Chapter 955 - Between A Rock And A Hard Place; The Battle To Break The Game

After Bodhi left the Dark Palace, six-eyed specter, Yi Jun, and other specters of the royal bloodline took over. Today, they paced back and forth as usual. 

“Have you all recovered?” asked Yi Jun.

“I’ve recovered the strength of first-level Ascension." 

“I won’t lose to that divine moonrace in my current state." 

“I've been cultivating. Although my strength has yet to match my cultivation level, I’ve recovered about eighty percent.” 

“What about you, Yi Jun?” they asked. 

“I should be able to defeat Huiyue Yin with one move." Yi Jun was confident in his strength. 

“In this case, it should be easy to conquer the Nine Divine Realms and make them our foundation with our current strength." 

"Yes. If we take control of the Flameyellow Continent, our clan can continue prospering. As for revenge on the Divine Moon Realm, we can only look to the overlord. This is our long-term plan,” said Yi Jun. 

“Now we just have to wait for those two kids to return to the Divine Moon Realm.” 

“It’s been over a month. They should be done playing. It’s clear they aren’t planning on helping the humans." 

“In fact, I can kill them both.” 

“Don’t! The overlord has made it clear. we mustn’t cause more problems. Those two may be easy to deal with, but others might be drawn over. All we have to do is take over the Flameyellow Continent and allow the overlord to regain his strength," Yu Jin warned. 


“The entire clan is ready. When the two of them leave, we’ll immediately attack the Flameyellow Continent and conquer it in one day!" 

Standing by the entrance, Yi Jun stared up at the Flameyellow Continent, his heart aflame. Two hundred thousand years worth of rage was close to erupting.

“One day, our hatred will burn from the Flameyellow Continent to the Divine Moon Realm!" 


Late at night, the bright moon rose and the stars flickered. With only the moon for illumination, the heavens and earth were dim. A chilly breeze blew in the bitter cold that belied the coming of spring. 

In the deathly stillness, a white-haired figure dressed in black floated above Xuanyuan Lake. He had been waiting there for three days. No one knew what Tianming was up to; perhaps he was practicing the sword in the sky. Thus, they didn’t ask. 

Over the past few days, the specter race had frequently taken action. The entire human race  was living in fear, watching the strange-looking alien race swagger around the periphery of the cities. Some had even charged into the villages, slaughtering at will and causing endless tragedy.

The scattered specters had become the world’s nightmare. Everyone hid in the cities and towns, too afraid to move. The entire continent had shut down. Tianming witnessed all of this. He was only one man and couldn't split himself into an army to slaughter the specters. 

Xuanyuan Dao and the others in charge were even more worried. The moment the people of the Divine Moon Realm left, disaster would befall the human race. But even now, Tianming and Feiling were in great danger under the current circumstances.

“Caught between a rock and a hard place!” Late at night, the people lamented.

Only Tianming remained in the sky above Xuanyuan Lake like a beacon, still cultivating the sword. As long as he still stood, there was hope in the hearts of the people.

In the dead of night, the sword in his hand danced along a mysterious trajectory, the air vibrating between each movement. 

A cold wind swept over. Without a doubt, the person he was waiting for had arrived. The sword in his hand ceased its movement as he turned to look at the end of the horizon. A radiant figure was flying toward Xuanyuan Lake. Because the sky was dim and Tianming was the only one in the air, he immediately caught sight of the man. 

It was Huiyue Yin. Tianming raised the Grand-Orient Sword and pointed at the approaching figure. For a moment, his actions stunned Huiyue Yin. From his perspective, Tianming should kneel and tremble in the face of a superior being like him. 

“Where did this mad dog come from? Up to no good again?” Tianming said coldly. 

“Are you talking to me?” Huiyue Yin stopped in front of him in shock. It was unbelievable!

“Oh, so you admit it.” Tianming smiled strangely. 


Huiyue Yin didn’t understand how Tianming had gained such courage. But in the next instant, Tianming turned around and fled. 

He roared with laughter, seemingly amused. Had Tianming put on this pretentious act because he knew about his sinister intentions? 

Chasing after him, Huiyue Yin shouted, "Don't go! I’m bored tonight, but I won't kill you. I’ve only come to play a game with you." 

“What kind of game?” Darting out of Xuanyuan Lake, Tianming headed outside Taiji Peak Lake. Having entered the tenth-level life phase, his speed was rather impressive.

“A game called ‘Cuckolded A Dozen Times’. You’ll be cuckolded on the spot. Isn’t it exciting?” Huiyue Yin couldn't help laughing at the thought of that scene. He must be a genius for coming up with such a perverted game. How could he behave like this in the Divine Moon Realm? 

