Chapter 971 - Xenomemory Space

Yuexing Town was but a small place in the Divine Moon Realm, and the strongest resident there was a samsaran. So there was a limit to how much information Tianming could get. There weren't many there who were truly informed about the wider state of affairs of the Divine Moon Realm.

However, he was able to ascertain something: the Huiyue Clan of Huiyue City was one of the top clans on the moon. Huiyue City was among the largest cities as well, so the siblings' status was no doubt relatively high. Now that he knew that Ye Lingfeng and Qingyu were there, he should be able to find out more information about them from Huiye Shi.

He decided to head there and got a map before heading off in the direction of the city. On the way, he encountered a seventh-level life phase samsaran beastmaster and stopped him. Since the people of Yuexing Town didn't know much about the xenomemory space, he figured this well-dressed person who had seemingly high status should know more about it.

"Who are you and what do you want?" the middle-aged man asked cautiously.

"We just have a few questions. If you’re willing to answer them, we’ll give you something in return," Tianming said as he took out a tribulation artifact, of which he had more than plenty.

The man, seeing his sincerity and noting his strength, politely said, "Ask away, friend."

"Do you know where the xenomemory space is?"

"Is that really it?"

"Just answer the question."

"It's at the center of the core of the Divine Moon Realm."

"Within the stellunar source?"

"Yes, right at the center of the core is a place where the power of the stellunar source doesn't reach."

That meant Ye Lingfeng was still somewhere in the Divine Moon Realm. "Can normal people even reach it?"

"The divine moonrace controls the pathways to the center of the core, so only their elites are able to access it. The center of the stellunar source is a place with lots of chaotic forces and energy. Staying there for too long is really dangerous. They only go there for one purpose."

"What’s that?"

"To banish criminals to the xenomemory space for eternity. It’s akin to a death sentence." The beastmaster had a rather high cultivation, so he got straight to the important points.

"Where can the pathways be accessed?"

"From cities controlled by the divine moonrace."

"Is there one in Huiyue city?"

"There is," the man confirmed.

That happened to line up with Tianming's purposes. Though he had wanted to take his time to familiarize himself with the Divine Moon Realm, he had to hurry and get Ye Lingfeng out of trouble.

"I have one last question."

"Pray tell."

"What exactly is the xenomemory space? What's so special about it? Is it really impossible for anyone to escape it?"

"This... it’s a most peculiar location, according to legend, so I only know vague generalities about it. I can't be sure that what I know is correct."

"It's enough that you tell me what you know."

"Alright. It's said to be the entrance to a completely different region of space that’s twisted and malformed. There’s all kinds of dangers lurking within it. It’s basically a world in its own right. As far as I know, nobody has been able to leave it. It's also said that such an area exists in Orderia's core as well, and the same applies to other outpost stars. As such, they’re naturally formed prisons. Some say that the region has something to do with the production of stellunar and nova sources, as the moment the source vanishes, the linked space will also vanish."

"Why is 'memory' part of the name?" Tianming asked.

"It's said that the world inside is like a dream formed from the memories of the prisoners. Every thought within it can become reality, so it's like a dreamscape."

"Interesting. But if nobody has ever been able to escape, where’d all these rumors come from?"

"That’s a question that I struggle to answer myself."

"Alright!" Tianming nodded. While he desired more information, he at least had some hope that Ye Lingfeng could be saved.

"Do you have a friend who was banished inside?"

"Are you sure that’s a question you want to ask?" Tianming said, giving him a look.

"Apologies for my transgression."

"Here, take it!" Tianming handed it over as promised.

"Many thanks!" The man bowed before turning to leave, though before he went far, he said, "If you want to know more about that place, head to Huiyue City. The divine moonrace there should know more. After all, they just recently banished the Nightfiend there."

"Understood. Thanks!"

"You're welcome." The man proceeded to leave for good.

Tianming and Feiling were currently in a maple forest that gently glowed with the light of the moon. As far as they were concerned, this was a dreamscape to them.

The stellunar source beneath them pulsed like a heart. It was like there was a gigantic volcano beneath them that let out wave after wave of energy, and Ye Lingfeng was at the center of it all.

"Looks like Feng's in much more trouble than we thought." Tianming seemed a little worried.

"Big Brother, he might not have given up yet. Let's see if we can help him by going to Huiyue City," Feiling said.

"Alright, let's go!" He resolutely turned to the city's direction. "Those two were forced to part and Feng only lived when Qingyu threatened suicide. That means we still have hope. But either way, the divine moonrace were the ones who forced them into this situation."

He recalled what Li Wudi said about being experimental subjects and the workings of fate. "What did he mean? Beastmaster and totems? Who did those experiments? No matter what, anyone that harms my family won’t end up well."

The two of them headed toward Huiyue City, passing by many other brilliant cities and natural sights of the Divine Moon Realm. Finally, they saw a gigantic crescent moon-like megacity at the horizon. They were finally there.

"Big Brother, do we look for Huiye Shi right away?"

"Yes. We'll ask her about all we need to know." With the Latticeheart Curse, they would be able to easily get the answers they wanted.

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