could possibly request for her to save Ye Lingfeng?”

“How could you? The Nightfiend eats totems. Even the celestial orderian race thinks he’s a brewing disaster. If that nosy woman hadn’t used her life as leverage, how could he have lived? Exiling him was already a great mercy. Sovereign Xi was about to kill him before that nosy woman butted in and infuriated her!”

“Say ‘nosy woman’ one more time, I dare you.” Tianming glared.

Tianming had a rough idea of things. Ye Lingfeng did have a chance of escape, but it would be hard. The most important thing was the attitude of this ‘Sovereign Xi’.

However, executing Ye Lingfeng was most likely the direction of Orderia, and Sovereign Xi had to listen! Tianming knew that the likelihood of gaining her help was almost zero.

“Wow, so fierce! I feel so wronged,” Huiye Shi said melodramatically with a moving expression.

“Stop! I’ll ask the questions, and you answer!” Tianming wanted to whack her again.


“How does your Sovereign Xi take people from the xenomemory space? Don’t they say that place can’t be left?” Tianming asked.

“She has something called the xenomemory rope. As long as one end is outside and held by someone, she can enter deep inside. She’ll find the person using the drop of blood, then the person waiting outside will reel her out.”

“I hear the risk is great though. There’s the fear of the rope breaking, or the people outside messing around. If something happens, the empress will be stuck. Let me be blunt: it’s impossible to save Nightfiend. The whole celestial orderian race wants him gone forever because he’s a heresy that can suppress us.” Huiye Shi finally said the words deep in her heart.

“Would it work if I snatched the xenomemory rope?” Tianming asked her.

“Well, if you know how to use it? But who will pull you from the outside? And the most important bit is how will you snatch it? Sovereign Xi can slay you with one breath! You shouldn’t meet her anyway. No pretty guy she meets has ever been able to escape her.”

Tianming was clear now. “Got it. Ling’er.” Tianming turned to her.

“What do we do?”

“Snatch the rope. Anyone who disagrees, we kill.”

“That’s all we can do. I just hope Little Feng can endure a while longer,” Feiling said.

In the end, it was still about strength.

Huiye Shi was stunned to hear their words. She gaped at them, saying, “Are you two mad? No wonder you two can be together, you’re both the same! This is the Divine Moon Realm, not your Flameyellow Continent! We’re the divine moonrace! This is our territory, and Sovereign Xi is our number one expert—”

Tianming was too lazy to care about her. “Based on what you know, how long can Ye Lingfeng last in the xenomemory space?”

Tianming needed to put all his focus into improving himself to have a chance. Only if he was strong could he protect his continent and dynasty. Only if he was strong could he bring his brother away from suffering!

Huiye Shi thought he was just bluffing. “I’m not sure. This is all rumor. Anyway, it’s very uncomfortable inside. You’ll get lost and confused, but I don’t know if you’ll die.” Huiye Shi felt like the atmosphere was slightly tense.

Tianming’s intensity was slightly terrifying. It was just like before, and frightened her enough that she didn’t dare to crack jokes.

“So you’re saying I need to move fast!” Tianming lowered his head.

With a native helping him, he already knew the way forward. He was just a newcomer without a foundation. If he wanted to rise quickly, he needed the divine moonrace’s help. And Huiye Shi was the only divine moonrace member who could help him. Furthermore, he trusted her a lot, as her life was in their hands and there was the Latticeheart Curse that could make her suffer for a year before miserably dying.

“Huiye Shi, I want to use all the resources of your clan. Your manna and caelum, everything!” Tianming stared at her. It was an order, not a request.

“Fine, I get it. You want to go all out for your brother. You hope to become strong, so you can save him. You’re so brave! I’m falling in love with you all over again.”

Huiye Shi bashfully lowered her head. “Considering your accomplishments in the Flameyellow Continent, you can definitely make a meteoric rise now. I’m looking forward to it. If you show enough talent, your status in the city will rise, and you’ll get more resources the more you rise. If you have the ability, I can help you fight for anything, including the manna our clan can’t use.” Her words were sincere.

“If so, I won’t treat you unfairly,” Tianming said seriously. Huiye Shi was his only hope for Ye Lingfeng! The divine moonrace had a strict hierarchy. It was impossible to use their resources without Huiye Shi, and he needed the best resources.

Huiye Shi was excited. “So you want to pay with your body?”

“Don’t be ridiculous. You and I are impossible.” Tianming held Feiling’s hand as he spoke.

“That’s not for sure.”

“What do you mean?”

“Are you a fool? How could you cultivate in the divine moon hall if you’re just my retainer? If you want everything in our divine moonrace, you have to be a member of the clan. Marrying me is your only choice. The clan won’t trust you and reward you otherwise. You can fact check this with anyone.”

Tianming had no choice but to face the truth. This made things difficult.

Huiye Shi pouted. “Fine! My life is in your hands anyway, so I have no choice but to do my best. I just hope you’ll release me from the curse earlier, okay?”

“Let me handle this,” Feiling cut in. “If you can help, we can bury the hatchet. And if things work out and we can trust you, I can grant you freedom earlier.”

“Fine, I’ll be more sincere then.”

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