Chapter 949 - Li Tianming’s Totems

On the way to Taiji Peak.

Huiye Shi’s totems seemed like they were attached to her body, giving her skin an obvious glow in the night. However, the injuries on her face would probably take a few days to heal.

She caught up to the speedy Tianming and spoke pitifully.

“Wait for me! Li Tianming, stop right there!”

Tianming turned around and said in a low voice, “Looking for another beating?”

“Do you still want to be unreasonable? Do you believe I’ll just return to the Divine Moon Realm?” Huiye Shi glared at him.

“What about your promise?”

“Idiot. Talking about honesty with a woman? What promise? Zero memory of it!”

Tianming couldn’t be bothered.

“Hey, I’ll be well-behaved if you treat me better!” She bit her red lips and caught up to him again. “You can’t escape me. You’ll kneel at my skirt sooner or later!”

Tianming felt like a fly was buzzing around him. He suddenly stopped right before they reached Taiji Lake and frowned at the girl. “I remember you said that if I go to the Divine Moon Realm before I’m twenty-five, I can make my terra become a totem?”

“Yes, follow me to greatness! Anything you want! My family is rich!” Huiye Shi said.

“Can everyone have their own totem?” Tianming asked.

“Technically. But in truth, an ordinary person’s totem will be far different from us divine moonrace’s, and especially the celestial orderian race’s.”

“How so?” Tianming asked.

“Give me a kiss and I’ll talk,” Huiye Shi said proudly.

“Look in the mirror first. Can you even physically kiss now?” Tianming said.

“Argh! You bastard!” Huiye Shi was anxious.

“Fine, whatever.” Tianming turned to leave.

“I’ll talk! Stop there!”

Tianming was just slightly curious. He didn’t care much if she refused to speak.

“Every person has terra. So if they use the divine moon radiance, they can create a totem. Totems are just formed by using terra to create a spiritual body. However, ordinary people’s totems only have terra, so it isn’t that effective to cultivate a totem. They don’t have most of the foundational ‘bane-rings’ in their totems. Bane-rings are what help totems store power, cultivate, and fuse. Bane-rings are as important to totems as our saint palaces are to us, got it?” Huiye Shi’s face was filled with arrogance as she spoke; she had subconsciously regained her sense of superiority.

“Bane-rings?” Tianming gave Huiye Shi a long look.

“Right, want to see my bane-rings?” Huiye Shi smiled sweetly and pulled up her right sleeve. Her arm had five moon-shaped markings.

Tianming was too familiar with this. She was the Pentamoon Skybane! Li Qingyu had one exactly the same on her.

“Lifesbane?!” Tianming was stunned. The divine moonrace was a lifesbane clan?

“Oh, you actually know about our celestial orderian race’s Lifesbane? I have the Moonsbane, which is counted as a Greater Lifesbane.”

Waves of shock battered Tianming’s heart.

“Does our Li Saint Clan originate from the divine moonrace? No, they don’t have lifebound beasts, but we do.”

“What’s wrong? Why’re you just standing there dumbly?” Huiye Shi smiled bashfully.

“This is the Moonsbane? There’s five of them?” Tianming asked.

“Heh, do you get it now? My terra can split into five because I have five bane-rings acting as foundations for the totems. My moonfiends usually just hide inside the bane-rings. See?”

Tianming could faintly make out faces on the bane-rings, which made it different from Qingyu’s.

“I see it.” Tianming nodded.

“So, it’s possible if you want to create a totem. But it’ll be much weaker and have far lower growth potential. But don’t worry, my family has money! I can still keep you even if your totem talent is low!” Huiye Shi guaranteed.

“Are you trying to pull a fast one on me? I don’t even have bane-rings,” Tianming said.

“Fine! You’re too smart. I’ll tell you truthfully, forget about totems! However, my family has a lot of manna for lifebound beasts that’re unusable. Does that excite you?”

“Are you trying to get me to marry into your family?”

“Yep. In our Huiyue Clan, our men are surnamed Huiyue and our women are surnamed Huiye. We don’t marry out.”

Tianming wasn’t stirred by the treasures in her family. He was just thinking about his ten bane-rings and the possibility of getting ten totems. He had seen the power of totems. While Huiye Shi wasn’t that strong, the celestial orderian race relied on totems to dominate the sun above. They couldn’t be weak.

