Chapter 956 - Spaceshock Punch

“You reckless fools have a death wish! This is interesting. An ascendant? You’ve got the skills. Looks like I’ll have to wrong myself tonight. I’ll toy with her myself! Just wait and see. You’ll wish you were dead!" 

When he had enough of laughing, the malice in his heart surged. Huiyue Yin drew his weapon, an enormous huge scimitar known as the Hellmoon Sunderer. 

His five canine voidgods suddenly emerged. With the power of an ascendant, the canines expanded to over a hundred meters tall in this no man's land. Their bloodthirsty mouths opened wide as bloodlust and savagery rose within them. They could all fight autonomously, and on a certain level, they were similar to lifebound beasts that could execute battle arts. However, comprehension wasn’t required; they could use any battle art that Huiyue Yin had mastered. 

The snow exploded as Tianming and Feiling charged in for the kill. Beside Tianming, Xian Xian’s Radiant Vines, Bloodrain Sword, and the black roots under the snow had covered the entire battlefield. 

As spiritforms, the canine voidgods were immune to a certain amount of physical damage. However, in the event of overwhelming attacks, they would receive damage until they completely collapsed. The totems also had to remain close to Huiyue Yin. From the very start, he was doomed to face an encirclement. 

Tianming's lifebound beasts acted together, focusing on the five totems and suppressing their attacks as Tianming had instructed. Lan Huang unleashed its Primordial Wheel and rolled across the barren snowfield, snow and ice exploding in the air. The dragon slammed into two of the totems. 

Although Lan Huang was much larger than the canine voidgods, their bodies could twist and contort. However, Lan Huang's bite packed quite a punch and tore a piece of one apart. This was one way to weaken the totems. If the spiritforms were intangible, their attacks would only work on the soul, which was less effective. With a part of them corporeal, their strength increased, but they were also made susceptible to physical attacks and abilities. 

The black cat circled Huiyue Yin, its tiny body moving at the speed of lightning with the Ninefold Chaos Thunderscape for protection. Lightning snaked across the sky. Upon its fur crackled a series of black lightning, electrocuting the canine voidgods. Even though they were ascendants, they still screamed miserably. Blazing with Infernal Haze, Ying Huo flickered around the periphery. Before Tianming and Feiling could make their move, the bold phoenix shot at Huiyue Yin with a battle art. 

“Bingo! We’re here to kill you! Enjoy what’s about to come! Let’s see who can be more ruthless!" 

The Ninesky Beastsoul Formation smashed down along the way cleared by the Sixpath Infernal Lotus. A gigantic canine voidgod rushed out with six scimitars in its hand, blocking Ying Huo's sword formation. However, the burning lotus spread across the canine’s body, causing it to dim. For totems, dimness meant damage. 

Huiyue Yin’s utter disbelief reflected his volatile state of mind. 

“For real? Are they stupid?” He had become prey? “Two aboriginals of the mortal world are looking down on me?" 

He was no longer amused, but filled with earth-shattering rage. Influenced by his emotions, the five canine voidgods roared in unison. If it weren’t for the distance, their deafening roars would be heard all the way to Taiji Peak Lake. 

“If I don’t torture you two, I’ll spell my name backwards!”  Eyes red, he exploded with all his strength. Waving the Hellmoon Sunderer, he focused solely on Feiling and completely ignored Tianming. 

The Thousand Snowmoon! As an ascendant, what he demonstrated was a divine-class battle art. The blade danced swiftly, its shadow flickering like wave after wave of crescent moons spinning around him, each faster than the other. 

The fierce blade flashed across the snow, shooting toward the unarmed and defenseless Feiling. The detached young woman’s actions were neat and precise, her thin arm striking in what seemed to be a weak punch. However, at the moment she released her fist, Huiyue Yin heard the sound of an explosion. 

A thunderous blast swept across toward Huiyue Yin, resulting in a sonic boom that almost deafened him. This was a spatial shock. A loud bang sounded and the universe seemed to shake. The intense shock tore through his crescent moons and slammed into his body. 

In the face of imminent danger, Huiyue Yin drew one of the canine voidgods over, blocking in front of him and withstanding the punch. The power of the fist shook the ground under his feet as a dense network of cracks suddenly appeared. The canine howled in pain, turning translucent from the impact. 

Huiyue Yin had underestimated his enemy. But even so, it still proved one thing—Feiling wouldn’t be as easy to deal with as he had imagined. More importantly, Tianming’s strength had also exceeded the limits of a samsaran. Even if there was a fundamental gap in strength between Ascension and Samsara, when his strength reached the peak, he demonstrated a lethality that could threaten even an ascendant. 

As Feiling suppressed Huiyue Yin with her Spaceshock Punch, Tianming and his lifebound beasts attacked from behind, displaying a lethality that far surpassed Feiling’s. Not only had Huiyue Yin underestimated Feiling, he had also underestimated Tianming. 

Amid the brilliance of the Human Emperor's Dragonhide, the Asura Fiendgod Formation gathered thousands of sword ki strands. The two swords transformed into fiendgods, piercing through the ice and snow and arriving before Huiyue Yin! Ying Huo, Meow Meow, Lan Huang, and Xian Xian were suppressing the remaining four canines so Tianming could break through their circle of protection. 

Having just resisted Feiling’s Spaceshock Punch, Huiyue Yin was faced with yet another fatal threat from behind. He immediately turned around and struck with the Hellmoon Sunderer. 

“What impudence from you, as well!” 

In his mind, he imagined the Execution Ghostblade to be fast and brutal, and certainly capable of killing in a single blow. However, the reality was that he was unprepared after having been suppressed by Feiling. His hasty actions allowed Tianming to slash at him with the Asura Fiendgod Formation. 

In that instant, he met Tianming's cold gaze. The black Grand-Orient Sword struck, imperceptible to the naked eye. Another sword pierced his shoulder blade. 

Blood splattered. 

Huiyue Yin let out a miserable cry, his expression drastically altering. He quickly backed away, pulling out the sword as he turned and waved his blade with lightning speed, his moves erratic. Tianming received a slash to the shoulder. The Hellmoon Sunderer struck the bone and blood burst. At the same time, Ying Huo bypassed the canine and attacked Huiyue Yin from behind, tearing a gaping hole in his back. 

He screamed miserably. His face was pale, and even his lips began trembling as he suddenly retreated. 

“You’re merely a samsaran. How can you be so powerful!” 

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