Chapter 965 - The Birth Of The Tianming Dynasty

Li Caiwei wasn’t a member of Archaion Sect, and represented the eight divine realm’s strongest power. It would be of great help to him if she spoke up. Just as Tianming thought, she knew very well what the young man wanted. 

Therefore, she stood out at this moment. "Only a unified human race can completely suppress the specters in the upcoming prolonged war! If we continue fighting separately, the Nine Divine Realms will eventually be captured by the specter race, whose talents far surpass ours. This is an unquestionable fact! Therefore, we must unite. We need a new emperor to lead the human race to grow and prosper over the next thousand years. And this person is right before us! Thus, I’ve decided that the Biritual Divine Realm no longer exists from today onward. I’m willing to lead Biritual in serving the Human Emperor and contributing to the human race!” 

With her impassioned opening, the situation proceeded with few obstacles. The sect masters of Triflair, Pentaphase, and Octagram followed in her wake. 

Xuanyuan Dao also spoke out, so the others wouldn’t think they were merging the eight divine realms into Archaion. "I agree with Li Caiwei's statement. The human race is weak. In the face of the specters, a divided humanity will only give the specters an opportunity against us. Only a unified human race is qualified to compete with them. For the sake of our future generations, for the sake of a peaceful world, I’m willing to dissolve the Archaion Sect, follow the Human Emperor, and contribute to the human race!” 

Tianming wasn’t a member of the Archaic House of Xuanyuan. His relationship with the eminent proved that he wasn’t the reincarnation of the Progenitor. Thus, the Nine Divine Realms found it easier to accept his identity, because it meant they weren’t just being swallowed by the Archaion Sect. 

Xuanyuan Dao and Li Caiwei’s words had a decisive effect. Tianming didn't think Long Youyue of Quadform would be the next one to stand up and express her willingness to follow him. After all, they were enemies. Her lover, Dugu Jin, had met his demise at the hands of Tianming. 

“The winner is always right. There’s no point in dredging up the past. I hold Quadform’s fate in my hands. Let’s look to the future together,” said Long Youyue.

The Hexapath Sword Sect was the next to follow. They were currently led by the swordbeasts, who didn’t have much time left, so they made what they thought was the right decision. If Feng Qingyu was still alive, he would have done the same. 

“It was Feng Qingyu’s disciple who released the specters. We’re very much to blame for this,” said the swordbeasts. 

Next was Changsun Shenqiong. He wasn’t a courageous man, and basically clung to whoever was strongest. Finally, only Nonahall remained. Although they were still situated in the Specter Mountains, they refused to admit any relationship with the specter race. They had few leaders left, so it was only natural that they would support Tianming. 

“Unify the world, Human Emperor!” 

From today on, the words "Human Emperor" were no longer just an honorific title, but the real emperor of the Flameyellow Continent. Tianming was acclaimed emperor under the eyes of the masses. 

“Because you believe and trust in me, I will not let you down!” he said.

“Long Live The Human Emperor!” 

Everyone fell to their knees.

This was no trifling matter, but true surrender. They had personally delivered the power over this world to Tianming. In fact, Tianming wasn’t interested in power. All he wanted was to make this world a better place. Although his parents weren’t natives of the Flameyellow Continent, he had grown up here and every item on his body originated from this continent. Thus, he had never felt like he wasn’t one of them. 

In creating a prosperous dynasty, he was also pursuing the imperial dao and following in Great Emperor Xuanyuan and the Primordial God-Emperor’s footsteps. Perhaps this was his hope of becoming a god. He required a consummate Imperial Will before he could enter Ascension. 

“Listen to my command!” 

Tianming had already made a decision. Amplifying his voice so it enveloped the entire area, he said, "From today on, the continent will be unified! The Flameyellow calendar will now be converted to the Tianming calendar!" 

His eyes burned with fervor as his Imperial Will swept across the realm.

“From today on, the divided Nine Divine Realms will no longer exist, only a unified Tianming Dynasty! The Tianming Dynasty will prevail as long as I live and breathe." 

In a sense, Tianming was similar to Dugu Jin. They had ascended to a high position without a clan behind them. One was bound to the Flameyellow Imperial Sect, while the other created the Tianming Dynasty. The difference lay in Tianming’s boundless future. He understood that the Flameyellow Continent couldn’t withstand another setback. Thus, he couldn’t fall. The human race was very weak at the moment. He had to create a truly prosperous world, encourage the birth of countless geniuses, and push for a new era. There was a long way to go, and the burden he shouldered was heavy. 

However, there was no fear in his heart. This was the first dynasty that truly belonged to him. It was his first step on the path of the imperial dao. On this day, he shone with a majesty that far surpassed Dugu Jin’s previous light. Tianming was the real son of destiny! Of course, this was just the beginning. 

He had to establish a real system and truly take control of the cities, then use the dynasty’s system to establish various official positions to stabilize the continent. These were long-term plans that required time and Xuanyuan Dao's assistance. 

Tianming’s first imperial mandate was to build the Tianming Palace in the Specter Mountains, the location with the most spiritual energy. It would become the center of the Flameyellow Continent. Why had he chosen the Specter Mountain Range instead of Taiji Peak Lake? There were two reasons. 