“Are there many kinds of totems?” Tianming asked.

“Yes. Any kind of totem can be spawned, it just depends on your bloodline and talent. Some people form weapons, some form beasts, and some form plants. However, the best is still heavenly being totems, like my moonfiends or my brother’s canine voidgods!” Huiye Shi said proudly.

“In comparison, our rootbeast race only has beast-types,” Tianming said.

“Yes, that’s your weakness, you all cultivate too slowly. A beast’s comprehension abilities will always be limited. Even if you’re stronger in the same level, so what? We can easily overtake you in level!” Huiye Shi said disdainfully.

This wasn’t applicable to Tianming, because Ying Huo and the rest were even faster than him in cultivating their heavenly wills.

But she did make some sense.

In comparison, the specter race’s advantages were more balanced. They didn’t cultivate faster than the celestial orderian race, but they were stronger than the rootbeast race. They could cultivate both abilities and battle arts, and their physical bodies were strong,

Tianming thought of something. “Your divine moonrace’s talent is determined by the number of bane-rings?”

“Yes. The number is the most basic, but the type of ring is important as well. Also, the type of totems! If you have powerful bane-rings and totems, you’ll be a peak genius as long as you have enough of them!” Huiye Shi said.

“Do you count as a super genius in the Divine Moon Realm?” Tianming asked.

“Maybe not super, but first-rate, yes,” Huiye Shi said proudly.

“The first rate is your standard? How can you brag about your fast cultivation speed then?” Tianming asked mockingly.

“Silence! You need to see the overall standard. One monster like you can’t represent the whole Flameyellow Continent, can you?”

“Well, you have a stellunar source,” Tianming said.

“Envious? Then elope with me and you’ll have it too!”

“Don’t be ridiculous. Last question,” Tianming said severely.

“Yes yes yes, why are you such a curious child? I know, it’s because you’re ignorant!”

“What’s the highest number of bane-rings your divine moonrace has?” Tianming asked seriously.

“It’ll scare you.”

“How many?”

“Seven!” Huiye Shi said loudly.

Tianming was stunned, then snorted. He internally cursed, Trash, that’s less than even my godfather!

“Hey, what’s with that attitude? Do you know what seven means? Really, the ignorant are fearless. Hmph!”

“What’s the highest in history?” Tianming asked.

“Eight! The most glorious people in our history have had eight totems. You don’t know how awesome they were. One punch of theirs could kill millions of you,” Huiye Shi said.

“Does the current divine moonrace have anyone with eighth bane-rings?”

“No. You think they’re vegetables growing on the roadside?” Huiye Shi sneered.

“The celestial orderian race?” Tianming asked. That was the sun, where he wanted to go the most.

“They have an emperor with eight. He’s the current overlord of Orderia. Our Divine Moon Realm is just one of their outposts. The countless continents on your Welkin Plane are all under him.”

“Incredible!” Tianming gave a thumbs up.

Eight bane-rings gave eight totems. In that case, even the octobaned Li Wudi could rise up with the right opportunity, let alone him.

“Can those over twenty-five create totems?” Tianming asked.

“Nope, their chance is gone.”

Tianming wasn’t looking down on the celestial orderian race or the divine moonrace. He and Li Wudi were just exceptions to the rule.

“Right, has anyone ever had over eight?”

“No, eight is perfection. That nosy woman from a while ago hasn’t been proven to have nine bane-rings yet, and it must be wrong anyway!” Huiye Shi said confidently.

“Nosy woman?”

“Don’t ask. No other woman has any relation to you apart from me.” Huiye Shi glared at him. It seemed that mentioning that person had made her unhappy. “She and that disaster-causing devil both escaped from the Chaos Skyjail above your continent. Who knows what other weirdos are inside!” Huiye Shi seemed quite emotional.

“What?” Tianming had no idea what idea she was talking about.

“Hmph!” Huiye Shi didn’t want to say anything more. Giving him one last glare, she went ahead first.

“Wait, I have one more question.”

Huiye Shi was speechless.


“Does your celestial orderian race have any bane-rings in the shape of words?”


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