Chapter 967 - Still The Same Young Lad

After reading the letter, Tianming sat there in a daze.

“So Qingyu and Feng may have gone to the Divine Moon Realm. Where’d Godfather go?" Tianming mumbled. 

“You believe him? He’s probably taking a nap somewhere,” said Ye Shaoqing. 

Tianming laughed. He read the letter again—find an answer, guinea pigs, eight bane-rings, no accident. 

Those were the letter’s main points. However, it was difficult for Tianming to figure out what Li Wudi's words meant for the time being, because the man didn't want him to understand. His real intention was to ask Tianming to find Qingyu one day and help her. And the Divine Moon Realm happened to be Tianming’s next destination. 

“In other words, Qingyu and Feng arrived in the Divine Moon Realm a year before me. At the time, they could pass through the Canal of the Dead at their cultivation level. But who brought her to the Divine Moon Realm?” 

It seemed he would only get an answer after meeting them again.

“Looking at how serious you are, I’m guessing something happened,” said Ye Shaoqing. 

“It’s fine, I’ll handle it.” Folding the letter, Tianming put it away.

“Master, are you interested in staying and cultivating in the Nine Divine Realms and embarking on a higher path?" Tianming asked. 

“Of course not. My harem of three thousand is still waiting for me! This time, I came to deliver the letter. The Decimo Dao Nation needs me," said Ye Shaoqing. 

“Alright. I’ll give you some treasures." 

If Ye Shaoqing stayed here and cultivated, he wouldn’t be able to return once his cultivation level passed the upper threshold. Therefore, Tianming respected his decision. His nation needed him; after all, it was the size of a divine realm. 

They reminisced about the past for a long time. Ye Shaoqing learned about Tianming’s experiences here. Upon hearing that he had established the Tianming Dynasty, Ye Shaoqing was dumbfounded and wordlessly stared at Tianming for some time. 

“Master, why’re you looking at me?” 

“You should have several thousand babies and pass down your talents at once. Remember to give me one of your children. I plan on nurturing one,” said Ye Shaoqing. 

“Fuck off!” Tianming was tempted to strangle the man. Now that his life had improved, the old man had become too comfortable! 

After chatting for a long time, Ye Shaoqing rose to his feet and said, "Alright, I’ll pass these treasures to your family. They’ll extend your grandfather and grandmother’s life. Listen to Li Wudi and go check on Qingyu. After all, you’re her older brother.” 

“Of course.” 

Tianming looked up at the moon. He was obliged to complete the task Li Wudi had entrusted him with. After all, he also missed Ye Lingfeng and Qingyu. 

“Goodbye then. Next time we meet, I’d like to hear of you taking the Divine Moon Realm by storm." Ye Shaoqing pulled him in for a bear hug. 

“Then you’re underestimating me. Perhaps I’ll have already dealt with Orderia.” Tianming laughed.

“There you go again! Go on, show off!” 

The two exchanged a smile.

Ye Shaoqing suddenly teared up, the salty drops cleansing his cheeks. 

“Why the hell are you crying? Mid-life crisis?" said Tianming. 

“Bullshit!” He wiped away his tears and said, "I’m just a little bit emotional after seeing the self-important know-it-all boy I once knew suddenly become an indomitable young man." 

“Don’t be so emotional. That’s a characteristic that only old people have. Go back and serve your harem of three thousand. Be careful, or you might grind that iron rod into a needle!" Tianming laughed. 

What talent!



Ye Shaoqing left freely and unconstrained, and Tianming couldn’t help but envy him. Up to this day, he had only recognized one master. A master not only guided one on the path of martial arts, but also life. Hence the saying “a teacher for a day is a father for life.” 

It wasn’t until his master’s figure completely disappeared that Tianming looked up at the moon and the vast nothingness.

“Godfather, the road ahead is very lonely, but one day we’ll walk it together.” 

Squeezing the letter in his hand, he bit his lip. This time, he wanted to reunite with his family, but he had only managed to take Jiang Qingluan away. 

“Perhaps our family will be reunited in a new place.” 

Tianming had two families; one with Li Muyang and Wei Jing, and the other with Li Wudi, Qingyu, and Li Jingyu. They were all very important to him. 


As he was about to leave, Jiang Qingluan stood in front of him, opened her arms with a smile and said, "It's been a long time since I last saw you. How about a hug?" 

“I don’t think so. I’m afraid you’ll press your heavenly pattern formations against me,” He replied.

“What?” Jiang Qingluan asked in confusion.

“Ignore him. He’s being nonsensical!” 

Although Feiling was glaring at him, she wasn’t really angry. Those words reminded her of the Abyssal Trials a long time ago, the day the three of them left the Abyssal Battlefield. Tianming had severely wounded Mu Qingqing and rescued Jiang Qingluan. 

How quickly time flew. The extraordinary thing about him was the fact that he was still that same young lad. 


Jiang Qingluan had a good time at Taiji Peak Lake for two weeks. Tianming wouldn’t stay in the Divine Moon Realm forever, as the Tianming Dynasty had just been established. The palace in the Specter Mountains was under construction; it was the base that he would return to from time to time. 

To his surprise, Lin Xiaoxiao, Xuanyuan Muxue, and Jiang Qingluan had become friends. They were rather innocent girls who didn’t care about the difference in cultivation level or background. They simply believed that life was more interesting with more friends. 

Xuanyuan Muxue's lifebound beast had evolved into a beast with nine hundred and ninety-nine stars, and her ability had certainly skyrocketed. With Tianming’s resources, she would easily succeed Xuanyuan Dao and become the new house king of the Xuanyuan clan in the future. There would be no big problems there. On the other hand, Tianming needed Lin Xiaoxiao’s help. 

“I’ll head over and explore the Divine Moon Realm. I’ll leave you in charge of things. Xuanyuan Dao will come to you if there’s any trouble,” Tianming said to Lin Xiaoxiao. 

“I’ll do my best,” she assured him.

“Watch the Archaionfiend and make sure it doesn’t cause trouble,” said Tianming. 

“I won’t let it out of my lifebound space unless you’re around,” said Lin Xiaoxiao. 

Hearing that, the Archaionfiend wailed. "Who would’ve thought the great Archaionfiend would fall to this point!" 

There was no point in anger; it was forced to lie on its stomach before the Bloodrose Curse. With Bodhi still alive, Tianming had to keep an eye on the situation while he was gone. With his powerful suppression, the specters didn’t dare cross over to the main continent. Tianming had asked Li Caiwei and Yi Xingyin to set up heavenly pattern formations over the continent’s bottomless pits, anyway. 

It would be a huge project, because of how many bottomless pits there were. However, for every sealed pit, the people of the Flameyellow Continent would be that much safer. The Tianming Dynasty had to be well fortified. With proper arrangements and supervision, the world was on the right track. When order was restored in the continent, Tianming decided to visit the moon.

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