First, because of its geographical location, the Specter Mountains would be a more suitable center of the Tianming Dynasty than Taiji Peak Lake. Second, Nonahall was the most chaotic and cruel territory in all of the Flameyellow Continent. Tianming Palace would be built there to suppress and reverse the chaotic situation. The Specter Mountains would no longer exist; they would henceforth be known as the Tianming Mountains, the imperial city. 

Of course, important state events couldn’t be accomplished overnight. Tianming made the arrangements so that the continent would gradually change. The most important thing now was suppressing and defending against the specter race. 

“Tianming—I mean, Your Majesty, are we going to march into the Abyssal Battlefield and annihilate the specter race?" asked Li Caiwei. 

“No. We’re taking a defensive strategy, not an offensive one,” he replied.

“They might grow stronger with time,” said Li Caiwei.

"It's alright. As long as I’m given some time, I’ll also grow stronger. Now is the time to stabilize ourselves and practice patience," said Tianming. 

“I understand!” Li Caiwei winked.

Tianming didn’t want Bodhi to turn his hatred toward the Flameyellow Continent. With the establishment of the Tianming Dynasty and the unification of the continent’s power, it was very important that they stay under the radar. 

“Hey, you established your dynasty. Isn’t it time you build your harem?" Li Caiwei teased. 

“Be careful, or Her Eminence might give you a beating." Tianming glared at the former Biritual leader. 

“Her Eminence is so gentle. I’m just testing you on her behalf," Li Caiwei laughed. 

Tianming wanted to say that he had already avenged her broken leg twice over, but he couldn’t speak a word about this. 

"By the way, next, I’d like to concentrate on cultivating. The Tianming Dynasty has just stepped on the right track. I’ll need both Xuanyuan Dao and your assistance," said Tianming. 

“If you’re going to make me work, what official position will you grant me?” Li Caiwei asked. 

“I’ll make you chief eunuch....”

“Fuck off! You can’t speak decent words with that filthy mouth. You don’t have the slightest dignity of the Human Emperor,” Li Caiwei mocked.

She was joking, of course.

“Hurry up and cultivate. Just let me know if something comes up. I’ll be your servant," she said softly. 

“Don't say that. You sound like my mother..." said a shy Tianming.


Tianming was waiting on two matters. Would Huiyue Du and his wife have new suspicions after their return, causing another crisis? That was where the true danger lay, so he had to be prepared. Therefore, neither Feiling nor Tianming would appear in public anymore. The key figures of the Tianming Dynasty must also avoid gathering in groups so they wouldn’t be captured and killed in one fell swoop if something were to happen. 

The other matter concerned Bodhi. He was a ticking time bomb with a high probability of detonating in the Divine Moon Realm. However, there was also a chance that he might turn against the Flameyellow Continent, as well. To guard against him, the only thing Tianming could do was cultivate. 

Since the Tianming Dynasty had been established, Xuanyuan Dao and Li Caiwei were mostly in charge, while he cultivated in the Old Deepstar Path. Without Huiye Shi's interruption, Tianming basically cultivated day and night, seeking enlightenment and practicing the sword. 

But it seemed he was right; Great Emperor Xuanyuan’s caelum had little effect on him after reaching the tenth-level life phase. His Imperial Will’s providence was more complicated than that of Great Emperor Xuanyuan. With the same heavenly will, Great Emperor Xuanyuan would have long reached Ascension. Heavenly will was the basis of advancement in cultivation. The specter caeli had even less of an effect on him. 

“There’s no pressure and scant spiritual energy. Sure enough, the basic conditions of the Flameyellow Continent have become an obstacle to my growth.” He had anticipated such an outcome. "If I want to achieve godhood and continue moving forward, I must leave the Flameyellow Continent and explore a higher level. Perhaps that’s what ‘ascension’ means.” 

One had to cross the sky and travel to a wider world to find a more profound path of cultivation.

"Of course, perhaps I may cross that last step a few years later if I stay here, but it'll be a waste of time." 

Huiye Shi was all too clear about the basic conditions of the Flameyellow Continent, hence her certainty that Tianming would eventually seek her out. Following the establishment of the Tianming Dynasty, the defense systems of the cities had been enhanced. With the cooperation between the Nine Divine Realms, as well as the heavy losses of the specter race, the human race could seize this opportunity to mobilize their powerhouses so the specters wouldn’t dare enter the continent. Everything was developing in the direction of lasting peace and prosperity. As long as the two “bombs”—Bodhi and the Huiyue clan—didn’t explode, the Flameyellow Continent could rest easy. 

A month passed in a blink of an eye. Tianming's growth had been extremely slow. 

"Even without Ling'er, Huiyue Yin couldn’t have defeated me in our fight. However, it would’ve also been difficult for me to defeat him. I might be able to contend with a first-level ascendant once I reach the tenth-level death phase. If I want to truly change the destiny of the human race, I must reach Ascension and step into the sky so that I can break away from the Welkin plane and come and go freely." 

Therefore, Tianming decided that he would go to the Divine Moon Realm.

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