“You’re a cruel man.” Tianming understood his intentions. The anger he felt was beyond description. The ruthlessness and cruelty of some people was mind-numbing. And because of that, Tianming decided to make a crazy, yet heroic attempt. 

“Not really. Don't leave, you’re the protagonist. This won’t be fun without your presence," Huiyue Yin laughed. 

“Fuck off!” With an angry roar, Tianming fled like the wind, letting loose in the icy wilderness.

“Are you scared? A legend like you is afraid to face this small thing? It's alright. A woman with many lovers has more experience. Wouldn't it be more enjoyable?” 

Huiyue Yin felt like a lion playing with prey that was desperately fleeing. 


“How can you outrun an ascendant? Come back now. I want you to watch!” 

A little annoyed, Huiyue Yin suddenly accelerated. But he soon frowned upon realizing that Tianming had increased his speed as well. It took him a lot of effort to catch up to Tianming, and by the time he actually did, they were already far from Taiji Peak Lake. 

They had stopped in a vast snowfield. Unbeknownst to Huiyue Yin, this was the place of Xuanyuan Yuheng’s demise. In fact, he hadn’t caught up to Tianming. It was Tianming who had actually stopped as soon as they’d arrived. In the blink of an eye, all four of Tianming’s lifebound beasts appeared by his side. 

A towering tree extended its roots in the snowy ground, its branches, leaves, and vines stretched out, and three huge flowers glowing in the night sky. A two-headed dragon with nine gigantic mountains on its back crawled on the ground, staring at Huiyue Yin. As it roared, its Kilofold Rings flickered with a cold gleam against the snow and ice like countless scimitars. Atop Tianming's head was a scarlet phoenix, covered in flames and straightening out its feathers in the wind, and in his arms was a black cat nestling comfortably, making up for missed sleep. 

Dumbfounded, Huiyue Yin stood in front of Tianming, feeling a twinge of annoyance, but also tempted to laugh.

“What tricks are you up to? Throwing straws against the wind? You wouldn’t have deliberately provoked me just to lead me here, would you? What's the matter? Do you have a trap prepared for me?” Huiyue Yin laughed. He was amused. Why didn’t these insects possess the slightest intelligence? 

“There aren’t any traps.” 

Tianming’s long, white hair fluttered in the wind, his eyes cold and brimming with killing intent. Split into two, the gold Grand-Orient Sword shimmered, the black dark and gloomy. A frosty wind swept across the battlefield, followed by the flapping of Tianming's black robes. 

“Damn, you’re one pretentious prick!” 

Huiyue Yin held his stomach and bent over with laughter. Based on their difference in status, as well as the current situation, Tianming was only qualified to kneel and beg him for help. What kind of mad act was this? 

The man was out of breath from laughing. But at that point, he felt the temperature behind him drop several degrees. When he turned around, a young woman dressed in blue caught his attention. In the white snow, the moonlight shrouded her body as she floated in mid-air, her eyes glowing white and her expression icy. There was an air of indifference about her like an immortal banished from the heavens overlooking the earth. 

“Hey, isn't this our heroine? Don't tell me you were waiting in ambush for me?" Huiyue Yin laughed hysterically. But upon closer inspection of Feiling, he was taken aback.


This was the first time he had shown any change in expression. He wasn't afraid of an ascendant; however, the last time he had seen her, she was merely an eighth-level samsaran at most, judging by her tribulation force. No one could rise that rapidly, unless they were originally this strong. 

“I heard you have a god from over a hundred thousand years ago who was reborn. I’d assumed the ignorant masses were fooled. So you’re that god? You’re a clever one! All you did was retreat and rebuild, yet you dare brag about this?! So you’re the master of the Flameyellow Continent!" 

Huiyue Yin seemed to have figured it out. “So that’s why you brought me here tonight like two idiots. Don't tell me you’re trying to kill me." 

Eyes wide with shock, Huiyue Yin stared at Tianming for a while, then turned to Feiling. He burst out laughing. "Where do you get such courage? Not to mention that I can kill you with just a pinch, if you even dare touch a hair of mine, your entire race will die! Being ignorant of the difference between a superior and an inferior and offending your superior are unforgivable sins. Don’t you idiots understand?” In all his life, he had never been teased like this. He laughed so hard his mouth was about to split. 

“You two are unimaginably peculiar! I need a moment. God damn! If this was known to my group of brothers, we could laugh about this for an entire year!” 

He chattered on for a long time. But at the end of his one-man speech, he realized Tianming and Feiling still had the same gloomy look in their eyes. To his utmost surprise, the two went on the offensive as soon as he uttered his last word. 


Huiyue Yin pinched himself. He wasn’t dreaming! 

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